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BBC Obsession Lingers In The Workplace

BBC sissy trainer Don’t look! I know it’s so hard when they made the conference table made of glass and the client’s bulge is very noticeable from the moment he walked it. You’re imagining in your head just how big that black cock is, it’s definitely thick. You can tell that by the way it rests along his thigh in his pants. Wonder if he notices how much you are licking your lips? Such the faggot cocksucker, you get weak at the thought of having a tasty BBC between your lips. Naughty you texting me during this meeting, not very professional of you. How did you manage to snap a pic of his bulge so easily? I think maybe he knows exactly what’s happening, that’s why he is displaying himself. Legs opened, and giving you the perfect view of what’s going on between his thighs. As your mistress I must encourage you to excuse yourself from the room. Go to your office and pull out those special pantyhose for just this occasion. Put them on under your pants, and calmly go back in for your meeting and close those blinds. Then get on your knees and beg him for a taste of what you know is a deliciously juicy black cock hidden away in his dress pants. Reveal to him what a cocksucking faggot you are for big black cock, then call me once you got a taste of his creamy load. I want all the details!

Your Collection Of Sissy Panties

Sissy pantiesYou can tell a lot about a sissy based off of their panty collection. A sissy with no panties oftentimes resorts in theft. The stealing of panties from their female partners or room-mates, and even family members. You are more put in the panty boy category for me then a dedicated sissy. Now a sissy who has a collection of thongs, G-strings, and anything flimsy that’s a sissy slut. You want more than anything to be on your knees or bent over, to be treated like a whore. Your secret wish is for that attractive coworker to spot those strings over your work pants and change your life forever. Now of course we can’t forget about the ruffle darlings, with the puffy panties filled with ruffles, and lace. You want to be pretty, you want attention, someone to tease you in a caring way. Sometimes you’re a sissy darling or little one needing a strong mommy to comfort you. Of course these are generic categories I’ve come to notice over the years, you could have a mix of panties. Or be a complete panty addict. So go on and open your panty drawer, tell me about it and let’s see what it has to say about you.

Big Black Birthday Cock

BBC sissy trainerHappy birthday Sissy girl! I hope you’re ready for this BIG birthday surprise! I’ve kept it pretty hush-hush and a very limited number of people are going to be in attendance. Mainly a handful of exes and your female co-workers. Don’t worry I’ve caught each and every one of them up to speed about what a naughty faggot bitch you actually are. You know the clit’s out of the cage so to speak. No come and sit on your knees like a good girl, I found the perfect stud for your special treat tonight. We have talked for hours about how much you have always dreamed about sucking on a huge juicy black cock and now you will! In front of pretty much every female you’ve ever known. Now open wide this black monster cock isn’t going to suck itself is it?

Be A Good Girl

Sissy trainingNo one likes a slut who says no. I only train the best sluts in my sissy school of ultimate slutification. Here being a good girl means always being ready to say yes and do as you’re told. Knowing your job is never complete without a load in each hole and all over your face. If you only make a guy cum once, you are not a success. To be a good girl you must keep him hard even after making him reach his satisfaction point. Normal girls get to stop there, you are not a normal girl. You are a sissy slut, you have to try harder. You have to be better! They can put in the bare minimum, whereas you must give more than a hundred percent. Show those men why they need a sissy whore like you instead. Because you won’t be satisfied until you completely drain them. Remember this and remember it well. 

A load in my mouth I’m a slut

    A load in my pussy I’m a whore

Add a load on my face 

And he’ll be back for more

Suck Cock For Me

Mistress phone sex

Look at this little lost sissy bitch. What to know why I call you lost? Cause we are surrounded by all these men with bulges in their pants and you’re not even on your knees. That is not what we got dressed up for. I didn’t put that cinnamon red on your lips for them not to be put to work. Remember if you won’t get down on your knees and suck some cock, you can be easily replaced. Sluts are easy to replace, should we replace you? 

Oh that’s a good girl, on your knees like Mistress taught you. Don’t think about it, let your cock-sucker instincts take over. Look at you, got seven studs surrounding you all with their cocks presented to you. Come on sissy girl it’s time to come alive, represent teacher, show them the little skank who loves to devour cum load after load. Submitting to those fucksticks pulling in and out of those hungry lips. When you’re done I’ll make sure to snap a picture of your creamy face to commemorate such an occasion. No doubt you’ll need it to pleasure your little clitty from time to time.

Sissy sluts all around me

Phone dominatrix

I am a phone dominatrix. I have learned to attract nothing but the best perverts. They all want to be me and want to learn all the ropes. You will never be me, but you can surely try to be a good slave and sissy. I will put you in your place and show you how pathetic you indeed are, in fact, and I will show you. I will bring everyone around and have a show and tell the party. It is going to be the absolute best. I bet you never knew a princess like me could be so brutal. Well, now you know I am a cruel bitch, and that’s the way it will always be. Everyone will know you love to suck dick for me; you will do it in front of everyone.

sissy training my stepdad

sissy training

I caught my stepdad going thru my panty drawer. I thought about all the ways to get even. I hated that the pervert was getting excited thinking about me. I know I am irresistible, but It peeved me so much. I wanted to get even more than anything. Since the old geezer was such a grotesque fucker trying to steal my panties, I was going to show him who is boss. I made sure sissy training was something that was going to be in his future. My thoughts were all on him and making sure he was going to be my little bitch. I confronted him, and he denied. Thankfully I had my footage and showed it to him. He couldn’t say much, but then he became my sissy bitch, and all I said was what went. I had him by his pathetic balls.

Campus princess

best sissy trainerThe best sissy trainer ever loves scouting for the perfect sidekicks. I love being a princess who trains the most obedient slaves. I can’t stop turning a little wannabe me bitch into a doormat. Whenever I tell you to do something you don’t hesitate. You can’t stop being my little bitch. I am always on point with my losers. I know what to do to make you even more obsessed. I scout the perfect sidekick and lure them in with my tricks. I bring around the best guys around that make their boy pussies excited. You know you will do anything to have a thick dick deep inside of you. I make sure you are served great cocks and hook you completely.

Summer fiesta

Domination phone sexDomination phone sex is something I love so much. I call the shots and put you in your place. I laugh at your mere existence and go about my business. You will never fill my shoes, and you are the sissy that gravels on your knees for me. I am royal, and you are a peasant. I decided it was time to bring you along to a little summer fiesta. There you are at my service. I want everyone to watch me dance and shake my sexy ass while you try to keep up. You make the perfect sidekick. You know you will never be me, and that is clear to see. I like fucking you with a strap in front of all the party guest. It’s a blast making you my bitch,

Selfie queen

Femboy trainingI have a huge following on social media. It is no surprise to get so many hits. I am the envy of girls and the lust of guys. I recruited most of my sissies for being die-hard fans. I love seeing how they worship me and will do merely anything to satisfy and please me. I have plenty of sissies who send me their money and buy me a ton of things. My attention is hard to get, so you better stand out if you want to for even a second be apart of my sissy boy gang. I am all about femboy training. I like to put you to the test and see how willing you are to shine. I am a real star, a selfie queen and social media star. Show me you are worthy, and you will surely get my attention. You might lose it for you don’t keep me entertain and content. I am a hot commodity.