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You Will Wear the Dress You Sissy Slut

Forced Feminization


You are now a Grade A cocksucker and sissy extraordinaire, ready to gobble up cock after cock, but do you remember when you first wanted to become a sissy? I was training you in the sissy arts, including how to put on makeup and clothes. You loved wearing the panties and stockings that you stowed away in your drawer, but told me that you did not want to go any further than that. I knew that you needed that extra push. Remember when those strapping men broke into your house and put you in your best sissy outfit to date. Short pink dress, matching pink panties, stockings and heels are what makes you look so beautiful. They wolf whistled at you and told you to give them a sexy little show. You complied in the face of these men, showing them a sexy little dance. I remember you coming into my training the next day telling me how much you loved those men breaking in and forcing you into feminine clothes. I replied that the power of sissy clothing makes you look so submissive and fuckable, and that everyone should have their own outfit or outfits. After that night, you became my best student. 

Pathetic Sissies Sell Themselves to Me In Exchange for Cock

Phone dominatrix


I enjoy having sissy slaves around the house to do my bidding. It’s so easy to control you when I tell you I know the names of three guys who would love to fuck one sissy at once. I won’t give up that juicy tidbit until I am satisfied. I can even make you do a little dance for my improvement. Come on, show Mistress Miracle what you are working with. I see, no cock and a tight round ass. The perfect sissy. Now, you tell me. Is it worth it to be my personal sissy slave for the chance to be double penetrated by two men? Is it worth it to feel their cocks inside of you as the order you to worship them. Is it worth it to be degraded and dominated by men with huge cocks? Then what better way to train your submission and ensure that you are the perfect little bitch than to be my personal slave? So, let’s go to the outfits, hun…

Fag is Desperate for Cock and Has to Watch Me Get Fucked

Sissy panties


I can see your clit is hard inside of your sissy panties you little faggot. All you can think about is getting fucked stupid by a cock so big it tears you apart. That is why you love asking me about my stories of getting fucked. You want to be me. You want men to want to bend you over and dominate your sissy faggot ass. You want to ride the cock carousel and have cock after cock visit you each night just like me. Since you are too much of a pussy to walk the streets like a whore and just pick up any guy who looks at you, you can watch me get fucked. You’re thinking about how it would feel like if you were me, aren’t you? You want to be jackhammered in the ass and have a man squirt cum on your ass just like mine did. Keep rubbing that clit in your panties. That’s the only action you’re going to be getting tonight. 

Pathetic Sissy Whore Needs More Training

Sissy Training Audio


You are a pathetic faggot with your clit throbbing between your legs, begging for release as you are getting fucked from the back by a big black cock. Cock is what you think about when you wake up in the morning and what you dream about when you sleep. All you should ever be thinking about is how best to serve that cock. That oversized clit hanging between your legs does not matter. You are a fuck toy for men with big cocks to play with. That is why day after day I bring big cock after big cock to train you completely. The more cocks you suck, the better you can deepthroat. `The more that you take inside of you, the better you will be able to squeeze that cock and milk the cock for every drop. Your purpose is to make him cum. Your job is to be the cum receptacle. If he wants to cum on your face, you take it you faggot bitch. You belong to any man who wants to fuck you. Now get on your knees and beg for it. 

Take That Cock in the Cunt You Sissy Slut

Sissy Girl Training

Cock sluts like you are so desperate to be pounded in your pussy that you won’t even think. It is instinctual for you to get on your knees because that is your place. All you are is a cum dumpster for men with big cocks to use and throw to the side. You have no self-respect against his cock. You are an addict, desperate to take it in your mouth or in your pussy. I’m sure you’d take off all of your clothes right now, bend over a counter and beg for just an inch of it. So why should he respect you. He will dominate you like the bitch that you are. You know how to take it in your throat, choking on his cock and never letting it leave your mouth for a second. He will jam it so deep inside of your mouth that you can’t breathe, but it makes him feel so good and you love being his little bitch. 

Sissy Strut their Stuff for the Chance to Be Gangbanged

Sissy Phone


I love having my sissies line up on the catwalk and show me what they’re working with. They get their sexiest outfits on, make their hair look nice and strut their stuff on the runway so I can see how pretty they look. The ones with the worst looks, the ones with hemlines past their knees, hair that looks messed up (and not in a sexy way) and can’t walk in heels to save their life won’t get the chance to have their holes filled up by big black cocks afterwards. Besides the few that didn’t make the cut, my sissies look so fabulous. From the raunchiest to the cutest, they had their look together. Good thing I got the local football team to come over and mess those perfectly put-together clothes and magnificently coiffed hair. Skirts and dresses were lifted up for easy access as they pounded their tight little holes. Cocks were shoved in their mouths before they could even speak. Those girls may look proper, but they know how to give a sloppy blowjob. I’m so glad that my girls remember their training. 

Sissy Whore Bathed In Cum

BBC sissy trainer


My sissy is a quick learner. She has been practicing sucking cock for over 3 months now. She has prepared her pussy for every size and thickness of cock by using multiple dildos to fuck herself in addition to my strap-on training. She is ready to have a reward for her hard work. So, I have gotten 10 big black cocks for her to service and have fun with. I told her to get dressed in her sexiest dress and heels, and then led her down to my basement. I told her to turn around so as to make it a surprise. I brought all 10 men down the stairs and when she turned around she saw all of them naked and semi-hard. I ordered her to get down on her knees and suck each and every cock. They circled her holding their cocks out to her. She hungrily gobbled every cock, sucking on one and jerking two. She would even put two cocks in her mouth and suck on them while jerking the other cocks. Then, they all jerked their dicks and came all over her hair, her chest, her face and her back. She is finally a proper sissy cum whore, baptized in cum. 

Humiliating Sissies is My Favorite Pastime

Humiliation phone sex


God, sissies like you are so blinded by lust for cock that you can’t think of anything else, can you? All you want is to get on your knees or bend over a table and get absolutely fucked  by a big cock. You don’t care that he’s treating you like a whore because that is what you are, a sissy slut who does not deserve to be treated like anything but the fuck toy that you really are. This is why I’ve been recording all the times that you have gone to suck cock and I’m sending them to your girlfriend so we can make fun of you together. She already does not want you because of your tiny, useless cock. Now we can laugh at how you let yourself be used like a fuck toy by any man with a cock 8 inches or over. We will call you a faggot slut and plan to tell everyone just how much of a slut you are. You won’t be able to go anywhere without a guy with a huge cock telling you to get on your knees or bend over once we get through with you. You will be the town sissy whore. 

Hair and Makeup to Make His Cock Hard

Sissy Training Audio


Hair and makeup is a cornerstone to ultimate feminization. You can look like a sissy with terrible makeup and a bird’s nest for hair, but that is not very attractive or feminine. Besides, you will have plenty of time to get your hair ruined with the fucking you’re going to get from those big fat cocks. When they grab your head and fuck your throat, that is an automatic makeup ruiner. Let’s just keep the ruining of makeup to the men who are going to dominate you and give them something to work with. A nice lipstick to emphasize your dick sucking lips is best. You need mascara to emphasize your eyes as you look up at them while sucking their cock. You need to have nice long hair for them to pull on while they’re ramming their cock into you from the back. These are all essential to making you the most delicious-looking sissy around. Once you have your hair and makeup perfect, you will be swimming in cocks. 

Punishing my Sissy Maid

Sissy maid training


My sissy maid is so obedient. She does all of the chores that she is ordered to do while wearing her classic black-and-white French maid outfit with black stockings and a red thong underneath her skirt. She comes to my home everyday ready to serve. While she, at this point, has a structured cleaning schedule, she is always eager to complete any other tasks that are required of her. She is great at completing her tasks, but there are some things that I have to punish her for if she completes it wrong or forgets it. For example, there was one time while she was doing my laundry that she left a pair of my red panties in the wash with my white clothes. For this, I had to give her a good spanking. I told her to bend over, expose her ass to me and I smacked her ass until it was red and tender. From then on, my laundry was always done correctly. With a bit of discipline, my sissy maid is the best.