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Online Sissy Training with Heaven

Online Sissy Training

What’s a sissy like you doing with a cock and balls? You have no use for those. With my online sissy training, you’ll never have a need for those ever again. You haven’t earned the privilege of fucking me, so I’m just going to take your dick and balls—not that I have much to work with—and make them into my own personal dildo. I’m going to take my sharpest scalpel and perform my own demented bris. I slice into your left testicle and immediately cauterize the wound—I want to keep my sissy bitch alive to see what I’m going to do next. I squish your left testicle in my hand like a tomato, my own stress relief ball. I slice off the right testicle next with the same precision, leaving only your worthless dick. In one fell swoop, your dick is now gone, I’m holding it in my hand like an evil scientist. It’s still too worthless for me to fuck myself with so instead of making it my personal dildo…I’m going to make it a strap on a fuck you with it. I place it into my harness and begin fucking the opening that I just removed it from, as it leaks pre-cum into your open incision. I make you clean it off, sucking your own dick, getting it nice and wet before I shove it into your asshole. That sissy pussy in the best pussy and you’re a good sissy bitch taking this dick from your mistress. Now open your mouth so I can throat fuck you and have you drink your own cum like the good sissy cum slut you are!


My Perfect Wife

Forced Feminization



I love a forced feminization roleplay. I want you to dress up for me in your best corset and panties, garter, stocking and heels. Wear that red lipstick that I like and put your hair in curls. Have a stiff drink waiting for me when I get home. I want to walk through that door and take a sip of scotch while you go tend to dinner in the kitchen. That meal should’ve been plated and ready for me to dive into, but I’m in a good mood today so I’ll let you slide. You go back into the kitchen, your heels clicking on the floor. I take another sip of my drink and look at you standing at the stove. Your ass looks amazing in that thong and your corset is laced up expertly. I take off my pants and whip out my lady dick. Daddy wants some right now. I come up behind you while you’re at the sink and run my hands down the front of your thighs. I nuzzle your neck and give you light kisses as my strap-on pokes into you. Like the obedient bitch you are, you part your legs and bend over for me. I pull your thong to the side, spit on your asshole and insert myself into you. It’s been a long, hard day and I need to fuck my frustrations out. I don’t go slow, I don’t care about your gasps of pain…in fact, I like them. They make me fuck you harder. Your ass is all mine and I’m punishing it. I press you down deeper into the counter, lifting my leg to really get deep inside you, and dunk your head into the sudsy water. Your flailing turns me on and I pound that ass harder and faster, cumming when your movements start to slow down, right before you lose consciousness. I pull my dick out and as you’re sputtering I shove my cock into your mouth so you can clean all the shit and blood off of it like my good little whore. Once I’m clean, I leave you a heaping, wet mess on the floor, sit at the table and demand my dinner. You are the perfect housewife.  

Humiliation Phone Sex with Heaven

Humiliation Phone Sex

You are such a pathetic waste of space. I need to get off and I was going to let you fuck me but now that I see you completely naked, there’s no point. You deserve every bit of this humiliation phone sex. You call that a cock? I can barely see it. It’s a bean. What the fuck are we going to do, scissor each other? I wanted to cream on a big hard dick, and you present me with…that?! I might as well just cut it off…it’s not like it’s of much use anyway. What purpose is it serving? You’re nothing but a sissy bitch whose only value is my cruel amusement; I can’t use you for sex. Well, since you can’t fuck me, I’m going to fuck you. One of us is getting our holes filled tonight! Help me into my strap-on, get on your knees and present your mouth to me. Suck my lady dick like the obedient sissy cunt you are. Gag on my dick as I skull fuck you hard, holding your face against my pelvis until you can’t breathe. You don’t need the oxygen anyway; it’s not going to good use. I love hearing you sputter and fight your gag reflex…but if anything comes up, I’m making you eat it off the floor and whatever is left on my dick will be used as lube for your ass.

You WISH you were a real bitch

I just had a caller confess that they dont want their cock anymore! Our time together was spent talking about how much of a sissy slut he is. It’s killing my sweet Jessie to keep her slut life a secret but she cant risk anyone knowing her secret! I love how she tried to start slow by saying she just wants to watch someone fuck their girlfriend but ended up confessing that they want to be a big titty bimbo on hormones! I wonder how her girlfriend would feel knowing that her “boyfriend” wants to take big black cock with her. Of course I’ll be watching and playing with my superior black snatch while you and your girlfriend perform like the snow bunny sluts that you are. This BBC sissy trainer brings the slut out of you white motherfuckers! You wish you were a real bitch and I have no problem making that dream come true! We can start your transition as soon as you finish draining this huge mandingo. A real bitch whore would swallow the member whole without hesitation!

Sissy Maddie

sissy hypno trainingI told a sissy loser that I would let everyone know how devoted she is to the BNWO AKA the Black New World Order. We have sissy hypno training sessions every week to maintain her discipline but she’s a good bitch regardless. When she is here, big daddy and I keep her on a leash and chain while positioned on her hands and knees. That’s how she waits for her command! If she’s a good slut I’ll take her for a walk through town and let everyone see what a pretty dick eater she is. My insemination slut’s job is to take all the black seed I want to breed her with. Bad bitches like me and my homegirls don’t need no babies! So, sissy Maddie takes every last drop of cum our bucks spew out. Maddie doesn’t mind getting smeared with cum and spoon fed hot loads all day long. I mean, look how cum hungry she is! She knows that a sissy white boy’s sole purpose is to serve the superior black race. I told her I wouldn’t expose but I’m going to blast her on this sissy site all day. Everyone say hi to submissive cum rag, Maddie!

Forced Feminization with My Man

forced feminization

My boyfriend would do anything to make me happy including fucking shemale neighbor. When he got off of work I had a sexy lingerie ensemble laid out on the bed for him.  Usually, he’s not a fan of guests after work but when he sees his slutty sissy attire laid out he knows he better show some fucking hospitality! I saw how he kept eyeballing our next-door neighbor’s fat ass and juicy tits when she check her mail. Little did he know that she and I hang out quite often and she showed me her veiny, Puerto Rican, uncut cock. That’s right, he’s been having heart eyes for a Latina chick with a dick! He doesn’t know she was about to pack him like a pipe with some good ole tranny dick. I told him to assume the position and wait for our new guest to arrive.
She walked into the room and gave his pale ass a slap. “Perk up, baby. Papi’s here” she flirted. Her deep sassy voice made his wimpy little clitty even harder. He didn’t really want to be getting plowed hard and deep in this position but I forced that loser to stay still while the naughty neighbor’s shecock turned his pussy into a gaping hole.  lover boy winced and moaned from getting stretched out so I gave him my prefilled cunt to snack on. That yummy cummy will take the pain away!  Using the slutty undies babe was wearing as leverage, she slammed him back on her cock until his tummy was full of her meat and seed. She came so hard and fast her cock jumped out of his manhole and sprayed all over his back! His sissy panties were coated in cum by the time she was finished using his fuck hole like a whore.


sissy training audioJeanie is one of my pathetic humiliation whores that sends me daily sissy training audio. I found her wandering around without an owner so I graciously took her under my wing. Just like a bitch from the pound, Jeanie is so happy to have a new owner. There’s nothing she won’t do to make me happy including putting on a little cheerleading outfit and twirling around doing a sissy slut cheer. I find it adorable and indulge because of how cute her little clitty looks wiggling in her panties. As she recite her cheer with excitement I daydream about how I am going to obliterate that tight little tushy! She doesn’t know it yet but that bear-bottom spanking was just a preview of my abusive steak. The berry crushing punishment I have planned for her will make her cry! I’m fair though so I’ll keep my BBC tucked away until she had a chance to finish her assignment. Do you hear that Jeanie? I’m spoiling you! If that fucking assignment is not submitted on time tomorrow your ass is mine. Are we clear?

Sissy Maid Training

Sissy Maid TrainingPut on the sexy sissy maid training uniform that Goddess got you and serve her all throughout the  house. When I am sitting on the sofa your task is to be my whore ottoman. That means you will position yourself bent over with your ass perched so that my feet have somewhere lovely to rest. I need to kick back and relax between our fuck sessions. Your job is also to make sure that my goo filled strap stays empty. It takes about 45 to fill back up with a white sissy treat so in the meantime I’ll allow you to get yourself together. I don’t give a fuck what you have to do. Make it your business to keep that cunt clean and ready for me. If your cunt isn’t hot and ready when my dildo refills I’ll just start going hard on that throat of yours!

BBall Playing BBC

bbc sissy trainerYou haven’t had a BBC sissy trainer in a  while and I know you need it! You’ve been extra horny lately so you’re going to get a nice firm black cock. I know how much you love watching me get my cunt creampied so now it’s your turn. But, I have more than one dick in here for you! Your faggy ass is an attention-seeking bimbo slut that constantly begs for a chance to ride on my black stallion so here you go!  I’m too good to you.   My boyfriend’s drinking buddies are on their way here use your slutbox with us. His black member is just the first that you will satisfy! Lick all my built up pussy cream off his shaft while you wait for your other daddies to get here. I enjoy passing time watching you lick my man’s meat like an ice cream cone. Your sissy white ass fantasizes about getting a train ran on your caboose by a gang of sweaty black men after a long day of drinking, shooting dice, and playing five on five. basketball. Well, are you ready for it to be five-on-one, bitch? As soon as you see their huge donkey dicks you better start rubbing your clitty and showing your gratitude. Your fuckholes were practically begging for loads of cum and I’m gracious enough to give your sissy cunt what it needs!

Sissy Hypno Training Porn

sissy hypno training

Do you really think anyone is going to believe that you watched a sissy hypno training porn that tricked you into liking cock? You keep trying to sell your wife that outlandish story and she doesn’t believe you. She’s still devastated after seeing photos of you bent over wearing panties on your phone and thinks you’re just a sick little dick loser. Everyone is going to think you dream of being a sissy girl getting stuffed with Domme Mistress Heaven’s cock.  You’re a nasty slut! I love watching you beg your friends and family to believe that your dick addiction isn’t your fault.

Truth is, it’s my fault. 

I force you to watch hours of porn with subconscious training images. That’s why you dream of my strap-on tearing your pussy apart! That’s also why you feel sick whenever you go too long without sucking my BBC! That shit is so wild,  who is really going to believe you though? One look at the empty space between your legs and everyone will assume that you’re just a dick sucking sissy slut by nature.  Nobody is forcing you to come crawling to me and beg for my veiny black cock in your mouth. Being my slut is your favorite thing to do and it’s because I trained your mind to crave my black body!