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Sissy slave training: Destruction and Blackmail if you defy!

Sissy slave trainingLet’s get you ready to serve and be the sissy whore you’ve been destined to be for Big black cocks. Get down on your knees and suck my strap-on sissy… Your Sissy slave training is well overdue! Anal destruction for a beautiful sissy slut like yourself is what every ladyboy needs. A rough fuck while being degraded and reminded over and over that your cock does not measure up to any woman’s needs, is all part of stripping you of your manhood.

If you ever dare to disobey, blackmail will come into play. I am sure you don’t want everyone in your small town to find out about your faggot ways… Do you? I didn’t think so, it’s too late now; the slut in your head tends to get the best of you. You’ve already shared so many pictures and videos…

How many thrusts will it take for you to be an obedient slave during Sissy training?

I know that sassy little brat in your head tends to forget whose in charge. No worries I’ve got the perfect size rod to set that faggot ass of yours in place. Here is a friendly reminder, that you are nothing more than a servant… You serve as entertainment! A bit of dirty talk while you get your pussy stuffed with Big black dicks, comes with a fee. Do you want your sissy pussy owned? Do you want to learn how to be me?  I will teach you how to be a real Sissy slave during Online sissy training!

Your secret is only safe with me… – IF –  you do as I say!


Sissy training starts w/ cock inversion, more holes more fun

Sissy trainingSissy training is for beta bitches that are having a hard time accepting their fate. Turning boys into sissies has become quite natural for me! Men with small dicks really should just get their cocks inverted… I mean think about it… There won’t be any more shame when pulling down your panties and you’ll have two holes instead of one. I know it is going to require some convincing, but once you realize how good it feels to be bent over and pleasing someone for once, you will soon come to your senses.

That dick of yours is worthless, you and I both know it! Not only does it get in the way when putting on your Sissy panties but it also has gotten in the way of pleasuring every woman you’ve ever come across. Just accept it your nubby is pathetic! I’ve got the perfect solution…

I know it can be a bit nerve-wracking to get rid of your cock but that’s what an inverted chastity is for. Slow gradual transformation! Online sissy training

Come here boy, it’s time for your transformation. I want you to know exactly what it feels like to walk, talk, and dress like a woman. For starters, I’ve got you a set of DD breast forms! This will give you something to play with when you are lying on your back missionary style taking my strap on. Plus, men have boring bodies…

Don’t you want the natural seduction and benefits that come from being a woman?

I mean duh, that’s a no-brainer! Step into my closet and let me find you something very sexy to wear, after you are completely transformed and you see for yourself how sexy you look, you will never want to wear men’s clothing ever again. Online sissy training is a discreet way for you to step out of the closet you’ve been hiding in.

Sissy training, brainwashing boys into strict Sissygams only

Sissy trainingYour femboy boypussy needs to be fucked and creampied… Be a good slut and make daddy cum! During Sissy training, you are going to show Daddy how good you are at managing to swallow up every inch of his 10-inch cock inside of your fuckholes and he’ll reward you with a cream filling. You are to please men and drink cum, that is your sole purpose! Daddy is going to fuck you so good and hard he is going to turn your asshole into a pussy. First, you will prepare his cock by giving him a sloppy Deepthraot blowjob, then I want you on your back missionary style so you can look at how masculine he is and feel stripped of your masculinity as he digs deep into your bussy.

Online sissy training was only the beginning of your ventures, I am going to turn you into a total cock sucking whore! All of those pegging sessions and punishments, whenever you didn’t perform to my standards, were just my way of grooming you. Did you think you were going to be on your knees swallowing fake cum for the rest of your life? Well, if you did you were fooled! You crave cock, admit it… You’ve already up the size of your dildo to the biggest one you could find at the sex store… Those dildos aren’t enough for you anymore, you need the real deal.

Big black cocks, is what will satiate those cravings!

This was all just sissy slut progression training… Now, it’s time for me to see for myself that all those sessions have paid off. You’ve spent so many days on your knees begging to be creampied and telling me how desperate you feel for the real deal. You have been brainwashed ladyboy, don’t worry once you experience your first Sissygasm while being barebacked you won’t regret it one bit. I will help you complete your transformation even if it takes Forced feminization!

Sissy panties were only the start now he is a fag cocksucker

Sissy panties Lucky sissy has had his eyes on his dealer’s cock for quite some time! Looks like his slutty fantasy of having his dealer’s huge cock melt in his mouth will finally come to fruition. The faggot has been sending his dealer all sorts of slutty pictures of his tight ass tooted up in his sexiest Sissy panties… The dealer can’t wait for Lucky’s big move! That’s right, the slut is headed south so he will be able to binge on girthy, veiny, and long Latino cocks with no regrets. He is always so worried about his reputation that he has to withstand… But, what he doesn’t realize is his sass is undeniable!

I am sure everyone already knows the faggot little cock sucker is a sissy in denial. Well, lucky for him because he will be relocating he plans on having his face plunged by the dealer! They already have a set date and time… We have been practicing his throat skills while Online sissy training. He managed to find a dildo almost identical to his dealer’s cock. We got some tasty lube that tastes just like a real man’s cum.

It’s the burst of flavor that fills your throat when you relieve a man that has you sissies so addicted!

Lucky is so fucking hot he could make a real woman jealous… The way his body fills those teddies and garter sets any woman would die to look as good as him. TBH, he looks so much hotter dressed as a fairy slut than he does dressed as a man. I just need to get the faggot cum slut to embrace his true self!

With some more Sissy training, I am sure that’ll unravel itself naturally! All he needs is a bleached blonde wig and a face full of makeup and nobody would even be able to recognize him. OMG, that’s a great idea, Lucky its time to go shoppppinggg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sissy panties are meant to be used as a black man’s cum-rag!

Sissy pantiesHey Faggots, my dealer’s friend just got out of jail after serving a 15-year sentence in solitary confinement. He wants a nice thick sissy white boy in frilly Sissy panties to bend over and take his big black cock! I know, some of you are still clenching those cheeks together in denial and then there are the handful of you that would love to seize the opportunity to be fed his creamy load… But

Tyrone wants a virgin slut, to own, emasculate, and use as his Cum dumpster.

It’s time you lose that virginity of yours, take it up your ass like a good fem whore! Could you imagine how good it’ll feel to lose your virginity to a hot stud who has been deprived for years? Oh, Daddy is going to make love to that sissy hole and leave you gaping for days on end… The slime that oozes from your asshole days later will only be an indication that you are ready for another round. Lucky for you after Sissy training with me for all of this time you do have some hot tricks up those sheer nude stockings, don’t you?

Settle down now sluts, before being granted the opportunity to serve the best cock known to mankind…

You are going to have to send in a Sexy ass pic and some videos of you performing on one of those toys out of your collection. Get in line slut you aren’t the only one eager to swallow a superior load from his anaconda… If you think you have what it takes to serve this handsome, tall, and masculine black man then submit your portfolio and a detailed cover letter explaining why you are the best slut to assume the position.

BBC sissy trainer Brielle is accepting applications!

Sissy panties must be crotchless while I condition u for BBC

Sissy panties Put your sexiest Sissy panties on and be a very submissive and obedient slut for BBC. Those panties better be crotchless, Daddy wants easy entry! Get on your knees and behave yourself show daddy that you are a naughty little Cock worshiping slut and you are willing to do any and everything for his Biggest cum shot to fill your throat.

Drop your jaw so that daddy can tickle your tonsils with the head of his big black dick.

Gloss your heart-shaped lips with the precum that drools from his massive cock. A good slut swallows every inch! After many sessions of Online sissy training with me you will be more than ready to do just that. His big heavy balls smooshed up against your chin while you gag, slobber, and drool like a good bitch, is what daddy needs. Such a filthy faggot slut you are…

The more he slams his big cock into the back of your throat the wetter your mangina will be.

Don’t you just love the feeling of gagging and feeling you bussy gape at every slurp… Once you’ve got his massive cock extended to its max capacity.. Bend over, reach back, and spread those tight ass cheeks. Feel the head of his massive shaft stretch through the first layer of your ass… Daddy is going to take it nice and slow, feel your body tense up as your eyes roll back. It’ll be worth it slut when you feel daddy’s balls explode.

That warm creamy thick cum that fills your bussy will be spoon-fed to your when he is through.

We wouldn’t want that superior cum load to go to waste, would we? Ahhh, open up bitch its time you be a good cum eating slut and show Daddy you are the Nasty freak he’s been longing for. Sissy training is a requirement, it’ll help you ease your way into the magical world of pure pleasure unlike any that you’ve ever experienced before!

Femboy training will have u brainwashed into crav’n RealCock

Femboy training It’s time for Femboy training, good sissies make real men cum and know to swallow.

Wrap those perfect heart-shaped red lips of yours around the head of this 9-inch cock and twirl your tongue inside of his pisshole. Show Daddy how much of a slutty little anal whore you are. You are such a Dick-loving filthy little cumrag… Behave yourself sissy bitch! Naturally, lubricate his big black dick with your saliva. Show Daddy that that gaping man pussy of yours doesn’t require lube. The more you gag, the more you’ll drool. Down on your knees, look up at Daddy as he strips you of your masculinity.

We want to see those big eyes of yours rolling to the back of your head while you are releasing your most feminized moans. If you do a good job at Cock worshiping that’ll earn yourself a hot steamy load inside of your bussy. Daddy will pull those frilly little sissy panties, off to the side and slowly ease his cock inside of your sissy hole. While Daddy takes care of you from behind I will be right there with my long hot pink strap-on reminding you who’s in charge. You want his cock, yes, but you do this all for me! Sissy panties

Without me, you wouldn’t know how to manage such a meaty cock like daddies, would you? Take it faggot, it’s okay to be a cock hungry fuck slut! I understand your need for big black cocks… Your porn addiction, made you see the world from another angle. You realized that you don’t have the porn cock that women desire. After so many videos you began to realize you were no longer eying the sexy bitch but the big black dick that stretched through her fuck hole.

The sexy moans she let out triggered your curiosity! A finger dipped into your fuckhole, led to a butt plug which then left you questioning your sexuality. You came to me for your reassurance only to soon find out that I would be the reason for your cock obsession… My strap-on was only the start of your ventures but after many rounds of steamy fun, I was able to convince you to fuck a real man and swallow his cum.

Now you attend Online sissy training every week in search of validation, your mind is now completely owned by me. 

Sissy training requires obedience or suffer the consequences

Sissy trainingMeet Pathetic faggot slut, Sissy Quinn Guerin.

We went to the sex store for some new Sissy panties. We picked out a sexy two-piece bikini… I mean the two-piece was hot but just not on his fat ass!  He wore a micro mini skirt with his saggy ass hanging out the backside… I don’t even know how the cashiers managed not to laugh in his pathetic face! I know I couldn’t help it watching him prance his fat ass around the store looking for his new sex toy. Quinn Guerin is no newbie to slavery, I am not the first mistress that owned his useless ass but I will be the last.

This wideload belongs to me!!

I had him bent over taking a nice thick dildo deep inside of his man pussy. If he dared to misbehave during Sissy training he suffered severe consequences! Quinn knows I am not one to be played with, well now he does after having no other choice but to dump hot candle wax all over his measly cock after applying icy hot. What I say fucking goes and the worthless bitch had to learn the hard way! It’s either he does as he is told or I expose him… Just for cumming in my presence he was forced to drink a bottle of piss mixed with his semen.

The pathetic worthless sissy faggot should have known better than to cum on my watch!

I guess the worthless faggot got all worked up after being forced into submission and having his prostate massaged. That is no excuse! Quinn, you are nothing but a pathetic fat fuck with a useless 2-inch cock. The fuckers dick hasn’t grown even half of an inch since his diaper days. No kidding Quinn, you have the smallest cock I have ever seen. You know the only way to compensate for your lack of inches during Online sissy training is by spending every dollar you’ve earned… There is no way out!

Merry Christmas you fat fuck, you better not be a minute late for Slave training.

Sissy panties on during training faggot then follow my lead

Sissy pantiesI degraded my useless ex with a worthy cock before dumping him.

I showed him firsthand what it takes to properly please my cunt and then had him suck my cunt juices off a big dick afterward. I used to bend him over and slam my biggest dildos in and out of his bussy while he wore a pair of Sissy panties! Meanwhile, he was always too afraid to allow me to fuck myself with it, afraid my tight shaved pussy would lose form. I think his sole obsession was the fact that my pussy was and still is tight enough to put his measly dick in a chokehold. Ya, I may have a small pussy and okay so he could reach my inner g spot.. but, that premature dysfunctional issue he has was just not suiting my needs.

I convinced him to have a guy come over to give him a prostate milking but in all actual reality that dick was here for me. I had him do the honors of getting that big black dick rock hard then I pushed him back and said I was going to show him how to fuck as part of Sissy training. I made him watch as I did so many tricks I couldn’t do even if I tried on his measly cock to the big black dick that accompanied us.

He watched as my tiny little hole expanded around a 10-inch BBC and managed to swallow up every inch. His little clit cock was jumping for joy streaming with precum while I got the joy of finally getting my cunt pleased. I couldn’t help it, I dragged my cunt up and off the big black dick and ripped the condom off… I wanted to feel his big dick burst inside of my deprived pussy. I selfishly fucked him for hours while I had my feminized ex follow my lead on all fours getting reeled by a fuck machine. His measly dick managed to squirt without contact!

He is so obsessed he became a client of mine, now he seeks Online sissy training and settles with pictures of my stretched cunt oozing loads of cum.

Sissy maid training, for faggots who are “Maid” to be used!

Sissy maid trainingSissy maid training, for those who are “maid” to be used! You will be plugged and humiliated while in chastity for the entire world to see. From this day forward you serve as a slave for me. On your hands and knees is how you will be spending the rest of your days… In a pair of my used panties so we can get that Bussy of yours smelling as authentic as possible. That clit of yours will soon be inverted the more holes you have the more money you can make for me. You were maid to serve, that is your sole purpose now.

You may address me as Goddess, Brielle!

You love cock that’s what makes you the cock craving sissy that you are… It’s okay you can tell me. You get so turned on seeing those veiny thick cocks dangle over that slutty face of yours. Pull those Sissy panties off to the side and feel the sensation of Daddy’s big dick digging deep into your sissy hole. You don’t have to hide it anymore! You know you want to be a slut for them… It’s time we expand your wardrobe, and find you the slutty look that best suits your perfect body.

You will no longer be addressed as a man, you will learn to sit up straight, cross your legs, and speak in a feminized tone. That cocklet of yours will soon become more worthless than it’s ever been. By the time I am through with you, you will no longer have the urge to jack off anymore. Pegging while in chastity is how I will prepare you for B.N.W.O. You will be forced into submission to clean my cock after anal stretching. Dare break any rules and you will find out why I am such a popular paid Phone dominatrix.