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Phone Dominatrix Coraline Loves an Ass Slave Like Brian

phone dominatrixThis phone dominatrix has an ass slave. His name is Brian. And he is a far cry from my typical caller. Not only does he have a big cock, but he also as an ass fetish. He likes big, beautiful butts, for which I have an ample one. Look at this ass. You might want to be just like Brian too. Although most of my callers fall into the sissy category, I do cater to some other fetishes if I am in charge.

Brian knows he is at my disposal. So, first order of business, he licked my ass. The scent of a woman gets trapped in her lady humps. I am not a fat woman, but I am a curvy one. Back in the day, I wore those Apple Bottom jeans to accentuate the positive. And I still love to wear tight clothing that makes the ass and tit men weak. Brian fell right into my trap. As I sat on his face, I could see his big beer can thick cock grow with every lick.

This Dominant Woman Caters to a Variety of Fetish Guys

The dick size of a man calling me for sissy phone fun averages about 3 inches. Making Brian a stud in comparison. I bet I am making some of my sissies jealous and hungry bragging about his big dick. But a big dick never puts the man in the driver seat with me. No one gets to control the shots with me. You are my sissy, or you are my sex slave. But I decide which category you belong in.

After Brian worshiped my beautiful big butt, I could see his cock growing even bigger. He enjoys a good tease. And so do I. So, I twerked my lady humps on his cock, teasing it even more. I could feel how hard his dick got with each jiggle. So, I teased him some more. I made him kiss, caress and sniff my big ass. Why? Because I can. Brian is an ass slave. My ass slave He may not always get phone domination. But he always gets my ass.

Anyone else want to be my ass slave?

Mistress Phone Sex Babe Offers Cock Control to Losers

mistress phone sexYou need mistress phone sex. Perhaps, you are not a classic sissy. But I bet you have other issues that require some control. I doubt you posses any self-control when it comes to touching your dick. Most sissy trainers like me offer cock control too. No woman wants to stay with a man who cannot cum because he beat his meat too much watching porn. Or plays around with phone sex babes all day. But when it counts, he cannot cum.

So, I offer cock control lessons. But I do punish men who do not listen to me. Nothing worse than an unruly slave. Take Bryan for example. He sought my help to stop beating his meat and controlling his phone sex habit. I would call him a chronic masturbator. Truly, never met anyone like him. He spams girls demanding they be mean and cruel to him, then cums at hello. What a loser. And get this, he goes off on women. He gets mean and derogatory after telling girls he wants to serve them. If a girl takes another call, he loses his shit.

I am In Control Always, Never Forgot Who’s the Boss

Bipolar assholes need a phone dominatrix to put them in their place. I caged the mother fucker.  Little limp dick could not please my Barbie doll. No wonder he appears so angry. His 8-inch cock turned out to be more like an inch worm, LOL.  But I knew that would be the case. No man begs to be your slave then gets aggressive with you. But a tiny dick, chronic masturbator, porn addicted loser will. I caged him up and he will never get the key.

I whipped his worthless dick too. A cat of 9 tails gets through the spokes of any cock cage. And I put Icy Hot on his balls before I pegged his ass. Nothing I enjoy more than phone domination. His little nub will hurt for a while. Plus, all locked up like that, he cannot touch his dick unless I unlock him. And because he is such an asshole, I doubt I will ever unlock that loser’s dick. Now he has the ultimate cock control.

Sissy Humiliation Training for Unruly Sissies

sissy humiliation trainingSissy humiliation training can be so fun. Although I am more a sensual dome, maybe even nurturing, some guys deserve shame and humiliation, not love and support. Does that sound like you? Let me tell you about sissy Rikki. She might be one of the most pathetic sissy bitches I ever encountered. She hired me for fem boy training but got a lot more than that.

Sissy Rikki turned out to be a handful. Would not wear what I picked out for her. Challenged every choice I made for her. I punish unruly sissies. And I enjoy it too. Nothing worse than a sissy who thinks they can control the session and make the decisions. Not on my watch. First, I caged that little clit stick. And my tiniest cage fit well. I mean this sissy bitch appeared to be hung like a hamster, LOL.

Second, I called for reinforcements. I am a bbc sissy trainer after all. But get this. A fucking loser in a cage with a clit stick went on a racist tantrum when Jerry and Dion showed up. I call them my punishers because between them they have over 20 inches of big black meat. And they can punish sissy holes. Oh, and they can break sissies into submission too.

I Will Use Big Black Cocks to Punish Unruly Sissies

Sissy Rikki screamed as Dion pushed a foot long dong in her tight back door pussy. But I wanted her to scream. I mocked her for being a sissy faggot. As she screamed racial epithets, Jerry decided to shove his 13-inch rod down her mouth. That shut the unruly bitch up. If you have a mouth full of BBC you cannot say shit.

I wrote, “BBC Faggot” on Sissy Rikki’s forehead in red lipstick. And I reveled in her shame and disgust. She hated every minute of having two big black cocks in her at once. And she hated it even more when they coated her with cum. But that was the point. Sissies do not call the shots with a phone dominatrix. And unruly sissies get punished and laughed at because I am in charge always.

Phone Domination Means I am the One in Control

phone dominationPhone domination puts me in charge. But everyday some poser beta bitch calls me and tries to dictate how things will go. He tells me does not do humiliation. Or he tells me how to speak to him. Perhaps he even tells me he is not a sissy or a cock sucker and called me because he thought I was hot. Guys on my site find me because they either searched for things like a mistress or a sissy trainer. Sure, some guys may just look for phone sex and my site comes up. But the name Sissy Slut Hut should register.

So, my response to men who ask me what it means to be a sissy is, “If you need to ask, you are not one and you are in the wrong place.” Some tool called me yesterday and he had a rape fantasy for a mature woman. Before I even collected his billing info, I told him he had the wrong woman. I nicely told him that I was a phone dominatrix and a sissy trainer. He told me he could live with that, and we came up with an alternative scenario.

A Sissy Trainer Will Never Be Your Bitch

However, once the call started, he insisted on his original fantasy. So, I turned the tables on him. I took control of the call like I always do. Although I prefer sensual domination, when someone gets unruly with me, or ever belligerent, I break them. I went into badass mode. I posses some big dick energy for a woman. So, when some one acts like a fool with me, I treat them like the beta bitch loser they are.

And this guy was the King of Beta Bitchville. He felt lucky that he did not meet me in person because I phone fucked the hell out his ass. And I would have destroyed it in person. I may have scared this guy off phone sex forever, LOL. When you call a sissy phone mistress, you do not get to call the shots. She is in charge. I am in charge. Always.

Online Sissy Training Helps You Perfect Your Sissy Outfit

online sissy trainingI enjoy online sissy training. Do you? For many sissies, it is the only option. Wives, families, work get in the way. And let’s not forget a sissy’s own mind. We can be our own worst enemies. Most sissies feel guilty. They think they should project more masculinity. Or they think they would disappoint their loved ones if it ever came out that they like to suck cock and wear pretty things.

Gender fluidity exists. In my day we called folks androgynous if they flipped clothing. I love helping men explore their naturally feminine sides. Although when I am speaking to someone on the phone versus meeting them in person, I can only virtually dress them. But some sissies will go shopping based on my suggestions. I have a good eye for clothes. And I enjoy femboy training where I can put you in an outfit that accentuates your natural features.

The Clothes Can Make the Sissy

Although, I think most women who work in lingerie stores like Victoria Secret, understand many men may be shopping for themselves and not a special woman in their lives. And they will not call you out. They will play your game. I try to encourage my sissies to trust in the women who work in lingerie stores. Even in the Bible belt, women working in lingerie stores are more enlightened than the Karens working at a Walmart.

I have a huge closet of all sorts of pretty things for men just like you. Dresses, both the frilly and slinky kind. All sorts of lingerie to make you feel girly.  A variety of shoes from stripper shoes to low pumps, and a slew of wigs too. You can find your perfect outfit down to your sissy panties in my closet. Even if you cannot dress every day, you can virtually dress with me. Or even take me shopping with you.

I love seeing what a sissy picks out to wear. And I enjoy helping her perfect her look. You have heard the expression that the clothes make the man? Well, the clothes make the sissy too. What do you like to wear?

Phone Dominatrix Coraline Loves All Kinds of Sissies

phone dominatrixBeing a phone dominatrix keeps life interesting. Although I specialize in training sissies, as a dominant woman I get all kinds of other calls too like cuckolding and giantess fantasies. And I get my share of cock and ball torture sessions too. And I can work with any sissy, traditional of not. I have a new sissy. Sissy Maire. And I find this sissy interesting. She defines herself as a sissy. She likes many of the things a typical sissy does like dressing up in girlie clothes and going trolling for alpha cock on Grinder or at glory holes.

However, her cock measures close to ten inches. Now this is a sissy I see in my real time as a professional sissy trainer and dominatrix. So, I know she is not lying about her cock size. In fact, I measured her when I fitted her for her sissy panties. I did not have any panties in my drawer that would comfortably fit her. So, I took her shopping to Victoria Secret. We asked a sales lady to help fit her for a bra and panty set.

I Love All Kinds of Sissies

Most sissies on and off the phone sport small dicks. More akin to clits than dicks. Not sissy Marie. She appears rather endowed. However, she is still a beta bitch. When I helped her make a Grinder account, we ran into a snafu. Men started in boxing her to fuck them. But she wants to be a beta bitch like most sissies. So, I offered a solution to her. I invited a few of my alpha black male friends over.

Initially, sissy Marie balked at the idea of black bull cocks ravaging her tight sissy holes. It had nothing to do with racism. She just appeared scared to take anything quite that large in her sissy holes. But because of her big dick, we struggled to find any man on Grinder who wanted to dominate her. Since I am a BBC sissy trainer, I know plenty of black bulls down to fuck any sissy hole.

All Sissies Big and Small Welcome with Me

I finally convinced sissy Marie the way to get bottomed was to go black. And last night I watched my big dick sissy take 11 inches of black cock in her sissy hole. And she loved it too. Perhaps, I should have trained her more, but she seemed determined to pop her sissy cherry instead of waiting any longer. Although most sissies have clit sticks, there are some big dick sissies out there. And I can work with any sissy.

Sissy Training on Valentine’s Day is the Best Gift You Can Give Yourself

sissy trainingGive yourself sissy training for Valentine’s Day. I know being a sissy is lonely, but that is why I am here. As your sissy trainer, or even sissy mom, I can let you explore the fem side you keep hidden from everyone else. My sissy closet is a like Disney World to a sissy. It’s full of wonderment, exploration and joy.

Sissy Sarah visited me last night. She is a local sissy I help when time permits. Now, some people might assume all sissies are losers in life. But that is a wrong assumption. Most sissies have good jobs, even families and lots of friends too. Most sissies I know appear high functioning and successful in life. They just harbor a secret life they cannot share with just anyone.

Wives do not understand. If they discover their husband enjoys wearing panties and frilly things, they wrongly assume he is a closeted faggot. Sure, many sissies enjoy cock sucking, but many are just feminine and in need of femboy training. But I understand. Not all sissies are cock sucking faggots. When sissy Sarah visited me last night, she brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Red roses for the mistress who lets her be herself.

A Good Sissy Trainer Understands Not All Sissies Are Alike

I took Sissy Sarah to my big magical closet. And she picked out the prettiest pink corset and matching panties. I showed her how to attach stockings to the garters. Stockings completed the look. Well, that and a pair of my sexy black pumps. Sissy Sarah looked like a sexy seductress. Her body is soft and curvy like mine. Although Sissy Sarah does not want cock, she does enjoy a good pegging.

Pegging is another thing most wives do not understand. But I never mind donning a strapon and milking a sissy dry. Sissy Sarah appeared backed up too. I milked her sissy balls until nothing came out. A good pegging milks that prostate and leaves a sissy feeling lighter and happier.  The best sissy trainer understands not all sissies are alike. Some like cock. Some don’t. And some like pegged and some don’t. But whatever kind of sissy you may be, let me make you feel special and pretty on Valentine’s Day.

Sissy Phone Sex Callers Need a Sissy Mom to Feel Less Alone

sissy phone sexSissy phone sex calls remain my reason for doing this. I love helping a sissy find his sweet spot. Although I can be mean on a call, my preference is to be nurturing. You know, like a sissy mom. As a mother to two sissy / trans girls, I like to go shopping with sissies and help them pick out their outfits for special dates with men. Or outfits they just wear at home when talking to a mistress like me. Being a sissy can be lonely. And I understand that.

Being a sissy is isolating. If a sissy is married, likely his wife would never understand. Even single sissies feel alienated because who can they tell? The world is cruel when you do not know where you belong. My sons struggled. I knew something was amiss with my twins. We went through hell and back, but I was always on their side. I was always fighting for their happiness. Now, they did not need online sissy training because they had a sissy mom.

The World Can Be Lonely for Sissies with Someone Like Me Fighting for Them

After my divorce, I was free to let them be who they are. I think once they become legal adults they will be trans. They dress as girls. Long hair, long nails and makeup too. Most sissies are not lucky enough to have some one like me fighting for them and helping them transform. I pride myself in being the kind of sissy trainer any sissy needs. My boys appreciate the help I gave them. And they seem happy now. It is amazing what a little acceptance and support can do for a sissy.

Because I helped my sons, I want to help you too. Sissies are special creatures. I think sissies should be revered because they posses both feminine and masculine traits. And with some sissy training from me, I can help the feminine win out. Are you ready to be the best sissy you can be? Are you ready to feel less alone in this world? Let me help you discover who you really are and nurture you along the way.

Online Sissy Training Leaves a Sissy Begging for a BBC

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training begins here.  You read bios and blogs and get a feel for the kind of sissy trainer you need. I am a sissy mom who can be very loving and nurturing with her sissy boys. If they follow the rules, I am a nurturing sissy mom. Do not follow the rules or disrespect me, I punish you. And I punish you hard.

Travis is one of my newest sissies. Such potential with this one. However, he is sassy and belligerent sometimes. I think it is because he drinks too much. Many sissies need booze and drugs to get to their femboy side. Although I prefer my sissies to be sober, I cannot always monitor them. Since Travis broke many of my rules, he got punished.

A BBC sissy trainer punishes with big black cock too. I summoned Rodney to come over and punish my unruly sissy with his big 11-inch monster cock. And within 20 minutes, Rodney was in my living room with his cock balls deep in my sissy’s mouth. Travis gagged and drooled all over that huge black cock. Sissy Travis needed to learn his place.

You are the Sissy, So That Means I am in Charge

Any unruly or disobedient sissy gets punished. And they get punished with BBC. Sure, I can fuck an ass with a strapon. And I do. But nothing punishes a sissy ass more than a foot long, soda can thick cock up the ass, especially a virgin ass. Travis yelped and screamed as Rodney rammed his dick straight up his asshole. Too late to apologize now, I informed him.

Most of my sissies want a big black dick in any of their holes, but Travis is more a femboy than a cock sucking faggot sissy. Well, he was until last night. Rodney fucked him for hours. Black men posses the kind of sexual stamina that scares sissies. And Travis appeared scared initially. But once the pain ceased and that big black cock milked that prostate, Travis begged for more punishment.

Travis has a sore asshole today. Sore jaw too. But I showed Travis what mistress phone sex is all about. It’s about listening to your sissy trainer and following her fucking rules.


Sissy Training with a Bitch in Charge

sissy trainingSissy training begins here you little crossdressing faggot. You are too weak to do this alone. Plus, you could benefit from my tutelage. I am a badass dominatrix and a sissy trainer. If you have a feminine side, I can flesh it out of you. I have two sissy sons. Plus, I have helped numerous men like you.

A little about me. When I was a young coed, I was a professional dominatrix. I even had a dungeon in my basement full of all the equipment needed to punish slaves. However, when I got older, I married and started a family. Plus, the world of domination changed when the government decided that even pegging a man’s willing ass was prostitution. Suddenly being a pro dominatrix became illegal. So, I became a phone dominatrix and a sissy trainer.

But true confession time. I love pegging asses. So, I do not care if the state considers it prostitution. I will peg a sissy’s ass. And I did last night. Sissy Tanya came over to play. She is a cute sissy who knew she liked panties and cock but did not know what to do about it. She saw my ad on a fetish site and texted me. That was almost three years ago. Sissy Tanya still likes to play with her sissy mom.

I Enjoy Pegging a Sissy Ass

When she comes over, I dress her up in something frilly with lace. I do her hair and make-up and make her look like a pretty girl. But this sissy loves it when I peg her. So, I put on my strapon, and fucked her pretty ass. What a tight ass she has too. But I had a surprise for Sissy Tanya. I brought over a stud with a huge cock for her. She needed the real thing after all this time. And boy did she impress me and my stud with her skills.

She was able to get all his big cock in her holes too. And you will be able to deep throat like a porn star with some online sissy training too. I turn useless men into useful sissies. And I love doing it too.