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Online Sissy Training Should Be Different for Each Sissy Boy

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training lets men explore the sissy life without leaving the house. I understand that most men can only be sissies in their minds. Wives, families and jobs limit a man’s ability to explore his sissy fantasies. And when you cannot go to a glory hole or get on Grinder or even dress like a pretty girl, I can make it seem like you can.

Although, I love to give sissies to do tasks, I accept that most men cannot do the things I want them too. A good sissy trainer works with her sissies. I know some sissy trainers who will not take on clients who cannot do what they want them to do. But I am not that rigid of a thinker. You need to be flexible if you want to be the best sissy trainer.

I Love Closeted Sissies

I am not a cookie cutter sissy trainer because no two sissy trainers are the same. Some want to suck cock. Yet some only want to serve a mistress. One sissy may want a big black cock and yet another only will serve white cock. Where one sissy begs to be pegged, another one refuses to put anything in his ass. And do not get me started on the variety of clothing options sissies prefer.

So, I do not understand why any sissy trainer would treat her sissies all the same. Not me. I tailor a sissy plan to each sissy. I take into consideration their limits and their situations. And because I love sissies, I work with them. Perhaps, because I am a mother and a nurturer, I have more patience for sissies than the average mistress.

Maybe you are a party sissy. You only go there when high or drunk. Maybe you are a closeted sissy who can only play when the mouse is away. Whatever your situation, I can give you sissy training.

Femboy Training Offered for Closest Sissy Boys

femboy trainingFemboy training begins here boys. I love being a sissy mom. My two youngest sons, twins, turned out to both be queer. And I love them even more for living their authentic lives. My foray into the sissy world began with them. I have long been a dominatrix, but I never feminized anyone until my sons took more of an interest in my clothes than their boy clothes. Feminine clothes rock. Do you agree?

Women’s clothing offers more options. We have bras, panties, dresses, sexy halter tops, baby doll tees, garter belts, sexy high heels, hosiery, nighties, yoga pants and a slew of other options. The options for men appear more basic and less cute and pretty. Not fair, right? Every year, I take my boys back to school shopping. And I buy them all the pretty things you wish you could wear in public. But at least you can wear sissy panties in public with no one knowing.

Ready to be a Sissy Boy, Baby?

Schools appear more eclectic than when I attended school. Girls wore dresses, skirts and pants. Boys wore jeans, shorts, slacks and T-shirts or polos for the most part. No gender free clothing. We lived in a world of straight or gay and if you happened to be gay, you never told anyone. My sons grew up in the queer world of non-binary and trans labels. Since they attend an arts school, they can explore their fashion choices. You might even be jealous of that.

While we shopped for dresses, and gender fluid clothes, I picked up a femboy fan. No doubt he picked up that I was with my two non-binary boys. And I think he may have wished that he married me. I hear that a lot. However, if I marry again, I will marry a black man with a big black cock who can keep me happy in the bedroom. But since I figured him out quickly, I gave him my business card.

I am a full-time sissy mommy, but a part-time sissy boy mistress. He will be over Thursday night for his first sissy consultation. But you do not need to wait that long for your sissy training.

Sissy Girl Training Can Include Your Yearly Gynecological Exam

sissy girl trainingSissy girl training found here. I turned my basement into a sissy dungeon. I only train the most hardcore and dedicated sissies down there. Most of my sissies consider themselves closeted femboys. That means they like to dress up like a pretty girl and suck cock but they do not live their lives openly as a sissy. Most of them just play in my big sissy closet. However, I have sissies so dedicated to being a sissy girl, that they wear tampons and get gynecological exams.

One of the things a sissy will discover in my sissy dungeon is a gynecological table complete with stirrups for her feet. Sissy Lola visited me last night for her yearly checkup. Now, Sissy Lola visits me weekly. However, she only needs an annual exam, like most women, once a year. When she disrobed, I saw the tampon string dangling from her sissy hole. I instructed Sissy Lola to remove the tampon and dispose of it properly. I enjoy being the best sissy trainer for her.

My Gloves are Warmed and My Speculum is Ready

I assisted her on to the table. And put her legs into the stirrups. While she awaited her checkup, I warmed up the speculum for her sissy hole, and got the gloves warmed up too. She sat nervously on the table waiting for me to prep everything for her exam. I slowly inserted the speculum into her backdoor pussy and cranked it up. Sissy Lola’s little clit stick sprung to attention when I did.

Once I had her sissy hole open wide, I put on my Latex gloves, lathered them in KY warming jelly, and inserted my hand. Perhaps I only needed a few fingers, but Sissy Lola’s sissy hole resembles a cavern. That’s because Sissy Lola takes a lot of big black cock in her sissy hole. I massaged her G-spot gently, and her sissy click leaked. I needed to do so to ensure her sissy parts appeared healthy and working properly.

After our annual exam, Sissy Lola needed a chocolate treat, so I dressed her up in a pretty pink dress and escorted her to the glory hole for her reward. Knowing she had a healthy sissy hole made her feel good. Good enough to drain 11 big black cocks in less than two hours.

Are you ready for your online sissy training check up?

Mistress Phone Sex Can Be Outside the Box for Me If I’m in Charge Still

mistress phone sexMistress phone sex means I am in charge. Everyday I get some moron who can only think with his tiny dick. He wants to explore a rape fantasy with me or something else that makes me submissive. However not happening, losers. I am not that woman. Now, I can do some outside the box type of calls that still put me in the driver seat like a mommy son fantasy where mommy wants a daughter and not a son or mommy gives small dick humiliation to her puny son.

Although I am a sissy trainer, I am still just a dominant woman and able to roleplay any scenario that respects that I am a dominant woman. This morning I got to do an out of the box roleplay that went more extreme than I ever go, but since I could still be in control, I was game. A caller wanted to be my perverted son who fucks his sisters. Mommy finds out and punishes him.

I Enjoy All Sorts of Dominant Roles

That setup, I do often. However, the punishment acted as the twist to my typical call. Mommy got to castrate her bad boy. Just like you neuter a horny dog, I neutered my horny son. And I used a castration band called The Elastrator band around his nuts. I told him I planned to turn him into my daughter. Why have 2 daughters and a son when I could have three daughters, right?

That Elastrator worked quickly cutting off the blood and oxygen supply to his worthless nuts. Perhaps, mommy enjoyed this too much. As he laid there strapped to his bed, I waited until his balls turned black before I used the knife and the soldering pen to seal the wound. My perverted son no longer exists. I turned him into a ballless wonder quickly.

However, once I castrated him, the punishment was not finished. The femboy training came next.  I dressed him in panties, and a frilly dress. And followed it up with some humiliation. Now, I have a daughter with a big clit who will cause no harm to anyone. And I love it. So, what kind of outside the box role play do you have for me?

BBC Sissy Trainer Coraline Will Give You Black Dick Even If You Don’t Want It

bbc sissy trainerI’m a BBC sissy trainer. Want to know why? Because I require something I can feel in my pussy. Mature women know that black cock is superior. I have not fucked a white man in quite some time. Although, I do acknowledge that big white cocks exist. However, I find that I encounter them far less. Several sissies under my wing on and off the phone pledge allegiance to the Black New Word Order.

When a sissy wants black cock, I feed her. Even when a sissy does not want a big black cock, I give her one anyway. Not all sissies of course.  But I enjoy forced sissy training, especially when a sissy is unruly. Some sissies need forced into servitude with a big black dick. Derrick possesses a 13-inch big black cock. Although, it looks more like a forearm. And it feels like one too.

BBC for White Sissy Boys

Derrick came over last night. Now, he visited me for a booty call, but I had a sissy over. Derrick never calls. When his dick needs drained, he comes over. I am at his cock’s mercy sometimes. I am not the kind of woman to pass on big black dick.  But my sissy paid for a session, and she became demanding of my time. She got downright rude with me. Well, Derrick did not stand for that.

This sissy decided to be a Ms. Prissy and got a blacked for being a little bitch. Derrick does not need an excuse to fuck a white sissy hole. I enjoy watching him fuck my sissies too. However, my sissy did not enjoy it much. But guess what? I do not care what a sissy wants. I mean I do like to deliver a good sissy experience. But I am a phone dominatrix and a sissy trainer. You cannot get unruly with me and expect to walk right the next day. You will get a black dick or my strapon.

Femboy Training Can Be Forced with a Sexy Sissy Mom Like Me

femboy trainingSome men require femboy training whether they believe it or not. I took my daughter to see the Barbie movie over the weekend. My sissy boys wanted to go too. So, I dressed us all up in cute pink outfits and we saw the movie. Although it was a great movie, a few solo men in the theater distracted me. I assumed they were gay or want to be Barbies.

One man was not paying attention to the movie at all. He had his eyes on the cute young girls in the theater, including my sissy boys. However, I suspected he had no clue that my sissy boys were not born girls. I let him think they were girls and invited him back to my place for a Barbie party after the show. Perhaps he was interested in my barely legal daughter, but I doubted it.

I do not normally persecute P men. Although I understand the inclination for young pussy or cock, he ogled my sons. I excused myself to the restroom. But I came back wearing a strap-on like the phone dominatrix that I am. I arrived too late. My pervert’s cock appeared buried in one of my son’s asses. If my son had not been yelling, “Fuck me harder daddy,” I might have pushed him off my boy.

I Hate a Closeted Faggot

Even though I was certain he did not realize he was fucking a sissy boy and not a young Lolita, I let my boys have their fun. They need dick as much as you do. However, things turned nasty once this guy realized he just fucked a femboy and not a jailbait girl. But mommy to the rescue. No one slaps my son and gets away with it.

I pegged that pervert’s ass while my daughter filmed it. He screamed and he fought, but I showed him no mercy. Unlike him, I could not shoot a load of cum, but I could make his asshole too sore to sit for days. After about an hour of dry fucking his ass, I did not think he could handle more, so I stopped. This sexy mommy broke him into submission.

He waddled out of my house like a man who rode a horse too long. I knew his asshole had to hurt. But we came to an understanding. He will not troll for young pussy anymore. But he might troll for some younger cock if it can fuck his ass like I did. A little hardcore ass fucking and phone domination, and this pervert is now trolling for cock.

Sissy Phone Sex Because What I Want Happens

sissy phone sexSissy phone sex keeps me busy. I think you might be surprised how much I make doing this. I’ll never be an anything goes kind of woman. However, men call me daily for this, that and the other thing that I do not specialize in. I can be a mommy.  A sissy mom describes me well since I am the mother of two sissy boys. Being a dominatrix is within my wheelhouse too. But being your bitch is not. Never will be either.

When Jeff called me, I could tell he was fucked up. It did not concern me though because most of my sissy callers are drunk or high. Think about it. Talking to a stranger about your love for panties or desire to suck cock often requires some liquid courage. However, this caller did not want sissy training. He harbors rape fantasies for mommy. Wrong girl, asshole.

I’m in Charge Losers, Not You

Although I gave him several outs, he did not run far away from me. Seriously, I did not want to do his call because the only rape fantasy that I would explored would be the one that I had for his ass.  I think he hoped I would give in or suddenly be the anything goes sort of woman he wanted. I pegged his ass. And I pegged his ass so hard, that I gaped his asshole just with a phone call.

Okay, maybe not really, but he did not dominate me. Nor did he explore his rape fantasy. What he did get was my fist up his tight asshole. With no lube either. Losers do not deserve my mercy or pity. If you call a sissy trainer, especially one like me, do not expect to call the shots. I could care less that you are paying for a service.  And the, “I pay for your life,” bullshit will not sit well with a phone sex dominatrix either. If you call me, you best be a cock sucking sissy because if you are not, by the end of our call, you will be.

Online Sissy Training Turns Married Men Into Cock Sucking Sissies

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training is the next best thing to hiring a mistress. For many guys, doing anything sissy related in real time cannot happen because of a wife at home who has no clue her hubby thinks about cock. I train a variety of sissies. However, most are married men and unable to do anything outside the home. Sometimes though, wives go on vacation. And when wives are a way, sissies can suck cock.

I went to the glory hole with one of my sissies over the weekend. However, I believed him when he said he was going to the glory hole. I know when I am listening to a porn movie versus the real thing. Although I play dumb, I always know. I trained this sissy for a year with dildos and garden veggies. He considers himself a cocksucker thanks to sissy training with me. However, can a sissy really be a cock sucker if he has never swallowed a load of cum?

Not in my book. A cock sucking sissy needs the real thing. So, sissy Tammy finally made it happened. I spoke with my sissy while she drove to the glory hole about 45 minutes from her town. She found a Lion’s Den along the highway geared towards truckers. I have been in one before. Biggest sex complex I’ve ever seen. They have glory holes, a sex store, peek-a-boo shows and a little porn theater too. Largest collection of DVDs I had ever seen. And do not get me started on all the sexy toys you can get there.

I Love It When A Sissy Gets Cock for Real

Of course, I helped Sissy Tammy find the place. Sometimes, a sissy trainer needs to locate cock for her sissy if she is ever going to get her sissy off the couch. I could tell Tammy was in a car. A car gives a certain sound. I talk to many callers a day in their car because it is the only time that they can be alone. I heard her enter a store and heard the background people as she took me on her adventure.

Once Tammy was in a glory hole room, we talked proper etiquette and stuff. She knocked on the wall and a big cock popped through. Although she has sucked many dildos, this was her first real cock. And I was there listening to her be her best sissy self.  She slobbered on a few cocks, and she sounded like she did a wonderful job. She even had her sissy panties on. Last year, she purchased a few of my pretty panties. Although I had to send them to a PO Box, she wears them as often as she can.  I felt proud of Tammy sucking her first cock.

If your wife every takes a girls vacation, or goes to visit family, we should seize the moment to make you the perfect sissy too. Even though you have a wife and a family, does mean you cannot be a cock sucking, panty wearing sissy.

Sissy Panties is What So Many Men Belong In, But Not all are Willing.

sissy pantiesEvery day, I meet a man who belongs in sissy panties. I can size up sissies quickly. Even the ones who do not know they are sissies yet. When Rory called me, he had no idea what kind of site he was on. At least, so he claimed. He saw a sexy milf and thought he could fuck me. Occasionally, I give men a pass for not understanding they are on a specialty site. Horny men rarely think with their big head.

The problem I had with Rory was his attitude. I told him nicely that I do not do the traditional fuck calls because I am not a traditional woman. I am a sissy trainer and a phone dominatrix. Every time, I reminded him that he was not on an anything goes site, he would sarcastically reply, “So what, I paid.” Money does not entitle you to get what you want. Not with me it doesn’t.

I told him we had a problem. Assured him that I would refund his money and hung up on him. However, the prick kept calling back. Now, I was just annoyed. I am not the kind of woman who stays nice indefinitely. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly but expecting a different outcome. Perhaps, we had both gone a little insane because we were having the same conversation repeatedly.

Make No Mistake, I’m in Charge

I tried a different approach. Instead of talking to him, I put on my strapon and fucked his ass. Actions speak louder than words anyway, right? He could not believe I did that. But guess what? He stopped fighting me. Perhaps it was what he wanted all along. I have a theory about men like Rory. They play the alpha card with an alpha woman because they are too scared to admit what they want.

I struggle to believe any of you are that stupid. Even though I gave him several outs, he kept calling back. He wanted me to force him into submission so he would feel less queer about getting something in his ass. I gave him what he was afraid to ask for. He got forced femboy training. I will give it to you too if you act like a fool also.  I have no problem doing what you are afraid to do.

Mistress Phone Sex Requires a Sexy Dominatrix Like Me

mistress phone sexMistress Phone Sex requires a sexy dominatrix like me. Men call me for all sorts of reasons even mommy sex, but I am always in the driver’s seat. You could call me a sissy mom. I mean I do have two sissy sons. Motherhood turned me into a great sissy mom. My angels are teenagers now and live as femboys. My daughter is all grown up too. So, I love to play mommy on the phone. I do not have empty nest syndrome yet, but I get closer every day.

When a caller or even a neighborhood boy needs a sissy mom, I am there for them. Tyler is a femboy friend of my teen sons. His mother and father do not appear as enlightened as me. Tyler cannot dress in girl clothes. He cannot take any hormone blockers either. His parents remind me of my ex-husband. He wanted our sweet boys to just man up. But that was not their true nature. I became their sissy training mommy.

This Sexy Dominatrix Can Make You a Sissy Doll

Now, I get to turn Tyler into Taylor. Even though she cannot be her at home, at my place she can bloom. For a couple hours a day, Tyler comes over to my place so he can transform into Taylor. My daughter does Taylor’s hair and make-up. I oversee wardrobe. When Taylor turns 18, she can be who she wants to be. Fuck her parents. I mean wives and parents kill all the fun, don’t they? Can you relate?

Yesterday, Taylor got some cock. I did not start her off with big black cock. A sissy trainer needs to start slow and build a sissy’s skills. I think a cock sucking faggot was born. Taylor turned into a greedy cock sucking slut with her first man dick. Although I fuck this guy, he never minds a young femboy sucking his cock. Part of femboy training includes cock sucking training. And most men don’t oppose a young femboy blowing their cocks.

Taylor can be herself with me. My house is a refuge from the trans back lash. I can provide a refuge for you too. Maybe you are like Taylor and cannot explore your fem side openly. At least we can pretend together.