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Pussy Worshiping Sissy Sluts

Sissy phone chatAre you a pussy worshiping little sissy? You may be few and far between, but you are not forgotten. I have plans for you. Training you pathetic little sluts to be my little sissy maids will be easy as fuck. None of you deserve my pussy. Your tiny cocks are not good enough to fuck my sweet pussy. I wouldn’t let any of your cocks within 10 feet of my pussy unless you were serving me. Remember: your purpose is to serve me. You are so desperate for even a taste of my pussy, even if it means licking another man’s cum out of my cunt. My cunt is the prize and you have no problem putting yourself in chastity and going weeks without touching your cock, which is now dubbed a little clit, simply for my pleasure. You will wear a cute little maid’s outfit wherever you go so it is obvious to everyone that you are serving me simply because I say so.

Stupid Sissy Gets Ass Pulverized by BBC

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Locking you in a room with 10 big black cocks was the best idea I have ever had! You cock addicted whores need to learn your place. When I train you, it’s so you can take it in the ass like a good little bitch and beg for more. That’s because you sluts only need to be asking for more cock. You are disgusting cum rags. You should be grateful that a cock has decided to use you when it could just as easily have cum on the ground and made you lick it up, you cum dumpster. Now, you can experience what’s it’s like to have 10 guys completely destroy your holes without any training. They’ll be able to stretch you out really good. I can hear you begging for them to stop, but they sure don’t, especially since one of them shoved his cock down your throat. You’re going to take it like a bitch. 2 cocks inside your ass? You won’t be able to rub your little clit while they truly tear you apart. You’d better worship those cocks.

Sissy Becomes Sex Slave of Wrestling Team

Sissy slave trainingDid you have fun with the college wrestling team? I bet they had fun with you too. I learned that they won an important match and wanted to celebrate. I suggested to the coach that they should use some of their wrestling moves on you while they fuck you. You didn’t really think I sent you there to be a water girl, did you? Those strong men must have had fun with having their way with you. I bet they pinned you down and you had no choice but to give each and every one of those men head. You were the hired cock slut so you had better sucked those guys up like a vacuum. I bet they fucked the shit out of you too. Those guys don’t have any mercy. They fucked your tight hole until they stretched out permanently? Well, now no cock will ever be able to fit inside of you. You will have to be their sissy slave forever.

Sissies Get Used By Prisoners

Online sissy trainingI got a call from a friend saying that he’d pay me a bunch of money if I could lend him my sissy sluts for the day. I asked him what the job was and he told me he is a warden at a prison where the guys hadn’t had the touch of a woman in ages. Since I would not be caught dead in a men’s prison, he knew that my whores would love to have their holes ruined by them. I got a few of my sexiest, sluttiest and most eager whores and let them loose on the prison. Once they opened the cells in the morning, the cum whores could not escape their clutches. Cock after cock was shoved into every one of their holes. They barely had time to breathe before another cock was shoved into their throats. They loved getting abused by those prisoners, and the prisoners enjoyed fucking them so much they asked to use them again. Once my sluts can walk again (They got fucked so hard they can’t use their legs), they will be ready to take them on.

Keep Your Mouth Open for Cock

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Brainless sluts like you need open mouth gags so you can always be ready to suck cock. In addition to wearing your tight little skirt that barely covers your ass and your sexy stockings with high heels, an open mouth gag is sure to let everyone know just how much of a cock-addicted whore you really are. I want you to wear it wherever you go, to work, at home and when you go to school. When someone on the street or at your job understand that you are a nasty sissy slut and demand that you get on your knees, you need to allow yourself to be used like a fuck doll. Your purpose in life is to be used. You are a cum rag to be soiled any chance you get. The pathetic part is that there is no way you can feel humiliated while doing this. You actually have cock on your brain so much that you are willing to take this chance in order to secure as many cocks as you can. You are a filthy! Nasty! Cock whore!

Brother’s Friends Make You a Cockslut

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Your secret is out! Your brother’s friends know about your secret sissy life. They found your pictures on your blog and have been jerking off to them every night. Now that they finally have you alone, they can finally play with you like they’ve always wanted. Your weak feminine body can’t fight all of them off. You have to let them have their way with you. Get on your knees and slobber on their cocks. Sissy fags like you have to be good cocksuckers. Jerk the other guys off, too, while you’re sucking one cock. Don’t let up or they’ll shove all three of their fat cocks down your throat until you can’t breathe. Get on your hands and knees so they can shove their cocks in your hole one by one. They love using you like a fuck doll, making you their bitch with every stroke. The only thing you’re good for is giving them a tight ass to fuck as they slap their balls against you.

You Can’t Leave Until I Feminize You

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You know you can’t leave this room without turning into my sissy, right? You have no choice but to submit to me. There is no way to escape my power. I want to watch you turn from a manly man to a feminine little girl. All you will think about is cock and how to do anything to suck it or fuck it. You’ll wear sexy dresses that show off your figure. You’ll wear heels and makeup that makes your legs look amazing and your face look like a whore’s. The way you walk and talk will be girlish, showing off the feminine assets that drive guys wild. Why would you want to leave when so many goodies are in your future when you trade your boxers and pants for panties and skirts? It looks like you’re a bit more resistant than I thought. I might need to strap you down so you can try on some panties for me. Won’t that be fun?

Easy Girls Get Their Holes Abused

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I see you teetering around in those heels, but stumble when it’s time to get fucked in them. Your clothes are tight, but they are so tight that it’s impossible to rip them off of you. Today’s lesson is how to dress like a true sissy slut. As I have mentioned before, all of your clothing needs to be whorish. Dresses and skirts must stay at least 6 inches above the knee. Show off your body as much as possible. When you dress like you need to be fucked, the men with big fat cocks want to fuck you. The problem a lot of you are having is that your improper clothing is scaring away the cock. So, let’s talk about shoes. The higher the better, of course, but learn to start small. Stand on the street corner in 6 inch heels and get fucked by all sorts of men. When you’re able to be used in 6 inch heels, move on to higher ones. You need to be truly ready for cock at all times. Also, don’t wear clothes that are so tight that men can’t rip them off you. Your body is there to be used, so make it easier for them to use you. If that means not wearing panties, so be it. Your hole is the goal.

OMG! You Just Woke Up as an Anime Girl!

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In this listening session, all you need to do is sit back, relax and listen to the sound of my words. 

You slowly wake up and stretch, ready to get washed up and dressed. As you get up, you notice your body feels different than usual. You look down to see what is going on and you see a massive pair of tits on your chest. You run to the bathroom, desperate to see if someone has pulled a prank on you as your giant tits bounce up and down with each step. With one glance, you realize that you have been transformed into a beautiful anime girl. You have big bouncing boobs that jiggle when you breathe, a tight slim waist, and a nice round ass. You are ultimately feminine, beautiful and fuckable. You walk out of the house with your night clothes on, consisting of only a see-through white tank top and tiny shorts, and you capture the attention of all the men in the neighborhood. Seeing you in this outfit makes their cocks hard and they rush after you. You try to go back inside, but it’s too late. They have already grabbed you and started ripping your clothes off. 

You can’t fight back as they fuck you every which way. They stuff their cocks in your pussy and your ass, something you have not experienced before. Your new virginity does not matter to these men as they use you as a cock sleeve. One of the men starts playing with your tits, squeezing them and bouncing them up and down. No need for that as the men behind you are pounding you so hard your tits bounce on their own. Open wide! An army of big cocks are ready to force themselves down your tiny throat. 

Sissy Maid: Follow My Instructions

Sissy maid training


A sissy maid that is employed by me has to do a lot more than wash dishes and do my laundry. Obviously, you will be doing any chores I assign to you, but I have a few extra activities that a regular maid will not do. You will require extensive training before you can really be called my maid. You have to take corporal punishment well, even if you haven’t done anything wrong. Sometimes I just like to spank your ass. You also have to be in a chastity cage every minute you work for me. You are more of a sissy slave than a maid, and no slave needs to be getting off without my permission. In addition, a maid must be willing to vet all of my sexual partners thoroughly. That means you’ll have to be good at taking a hard fucking. None of the men that I have ever fucked (and they are few and far between) got to fuck me before showing how good of a lay they are. You don’t have to do anything but let them use you and rip your pussy apart. Once you have been sufficiently degraded, you need to report back to me how good he was. If he’s shit, he might need to practice on you until he gets it right. You’re okay with that, aren’t you, maid sex slave?