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Sissy Phone Chat and Forced Intoxication

sissy phone chatSissy phone chat is always available with me. I do not care if you are a seasoned sissy or an exploring sissy.  I love real and pretend sissies the same. I am always under the assumption that many men who reach out to me on my phone line are sissies in the moment. Many get high or drunk and their submissive bi side flies. Nothing wrong with that. Once the sissy cums or the drugs wear off, those panties come off.  That is okay too. Honestly, I think this past year with all the isolation and stress, drugs and alcohol use are on the rise. And if that brings out your sissy side, great. I had a long partying sissy last night. She needed some online sissy training. I gave him that mixed with some forced intoxication play. I love telling a sissy to take a drink or do a bump because sissies high or drunk are so much fun. I made this sissy sing little ditties Like “I’m a Sissy Girl” to the tune of “I’m a Barbie Girl.” I made her dress in all her pretty outfits and take pictures for Grinder and to send to me. I love looking at sissy transformations. My high sissy went on her patio and sang I’m a sissy girl at the top of her lungs. She lives in NYC so who knows who heard her besides me. It was a proud sissy trainer moment. She was fucked up, but do not think I will not exploit that. I love pay piggies. I will get your high or drunk and have you buying me stuff and toys and outfits for you. A good sissy trainer has fun with her sissies and helps them be the best sissies they can be on or off the phone. And a good phone dominatrix knows how to make it profitable for herself too.

Cocksucking Sissy Phone Sex Training

sissy phone sexI love being a sissy phone sex mommy. It has been a super busy week for sissies too. New year, I guess, is making sissies want to get more cock. I cannot blame you. Glory holes are opening back up. Men are back on Grinder and wanting a sissy bitch to suck their cocks again. You just need some sissy cock sucking training. I want to help you with that. I turned my twin sissy boys into cock sucking faggots and I can do the same for you. I am a big dick sucker, so I know how to help sissy boys swallow big dicks too. A few things you want to have on hand are olive oil, popsicles and a big dildo. Olive oil helps coat your throat to make it easier for big dicks to slide on down. You do not swallow the olive oil. You swish it around in your throat and spit it out. Popsicles can be used beforehand to numb your throat or afterwards because if you are new to sucking big dick, you will be sore. Now the big dildo is for practice. You want to practice your cock swallowing skills. You want to know how far you can go before you hit your gag reflex. Guys with big dicks may force you down on their throbbing shafts. You do not want to puke on their dicks. My sissy boys can swallow up to 9-inches of thick cock without gagging or puking, but a couple years ago they gagged on an inch of cock meat in their young mouths. Thanks to mommy’s cock sucking sissy training, my sissy boys can deep throat big dicks just like their mommy. If I can make two young boys cock sucking faggots, just imagine what I can do for you.

More Sissy Training for 2021

I think most of you need more sissy training in 2021. This has been a productive year for this sissy trainer. I have had more sissies on the phone and in my personal sissy trainer capacity too than previous years combined. Working from home, layoffs and furloughs gave men more time to explore their sissy desires. And I was here to help them along the way. I have a new sissy I am enjoying very much. She has been out of the game for some time now, but one call with me and she was buying panties and a dildo for her sissy hole. I love being a sissy mom because my instinct is to be nurturing. I want to help a sissy grow and explore her desires, especially for cock. I know for many of my sissies getting real cock can be harder during a pandemic. Adult bookstores are closed. Glory holes are policed. Fear of catching the Corona virus keeps you home. There are ways around some things if you want to be a cock sucking faggot. Get on Grinder. It is Tinder for faggots. You would be surprised how many men would love a cock sucking faggot in a pandemic. Straight men too. The entire gambit of the LBGQT community is on Grinder, so if you need to work on your cock sucking skills and are tired of nursing that dildo, go searching for cock. You can meet at your place, his place, even a no-tell motel. The important thing is for you to get some cock. I know not all sissies want to be cocksuckers. Some just want to wear sissy panties and practice with dildos while talking to their mistress. The real sissies want cock though. Some of you just pretend to be sissies on the phone because it is something different and taboo, but I can usually see through the façade. If you want to be a true cock sucking sissy, then you need a real sissy trainer. Make 2021 the year you become the best sissy you can be, with my help of course.

The Best Sissy Trainer for Christmas

best sissy trainerGive your self the best sissy trainer for Christmas. I am not saying it is me. All the sissy trainers on this site are a cut above the rest. We all have different specialties, approaches and experiences with sissies. I tend to be a sweet and nurturing sissy trainer because my experience with sissies comes from my twin boys. That does not mean I cannot be a badass because before I became a sissy trainer, I was a professional dominatrix. I have years of experience with cock and ball torture, edge play, pegging and sounding. Sometimes, I must be a phone dominatrix to my sissies because they are disobedient and in need of punishment. Take Chrissy for example. She disobeyed direct orders not to masturbate. She took her clitty cage off without permission and jacked off all day. She confessed but with no remorse. She got sassy trying to tell me I am not a real sissy trainer because I cannot really do anything on the phone. Now, sissy trainer and a sissy must agree on how the relationship will go and what is expected from both parties. I told Chrissy if she did not provide photos with a time stamp on them to show me she was adhering to my punishment, I would get her blackballed from doing sissy phone sex. I also told her I would expose her on the Internet. That is right sissies, I will blackmail you when you leave me no choice. I prefer to be a sweet sissy trainer, but I will react as a bad ass bitch when a sissy is unruly. I made Chrissy hurt her clitty and her balls for me. She had to slap her clitty and her balls, even slam them in a book. Thirty minutes of abusing her clitty and balls, and I made her record a video, so I knew she was doing it. She is singing a better tune now as my sissy. Understand that I want to be a nice sissy trainer, but I will be a bad ass dominatrix if your actions warrant it.

BBC Sissy Trainer Teachs Young Femboys How to Suck BBC

bbc sissy trainerAs a bbc sissy trainer, I know lots of black men. My twin sissy boys have developed a chocolate addiction under my care. They see their mommy and sister enjoying those big black cocks often. They even become official sissies sucking the cocks of some of my black cock lovers. I wanted to do something special for them for Christmas. They have been doing well with their virtual learning. I know they miss interacting with their friends. They miss dressing for school. They go to an alternative more inclusive school for the arts, so they can wear dresses if they want. They can be their femboy selves. Young ones with outside the norm sexual identities thrive in excepting social circles. I decided to through them a special Christmas party. I invited a few of their school friends who are femboys too. I also invited some of my most hung black cock lovers over too. Black men do not care about sexual identity. Boy, man, femboy, sissy, woman, girl…if there is a hole, a black man will fuck it. The party was Saturday night, and it was a huge success. After a few hours of games, I brought in the entertainment. All the little sissies giggled with glee. My sissy girls were so excited to see some dark chocolate. Their sissy school friends were too. My daughter demonstrated cock sucking 101 on a big black dick. All the pretty little fairies lined up to practice their cock sucking skills with big black cocks. Have you ever received femboy training for sucking black cock? If I can train schoolboy sissies, I can train you. If you are going to learn to suck cock, learn to suck on the best cocks around is my philosophy. I had to help some of the less experienced sissies, but between my seasoned sons, my daughter and myself, we drained the entertainment several times. It is your turn to learn now.

This BBC Sissy Trainer Gives the Gift of Big Black Dick

bbc sissy trainerI asked my sissy boys what they wanted for Christmas. As a BBC sissy trainer, I was not surprised when they said a black gang bang. I was the one who introduced them to the joys of big black cock. We have shared a couple big black cocks before, but never a posse of them at once. Black men do not really care who is taking care of their cock. Male or female, girl or boy, as long as that knob gets polished. I told them Santa was coming early this year. My teen daughter wanted in on the BBC action too. I made a few texts and a couple hours later, four black men showed up to fuck two sissy bitches, a hot milf and a teen slut. The fact that there was a mother and daughter duo involved made it hotter for them.  And it did not hurt that there were two he shes around with excellent cock sucking skills either. I had my sissy girls fluff the cocks for my daughter and me. The men lined up from biggest to smallest cock making it easier to blow bang my sissy slaves. The smallest cock was 10 inches and thick. The biggest one was 14 inches. That is a lot of black dick for two little sissies, but their mommy is the best sissy trainer around, so they managed to swallow those dicks balls deep. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. As my sissy girls slurped on dark meat, my daughter and I finger banged each other until we came. My black posse did not know who to fuck first. There were a lot of options. I signaled by sissy girls to get on all fours. They had dibs as this was part of their Christmas present. Facing each other, my daughter and I watched in awe as such tiny things got impaled with anaconda meat. The men came quickly in such tight backdoor pussies. As my sissy girls cleaned those dicks with their precious mouths, our guests got hard again. I told my sissy slaves it was time for mommy and big sister to get their Christmas chocolate.

I am Your Phone Dominatrix

phone dominatrix

I love being a phone dominatrix. I am in charge of your cock when you call me. I own your cock. I tell you when you can touch it if you can touch it and how you can touch it. I have a new caller who has given over control of his cock to me. He was well trained already when he found me. We play edging games like Red Light Green Light, and I make him smack his dick and his balls. I count out how many whacks or how many ball squeezes he has to give me. It is so much fun. When you call a sissy trainer, please understand we are dominant women. We are also size queens. Not saying I do not do fuck calls, but if you are a sissy or cuckold or just have a small or average dick, then the best you can hope for is worshiping my cum filled cunt and cleaning my dirty ass. This is a specialty site. I am a sissy trainer and a bitch in charge. For every caller I get who wants me to own his sissy clit, I get some delusional tool who thinks he can fuck me. I did not take this job to cum. I have a posse of hung lovers and a drawer full of sex toys for that. Not saying I do not play with myself on calls, because sometimes I do. Sometimes I get aroused from phone domination. Making fun of little dicks, abusing those little dicks and feminizing men arouses me. But I am here to be your mistress. I am not here to be your bitch or your girlfriend. You are a pathetic loser who needs cock control and feminization. And guess what? I am here to deliver it to you.

Thanksgiving Sissy Training

sissy trainingI am thankful for sissy training. I bet you are too. This Thanksgiving is different. Normally, my ex-husband and I would have a blended Thanksgiving dinner. We get along well. He remarried and has a daughter with his second wife. He is getting better about accepting that his boys are sissies. With the virus, we decided we would get together another time when it was safer. That leaves me, my daughter and my two sissy boys. I am not much of a cook. I am not much of domesticated goddess. What I am good at, however, is training sissies. I am the best sissy trainer you will find online. My sissy boys will tell you I am the best sissy mom too. The only stuffing anyone got last night was my two sissy boys. I had a special thanksgiving treat for them. Jerome came over. He is a black stud in my posse and one of the few studs I fuck who has no problem fucking my young sissies. They love cock. I have feminized them, so they are super pretty. At their age and with my help, they look more like girls than boys anyway, especially bent over. They were thrilled to see Jerome at the door. They call him black daddy. It is so cute. As soon as our house guest sat on the couch, my sissy girls sat on either side of him. They begged their black daddy for a salty treat. He unzipped his pants and out came an 11-inch tree trunk thick black cock. My girls were kissing and worshiping his monster cock. They giggled as it came to life in their hands and mouth. I was watching proudly as my femboys worshiped a big black cock. Jerome stuffed them better than I would stuff any turkey. It really got our holiday off to great start.

Welcome to Online Sissy Training

online sissy trainingWhen you specialize in online sissy training, you get to talk to folks from all over the world and all walks of life. I have a new sissy in my ever growing posses of sissies, cucks and faggots. This sissy is unique in many ways. First, she is from West Virginia. Not a state any of us get many calls from. A sissy thrives in a metropolitan area. At least out sissies do. Why? If you are under my tutelage as a sissy, there are things you need to do. Steps to becoming a sissy. For example, one of my favorite tasks is to send a sissy to Victoria Secret’s to try on bra and panty sets. I demand my sissies be honest that the purchase is for them. In smaller rural areas, this is not as easy because lots of folks know each other and the sales ladies do not get men buying lingerie for themselves often. A guy will stand out. Another task I am fond of is sending sissies to glory holes to learn some cock sucking skills. Small towns either do not have a glory hole or a fruit loop, or it is just too risky to go to one. As a sissy trainer, I care about my sissies. I do not want any of them harmed for being who they are. This new sissy was different also in that she has a military background and is masculine on the outside. A lot of sissies, most sissies, have small dicks and not much testosterone. My newest sissy has a 7-inch dick and is in shape too. No worries though. I will stick a big dick or a sissy clit in sissy panties all the same. This sissy also has some self-discipline. She has long been caged to prevent her from jacking off too much. My guess is her military background has helped her be disciplined. I love my job. I love training sissies from the ones with no clue yet that they are sissies to the ones already dedicated to being the best sissy they can be. Sissy school is open no matter where you fall on the spectrum.

sissy panties

I Do Sissy Phone Sex

sissy phone sexI love small cock humiliation mixed with sissy phone sex. Sometimes, sissies need a good dose of humiliation. I know not all sissies have small dicks but let us be real for a second. Most do. This morning Drew called me with his little shrimp dick wanting to fuck mommy. Look at me? I am a sexy mommy. Do I look like I would be okay with a 2-inch dick? Nope. No. Nadda. Never gonna happen. I am a strong sexy and confident woman. I do not settle for small cock. And guess what? Neither does mommy. I think shrimp dick losers think that mommy will love them no matter what. That is true. But love and fucking are two different things. I love my sons, but they have sissy clits. I do not fuck my boys. I raise them as sissies. Feminize them too. They are part of me, so I feel responsible. I will not let them subject sexy girls to their clit sticks either. Drew whined like a little baby. He thought because he was paying me, I had to suck his little dick. I laughed so hard. It does not work like that, losers. You are on a sissy phone chat site. Do not try to fuck me. I am being paid to train sissies. Call it an annoyance tax if you want, but if I do a fuck call, you better have a 10-inch dick and sound like a man. Drew sounded like a sissy or some cock sucking faggot. This is the Sissy Slut Hut. If you do not know what a sissy is, Google and go elsewhere. I am not on a general phone sex site for a reason. I do not want to give blow jobs and take cock in the ass on the phone. I have studs in my life for that. What I do want to do, however, is laugh, deny, humiliate, shame and peg losers like you and Drew. It is self-love for me. So if you dial my number, I am going to assume you are a sissy, a tiny dick loser, a cuckold or a cock sucking fag.