Welcome Sissy men one and all!  Miz Zoey is your Rebel catholic school-girl who will make forced sissy training your next obsession. I got through high school by black mailing my male sissy teachers who loved watching a teen get fucked after they slobbered those BBC for me.  That’s right sweetie pie don’t you dare let this innocent face fool you. I will have you on your knees 90 percent of the time. The other ten percent I will be making you into my sissy princess.  I will give you the sissy make over of your dreams!
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And what happens if you don’t want to suck dick or take dick for me? I will use my sissy hypno training skills to force cock in your slutty throat and in your tight ass pussy!  Whips and chains excite me when I use them on your creamy ass and thighs. I have every cock cage in every size you can imagine.
Nothing Makes my young pussy happier and wetter than watching my men metamorphose into the cum guzzling, spread eagled, cock taking sissy whore they were born to be!  Make no mistake my pathetic fag and I will force you if you do not submit to Me. So, enter my world of sissy phone sex and be wrapped around my little pinky baby. I am waiting for a pretty cock loving sissy just like you! I own your body do you understand. me?Your ass and mouth belong to sissy trainer Miz Zoey!

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