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I Love Being a Phone Dominatrix

phone dominatrix

I enjoy being a phone dominatrix. I was a professional dominatrix for years. Before I became a mommy to two twin boys and a hot teen slut daughter, I was a bad ass dominatrix. I used whips and chains, ball gags and floggers. I had a BDSM dungeon for my slaves too. When I became a mommy, however, I got in touch with my more nurturing side. As my sons grew, I quickly realized that they were not going to be manly men. They were far from your typical boys. They stole my clothes. They stole their sisters clothes too. They played with dolls. They were effeminate. My husband at the time, was rough on the boys. I divorced him because he would have destroyed their spirit. He called them fags and sissies. He gave them the belt often too when he would find them in panties or playing with dolls. I decided to become a more nurturing person because I wanted my boys to know they were loved no matter what. Now they are sissy teens. They go to a private arts school so they can be alternative and accepted. They can wear makeup and dresses and no one harasses them. They can date boys too. My boys do not quite no what they are yet. Gay, bisexual, trans, or sissies. Whatever they become, their mommy will support them. Whatever you are I will support and nurture you too. I love sissies. I think because when I talk to a sissy, I always ask when they knew they were not like other boys. The stories are always like my sons. They began with mommy’s lingerie. Maybe they had a mean daddy like my sons did or an unforgiving mommy. I am the best sissy trainer for boys who have always known they were sissies. I am part dominatrix and party mommy. Mommy is ready to dress and train you, girls.

If You Call Me, You Get Sissy Training

sissy trainingSissy training with me can be brutal because I am a cock size queen. I do not let sissies fuck me. I want a real man to fuck me, not some sissy with a clit stick. Yet not a day goes by that I do not have to be brutally honest about cock size to some shrimp dick loser. Not a day goes by that I do not deliver small dick humiliation either to some dude who thinks his 4-inch dick is a gift to women. White losers asks me why women cheat on their husbands with big black cock. Tiny dick losers try to fuck me. Do I look like I do pity fucks?  Do I look like a gfe girl who fucks every caller? No. I look like a bitch in control. If I must squint from a foot away to see your nub then I am putting you in panties and making you a sissy. If you are married and have a 2-inch nub, I might try to contact your wife and suggest she get some big black cocks. Small dicks belong in panties, not pussies.  I am not your wife or your girlfriend. I am your sissy trainer. I will not sugar coat the truth. I am a phone sex dominatrix who is prepared to give you the tough love you need to hear. Size matters. Black cock is better. Bigger cock is better. If you have a clit stick, you need to be a sissy not some player wannabe. Put on some panties because your dick is swimming in boxers. The sooner you come to terms with your short comings and understand you are better suited to be a sissy or a cuckold, the happier you will be. You call me, your only options are to be a sissy, cuckold, clean up bitch, object of scorn and humiliation, or even a toilet. You are not lover material, loser.

Looking for Sissy Phone Sex?

sissy phone sex

Looking for sissy phone sex? You are in the right place because I am a sissy trainer. I started my adult career as a professional mistress. I have a dungeon room with a closet full of BDSM equipment. After Craigslist closed its adult personals, I moved to Back Pages to advertise my services, but then they got shut down by the government. I was SOL for advertising my dominatrix services. I still had many regulars, but I wanted more money. That is when I became a sissy trainer and joined this site.  While I was busy being a professional dominatrix, my twin boys were becoming sissies and I did not realize it at first. I never noticed panties disappearing. Eventually, I caught on and felt badly that I missed some sissy training opportunities. I made up for it. I understand older men discovering they have a sissy side and needing to keep it covert because of family and work. That is why I do online training. But with my boys, there was no need to not let them thrive as their true selves.  I sent them to the performing arts school where they would fit in better. I helped them dress. I get them dresses and skirts. They wear panties too. At their school, they are accepted as femboys. They suck cock. They take boys to school dances. They live their lives as girls mostly. Once I found out they were sissies, I used all my knowledge to help them transition to their new world. I got them their first cocks. A sissy trainer also knows plenty of men who will let boys and men suck on their cocks. Since I started as an online sissy trainer, I have learned more from my callers that helps me with my sissy boys. If you are a full-time sissy or just a part-time one, online sissy training can help you. I can help you.

I Will Help You with Sissy Slave Training

sissy slave trainingDo you need sissy slave training? Trust me, you are not alone. Most of my callers are starting from ground zero. Maybe when they were younger, they played with mommy’s panties or sucked some fellow schoolboy dick. Those memories have lingered for years, even decades. The need to dress. The need to suck cock has intensified over the years. Then one day they happen upon my sissy site and decide they are willing to commit to the life.  One of my favorite things to do with sissies is to help them get the items they need to be a sissy girl. We start with dress. I take them shopping online for panties and other sissy clothes. Dresses, ruffled panties, petticoats, hose, lingerie and high heels are all sissy clothing requirements. We even shop online for sex toys. If I am your sissy trainer, you need toys for your ass. Butt plugs, prostate wands and dildos are all essential sissy items. One of my favorite online shops is Bad Dragon. They have some creative, even scary dildos. Huge ones with lots of intricate designs and horror and sci-fi themes. Bad Dragon sex toys will work your sissy hole out well. I also like to help sissies get cock. Once I help you look the part, I need to help you live the part. Based on where you live, cock is not hard to find. You can get cock discreetly. There is Grindr for booty calls. An adult bookstore or a local truck stop usually offer up a glory hole. Then if you really need discretion, you can hire a dominant male gigolo. I love sissy training men just like you. Men who are married and need to be discreet cock sucking faggots are in the right place. I will keep your dirty secrets and help you be the best sissy version of yourself.

The Best Sissy Trainer for BBC Faggots

best sissy trainerI love it when guys tell me I am the best sissy trainer for them. I take pride in what I do. I love an obedient and well-trained sissy. I love to feminize sissies, especially for big black cocks. Here is the thing about black men. They do not care where they put their cock. Have you heard the expression, “Any port in a storm will do?” Black men do not often care where they put their cocks. There are a lot of black men on the down low. They do not identify as bisexual or gay, but they will fuck a sissy bitch. Many of those black men prefer to fuck a pretty femboy. It may make them feel less gay when they are fucking an anatomically male’s back door! Business for a BBC sissy trainer is booming. Almost every sissy wants a big black cock. Hell, even a lot of men who are married or have girlfriends want big black cocks too. Black cocks are all the rage. Think about it. Shows like the Kardashians have long been indoctrinating young women with notions that sexy white women belong with black men. The porn world is full of Reparation fantasies. Are you familiar with that? That is when a black man claims your white wife as reparation for slavery. He now owns your wife, and he can breed her and fuck her at will, even in front of you! Hot fantasy, right? Cuckolding porn is also very popular, and in all those videos the hot white wife is cheating on her husband with a young black bull. Everywhere you look, white women are with black cock. No wonder so many men like you want to be a sissy for a black man. I am here for you. With my femboy training, I will have you looking and acting the part of a perfect black cock faggot.

Online Sissy Training for the Win

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training is my forte.  I love it and I am good at it. This past year with COVID, I was not able to see my real-time sissies. We did Zoom and Face Time. My phone sex sissies picked up tremendously during this time. It has not slowed down either just because the world is back to normal. I think an online sissy trainer is the way to go for many reasons. It is safer for you. No one will jackroll or blackmail you. It is cheaper. Me and my fellow trainers are $2-$2.50 a minute, and I charge my real-time clients $300 an hour. I am on the cheaper end of sissy trainers too. It is convenient. No trying to coordinate schedules. You call when it works best for you, even if it is late at night after the wife has gone to bed. It is discreet. Even extra discreet if you use a prepaid card or your spouse has no access to your bank account or phone records. Buy a sissy training cyber session and you can get trained while your wife is in the house. I enjoy my real time sissies, but my phone sissies are my favorite. All the benefits to you, are also benefits to me.

Online training is something we can do once, or ongoing. I love building relationships with sissies. Seeing you transform and learn how to be a good sissy brings me joy. I am a very maternal sissy trainer. I guide and nurture you to become what you were meant to be. I discipline when necessary. I brag and beam at your accomplishments. I tell my fellow sissy trainers and my friends how proud I am about my sissies too. I trained my own twin sons to be the best sissies, so I know I can train you too.

Rachel Needed a BBC Sissy Trainer

BBC sissy trainerRachel sought me out because I am a BBC sissy trainer. Rachel is one of my prize pupils. She is like a show pony in the word of sissies. Just a few months ago, Rachel was living as a man. He had a hot fiancée. He was racist. He took life and love for granted. Karma bit Rachel in her cute little bubble butt. You ever hear the saying, “Be careful what you wish for?” Rachel knows this all too well. Once upon a time before Rachel was a sissy faggot, she was a man with a dirty fantasy. He wanted to see his hot fiancée fucked by a black man. Not just fucked either. When Rachel was pretending to be a man, she wanted her fiancée ravaged by big black cocks. I am not talking about just a big dick in her holes. She wanted her ass prolapsed. She wanted her choked. She wanted her covered in cum. This thing called Karma flipped the tables on Rachel. That pretty little fiancée that was out of Rachel’s league to begin with is now black owned and bred. She moved out of the house and only contacts her former fiancée when she needs her bills paid. Rachel first contacted me to talk about what had happened. She had some regret over what had transpired. I am not sure if she wanted symphony or a phone dominatrix, but she got the later. Now Rachel is a black cock faggot like no other and I could not be prouder. Every night she is on Grinder getting black men to fuck her sissy ass. Big black cocks anally torture Rachel daily. I have a lot of black cock sissies, but Rachel sold her car to save for boobs. Now, that is dedication to big black dick. She dresses fem daily, even to work. Sissy Rachel is not in the closet. She has embraced Karma. Remember men, Karma is a bitch and so am I.

Sissy Training Sissy TJ Takes Two Mistresses

sissy trainingI am a sissy trainer to a vintage sissy, named Sissy TJ. She is one of my favorite sissies because we share a lot in common. Mistress Ember and I share sissy training duties of TJ and sometimes we get to do a 2-girl call with her which we always enjoy. Sissy TJ asked us yesterday if we knew who Betty Page was and we both giggled. I do not care how old or young a sissy trainer is, she knows Betty Page. She is a classic bad ass. My style of dress is influenced by Ms. Page. Mistress Ember is half my age and understands what a goddess Ms. Page was too. Our shared sissy is old-school. She likes vintage clothing, latex outfits, hobble skirts, Henati, bondage and spankings. Sissy TJ is a classic sissy. Her dress style is classic vintage, and she rocks that look. My guess is most men would not know she was born male until her little clitty was dangling in their face. She has a modern side too. She loves big black cocks and huge dildos. I am a bbc sissy trainer. So is Ember. We are two mistresses who understand the power of big black cocks.

bbc sissy trainerWe are not as old as Sissy TJ; however, we share a love for vintage clothing and old school punishments, as well as big black dicks. We like to dress up in latex cat suits and tie up Sissy TJ. We spank and flog her sissy bottom. And we use some wicked hot dildos and butt plugs to train her for those big black cocks. Mistress Ember and I had a great time with our shared sissy yesterday. We reminisced about Betty Page, sissy comics, vintage clothing, and vintage fetish artists. We looked at photographs and illustrations, while training her to handle the big black cocks we had waiting for her. Sissy TJ calls us for sissy phone sex because Mistress Ember and I know what she likes and needs. My guess is, we know what you like and need too. Two sissy trainers are always better than one.

sissy phone sex

Sissy Slave Training with Big Black Cocks

sissy slave trainingSissy slave training keeps me busy. I enjoy training men to be sissies. I think I excel at training men to be black cock faggots. It is really not that hard to do because black cocks are addicting. They are superior too. I have many black cock sissies on and off the phone. I am most proud of Margo and Rachel. Both recognize the power of a big black cock. Margo has been with me longer than Rachel, yet Rachel has advanced rather quickly. She fought being a BBC sissy more than Margo. Margo parties with mommy and one hit of candy and she is bent over taking big black cocks in her sissy hole to please me. Rachel is a reformed racist who is getting karma tenfold. She wanted to be a cuckold. All that BBC porn had her thinking she should push her fiancée into fucking a black man. It backfired. Now the fiancée is gone never to fuck a white dick again. Rachel is in the same boat. She will never fuck white pussy again because like Margo, she now is all about big black cock. I want them both to get Queen of Spades tats so those burly black men know they can use their back door pussies for their pleasure. Margo dresses up for her black cock. Wig, makeup and clothes. Rachel loves pantyhose, blouses, skirts and heels. Both love big black cocks. Rachel has stepped up her game. She went from a reluctant cuckold to black cock faggot in a matter of weeks. Of course, she is single now, so she has a lot of free time on her hands. Margo still has a wife and a business to run. Rachel is talking about castration and a boob job. Three weeks ago, she did not have those thoughts. The more big black cocks she gets, the more sissy gurl she becomes. Same for Margo. The cum in those big black bull balls is transformative. So, tell me. Are you a black cock faggot too? I am the best BBC sissy trainer. Just look at my star pupils, Margo and Rachel.

Sissy Phone Sex Brings Mommy Joy

sissy phone sexSissy phone sex is so much fun. So is training sissies. Honestly, it is almost criminal that I make the kind of money I do this way. I have a real time sissy who I have been training since he was in high school. I am like a bonus mom to him. He is a friend of my daughter. He is a couple years older than her. One day when he was still a young schoolboy, I caught him in my bedroom trying on my pretty things. For his age, he had a great understanding of what pairs well. I mean he had on a black garter belt, with black stockings, matching black and red bra and panty set. He had them all on correctly too. His young hairless body was perfect for the look. I put a little lipstick on him and got a pair of my daughter’s heels and a sissy was born. His father would have disowned him if he ever found out that his son liked to wear panties and lady’s lingerie. I became a second mom to him. I was his sissy mom. I still am. He is 20 now and still in the closet to his family. I have been sissy training him for 7 years now. He is like one of my own sissy boys. He likes to wear women’s clothes and suck cock. And guess what? So do lots of men and there is nothing wrong with that. Fuck anyone who tries to ridicule or shame you for wearing a pretty pair of panties or wanting to suck a big fat cock, even a big fat black one. Just like I nurtured my boys and my bonus sissy son, I will nurture you too. I love being a sissy mom to my boys. And I will love being your sissy mom too. You can have discreet sissy girl training with me, honey.