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Not For The Faint Hearted Sissy

best sissy trainer

 I am very intense with my style of sissy training. I want to push your limits. I expect you to put on a French maid outfit. You will get down on your hands and knees and scrub the floors until the boys arrive. When they come in you will be introduced as the submissive maid slut. The three men with the big cocks will take turns shoving their cocks down your throat. The are huge dicks. No smaller than 9 inches each. I will get the strap on and tell them your going to need your holes loosened up a bit so they can pound you good. Keep in mind all three will be fucking you in your ass tonight. What more could a sissy ask for. All the attention is on you and your the star of the show. But it will be intense having them run a train on you. Your hole will be good and sore when their done fucking your boy pussy.

Heaven Is Your Mistress

Best sissy trainer Hey are you ready to begin sissy training. These courses are not for the faint of heart. You will need to be able to handle intense sissy training. We begin with giving you a crash course in cuckolding. As your master I will put you to work and make sure that my team of hot guys with big dicks abuses all your holes. Can you handle all these guys and their big ten inch cocks. I hope you can handle all the pressure of taking it in the ass while sucking cock at the same time. Can you keep up with what I’m going to put you through. If not need not apply. This intense sissy training will include humiliation and bondage. So don’t be a wimp when I give you your lessons. We have slot of work to do let’s get started. I want to be your ultimate sissy boss. I will get off on you being fucked in the ass.

Let’s Indulge In Fantasy

Best sissy trainer I am ready to invite some new Sissy boys over so we can have wild threesomes. Who doesn’t like a little naughty fun. All my guy freinds are very handsome and they all said they wanted to meet my newest little boy toy. I told them you suck cock better than anyone I’ve trained and they just had to experience you. When you came over you were wearing a sexy tight skirt and lingerie underneath. You stripped down to nothing but you thing and put your panties to the side. One by one you let them fuck you in the ass and you were moaning like a female. I am going to get the strap on and see if you can take a little pegging. You like when I humiliate you in front of a group of guys. You get so hard when I call you a cunt. Or my little bitch. So excited that you choose to be dominated tonight.

Heavenly Temptation

Best sissy trainer I am ready to give you your training. You said you want to learn how to be more feminine and seduce men in the bedroom. Well I can do that for you. You will enjoy sucking the large cocks of the the men I bring to you. You will feel so sexy in a bra and panties while being fucked from behind. I know many handsome men with large cocks that can make you there little sissy servant. Is it your dream to be the center of attention in a room full of hot guys. Well if I bring over three hung gentleman. And tell them you are the hot tranny they want to fuck. Can you handle the dick there giving to you. You will have maybe one or two cocks on your ass at the same time while your gagging on some huge throbbing dick. Sound like something your interested in? Well I can’t wait to get started.

Hot Sex Is Heaven

best sissy trainer I know you can’t stop thinking about cock. Do you wish a sexy dominatrix would dress you up feminine and humiliate you? I’m the girl to call. I have lots of gay men that trust me to give them the advice they need to become confident tranny’s. I will introduce you to my friends with big cocks. And yes some of them even have big black cocks. I will make sure you get some action tonight. It turns me on to picture you in your sexy lingerie that I helped pick out for you. I’ll have you waiting on the bed while I invite them in. You will be already bent over with a ball gag in your mouth. You will be a good little slut and take it in the ass. I love to watch gay men fucking. It’s so sexy to see you gagging on that large cock. I have a strap on to fuck you in the ass with while you suck his cock. ????

Heavens Fantasy



best sissy trainer

I love watching gay men suck dick. Are you ready for your sissy training? Im taking on beginners right now. They come to my place once a week and I make them ready to be little cock sucking sissy sluts. My favorite sissy boy Lilac came over yesterday evening. I brought a freind with a 10 inch cock for him to suck. We put Lilac in gorgeous lingere and a long black wig. I instructed him to start sucking the BBC on his knees. And he obeyed. I told him to deepthroat the cock like the whore he is. He started gagging and I was pleased to see he was learning to suck with skill. Then I instructed him to leave his panty hose on but to put his thong to the side so the BBC could fuck him hard in his little white ass. He is doing so good. I watched him moan in a feminine tine. And he squirted a little when the BBC pulled out. Then I told him to let the BBC cum inside his mouth.


Heavens Accomplice



adult phone chat linesMy sissy freind needs some dick tonight. I’m hoping that my charms will maybe attract a swinger and then I’ll offer him a threesome with my hot tranny accomplice. so we got to the bar and we were ordering drinks we saw an other sexy gay men from across the bar. he looked like he was really excited to talk to us. so we all sat down together and started to shoot the breeze. ‘now may I ask you, I don’t mean to be rude but are you guys married’ why no. I said laughing. I said ‘this is my lil sissy friend. I try to be his wingman and score him some dick. ‘oh really so what are we waiting for. let’s all go to hotel together.’ next thing we know we were all in the motel and I was commanding my sissy to fuck this hot gay man in the ass. he put his 9 inch cock deep in his ass. I could tell that he was impressed with my friends large sized dick.

Heaven Commands You

        adult phone chat lines My sissy boy sucks the most cock. As you know I adore sissy training. I decided to go underwear shopping with one of my favorite sissies. We went to the mall together and I helped him pick out a bra and a thong. Then I ordered him to go to the dressing room.The retail worker said ‘hello, did you find everything you were looking for’ I said ‘yes, my sissy friend here is trying on some lingerie. Could you tell him if it looks good when he tries it on?  “Most certainly, he said. After my sissy came out in his bra and panties, he showed it to the clerk and he said ‘turn around nice,nice, you got a tight butt back there.’ well… my sissy boy said teasingly ‘why don’t you come into the dressing room with me and help me unhook my bra?’ I know they went back into that changing stall together, but I do not think he was helping him with the bra  really because I saw from underneath the stall. He was getting down on his knees and the worker took his cargo pants down. I heard some dick sucking noises. Looks like my sissy friend got lucky at the mall.

Heaven Has Arrived

adult phone chat linesSissy boys defintley need to get dick sucking lessons from me. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than training a sissy. I have a client that comes to my house regularly on evenings. He wants to be completely humiliated. He believes because he has a small dick he has to be made feminine in the bedroom for his inability to perform. So I have him dressed in a bra and panties. I make him suck dick. When I bring over some of my very hung friends they allow him to suck their dicks. He has become quite good at taking it in the ass as well. He would make a perfect tranny actually. I think I want to start using the strap on as well that would really excite me to have complete control over him. It’s so empowering to be a woman who dominates men. I feel like I do my part to make men experience their biggest fantasies being fulfilled. A dominatrix with abilities to keep you coming back for more.