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Sissy phone sex will change your life forever.

Sissy phone sex

There’s nothing I love more than sissy phone sex with dirty little worthless sluts who do and say exactly what I tell them. Making our time together effortless and bonding as we work towards new experiences. I’m sure you’ve been scouring the internet looking for a Mistress to suit your needs and make your tiny little clitty explode! Let me be the one to help you!
I love wrapping pathetic little sluts around my finger and making them worship and crave every moment of my existence. Just shaking in their frilly socks wondering what I’m about to do next. Let me take you on a journey and show you how amazing humiliation phone sex with me can really be. You and I both know you’re a pathetic little slut, now let’s show the whole world.

The Best Sissy Trainer Is What My Little Slut Called Me!

Best sissy trainerIt was one of the proudest days of my life to be called the best sissy trainer. I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was to hear how happy I had made my dear little sissy slut. She came to me so horny she could barely stand it. Just rubbing her little clitty cock constantly, unable to sit still.

All she could do was squirm and wiggle in the chair as we tried to have lunch. Everything made her horny, down to the moment when I asked her to get on her knees as soon as we got to the car.

She obeyed of course. Looking up at me with her big doe eyes.

I could tell she was in shock that this was actually happening. That I was allowing her to be a dirty little slut for me finally. My heart was warm as I saw her smile, reaching down to stroke the side of her cheek.

She let out a soft needy moan as I beckoned her into the passenger seat of the car, telling her to pull her dress up and bare her clit to the world. Slowly wrapping my hand around it I began stroking it as I drove.

Her whimpers and moans make my heart throb from the driver’s seat. I was very anxious to make her make a mess so she’d have to shamefully clean it up. She definitely didn’t know that though.  Her face strained as I could tell she was trying to fight back an orgasam.

Her eyes fluttered as I could see her watching the cars passing us, yet I continued to stroke. She was nervous, and scared, and riddled with emotions.

As her little clit errupted all over my hand and the dash I smirked laughing. That’s exactly what I wanted. Her face reddened with embarrassment as I held my hand up to her face. The look of shock as she realized that I wanted her to lick it clean made me giggle.

Such a good little clean up slut.

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Mistress phone sex: Twirl And Dance Like A Pretty Princess!

Mistress phone sex I just love having mistress phone sex with all of you naughty sissy sluts. It makes my day knowing that I get to have you dress up as I wish and turn you into the prettiest slut ever! Making all of your dreams come true and laughing and humiliating you about the fact you love to be a sissy girl!

Come show me what a good little obediant slut you are, and how good you can be for me. How naughty you can be, if you have any toys… I’d love to cram a nice big dildo deep inside you and make you feel like the sluttiest little skank in the whole wide world. Making you drool and whimper like a dirty little whore.

Come play with me!

Sissy phone sex sluts are more fun when they are fucked up!

Sissy phone sexMy favorite sissy phone sex sluts tend to dabble in the taboo substances that tend to be illegal. But holy crap, does it make, playtime a thousand times more fun! I just love a fucked up little sissy shoving things in his holes and whimpering like a dirty little whore in my ears.

Would you like to experience a super special playtime with me? Where I tease and humiliate you, making you crave more and more. As I wrap you around my perfect little manicured finger. Making you come back for more and more as you whimper and beg to be used like the dirty little slutty whore we both know you are.

Show me what a slut you are, go put your favorite outfit on and let’s see how much trouble we can get into.

Every slut needs a little risky sissy phone sex in their life!

Sissy phone sexI have sat here for a while thinking about this situation and how it applies to sissy phone sex. Have you heard about the man who was getting searched by the police and the vibrator fell out of his pants? It made me giggle cuz all I could think about was doing it to one of you dirty little sluts! Putting you in situations that make you humiliated like the dirty little pathetic slut we both know you are. 

I love sending my favorite sluts out on little tasks where they can possibly get caught, or be put in super duper humiliating situations! Could you imagine how amazing it would be to have super naughty fun just like that? Maybe I’m the risky mistress you’ve been looking for! Do you think you have what it takes to play on my level? I’d love to find out!

Online sissy training is the safest way to be yourself! No judgement here!

Online sissy training

Sissy training is very important for a sissy in distress trying to find her way, that’s what makes online sissy training a great option! You get all of the attention and focus on you without having to totally out yourself if you’re not ready. It takes alot to work up to real life exposure and coming out as a sissy slut to your family, trust me I totally understand.

That’s what we are here for though, to guide and support you on your journey, and to giggle at the cute things you do in your pretty dresses and panties. Even those cable knee socks that some of you pretty little sluts like to wear! I just love all of the sissy sluts in the world and I hope I get to talk to all of you. All you need is someone who really understands you, to listen and support you. Or give you that little push to be your true self in real life.

Either way me and all my friends here at the sissy slut hut are ready to support and play with you!

Poor little humiliation phone sex sissy.

Humiliation phone sex

All pathetic little sissy sluts deserve onery teen humiliation phone sex. Listen to me giggle and tell you what I really think of you while you experiance sissy phone fun with me. Get dressed up in all the pretty outfits, and panties while we take an adventure involving your demise. With big massive black cocks, my strap-on, or the prettiest outfits you can imagine.

I’d love to show you what it’s like to be a naughty sissy slut under my foot. Teased and pelased until you just can’t take it anymore. Sissy sluts like you deserve to be humiliated while experiancing online sissy training.

Let me rule your SISSY PHONE SEX world.

Sissy phone sex

There’s nothing I crave more than ruling the whole sissy phone sex world, making all of the sluts love and worship me as they rightfully should. I mean look at me, I’m perfection, and you want to be just like me. Prefect round tits, and a banging body that makes all the heads turn. Imagine if you were as hot as me, how your life would be totally different. Maybe you wouldn’t be so ashamed of being a sissy. I think sissy lifestyle routines should be implemented into Mistress phone fun.

It’s not really enough to talk about it, you should be about it. Striving to live your best life as the slutty sissy girl you and I both know you crave so much to be. So why don’t you do it, take that jump and come play with me? Let’s see if we together, have what it takes to turn you into the drooling little sissy slut of your dreams.

Online sissy training allows you to reach a whole new level of sissy independence.

Online Sissy TrainingHave you started your adventure into online sissy training? Taking your sissy secrets that you’ve hidden from the world for so long, and making it come to life, and actually getting the chance to tell someone about it. Let me be your new outlet for all of the secrets you’ve been keeping hidden. Come share your deepest darkest secrets that you’ve tucked thoroughly into the folds of your perverted mind.

Taking the world by storm, and listening to my sweet soft voice guiding you through the motions. Having you slowly touch, and edge yourself as  I giggle and tease you about being the little slutty bitch we both know you are. Come take an adventure with me, let me guide you and show you what you’ve been missing. Teaching you more about yourself than you even really know about yourself.

Let’s do it. Come play.

My little sissy phone sex piggy likes to shove random objects in his cunny!

Sissy phone sexOne of my favorite little sissy phone sex piggy sluts loves to come to me and shove the most extravagant things in his girly pussy for me! Everything from eggs, and candy to beer and pickles! I love every minute of it honestly. He sits there oinking and whimpering like a slut as he shoves himself full just waiting for my giggles to echo through the phone into his ear! Could you imagine if you got to experience humiliation so real and in the moment? It would have to be one of the best feelings ever for a dirty little slut!

Even if you just feel comfortable shoving a nice little toy into yourself, I want to listen! It turns me on and gets me so excited to hear sluts being good little whores. Fucking themselves for me while they ride the edge of orgasm! All good sissy slut fag boys should totally edge for the Mistress, it’s one of the things I enjoy most. Hearing the desperation and need in a little sluts voice as they beg to  cum, there’s literally nothing better.

Why don’t you pick up your phone and come let me show you what it feels like to worship a true phone sex Goddess. I’ll give you every little thing you feel like you’ve been missing in one sweet explosion of a phone call. If you catch my drift. Phone sex is one of the best ways to explore your sissy side without the judgement and pressure attached to it. You know we play with sluts like you all day long, and I’m sure you’re nervous but remember, you’re not alone. There are tons of guys out there hiding their true selves and working towards embracing it and allowing themselves to really enjoy life. Take that step. Come play with me and let’s see where it takes us pretty little slut. I can’t wait to talk to you.