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Femboy Training in the Morning

femboy training

One of my sissy supremes called today for more femboy training. I love my sissies, but Margo is a sissy supreme. She is the sissy standard that I hold all my other sissies to. She likes to do marathon training. She also likes to make her sissy mom money. That is just one of my favorite things about Margo. She dresses frilly, does some candy and bends over for all the cock that has gathered around to fuck her sissy hole. I am a benevolent sissy trainer too. I am sticking some money away so Margo can get big bimbo boobs. You can be a great cock sucker. You can dress like a pretty sissy. You can act like a pretty sissy too. But without some boobs, and a wig, and makeup tutorials, you are just a dude getting fucked by another dude. Margo is pretty because I have helped her with her sissy training. She looks and acts the part of a sissy slut. Soon she will have the boobs to complete the look. This morning, she wanted an early session before anyone else was awake. I was off today but made some arrangements to accommodate my sissy supreme. I called all my sissy loving bulls. Big black bulls, some hung white married men and some sexy shemales. No one had less than a 9-inch dick. I knew Margo was up for the challenge. If anyone could service all those hung studs, it was her. One after another they drilled her tight sissy hole. No one cared about getting sloppy seconds either. For some sissy shaming, I had her walk across the barn with her skirt up and cum oozing out her hole. It was leaving a trail behind her. I decided that was a waste of precious seed, so I captured it in a mason jar for Margo to drink. One of the reasons I am the best sissy trainer for femboy faggots is that I know that guzzling cum helps your body get feminized.

Best BBC Sissy Trainer

bbc sissy trainerI am the best BBC sissy trainer. Margo knows this and that is why she calls me for those marathon party calls. Margo has been my sissy for a few years now. Not a weekly sissy call, but maybe once or month when she has some private time to be who she was born to be. I love big black cocks. Most of my sissy callers do too. I have real experience cuckolding losers with black men and training sissies with BBC. That real experience and my true love for big black dicks, makes me the perfect match for Margo. She parties and I pimp her out to all the black men I know, and even a few hot shemales. We had a marathon sissy training session the other night in her barn. That is where Margo goes to be her authentic sissy self. I brought the black studs, and my shemale BFF Emerald and she brought the party supplies. I make bank off Margo’s sissy holes. These black studs pay me to fuck my pretty sissy gurl. Margo is well trained because I trained her. Months of taking her to glory holes and fine tuning her look turned her into a beautiful sissy. One that most of my black studs never realize was not born a girl until her clit stick gets hard. Margo is a BBC loving sissy girl. All the cum she guzzles she knows helps to transform her into a pretty woman. Jizz is full of protein that helps hair and nails grow. All the cum can help sprout some little titties too. In her wig, with her makeup perfect and donning a frilly dress, Margo entertained all the black studs and my shemale friend too. Cum was oozing out of her back door pussy. Since we never let cum go to waste, I got a saucer for the cum oozing out of her well fucked sissy hole and let her lick it up. Margo loves cum as much as I do. She is my mini me. And I am so proud of her progress as a black cock sissy bitch. I bet I am the best sissy trainer for you too.

Do You Belong in Sissy Panties?

sissy pantiesDo you belong in sissy panties? This is my test for sissies. If you have a clit stick, you belong in panties. I consider what is in your pants a clit if it is under 5 inches. Something small like that belongs in panties because in boxers it will get lost, maybe even hurt. When I meet a man with a clit, he is immediately in the sissy zone because I do not care how rich or handsome you are. I care about how big your cock is. And if you have a clit, no amount of money will make me fuck you. I have standards. That is why I work for a sissy phone sex site and not some general fuck call site. I do not have to fuck my callers. I get paid to put losers in panties, laugh at small cocks and deny men sex. I have the best job ever. Now sometimes, in my real life I meet a guy who does not realize he is a sissy. He thinks he is a good catch. Tom was a good catch on paper, but not in real life. Great job-check. Handsome-check. Endowed-fail. His dick was about three-inches. We were making out on my couch, and it all came to a screeching halt when his turtle made an appearance. I burst into laughter because he expected me to fuck that tiny thing. No, fucking way. Just no. I am a sexy mature woman. I am a black cock whore. I am educated and I have my own money. I do not need to swallow my pride for security or to be taken care of by some shrimp dick loser. I can take care of myself. I tossed Tom my panties and suggested he needed sissy training more than fucking. It took some convincing, but when he left later that night, he had burned his boxer briefs and left in pair of my panties. If I can make a rich lawyer toss in his boxer briefs for girlie panties, I can make you do it too.

Online Sissy Training School

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training begins now. I love training men to be sissies. I take care of all aspects of training too. I dress a sissy, even take them shopping for pretty things. I train them how to suck cock. If they can go to a glory hole, I help with that too. And I can anally train that back door pussy with a nice big dildo. All sissies are different too. I am not a cookie cutter trainer. I listen to my sissies. I can force sissies when it is required. I am no push over. I want all sissies to be the sissies they can be. Many sissies must remain in the closest because of work or family obligations. I get that. I can still help you be an undercover sissy. I am the best sissy trainer for any sissy boy because I can nurture her. I can bring out her true potential. Sissy Sally came to me already trained by another mistress, but she needed continual education. For this sissy, being her true self is hard. She is married with a few offspring and a high-powered job. She would lose her job and her family if anyone discovered her love for frilly panties and cock sucking. Her former mistress was trying to out her and that cost was too high. I can be discreet. When Sissy Sally’s wife and offspring are with other family, she stays home to work and watch the dogs. This gives her time to get on Grinder and find a cock to suck. Many cocks to suck. I was on the phone with her last night, while a black man on the down low came by to use Sissy Sally’s mouth. She sounded so good slurping on a big black cock. I work with my sissies like Sally who must live their lives like straight men. We can train late at night when everyone is asleep or when your family goes to grandma’s house. Discreet sissy training is sometimes a sissy’s only option and I understand that.

I’m the Best Sissy Trainer for BBC

best sissy trainerI am the best sissy trainer for Margo. She loves black cock as much as I do. The poor thing lives some place rural and getting access to any cock is challenging. When she has some free time away from the watchful eye of her wife, she does some candy and calls her Mommy sissy trainer. I know how to handle sissies who need to eat some dark meat. I have the same cravings. Sissy Margo is a great BBC sissy too. I can pimp her sissy holes out all night long and she never complains. She just begs for more. I give her a toot of her favorite candy and she just keeps on taking big black cocks in all her sissy holes like a good sissy bitch. I dress her to look so pretty for those black bulls. She is such a good sissy whore too. Amazing cock sucking skills. Of course, I may have had something to do with that because I share all my secrets when I am your BBC sissy trainer. The key is to lubricate the throat properly, so those monster cocks slide on down the back of the throat. I am found of cooking oil. Avocado or coconut oil taste the best, but olive oil works in a pinch. Margo can suck 100 black guys off in a night of partying. She loves to taste the cocks that are coated in mommy’s pussy juice too. She is part cuck but mostly BBC sissy. She loves to clean up the mess those black bulls leave in my pussy. What a great cock sucker Margo is. She can polish a knob better than any sissy I know. We do not get to play often enough, but when we do it is always epic. Margo is the sissy the rest of my sissies should strive to be.

Sissy Phone Sex Mistress

sissy phone sexIf you are looking for sissy phone sex, you are in the right place. Personally, I think the name the Sissy Slut Hut says it all, but I get guys daily who think they can dominate me. I do not care if you have a big dick. You do not call a mistress for a fuck call. You do not call a mistress to dominate her either. You can try, but my guess is the call will not go as you hope. I think some men are delusional. They think that because they are paying for a call, anything goes. Not the case on a sissy site. This is the company you call when you are a cock sucker, a cuckold, a femboy, an adult baby, a tiny dick loser or a sissy. You are mine for however long of a call you purchase. You listen to me. You submit to me. Trevor was in the wrong place. He was looking for a submissive milf. None of us our submissive. Maybe I would indulge the notion of being a cock submissive to a big black cock. I am the best BBC sissy trainer. You call me, I assume you want to be a sissy no matter what you say. Some guys like to be forced to suck cock and dress pretty. I figured there was no way Trevor was that dumb, so I pegged his ass. He was screaming like a bitch. Yeah, I was right. He wanted this all along. He had a dildo up his loser ass. He wanted to see what it would feel like to get fucked by a girl. He borrowed his wife’s sex toy. I teased him about how she needs that toy because of his small dick. He loved the humiliation. I will never really know if he did not realize I am a phone sex dominatrix or not. Either way, he got a life changing ass fucking.

Do You Need Sissy Slave Training

sissy slave training Do you need sissy slave training? Even good sissies need trained to be my slaves. George hired me to be his dominatrix. He was new to me. I had to inspect him first. I am not being a domme to some guy who could hurt me. When he stripped naked, I saw the smallest of cocks and no muscles. This guy was a whimp. I could kick him in the balls, and he would be blubbering for days. I put him in a pair of my panties because I did not want to look at that eyesore. This guy wanted a mistress. He wanted flogged and spanked, even wanted some cock and ball torture. He screamed sissy to me. I dressed him first. I am in the market for a new sissy cuckold to clean my house and fluff my big black cocks. I put him in some of my lingerie. I have a knack for dressing slaves. I can take one look at you and know what your body would rock. He Transformed in my lingerie. I could see him changing. He is submissive by nature, but he had never dressed before. He was prancing around my house like Tinkerbell. I asked him to trust me. He gave me the freedom to do what I wanted. I put a Whig on him and make-up too. A sexy shemale was born. Okay at least a sexy femboy. I called over one of my black studs. I mean he wanted punished. That is why he came to a dominatrix. My black stud gave him the punishment he craved. And I watched as my hung black lover punished his sissy hole. A few thrusts into his back door pussy and my pain slut was in heaven. He got the pain he wanted and the sissy training he did not know he wanted. We were all happy.

I Love Sissy Phone Sex

sissy phone sexI love sissy phone sex calls.  I enjoy helping men realize they are not really men. Some guys call me and try to act like they want a fuck call and have no clue they are on a sissy site. I always call bullshit because those guys calling to fuck me always have a small dick. Do I look like I fuck small dick? I do not get on my knees for anything less than 8 inches. And if you call me with less in your boxers, I am putting you in panties because I am likely more of a man than you are. I was a professional dominatrix for years. I am strong. I am in shape. And I am in charge. I am not on a general site. I am on a sissy site. If you do not know what a sissy is then move along. I am not the kind of woman who betrays her standards because some guy is too stupid to realize what kind of site he is on. That is not me at all. For the loser who called me the other day with a 4-inch dick thinking he could make me cum, he got some forced sissy training. Tough love as I call it. He was getting mouthy with me, so I shoved a cock in his mouth to shut him up. I will force a cock or a dildo in any man who tries to get mouthy or aggressive with me. I will never be some man’s bitch. I will never fuck a man with a small cock. What I will do is make any small dicked man a sissy. A pretty little sissy bitch who sucks cock and takes cum in his sissy holes. Let this be a wake-up call. If you are reading this, you better have more than 8-inches of cock if you want anything other than sissy slave training.

Online Sissy Training Helps You with BBC

online sissy training

With me you get online sissy training. My boys, however, get a live-in sissy trainer. They are teen boys now. They live their lives as trans girls. They identify as pan sexual because they like a little bit of everything, LOL. I love helping them explore their sexuality. Now that they are at an arts school, they get to be who they want to be. They can dress how they want too. Now, the school frowns on adult boyfriends. So does the law, LOL. But mommy? I am more liberal thinking. They like black cock. They may have gotten that from me. It is no secret that their mother is a size queen. I love big black dicks. And now so do my two sissy boys. I came home from a date last night. My boys expected me home much later. I planned on it too, but a huge storm was causing blackouts everywhere, so my plans changed. Plus, I wanted to check on my boys. The house was dark when I arrived, but I could see the glow of candlelight, so they knew what to do. They were not alone, however. I interrupted them sucking on big black cocks. Both my femboys were dressed pretty and on their knees sucking two black men close to my age. The men are lucky I am so liberal. Since I am a BBC sissy trainer on the phone, I helped my pretty boys. It is not easy to swallow a foot of cock, especially when the cock is thick too. They were doing a good job for their age and inexperience. I showed them some techniques. I did not want to upstage them, but those were some big black dicks. I had them swallow a teaspoon of olive oil and hang their heads over the side of the couch so their black lovers could stand over them and slide those BBCs down their throats. Just a couple tricks made all the difference. Soon those men were pumping big thick strands of cum down my femboys’ throats. It was a proud mamma moment. Maybe I can help you too.

A Sexy Phone Dominatrix

phone dominatrixI am a phone dominatrix and I love it. I am a take charge kind of woman. I always have been. In college, I never let men get aggressive with me. I never dated men with small dicks either. I did not come from money. I had a full scholarship to Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. I have a master’s degree in Psychology. Even though room and board and tuition were covered, I needed spending money. I answered an ad in the 90s in the back of this local magazine.  They were looking for fetish models and I was confident in my curves and big tits. That photo gig led me to a career as a professional dominatrix. And that led me to sissy training because subs and sissies are cut from the same cloth. I love being a sissy trainer. I am dominant and I am a nurturer too. I have a mean streak, but I am only mean when provoked. Most sissies and subs are obedient. Where my mean streak rears its ugly head is when a small dick loser does not know his place.

I met Peter at a bar. I sized him up quickly and knew he was not worth my energy. He did not want to take no for an answer, so I brought him home. He thought he was going to get lucky with me. He did get lucky, just not with me. Before we got to my house, I texted a 911 to my favorite black Alpha man, Tyresse.  He loves helping me open the eyes of tiny dick losers. Peter was not having it when Tyresse came out with his vine swinging between his legs. I told Peter if he was at least half as big as my stud, I would fuck him. I knew there was no way Peter was 6 inches. He was more like three inches. Pathetic. Loser. I told Tyresse to fuck him. I watched with glee as Tyresse forced his monster cock in Peter’s pansy ass. Peter left crying. Poor loser. I tried to tell him to get lost. It was his persistence that got his ass fucked. I am a size queen and a BBC sissy trainer. I have no time for delusional men with pin dicks.