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Online Sissy Training Available

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training has quadrupled in popularity during the quarantine months. Even though things are opening back up in most states, guys are still leery about going to professional mistresses. An online mistress is cheaper and safer. More discreet too because you can talk to us at your convenience. My busiest times are late at night and early mornings when the rest of your house is sleeping. I like my night sissies who can sneak into their wife or daughter’s panty drawers undetected.  If you are a sissy who is married and need to keep your lifestyle a secret, an online sissy trainer can work with what you have. You can steal panties out of the hamper or your wife’s drawer. You can borrow some make-up and some clothes. Maybe some jewelry and shoes too depending on your level of desire for the feminine look. Household items and food can become sex toys. Most sissies aspire to being cock sucking faggots and back door sissies. A cucumber or zucchini, even a water or beer bottle make excellent makeshift cocks. Many wives have a hidden toy in the house I can help you find too. I have helped men shave their bodies with online training. I have helped them find places near them where they can get some discreet faggot action. I have feminized them head to toe too. Just because you cannot safely go visit a sissy trainer, does not mean you cannot get sissy training. Phone sex sissy trainers and mistresses are here to make you the best sissy you can be.

I am the Liam Neeson of Sissy Trainers

sissy panties

You are so pathetic. You belong in sissy panties. You know you do too. Your pathetic nub is so small it gets lost in boxer shorts. No girl will fuck you. When was the last time you had sex? I bet it has been ions. Even in a pandemic when women are horny and need fucked, they will not fuck you. You are a tiny dick loser. If I am your trainer, you will be a sissy and cock sucking faggot too. You see, I do not have money. What I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career of training sissies. Skills that make me a nightmare for losers like you. I am the Liam Neeson of sissy trainers. I have been putting tiny dick losers in panties for decades. I have also been feeding them cock. Sometimes, I am force feeding them cock. Other times, they are begging for it. Some of you are the biggest losers and need the best sissy trainer around. Only a few trainers can compare to me in experience. I am in my 40s and training sissies is something I have been enjoying for half my life. Now, that is some dedication. I am dedicated to training you to be a sissy. Are you dedicated to being one?

Phone Dominatrix Coraline

phone dominatrixI am a phone dominatrix and a sissy trainer. I turn men into girls, sissy girls. I have a knack for sizing up folks. I can take one look at a man and know he belongs in panties. Not all men are created equally. I know when a man is a sissy but trying to pose as a man. I get it. The world is cruel, especially now. Any man who is not a hunky heterosexual white man is demonized. I can be discreet. I have bankers, lawyers and doctors with dirty little sissy secrets. I also have very rich and powerful men who enjoy sucking big black dicks on the down low. I disguise them as pretty sissies when I take them to glory holes. For the ones who are too afraid to do anything outside the comfort of my home, I bring the big black cocks to them. I do expose sissies, but I do not expose my paying clients unless they want me to expose them. The best sissy trainer understands being discreet. I learned that when I was a BDSM dominatrix. I had politicians who loved to be flogged and pegged. I know famous people who like to wear panties or suck cock. I never want you to worry about your little sissy secrets. I will protect you like I do all my sissy clients unless you want me to expose you or you disobey me. I do not like disobedient sissies. Most of my sissies want to do as I tell them because they want to be sissies. The very few who are lazy, sassy or just ignore my instructions, find out what a bad ass bitch I can be. I have exposed unruly sissies. I have blackmailed them too. And I have definitely punished them. If you call me for sissy training, we will get along fine as long as you abide by my instructions and rules.

The Best Sissy Trainer is Online

best sissy trainerDo you need the best sissy trainer? I think we are all good sissy trainers on this site. We just have different specialties and approaches. I am a nurturing trainer. That is because I am a mother with twin sissies whom I love very much. I enjoy helping them on their sissy journey. Just like I enjoy helping you on your journey too. I do not care if you are a recreational sissy or a lifestyle sissy, I want to accompany you on your journey. I have helped my sons go from panty wearing sissies to cock sucking faggots. They are still young teen boys, but they embrace their sissy nature. No closets for them expect for storing their pretty dresses and things. They have long hair. They wear make-up. They dress feminine. And they take cock in their sissy holes. I was teaching them to suck cock when they were still playing with dolls. I always had a lover who wanted nothing more than to let them learn how to suck cock using his dick. I realize not every boy has a mom like me and not every man has a sissy trainer in his world. That is the beauty of online sissy training. We never have to meet. I can help you on your sissy journey regardless if we meet. You just must put in the work. Are you ready to begin your sissy journey?

Sissy Phone Sex Birthday Celebration with BBC

sissy phone sexIt was a sissy phone sex celebration this weekend. My sissy boys had a very special birthday. I wanted to celebrate in a way they would appreciate. Friday, it was a pampering day. I took them first to get their hair done. They have grown their hair over the years, and it is longer than mine now. They wanted some pink hair, so I splurged. They have pink hair with some curl. Our hairdresser put some layers in their hair to give it some bounce. That was followed by getting their nails and toes done. They love glitter polish. Saturday in the afternoon, we went shopping. They each got some pretty new clothes. I even took them to Victoria Secret to get some undergarments too. It really is the bra and panties that make the sissy. There was a reason I wanted to pamper them. At their party Saturday night, I invited a few black lovers to join the festivities. I am a great BBC sissy trainer because my sissy sons share their mommy’s love for big black cock. My black studs love fucking my sissy boys. I bet you would too. I played with my pussy as their little backdoor pussies got thick and long black dong. I had enough black lovers in attendance that my sissy boys could take black cock at both ends. It was a proud sissy mom moment.  My sissies loved their special birthday weekend. They got pampered and they got fucked. I was so impressed with them. I have been training them for years to be black cock sissies. I can train you too. One of the nice things about black men is that they will fuck any tight hole. They do not care if it is a sissy ass or a milf pussy. If I can make my sissy sons black cock  sissy fags, I can you too.

A Little Bit About the Best Sissy Trainer

best sissy trainerAre you looking for the best sissy trainer? You are in the right place. Not just with me either. All the sissy trainers at this company rock. Let me tell you a little bit about who I am as sissy trainer. I am a mature woman and a cock size queen. I have been a size queen since I was in high school. I date a lot of black men and that ruins you for white dicks. I married a white man, however. That was a mistake. I divorced a white man too. He did give me a hot teen slut daughter and two sissy boys. I raised them to be sissies because it was their destiny. They were cursed with small willies. They are what you would call gender fluid. They identify as both sexes. While I was raising them, I supplemented my support from my ex-husband with sissy training adult men. I did some BDSM work too. Now I am a phone trainer and take all my knowledge and experience to help you become the best sissy you were made to be. I am a nurturing mommy. That does not mean I will not punish you, because I am big on discipline. I just prefer to encourage your growth as a sissy and use humiliation when called for. Sissy calls are not all I do either. When you are a sissy trainer, cuckold husbands and adult babies call you too. I am a dominant woman, so I can handle all variations of a sissy. I am a fair sissy trainer, but not easy. I require dedication and you will do assignments like suck cock at glory holes for me. When you disappoint me, you see my bad ass bitch side. So, do you think I am the sissy trainer for you?

Anal Sissy Training with a Pogo Stick

sissy trainingAnal sissy training is so much fun. I have had a few unruly sissies who have protested my methods of anal training. You cannot be a good sissy if you cannot take a cock in your ass. I trained my own asshole to take big black cocks. A good sissy wants cock up her back door pussy. I had this one sissy about 5 years ago who wanted me to train her ass with unusual objects and large objects too. I was struggling to find things to fit in her asshole. This sissy had a cavern for a back door pussy. Her asshole was so big that a foot long black cock would feel small. I was not going to be defeated. I was going to find something to stuff that sissy ass. I have this belief that sissy training asses is key to being a good sissy. It is a sissy’s tightest hole. Well, not for this one sissy. One day, I saw my daughter in the backyard on her pogo stick and a light bulb went off. It was pink too. I thought okay it is a weird thing to put up even a sissy’s ass, but it was big enough to maybe stuff that sissy’s huge back door pussy. The next time my sissy was over for some anal training, I was ready. Readier than I had ever been. She fell in love with the pink pogo stick. When my sissy first saw it, she misunderstood its use. It was not to bounce around entertaining me. That pretty pink pogo stick was for anal sissy training. It was the first time I ever saw her eyes that huge. She could not believe I was going to try to put that up her back door hole. Plenty of lube and some deep breaths, anything will fit in any hole. I gave her a few shots of whisky. My sissy took it like a champ. I could not get it all up her ass, but she took far more than I thought she would. I finally found something to fit the gaping asshole of that sissy. I was so proud of myself. Trust me, I am a great sissy trainer. I will find something to gape your asshole too.

sissy training

Online Sissy Training for Sissies, Cucks and Small Dick Losers

online sissy training Online sissy training begins here. I want to make it clear that training sissies is not all I do. Yes, I love being a sissy trainer and I have decades of experience, but I love small dick humiliation and cuckolding too. Sometimes, you get a guy who enjoys all of it. The trifecta of humiliation. You can be a sissy, a cuckold and a tiny dick loser at the same time. And yes, I can prepare you for it all. Todd, who I now call Tina, has been coming to see me for almost a two years now. I met her because she is married to my bestie. My girlfriend confided in me about her husband’s lack of equipment and his refusal to eat pussy. I had to have a talk with them both. It was not an easy resolution. It took over a year to transform Todd into Tina, but now my BFF has a sissy maid and a cuckold, and I have a small dick loser I can laugh at and tout as a success story. If you are wondering how the trifecta of sissy training, cuckolding and small dick humiliation work together it is simple. Sissies and cuckolds both suck cock. Mostly, they both have small dicks too which is why their partners do not want to fuck them. Just add some pretty clothes and a cheating partner and you have a sissy cuck. Tina is everything I could want in a sissy. She cleans house. She cleans dirty cunts. She fluffs cock. She procures cock and wears frilly things. My bestie and I share custody. For my BFF, Tina is a cock sucking cuckold. For me, Tina is a sissy maid. Both of us use a lot of small dick humiliation and chastity training with her. Do not feel like you are more than just a sissy? Do not worry. The best sissy trainer will make you a sissy cuck.

Online Sissy Training and Partying with Margo

online sissy trainingI have a favorite sissy who calls me for online sissy training. Her name is Margo and she is fabulous. Like many sissies, she leads a double life. She has a day job and her staff see her one way. At night, when everyone is asleep and she can sneak away, she transforms into Margo. She is a partier. I find that it is much easier to become the best sissy you can be when you are altered. Drugs and booze free the mind. And when you free the mind, the rest will follow as the song goes. Margo calls me when she can sneak away, and we work on her sissy skills. She is a very obedient sissy who loves to please her sissy mom. She likes to smoke cigarettes too. I find that sexy. Seeing a pretty sissy with a cigarette in her hand blowing smoke rings on the cocks she is sucking is wicked hot. Margo not only looks the part of a sissy, she acts the part too. She loves to dress. She loves to party, and she loves cocks, especially those big black cocks. I think that is why she first called me. Because I am a BBC sissy trainer. I enjoy feeding big black cocks to newbie sissies and seasoned sissies like Margo. I mean if you are going to suck cock, why not suck the best cocks, right? I love all my sissies, even the ones I only talk to once, but Margo is the sissy of all sissies.

2020 is the Year of Phone Domination and Cock Control

phone dominationI declare 2020 the year of cock control and phone domination. Getting cock, I mean real cock has proven challenging in the year of Covid. That means more than just sissies are calling me. Regardless if you have a cock or a clit stick, all men need to learn that the only one who should control that dick, is a woman. Women are superior. We are the sexier gender. We deserve pleasure before a man. I do not care if you are 2-inches or 12-inches, I cum first. If you are a worthless sissy with a shrimp dick, then you do not deserve to cum at all. In the case of pin dick losers, I control your cock completely. I likely will make you wear sissy panties. I may put you in a cock cage. I will laugh at you. Hell, I may even trample on your worthless pecker with my high heels. I am a dominant woman. Size matters to me. If you have less than the 8 inches my perfect pussy needs to be satisfied, I consider you a sissy. If you want to be in my life even for 20 minutes, be prepared for humiliation and pussy eating.

Cock control applies to the hung men too. I find that many men with big cocks think that size is all that is required to please a sexy woman like me. What is the point of a big dick if you do not know how to use it properly or you cum in three minutes? If you stick your big cock in a woman’s cunt, rabbit fuck her for a few minutes and shoot your load, that is a huge disappointment. A few minutes of heaven may be all fine and dandy for you, but not for a goddess like me. That is when my cock control is needed. You need to learn how to effectively use your instrument for MY pleasure. Cock control includes things like guided masturbation instruction, tease and denial games, edge play and sensual domination. I do not care if you have 2 inches or 12 inches, but if you do not know a woman cums first or how to make her cum, you get domination phone sex.