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BBC Sissy Gangbang

BBC Sissy Trainer

My sissies deserve a nice reward occasionally after they have behaved all week long. From dusting all my shelves to licking up the dirt off the bathroom floor, my sissy has been a good little fag. My good little sissy has now earned a tummy full of cummies. I got my faggy dressed up in frilly black lace stockings, lacy panties and a little school girl outfit for his special surprise. My sissy was greeted by 5 big huge black cocks. My excited slutty sissy whore excitedly lapped up those cocks in his warm faggy mouth and slurped down that pre-cum. My sissy slut whore swallowed that cock deep down his throat. My sissy fag cock whore took at those cocks in his mouth and I lifted up his school girl skirt and he got his fag fuck hole stretched open with that thick meaty cock until it got all dirty. Then my sissy cleaned that cock off with his mouth and sucked those cummies right down his throat.

Coraline is a BBC Sissy Trainer

bbc sissy trainerMy sissy boys love that I am a bbc sissy trainer. One of my twins told me last night that since black cocks are the biggest cocks around, it is best to suck big black cock before any other cocks. I have a black lover with a cock bigger than either of my sissy sons can handle. Bigger than any of my other sissies can handle too. My hung lover spent some time in prison. He said you either learn to get fucked or you take the fucking. He learned to fuck asses and mouths so he would be King of cell block 8. Now, that prison mentality is ingrained in him. He especially loves fucking white asses and mouths. He doesn’t care about age either which is why he is my perfect sissy training helper. My sons were happy to see him last night. When Trevor walked into my home, he kissed me on the lips then walked over to my pretty little sissies who were dressed up for him. He unzipped his pants and his vine started swinging. My pretty little sissy sluts started grabbing at his big black cock. Once they got it, they kissed it calling him daddy. I told my boys they will never fuck girls. They will only fuck daddies. They have clitty sticks not fuck sticks. I rubbed my pussy and praised myself for being the best sissy trainer. If my boys can worship and satisfy big black cocks, they can make any Daddy happy. Now, it is time to train you to be a good sissy boy too.

BBC Sissy Trainer Whore On Deck

BBC Sissy Trainer

I love all things black. Maybe that’s why I am a BBC sissy trainer! Your hot Catholic schoolgirl rebel who always cut class to fuck the black cocks knows all about your love for huge black cock. Lay back and close your BBC loving sissy eyes. Drift off into my black cock world as your cocklette aches to be my subslut!  My creamy white ass getting pounded by 10 inches of ebony steel. Jealous? I know you want that to be your pretty white sissy ass getting pounded right now. That Black cock porn you got playing has nothing on the real thing. I want to dress you up in the slinkiest black dress with black thigh highs and take you to a pool hall on the darkest (Hehe) side of town. Think of all the black cock we will get being the only two white bitches there! Now baby I really hope you have been doing that but plug training. Otherwise you ass is going to be so raw and I am going to love making you pay for not wearing your anal plug. 15 black cocks in your ass as you are bent over that pool table! ANd then you get to come home to me and be in chastity as you clean BBC cum from my tight teen pussy!

Sissy Phone Sex

sissy phone sexI am having so much fun as a sissy phone sex slut. So are my sissy sons. They love hearing about other sissies. The like knowing that they are not the only sissies in the world. There are a lot of sissies in the world. I talk to them daily! They overheard me talking about glory holes to one of my callers. They were full of questions. They didn’t understand what a glory hole was because I had not taken them to one yet because of their age. I wouldn’t be able to get them into the adult bookstore. But my caller told me he goes to the ones in public park restrooms. That made me do some reconnaissance of my local parks.

sissy trainingSure enough I spotted a glory at the “homo” park. It is just a park with a reputation for where gay closeted men go after dark. I dressed my sissy boys up like the pretty girls they can be and took them after dark to the glory hole to suck cock. I told them it was part of their sissy training.  I explained that this was a gay glory hole. They enjoyed that more because they are cock sucking faggot boys. I watched my pretty sissies in a dirty public park bathroom sucking strangers’ cocks and I was so proud of them. Super proud. They made so many horny queers cum. I am sure the fags on the other side thought it was an old fag sucking them off. Nope just my young sissy boy twins. They have the best mommy sissy trainer. I have taught them to suck cock so well that you would think their middle names are Hoover. With their bellies full of cum, we went home and talked about the hot encounter. The next part of their training is going to be big cocks in their back door pussies. This mommy trainer is all about sissy slave training.

sissy slave training

Mistress Phone Sex For Pansy Princesses

Your a pathetic excuse for a male as your just a Pansy Princess in need of Mistress phone sex, and I am just what your sweet ass needs. I don’t care if your ass is pink, red, brown or blue it is mine to own and I will have full ownership of you, slave. I’m the one to bring the pansy panty wearing princess faggot out that has been kept in the closet for too long. I want you to shop for pretty panties and make sure the clerk knows they are for you. You will ask her if they are your color or if she thinks the style is good for you. I will want you to wear pretty silkt panties under your man suit and go about the daily grind of being a useless male, only knowing secretly how much of a sissy you crave to be. I want to help you my pansy princess.

Mistress phone sex

Sissy Training Audio Tease ZOEY

sissy training audio

I am fucking ready to tease and make you please during sissy training audio! Being a black cock princess means 99 percent of the time I will turn down your loser white dick. Now I might play like I am interested but you have to know I really am not.  I like to fuck large and in charge big brother purple veiny cock. I am a teen who knows what I want and what you need. I real break the BBC training mold. I want to make sure you know that that dick is only good for stuffing in a cute little Versace bikini pair of panties and being on your knees with a mouthful of chocolate cock. Sucking and slurping that BBC will be all you want to do for me. Listen to my voice as you begin to realize what your life’s purpose is. You belong with my fantastic pack of BBC sissy men who worship not only the ground I walk on but the fat black cocks I fuck! Get your sissy panties out for a bit of training you will never forget my love! You can’t have me but you can have some black good good in that ass pussy!

Online Sissy Training

online sissy trainingDo you need online sissy training? There is no shame in admitting you are not quite a man. I bet when you think about it, you know you are different from other men. Perhaps, you noticed when you were in high school that you were not like other boys. Maybe you noticed that you had a smaller dick, less body hair and a more feminine body?  Perhaps you have never had much luck with the ladies either. You are either put in the friend zone or women make you pay for everything and never give you sex. Is any of this sounding familiar? If it is, you need sissy or femboy training. You need a sissy mom who knows how to make you the best version of you. Face it. Not all men were born equal. There are the real men of the world with big dicks who ooze masculinity and get all the chicks. Then there are sissy boys like you with small clits and back door pussies who get shame, humiliation and daddy dicks. You need to just see the writing on the wall and give a sissy trainer a call.

Fuck you Pay Me

Sissy phone sexSissy phone sex is what you like. So you want to be a sissy so bad? You already are! You aren’t a good one by any means, but I can shape and mold you into one. It all comes at the right price. What is it with you sissy sluts wanting straight men so bad? It’s pathetic. If you pay me well enough, I will show you the ropes and dress you up to look like a sissy princess. You will never be me, so get that out of your sick head. You can wish, pray and want so badly to be like Princess Brielle, but you will never amount to not even a mere spec of my reflection. I can make you an obedient sissy slut. I will surely tempt you. I will seduce your mind and take control of your body. I have a mean nasty streak so I might hook up with your straight man crush in front of you if you don’t keep my bank account happy. I will take you to the depth of places you only could dream. Ready to put some makeup on and some sexy stilettos and whore yourself out? Let’s get to it, sissy whore.I will enjoy forced sissy training on you.

forced sissy training


Stretching Out My Sissies

Sissy girl training

My little sissy faggies need to get their fag holes stretched every single day after their daily chores. My personal faggot slaves love getting their daily stretching. They work tirelessly to finish their chores. I make those nasty sissies lick up all the leftover cummies on the floor from our last play time with their pink tongues. They got to work on those thick goopy globs of leftover cum and made sure to polish my black leather boots with their tongues. I made sure my sissy slaves were locked up tightly in their girly little pink cock cages. I have all of my sissies line up in a row on their hands and knees while I pull out my big strap on dildos. Each of my sissies must beg to get stretched out by mistress’s thick strap ons. I brought out the small white ones first that were 9 inches and then eventually I went bigger and bigger to really stretch those fag holes!

Online sissy training with your Princess

Online sissy trainingI look at myself and completely understand why all these horny sissy boys go stupid crazy for me when they go through their online sissy training with me. They love it when I call them bitches while not giving a single fuck about their feelings whatsoever. It gets me off to make dozens upon dozens of sissies fall in love with me by simply existing and being my dominant self. Resisting me doesn’t work, we both know where you’re going to end up! Your manhood is slipping away from you one stroke at a time. I need to peg you and teach you a lesson which is dangerous because I could essentially fuck you for as long as I possibly wanted. Your embarrassment is going to be my complete joy & cause me to orgasm hard. We all know that you are an incredibly weak boy that needs to be led by a Goddess like me. You are just another sissy bitch boy to me which is funny because you love me more than anything & anyone! Show me your lack of self control & morals, I wanna see what kind of sissy you truly are! Once a beta, always a beta & it’s time for you to embrace your loser life with your Princess Arabella. XOXO