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Phone dominatrix sissy slave trainer

Sissy phone sex

I had two of my sissy’s come over for Sissy maid training.. I put those bitches in kitchen aprons and sexy lace Sissy panties.. Those cumsluts were strutting in high heel platform mules! To top it all off I had one of my Big daddy Kings over.. They were told that they were to take instructions from big daddy if they wanted to taste his cock..

He had those bimbos on their hands and knees under the table at dinner time feasting on his juicy big black cock.. While he and I were enjoying our well serviced dinner made by two sissy sluts! As they were serving us dinner he was slapping their asses and telling them to prepare their tight sissy holes for daddy..

They were blushing and all flabbergasted by the attention he was giving them… Little did they know he was only humiliating them! Once we were through with dinner he bent those sissy sluts over and rammed their asses with no mercy, degrading them and making them suck on my silky wet smooth pussy..

He reminded them multiple times that they could never amount to a bad bitch like me. In the end he had them slurp his dirty dick clean, free of their ass juice. Just so he can fuck my pussy that they wish they had.

I am in the mood for Sissy slave training! 

BBC sissy trainer

Phone domination with a hot Trainer

Sissy phone sex

I like my sissies well behaved.. One who knows how to follow orders! Is that you? Sissy training isn’t something short lived… It’s a naughty little mystery that requires much time. What is it that makes you worthy of becoming the hottest sissy out there? I want you to come to me in your best Sissy panties.. It’s okay if you have to borrow your wives in the meantime..

Make sure to have all of your toys ready.. I want you trained before I show you off to the Big black guys.. We have to make sure that your throat doesn’t have much gag reflex.. No worries! I’ve got the recipe.. Face down ass up ready to get your gaping Bussy filled to the rim with steamy hot loads of black seed..

If you wanna be a BBC whore, we are going to have to be sure that your walls are pushed back far enough to swallow up every inch of that legendary black cock! We both know why you are here.. It’s not for me! It’s for those chocolate dicks to ice your cake..

I am the best BBC sissy trainer and I have some hefty cocks on standby ready to slam their juicy sack up against your grape smuggling one.. Have you pissing and cumming at the same time! Have you ever experienced that before? If not, let me show you how it’s done. 


Taboo phone chat for sissies

Sissy phone sex I recently met this black guy at the bar.. He was so fucking hot but he was too busy portraying this hunk imagine.. So I slipped something into his drink and took him back to my place.. When he woke up in the morning he was tied up with rope and gagged with duct tape..

I wanted that fucker all for myself.. I thought it would actually be hot to have a sex slave that was black for a change.. I told him from this day forward he will address me as mistress and he doesn’t have a say around here.. I’ve been giving him Sissy maid training and teaching him how to be a well behaved sissy slut for me..

I don’t have a problem with a feminized man, especially one with a huge big black cock.. He now works for me.. Who is up for dominating a black guy with a nice big black dick.. I want us to overcome him.. Use his dick like a fucking dildo and milk his nigger cock for hours on end..

I am a nymphomaniac and milking nigger dick is my fucking specialty.. We can use his juicy cock for Sissy girl training.. I can teach you how to deep throat nigger dick and ride him like a Harely! Come join me today I am in the mood for Domination phone sex.

BBC sissy trainer

Domination phone sex Mistress

Mistress phone sex

This charming femboy came to me to transition.. She wasn’t ready to accept her sexuality whatsoever so I had to offer her Forced sissy training! We groomed her and boy has she become the hottest whore. We even got as far as getting her tits done.. This femboy his no longer just a faggot she is a full blown transgender.

She is now every Big black cocks fantasy. Last week we ordered her up some juicy big dicks to fuck her during training.. She asked me to create her a sexy profile on Grindr and force her to stop using toys and get the real thing. I walked her through the cock sucking..

She started off by smacking her tongue against the base of that Big juicy black cock and worked her tongue up to the tip.. I guided her to run her tongue in rotation around his shaft.. And slowly ease that throbbing cock down her throat. She was a natural. I ordered a gang of men over her place to treat her like the dirtiest whore she didn’t even know was inside of her.

Now that she has finally experienced the real thing she cannot stop doing sessions.. She still prefers being forced rather than accepting its not what I wanted for her it’s what she truly wanted. Well now that she knows I am the best BBC sissy trainer she wont stop putting her Sissy panties on and submitting for me. 

BBC sissy trainer

Sissy slave training with Brielle

Online sissy training

I tend to attract the biggest Nigerian cocks a slut could come across.. I have even been given a business proposal.. Well, I figured I could use those Big black dicks sparingly! So, I am officially a BBC sissy trainer.. I need a good slut who knows how to obey orders..

These Nigerian men love them some white meat.. That’s right slut, that white ass of yours is going to be branded by the legend of all legends The King Cobra.. He likes to call himself that since, once you are nipped by a black dick you are taken away forever.. Into the world of forced feminization and submission! Lets get those Sissy panties all sticky from all the cum that’s going to be leaking out of your tight little pink pussy..

Are you ready to be gaping and craving more for days on end? Well, you better be! Because, a dick like this is going to have your tongue wrapped around his mushroom head begging for another hot load.. Then when we are through with you.. We will send you back to your wife with lipstick smeared all over your face from that extreme throat fucking..

Don’t expect mercy! 

Mistress phone sex

Online sissy training with Brielle

Sissy phone sex

I had my sissy dress up in fishnet stockings and put on a show for daddy! She knows when it comes to daddies big juicy anaconda she is going to have to work for it.. She drenched her ass in lube and fingered her pussy while she tugged her micro peen.

Meanwhile, I was prepping daddies Big black cock! I ran my tongue around his mushroom shaft and slowly eased his throbbing dick down my throat. Daddy was so worked up from how sissy Emily looked! His cock was harder than ever…

I had her dolled up in the sexiest hot pink teddy he had ever seen! Her little A cup bittys were propped up and her nipples’ were rock hard! Daddy couldn’t take it anymore he called her over and forced her down to her knees. She wanted that dick so bad, she immediately dropped her jaw and took an extreme throat fucking!

He pinned her up against the wall and had her gagging and drooling with no way to run! I got down on my knees and slurped her saliva as it dripped down his balls..

I love getting nasty with my sissy Emily! We have a way of knowing how to make the perfect team! He coated her tongue with a thick layer of cock cream and then sissy and I swapped his thick cum. We always share the protein!

BBC sissy trainer


Sissy slave training phone sex

Sissy phone sex

Being a woman is not just about looking the part you are going to have to know how to play the part too. I am what you aspire to be.. So, let’s not forget who is in charge! Without me you wouldn’t know how to be you.. You need us sexy women to exist so you can figure which one you want to try and look identical too.

I mean obviously every idea you get is from one of us! You may not be interested in fucking us because we don’t have a big dick to ram up your ass but you are completely obsessed with us. Every morning you wake up and look into the mirror and paint that face of yours to try and look as feminized as possible..

Well, it’s okay to deceive men but you won’t be deceiving me. I am here to tame you and get you in line.. You are going to have to prove yourself to me.. All the makeup in the world isn’t going to do that for you! You are going to have to get down on your knees and deep throat my strap on until your jaw locks…

Prove to me that you are worthy of being fed a hefty BBC! You wanna be me don’t you? Well then you are going to have to follow the rules.

Sissy maid training phonesex

Best sissy trainer

I like to think I am a fairy godmother.. One to grant all of your little wishes! I love taking out my magic wand and transforming you into a beautiful little princess. Getting you all dressed up and fit for a hard long cock to enjoy… Let’s find your prince!

Maybe he will have a few friends to bring along with him. I want to dress you up in the sluttiest gear and of course put some hooker red lipstick on you! We will use that red lipstick as a marker.. Having you leave red rings around his dick to show how much you’ve improved..

I want to train you to be the best slut of all time.. Learn how to swallow every inch of his huge nigger cock.. You are going to be the best cumslut princess. I want you bent over with crotchless panties under your micro mini dress ready to take that big deep deep inside your tight little pink pussy!

Brielle’s house of dolls Sissy phone sex

Best sissy trainer

Down on your knees you fucking slut! It’s time you learn to follow orders… I need you on command servicing all of the cocks that come in and out of this place. Today I am hosting a gig for a basketball team.. You know what that means – Big black cocks galore!

I need you to be on your best behavior, all dressed up in the hottest, naughtiest, sexiest outfits. I will have you sluts uniformed in cheerleader micro mini skirts with sheer nude tops… I want those nipples fully revealed and that tight pink pussy of yours exposed! I need you bitches standing out from all the other ladies. I want everyone in the industry to hear about Brielle’s house of dolls!

I will be standing there with a leash ready to whip your ass if any of my black dicks complain about you. You better take every stroke like a good slut! Make sure you keep lubricant tucked away in your crotch because you are going to need a ton of it. This is the biggest event in Vegas! Let’s go sluts, it’s time to cheer and worship those big black cocks!

Small penis humiliation phone sex

Best sissy trainer

Small penis humiliation is so much fun! I’ve been dating this guy and recently we got close to having sex that was until I noticed how pathetically puny his fucking dick was. I was so insulted that he actually thought for one second a dick that size belongs in a bad bitch like me.

So, I decided to show him what he was worth… I got him all dressed up in my hottest gear and caged his worthless micro peen. I even forced his feet into my stilettos. I could care less how bad it hurt. He was going to find out how bad it hurt me to see his dick was so fucking small especially because I liked him so much.

I really think it should be a rule to tell girls right off the bat that you’ve got a little dinky! I mean hello… Nobody wants to wait till game day to be let down. Fuck!! Well he definitely paid for my wasted time. I truly get off on humiliating little dicks!

I taunted his worthless pecker. I made him fuck me with a 10 inch strap on while his cock pleaded for mercy inside that extra small cellmates chastity. His clit was leaking and I couldn’t give two fucks! I made him pound my pussy for hours. I even squirted all over his worthless clit then kicked him out in women’s clothing and made him walk home in heels that were way too small for his feet.

That’ll teach em’