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BBC sissy trainer finding Raw sissy boy talent









BBC sissy trainer


BBC sissy trainer finding Raw sissy boy talent is a gift only the best sissy trainer can possess. I found a sex soft-bottom sissy today. Boy o boy was that sissy eager to please a cock, not just any cock but one with massive size. Cute mini dresses, high thighs, and heels already this sissy knows how to flaunt slutty ass around to ignite boners on site. Good sissy that pass my test get to meet Rocko, He is the biggest bull in my stable. If you can handle a visit from rocko’s enormous shaft, then you are considered as talent in the eyes of the mistress and you have gained her attention. Her knowledge and expertise then become available to you.

sissy phone sex with the Mistress is a privilege

sissy phone sex


sissy phone sex with mistress Heaven is your introduction to Forced sissy training. Allow Heaven to make you into a proper slut. Do as your told and rewards flow, if you disobey the mistress prepare for punishment. It really is that simple when it comes to your hands on training with the mistress, and her success rate is perfect. Before long you will be taking cock like no other, gobbling and swallowing massive sized BBC day after day with absolute no gag. The mistress loves all her sissy boys and wants them to be all they can be, refined femboys and sophisticated sissies with the charm to get whatever it is the want, from whomever they want with the skills Mistress heaven teaches.

Femboy training, do you have what it takes?

Femboy training, do you have what it takes to be my private little femboy? Let me take my private she-stick and make you beg me for it. You are gonna have to wait for it. I don’t just give my lady stick to anybody. Adore me, worship me  BEG me and you’ll still have to wait. Don’t think I’ll be easy Sissy panties, I’ll bust you wide for my pleasure. Do you want to please me, give me what I want  when I want it. You are gonna have to earn everything you get from me.  If you’re ready to please, don’t ask questions don’t speak unless spoken to and do everything I tell you during Mistress phone sex. Please me give me what I want and I’ll have you trained right to be my femboy.

Heaven wants cyber sissies for Online sissy training.

online sissy training

Calling all cyber sissies! Online sissy training can be one of the best way’s to give the girl on the go access to Hot ass Mistress Heaven. Sissy girl training needs to be regular and consistent to receive maximum whore impact. Heaven can whip you into shape and have you taking massive amounts of cock. Tips that can only be given from a pro, a real “been around the block” type slut. Heaven’s step by step, dick by dick plan to turn you out for top dollar has some of the best Femboy training advise around. Hear useful tricks like how to turn a soft cock hard not using any hands at all. Heaven’s secrets are available to you at the touch of a finger.

Mistress Heaven is Hell

Sissy phone chat

I get fucking results! Mistress Heaven is my name and don’t fucking forget it. I’m the best sissy trainer if you turn even the most masculine into a sissy femboy. Femboy training truly is an art form not everyone is equipped with the skills. However with Mistress phone sex Heaven can provide you with advise and tricks of the trade to prepare you to be the slutty sissy you always dreamed you’ll be. Don’t forget to please your mistress for her time and attention, wrangling rouge sissy is a full time fucking job and not for the weak. With my help you too may become as hot and sexy as your mistress but until then you are to worship me and learn.

Shopping for Sissy panties

Sissy pantiesLet’s go shopping for new Sissy panties!! As part of your Femboy training we need to shop for things that make you feel like a pure lusty slut. Find something flattering and sexy like Lace, thong, even crotch-less.  This is critical, once you have found the perfect pair get 7. You never know where you will lose them out being such a whore, so keep back ups. Spare purse panties can also be used as gags or restraints, being a prepared sissy slut can do wonders. I love to train and turnout all  my sissy boys with a hands on approach. I want to mold you and break you in myself. Maybe that’s what makes me the Best sissy trainer around.

Heaven can help

BBC sissy trainer is the best job! I am pampered, worshiped, and pleased by sissies who want to be just as sexy as I am. I show them my ways of taking BBC. It comes naturally to some, others may need Forced feminization to be the perfect sissy slut. Heaven is here to help, with my stable of BBC ready at attention and my eye for pretty panties. You must do whatever Mistress asks and whatever mistress says you will do. If I am in fact pleased I reward my sissy sluts with a little slice of Heaven and some hot Humiliation phone sex. 100% success with Mistress Heaven on your side every step of the way to being the sexiest sissy aroundBBC sissy trainer

BBC sissy trainer

BBC sissy trainerBBC sissy trainer will help you prepare to take a massive BBC anywhere, anytime, without hesitations.  Femboy training so hands on and intense I would forget that Sissy slave training is not to be taking lightly. I am here to guide and instruct in the ways of skillfully taking BBC cock, not be devoured by my sissy slaves in training. They are so eager to serve and I’m always prepared to be worshiped and pleased. Thank mistress for my time because this work that I do for my sissy boys is unmatched. Lots to learn and lots to teach with Mistress phone sex. I even give out slutty homework for my little whores to complete before the next lesson.

Best sissy trainer

Best sissy trainer

As the Best Sissy Trainer I knew what he wanted. I pulled up and backwards to elongate his cock in my pussy I then came back down and slapped the fuck out of him. With that slap, his cocked bucked in me. With this sign, I
knew he was ready. This guy was a virgin to what I was about to do to him. But he had paid good money
for me to punish him and help him release his seed. I must complete the task. I released his soaked cock
from my pussy and turned him over on his stomach. I then lubed up my pretty black cock, and began to
insert it in his ass.

“I seek you Mistress for the pain!”

“You dirty limp-dicked sour head pansy ass bitch! Now get on your knees and lick
my ass!” I said as I bent over the couch and spread my ass cheeks. He dropped to his
knees and put each of his hands on each of my ass cheeks. Then he buried his face into
my enormous chocolate ass. I could feel the warm wetness of his tongue circle my
asshole as his plethora of saliva drizzled down my crack into the curve of my cheeks.
“Make sure you clean me out good, bitch!”sissy training

“I seek you Mistress for the pain. I need the pain that only you can unleash upon me. I’ve heard
of your great works. I need you to bring the pain and help me release this seed that I have within me.
Please!” He begged.