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What sissy boyfriends are like

Best sissy trainer

I need a sissy slut companion who will be willing to join in on my crazy sex ventures! I like when I have a sissy boyfriend because sissy men are bitches and I like when a man is my little slutty bitch! I get to mistreat him, beat him and cheat on him right in front of him and all he does is watch and get fucked with me! No matter how much I mistreat my sissy cunt boyfriend he will always crawl right back into my bed and cuddle me with love and care! Sissy boyfriends are the best because they bring you  breakfast in bed without you even asking him to! Sissy boyfriends are the type to pave the road for you so you can have a smooth ride! They are really awesome like when we go shopping he tries girly clothes on with me so I don’t feel left out! Sometimes I put a leash on him when we go to the mall in case a bitch wants to steal my dumb bitch of a sissy slut from me!

Online sissy training with my Barb!

Best sissy trainer

Where to begin? Master Brielle  gives the orders and never takes them. But, as my Sissy Apprentice, his job is to let me know his greatest weakness as he becomes aware of them. Plus, in my blog “Execute the mission” I require my sissies to “make sure they speak up and say exactly what they want done to them!” I will soon discover that he must confess all to me. So here are the rules all of them apply! Any disobedience will lead to some serious torture.

  1. Mandatory sessions with me for at least 3 months. Monthly, Every 2 weeks or every week – I will decide. They are not to be missed. Worst case – a text only session.
  2. Required dressing in girls clothes as decided by Me. Total complete emasculation stripping away every ounce of his male ego, persona and mindset. Replacing it with a completely perfect feminine image. Monthly, Every 2 weeks, every week, every other day or even every single day. How long each time? 1 hours, 2 hours, 4 hours, or even 24 hours. On one end of the scale, once a month for 1 hour. On the other end of the scale, every single day for the entire 24 hours which means he will always be dressed in girls underwear and must sleep in a nightgown from this point on (unless I decide otherwise).
  3. No Orgasms EVER unless he cums like a girl meaning a dildo, vibrator, or strap on up his ass. Then he must swallow every drop of his cum.


He begs me “Please train me Master. It is what I deserve.”

Look at her!!!!!!! isn’t she beautiful!

BBC sissy training

Cross dressed slaves

Best sissy trainer

His  reality – 40+ years later? More powerfully addicted to dressing in woman’s clothing than ever before. Just putting on  panties and stockings excites him more than it ever has. It never gets old or stale. It is impossible for him to stay out of girl’s clothes. Yes – He wants to look like a perfect girl. His lifestyle restricts him to only interact virtually while in his home. This includes never being dressed in public. At least in his outerwear. That’s just the way it is and will always be. Has he interacted with others over the phone? Yes – a waste of time and money.  He can put on a dress (and he has 100’s or even thousands of times) and cum like he always has to a fantasy. What he cannot experience, without somebody else, is being under their strict control. This is what compelled  him to contact me. There is something wildly erotic to him about being required to address me as Master. He wants me to be his Master. That’s right! – my rules are very clear. He must follow all of my commands. He begs me for the opportunity to submit to me, Master Brielle. From now on, he will be in my command at all times. Whatever I say GOES, it will not be up for discussion. Yes – disobedience needs to be punished via humiliations, whips, chains, BBC, and having his cock and sissy hole tortured. He needs these things done to him even when his behavior is perfect. Why? Because he is to be Master Brielle’s Sissy and a reminder of my power over him makes him even more powerful. He begs me Master Brielle to keep him under my control for as long as he wants. Once I start, he is never to be allowed to stop being trained by me. A Sissy? A cocksucker? Being fucked by another Sissy? Worse being fucked by a man? All things he has refused, denied or failed to accept. He describes himself and comes to me as a Lesbian slave-girl. But as his Master, he begs and pleads with me to turn him into any or all of the above. Our interactions may be limited to virtual, with constraints on public display, but that does not mean he will not be turned into my personal property and possession.


not so forced sissy training on my new woman!

Best sissy trainer

“As a teenage boy, whose mother and older sister worked full-time, he had access to their clothes after school for several hours each day. During the summer? All day long. he dressed himself frequently. Head to toe. Panties, bra’s, stockings, pantyhose, full length body shaper, girdles, half-slips, full slips, blouses, mini-skirts, dresses, high heels and nightgowns. He even put on their makeup including polishing his nails. Did he cum when he was all dressed up? He tried not to but he did on several occasions. His most intense orgasms have always been when he is all dressed up. Didn’t they know? Of course they did. His sister caught him a few times and his mother absolutely knew. They ignored it. They pretended that it never happened. What did he truly deserve? Punishment to fit the crime. Because as powerful as his crossdressing desires are. His submissive desires are equally as powerful. (#1: You want to dress as a girl? Fine, you picked it. You made your choice.) But it will not be when you decide you are in the mood to dress this way. You will be required to dress in girls clothes quite often and will have no say in the matter. (#2: You want to cum dressed as a girl? Fine, you picked it. You made your choice.) But, you will only cum from now as a girl, A vibrator or dildo inside of you, with no touching of your cock. You are not going to just be dressed as a girl, you are going to get turned into a girl. You will have no say in the matter. Yes – he wants to look like a perfect girl just like his Master Brielle. What he cannot experience, without somebody else, is being under their strict control. This is what compelled him to contact me.”

He is the new sexy lady in town and I am his Master!!! 

Too be continued…..

New sissy trainer in the hut

Best sissy trainer

Welcome to sissy slut hut!! 


I just had the best sex ever! I am so surprised he let me fuck him with my strap-on! OMG it was amazing I never thought giving a man anal would turn me on this much. He even dressed up for me. He was wearing a very sexy flair royal blue dress. What he had underneath was a rose floral embroidered bra and panty set. The crouch was cut out so his massive cock hung. Uhhh I was so impressed by his choice of clothing. We got back to my place and we had the time of my life. I put a sexy black outfit on and attached my strap-on to my hps. He dropped down to his knees and sucked my cock so good he was drooling and slobbering all over the place. His ass started to get so wet he bent over and asked me to have no mercy! I sure didn’t! I fucked him deep in his nice round ass so good he was moaning so loudly. My pussy began to throb. I was dripping wet. He bent me over and showed me how much of a man he really was.



I had never been fucked so good in my life. My pussy is still tingling. I am playing with myself now! 

Brielle, best sissy trainer!

Best sissy trainer

Yummy I really enjoy myself, a sissy slut one who knows how to take a big black cock. I love it when they dress so sexy for me and they listen to my every command. Sometimes, I like my sissies’ softness when her man pussy just wants to be nurtured and tended to. I love to groom my sissies! Come and get your best sissy training you could possibly get. Let’s have fun getting rammed by dildos, but plugs, and big black cock! I want to treat you like a cum guzzling whore that you are. I want to humiliate you, degrade you and put you down. You better behave or else! Don’t be a naughty sissy being on my naughty list. If you do, you’ll just have to find out what happens to naughty whores.

I make the rules

Best sissy trainer You want to pose like me? Oh wait, I heard you want to be just like me. Well that’s going to take some training! You have to be willing to submit to your master Brielle. I want you in command at all times, whatever i say goes it is not up for discussion. Disobey my commands and I will humiliate you. I will humiliate you in front of everyone, I will expose you! Don’t think just because I look soft that I won’t be able to tame you. I look sweet but aint shit sweet around here. You want to be a naughty sissy. I will make you a trained sissy, I have whips, chains and BBC’s that will have you wishing you knew better than to disobey me. My advice to you is for you to submit to be willingly because if you don’t I will torture you cock and sissy hole. Once again my name is Brielle and I don’t take orders from anyone..I give orders!!!

Execute the mission

Best sissy trainer




I’m such a bossy sissy trainer. I love giving commands to these sissy whores. Something about them submitting to my every request really feeds my beast. Today, I want to go BBC hunting! I want you to submit to a bunch of big black cocks. I wonder how many we can come across. I want to see your man pussy getting rammed by several cocks at once! I want you to gag and whimper by the way he thrusts your throat! Come here and be my sissy cum slut whore! I want to dress you up in an angelic blue teddy! I want to apply gloss to your lips so you can leave sticky rings around their cocks. Just tell me what you want and I will be sure to feed your ego! All in all, I am very good at bossing you around, so make sure you speak up and say exactly what you want done to you! Can’t wait for you to call me!

Get in post its drill time

BBC sissy trainer

You are such a sissy and you know it. My favorite sissy though, you aren’t into big fat BBC like the usual sissy. You enjoy me stroking you and humiliating you. You follow all of my commands and you never disobey. You address me as your master, you stroke my ego and allow me to perform in my natural habitat. I am an alpha female. You don’t wish to be me. You just wish to get fucked by me. You love when I penetrate your ass with my strap-on and the way you look back at me while I am doing it…really softens me. I enjoy all the time you spend with me. When you plead and beg for mercy but I just continue to use your anus as my pocket pussy. I love dressing you up in sexy lingerie and doing your makeup making you feel super sexy. You are such a naughty man! You enjoy eyelashes and lipsticks just as much as me. Now do that favorite thing of mine where you apply layers of red lipstick to your lips and leave red rings around my nipples. I want you to suck my clitorus and make my clit extend. You know my deepest darkest secret (my clitorus extends up to 5 inches.) You enjoy the fact that it appears I have a penis and a pussy when you stimulate me. I was actually thinking maybe we can try and see if you can ride it with your anus like a harley. Come enjoy your naughty sissy trainer who gets soaking wet when she penetrates you. It’s just something about you submitting!

My perfect naughty sissy pooh

Best sissy trainer

I would love to have fun right now! I want to dress up my sissy, make him feel beautiful..drape him and diamonds and pearls! 👗👛👑💎 He looks so perfect! He loves when I apply Ruby red lipstick onto his lips; he always knows that means it’s gonna be time to suck some dick. (Mm a big black cock) it doesn’t matter who we find as long as it’s massive and big enough to share. I truly enjoy my sissies company. He always follows all of my commands. He makes me feel like the alpha female that I am. When he gets in tonight we are going to have so much fun! I’m gonna dress him up in a sissy maid outfit and control his every move. As soon as he walks in the door the first thing he does is drop down to his knees and kiss my feet. As of right now my toes are painted a cherry red that’s his favorite color. I think we’re both due for a refill. I can’t wait to see what color he chooses next! I want him to get fuchsia pink nails with tons of gems. Oh my god he’s going to look so fabulous. 💁‍♀️ I can’t wait to see what color he chooses for me. We seem to know exactly how to feed each other’s ego! After Our Mani and Pedi I’m going to invite a bunch of big black cocks over so we can show off our new nails. 💅 I want to see his hands wrapped around that big fat cock as the gems on his nails glisten from all the spit he’s going to apply! 💦🍆 all his drool is going to make it easy for that big black cock to insert deep inside his deep asshole. 👯‍♀️🤳