The Best Sissy Girl Training Program EVER!

Sissy Girl Training


My specialty is bringing out your femininity and making sure you know your place in the social order of things. See, you, my dear…are nothing. But I can make you something. I can make you somebody that people notice. I can help you realize your life’s purpose. So, put on your best sissy panties and get ready for the best online sissy girl training you’ll ever come across! My program is a full crash course in femininity, turning you from the worthless excuse for a “man” that you are into the blossoming, feminine bitch you’ve always wanted to be. We can do corset training, heel training, make-up, hair, 24/7 chastity…and of course I’ll train that asshole so you can take BBC for the BNWO. Before you get to that point though, you’ll be introduced to my strap-on, all 11” of it. You’ll worship my lady-dick, sucking on it and bouncing that sweet ass on it as if it were the real thing…once I’m confident you know how to please a big cock, you’ll graduate to a few of my friends and I’ll whore you out for nights at a time. By the time you’re through with my program, you’ll be the biggest BBC cum whore imaginable, what you were always meant to be!

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