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Pussy hypnosis Sissy slave training, surrender and eat!

Sissy slave trainingMen are hypnotized by my pussy and that includes sissies! Whether its envying my vagina or wanting to lick me clean after watching me get barebacked by a girthy dick.. You want it! I love teasing you while dragging my finger up and down my freshly waxed pussy, watching you pout because your dreams of having one will never be.. A surgeon may be able to button you up down there but you will never be able to breed… I have you slip your finger inside of my pussy and address me as your goddess, while you feel my warm rigid walls wrap snug around your fingertips.. Worship my pussy as you fall under a trance.. I grab you by your blonde wig and pull you in closer..

You felt so lost until you found Online sissy training.. You feel my pussy pulse as I lead you closer to your destiny, a slave for my pleasure.. All of those gloomy thoughts and questions fade away.. You love my pussy, you want my pussy it’s everything you have ever dreamed of.. You want to please me and honor me as your goddess. Your mouth starts to water with the need to pucker your lips and lick my moist pussy.. I pull you closer and tell you to pucker up.. Press those plush lips up against my pussy lips and smell the sweet aroma of my pussy fill your nostrils.. Completely aroused! Grinding my cunt in a circular motion around your face.. Your little clit hardens, your eyes close you imagine your legs are spread and this pussy of mine that you are kissing and finger fucking is yours.

Your sissy panties get all wet from the sensation that fills your body, your little clit starts to let out your pre orgasmic bliss. You dig in deeper eager to finally feel the feeling of a pussy orgasm, something your unworthy dick has never experienced.. You have accepted your fate! Under a trance, you repeat after me.. “I am a sissy bitch and a slave for you, I surrender.” Squandering at my feet I lean back and moan loudly.. Orgasming, you are enticed by the walls of my pussy gripping and releasing your finger.. Fascinated and wishing you could experience the same. I have you tug your little weenie and smear my pussy juices on your nub. Reminding you that in fact this is the closest you will ever get to having a pussy, Sissy slave training for you has only just begun! 

Sissy phone sex with me turns even straight men into sissies

Sissy phone sexMy pathetic faggot little jizz mopper got his throat pounded today. I had him assume the Loser position as soon as his big juicy dick walked through the door. It was time for Sissy slave training and all I wanted to do was sit back and have my nails filed while watching him humiliate himself on my Onlyfans.. Before he got the excitement of getting his face fucked I had him stroke his teenie dick and imagine he was stroking my black friends big cock.. He dreams of actually having a cock the size that dangled in his face..

His worthless clit was helplessly precumming while being taunted with a mouth watering dick in his face.. I finally instructed him to latch on to the tip with no hands and swallow up every inch of that 13 inch cock.. Do it, Do it was all he heard as his eyes lit up and he drooled. I sat a shot glass on his peenie while it jumped for joy! I knew for certain just the feeling of that big black dick hitting his tonsils while I denied him a prostate milking would make him squirt. I drizzled his cum all over that big veiny glistening black cock and made him slurp his own nut up. All my OnlyFan subscribers acknowledge me as the Best sissy trainer. I have sluts lined up willing to pay any and everything just for a seat next to me.. Without even knowing what Mistress will have in mind.

They watch daily as I humiliate men with a micro peen for personal pleasure. It gets me so hot and my pussy so moist to chastise the weak. Men are mules; they feed off of my hypnotic energy! Anal stretching wasn’t an option for him; the only thing he was going to have up his ass was the frozen butt plug that I stuffed to melt in his ass. Goosebumps filled his body as he wiggled his ass, his version of pleading to allow access.. That was just too bad for my sissy fag, the only thing he was allowed to do was jerk it and eat it like a good slave boy. I whipped my clit on camera while he was in the background on all fours.. A thick creamy load filled his throat, a nice thick creamy treat for my naughty sissy boy. If I am not actively humiliating, I have sluts witnessing during Sissy phone sex where I humiliate and feminize all sorts of men. 

Full-fledged Sissy training means serving all of my desires!

Sissy trainingSissy boys are my favorite, I think I get off knowing I have control over a man wearing my panties! Bending you over and watching your lashes bat from the pressure of my 13 inch strap on makes Mistress so horny and wet… Especially when you beg me for the man that sits there watching me humiliate you while he’s stroking his big dick that you are drooling over. You know that big dick wants you gaping and easy to slip into. Your ass is under my control now! I have you post ads and set up dates where you and I have a mutual agreement.. I get 80 percent and your take home is 20 percent paired with a creamy load drooling out of your cock craving hole..

Your cum filled Sissy panties, I have you wear around town under your sexy outfit.. Doesn’t it make you feel so naughty knowing your undies are full of cream.. When we get back home I have you slip out of your panties and suck the crotch while you bare another round. If you are on your best behavior I may just rub your clit while you get mounted causing you to squirt and piss at the same time.. Those are the best orgasms aren’t they? A hard pegging and huge cumload from a glistening big black cock for you to clean when he is through is the perfect treat for you!

You love being a faggot for me and I love offering you Sissy slave training.. Fucking a sissy boy anally while you surrender is everything a mistress dreams of… I get down on my knees and teach you how to properly swallow up every inch of a big thick hard dick.. Teaching you how to be the best sissy slut you can be! If you don’t do well after training I will put you in chastity to enslave, humiliate, tease and deny you any sort of pleasure for weeks.. I will selfishly take his cock and make you watch as I drain his balls inside of my sweet pink hole..This can all be avoided as long as you know how to follow instructions! You and I both know Sissy training is to be taken seriously. Do not waste any of mistresses time or you will be paying in consequences. 

Sissy hypno training – It’s time to embrace your femineity!

Sissy hypno training“Faggot, queer, you act like a girl.. You should be ashamed of yourself, walking out of this house in daisy dukes that are for ladies.. You will NEVER be a woman!”

No more pussy for you faggot! Sissy hypno training comes with ease… That’s right, get down on your knees and eat this big phat cock.. You and I both know you would much prefer sucking your own cum out of your hand before having to bury your face between the legs of a woman.. You would love to be on a strict cock only diet. Repeat after me faggot.. “I love sucking cock!” Now get down on your knees and suck this big rubber dick while you tell me how bad you wish it were the real deal.. You love big juicy dicks and you go to the far end of the world just to feel comfortable being a cock sucker.. Continue sucking I want you blowing snot on my cock from your eyes watering and drool running down your chin!

No more pussy for you just cocks and yummy cummie for the sissy boy faggot! Bend over I want you begging like a little bitch.. I am going to dig my rubber dick in  your ass. Spread your cheeks for me sissy boy faggot.. Sissy slave training has only just begun! Close your eyes and fall into a trance digging deep into your ass.. You want to be fucked like a slut! mm, it’s getting harder and harder digging deeper and deeper into your manhole.. it’s tempting isn’t it you want to slide your finger into your butthole and start massaging. *whispers* You wish you had a cock in your ass.. A real man is going to shove his throbbing hot veiny penis in your asshole. Get ready he’s going to blow inside of you.. Say it slut, say it “I want to feel his cum drooling out of my manhole” “I am a cock craving faggot”

You want to trace the ridges of your pucker and smear his cum all over your manhole, don’t you? You want to taste his cummmhm.. You would do anything to stiffen that cock once more so you can suck his alpha cock clean of your man juices. You know a king deserves to be treated as such.. His swollen balls pressed up against your chin as I whisper in your ear “relieve him ” go ahead tell me you want to swallow say it “I want to feel his load dripping down my throat” You love the taste of cum! 

Your wife is just for show and tell, the truth is women don’t interest you! Only if she would deprive you of pussy, you’d be so much happier. As if she’d get the memo and actually understood you like I do! All of the signs yet she is still “oblivious” You just can’t speak up, you don’t have the balls literally, so you come to me for Online sissy training in hopes I will give you the confidence to be the F A G G O T you were always sought out to be!


Forced feminization for what, when you can roofy his drink!

Forced feminizationI turned a “man” into a F A G G O T. He came over for a good time to find me and a group of black guys celebrating his arrival.. Forced feminization was in the works! I’ve known him for a while and his dick does not measure up to my liking.

I decided to introduce him to his inner-self he never knew. As quick as he cums when we fuck, I knew there had to of been no way he was actually enjoying himself.. His hypersexuality had him coming back for more but realistically speaking he didn’t last long enough to actually feel the true sensations that sex has to offer. I poured him a glass of wine that I had roofied with molly.. I knew for certain the only way he was going to give in was if he were intoxicated..

As soon as he started swaying I stripped him of his denims and muscle shirt and tucked his clit into a sexy red pair of Sissy panties.. Well, TBH they were my used panties from the hamper; I wanted his clit to have the fresh scent of my pussy so when the guys went down on him they would get a whiff of heaven tucked between his legs. His man pussy was prepared naturally with a rim-job and a slip of masculine fingers rotating in his ass.. His woody stood tall while he got his prostate massaged.

I knew he would enjoy the feeling of his skin clench and heat up when the head of a big fat cock slid into his asshole. Goosebumps filled his body while he was bent over the barstool taking a big thick dick deep into his derriere. A prostate milking was what he deserved! I gently caressed his nub while he howled and pleaded “harder, harder OMG ————-> daddy!” My jaw dropped; he naturally surrendered. He didn’t even require too much force! For the entire night he pleaded for round after round and ever since he’s become an addict with a need for Big black cock! What makes me the Best sissy trainer? Simply by helping you establish your sissy persona and desire to reach your true potential of satisfaction! This process happens naturally in due time. 

Sissy phone sex training has brought me a lifetime friend!

Sissy phone sexTimothy gives me — Something to believe in… He calls me up and opens my eyes to the big world, there are so many things out there that many of us turn a blind eye to. We spend lots of time together! We started our relationship by him faking he was seeking Online sissy training.. I caught on pretty quickly! I could tell by his soothing voice and masculinity that there was no way this guy was a sissy. He eventually confessed to me that he was just bullshitting around and was looking for someone to talk to..

Honestly, when he and I get to talking it’s endless our tongues just roll and words flow naturally. He’s taught me so much in such a short period of time.. This guy, I would literally spend time with even off the phone, if it were possible.. I could totally see us kicking our feet on an elevated rock looking up at the night sky staring at the satellites.. LOL just kidding the stars *eye roll* haha.. Maybe I should consider putting him in a pair of Sissy panties while we sit there chit chatting for sweet revenge..

No really, we talk for hours.. he is the man I’ve never had. Sometimes I totally question if he is even really single. It’s just so hard to believe someone so pure with an open mind doesn’t have a wife. Anyone who has had him and lost him definitely lost a gem! We know a lot about one another.. Like the honest truth! Not some made up fantasy and unrealistic bullshit, the real deal. I enjoy every minute I spend with him to the point I’ve stored his contact so I always know when it’s him calling. When my phone rings and I see that it’s him it sends me smiling from ear to ear, super excited to find out what he’s got in store for me today.

I could sit there and binge eat popcorn with my eyes widened that’s how suspenseful the information he shares with me is.. I am so intrigued by the things we talk about that I even do research outside of our conversations and try spreading the word to friends and family! I wish I could press my red heart shaped lips against his and look into his blue eyes with my glowing emerald eyes, safe in his arms. I know he will take great care of the woman who gets lucky enough to have him. Sissy phone sex training has brought me a lifetime friend!

His Sissy panties were in a bunch as I selfishly fucked BBC!

Sissy panties He is an obsessed white cuck slave.. My sissy snow-bunny loves having leftovers! I make him sit and watch me take joy rides on hard black long dick while he has his Sissy panties in a bunch. Being a cuck wasn’t a decision of his own; it was more of a command. We’ve been on and off dating for a while and his measly cock just isn’t pleasurable.. Every time he gets drunk he puts my clothes on and begs for us to go to bars downtown.. I’ve watched him prance around batting his lashes and chicken out, too many times.

That’s why I decided to start bringing black men home after a fun girls night out! He wakes up to the sounds of me moaning begging to be fucked harder every weekend. He knows to put his dick in chastity and come find me. I am always sure to be in a doggystyle position having every last one of my holes plugged with a big black cock. I know its more of a tease to have to watch 3 men fuck me hard rather than just one, so selfish! LOL… He drools as he watches me get fucked and not just out of his mouth..

This is only the start of Femboy training, he has no idea that as soon as I get bored of teasing him he is going to be the one plugged up.. That’s why I make him watch not just to tease but so he can learn. When I am through, getting a nice thick creampie I have him clean their black limp dicks of my pussy juice. Then give me oral until his jaw locks! I am always sure to save the orgasm for his face..

I smother him with my Cum filled cunt and grind my silky smooth pussy up and down until my clit explodes. This fucker is going to give in, he will soon be slaving for black cock as he truly desires. I am sick and tired of him not accepting his true self whether boyfriend and girlfriend or best friends till the end he will be my sissy 4evaaa! Even if it’s through Forced sissy training, he’s giving up his man pussy to something besides a rubber dick! 


Lucky, took his Sissy panties off to plug his man pussy xD

Sissy panties I just saw my Lucky sissy in a pair of Sissy panties for the first time! We talk regularly but we had never done a skype session until today.. I have to admit he is so much hotter than I even expected.. He was wearing a cute pink and white bikini top, bikini bottom and thigh high socks that matched his sexy feminine fit. He whipped his tiny dick with the head of his purple and white 10 inch silicone cock while telling me how proud he is to be a fucking faggot! Before we got started we made sure he stretched his anus with his new butt plug..

A cute little tail hung out of his manhole as he pranced around like the faggot he is. It was so exciting seeing him bent over with his face in the camera and a massive dick right in front of his face.. He ran his tongue up, down and in circles with his eyes rolling back, quite impressive faggot. It was so big the cock sucker could barely get the rubber dick down his throat.. Of course, being on the line with The Best sissy trainer, I had to teach him how to properly deepthroat without gag reflex.. He huffed as if he was fogging up a window and the thick dick managed to dig deeper into his throat..

The windows were wide open and so were the blinds, so it is possible the neighbors might of heard or seen my favorite sexy Faggot deepthroating and gagging! To my surprise his dick actually grew another 2 inches from being so stimulated from double penetration. He sat on the floor with his legs spread, swaying his ass against the hardwood floor and whipping his clit with lubricant. I made him record every moment of his faggotry so her can see for himself why he should be proud to be the hot faggot that he is. Femboy training went well and my sexy, hot, naughty and just overall purrfect sissy kept his mistress smiling ear to ear! 

Sissy girl training requires a shopping spree

Sissy girl training Guess who’s Sissy panties came in the mail late last night? Yup, Matt.. wait a second we do  not call her Matt anymore.. her new name is Scarlett, sexy huh? I know! She looks amazing in red.. Her knockers fit perfectly in the lace mesh slip.. and her peenie well, lets just say a thong did the trick.. She barely even had to tuck!

Thongs were totally created just for her.. Let me tell you, the little slut hasn’t taken her slip off since she’s got it. Yes, it’s that comfortable! She is accepting her new life now and is adjusting quite well.. We talked a bit today but a girls gotta work if she wants to go shopping and no duh, without funds she won’t be able to afford Online sissy training with her new goddess, Me! 

Her toy came in first but she isn’t allowed to use it until we are actively having some phone fun.. I am going to teach the skank how to properly stretch her bussy.. She will soon be an addict! begging me to help her find a mate to fuck her senseless. I can’t wait to have her strutting in a pencil dress with a bombshell bra, clear platform mules and a clutch purse.. ha! We’ve got a long way to go.. the bitch has no clue how to walk in heels yet! Don’t worry Scarlett, you soon will.. You are one step closer to victory. 

Lucky for Scarlett, she doesn’t need breast implants, she’s got at least a double D 100% natural and her manhood is so small she won’t need to tuck or transition.. Nobody will notice that little link poking through anyhow. Ya, it’s that small LOL. Sissy girl training has been a breeze for my new sissy slut but wait until she finds out what it feels like to wax all of her hair off her body.. That’s next! Oh and lets not forget what it’s like to first have her bussy stretched and the addiction to cock that’s going to come with it.. Do you have what it takes to be America’s next top Sissy? 

His first Sissy training session went well

Sissy trainingThere is a new sissy in town and he’s going to be squeezing his little link into his first pair of Sissy panties! He was at work when his asshole started feeling all slimy, he couldn’t help the tingly sensation that ran through his body.. He needed a fix, even if that meant in the parking lot of his place of employment.. Risky business! He took his 15 and called me up from the back seat of his compact car..

He didn’t have any toys so we settled with his fingers! He slicked his tips up by slurping and sucking them, like they were a fat cock.. Then smacked the excess saliva that he scooped up from his chin onto his manhole.. The windows of his car were not tinted but they did naturally fog after a while of his huffing from the sensational fuck he was giving himself; while I whispered humiliating things into his ear.. He or should I say she?

Anyway, the faggot is aware of his position.. Not every call will he get off; sometimes he may even just have to sit back and listen to me breathe.. I mean whatever it takes to talk to a hottie, you couldn’t stand a chance with in reality! uhh, the good in fantasy, huh? haha, Sissy training has only just begun, we went shopping for some fun stuff..

So far we’ve gotten a clear 7.3in soft realistic dildo to gag his bussy with and a plus size contrast lace mesh slip with a matching thong… It’s even got a satin bow that sits right between his knockers. I can’t wait until it arrives so I can show the world that a Sexy BBW does exist.. His juicy phat ass is going to look amazing sucking up a g string.. He has never had his man hole stretched with anything besides his finger.. Lucky him, I am the sexy bitch who’s going to break him in. Welcome bitch, You’ve got yourself the Best sissy trainer on the net, Good taste!