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Do You Need Sissy Training?

sissy trainingDo you need sissy training? I love sissies. I joke that my home is Sissies R US. I have all the clothes. I have all the toys. I prefer sensual training, but I can be a bad ass bitch when I need to and sometimes when I just want to. I was a professional dominatrix for almost 20 years. Sometimes a guy gets some training when he is not even looking for it. Last night, I had a date. They guy was great on paper. He has a great job. He drives a nice car. He owns his own home plus a beach vacation home. He was not the typical broke ass loser. We had a great date. I was going to fuck him. I love casual sex. Nope. Did not happen. I should have known with the flashy clothes and the expensive sports car he was overcompensating for something. Turns out all the flashy bravado was because of a small dick. He had a micro penis. One of the smallest dicks I have ever seem. I went into mistress phone sex mode. I started spewing small dick humiliation jokes and slams. Seriously, the Ken doll I played with as a schoolgirl had a bigger package. And he thought he could fuck me with that? I am not like most women. I need more than a man with a big wallet. I want the big cock too. I went into my bedroom and got a pair of my pink panties and tossed them to him. He looked perplexed. I told him he was too small for his boxer shorts. He should protect his tiny family jewels. He was still perplexed. He was like we are going to fuck. I slapped his little balls and kicked him to the curb. No way, I told him. I am a sexy bitch who deserves something I can feel. He could get the fuck out or he could stay for femboy training, but I was not fucking a small dick poser. He stayed. Curiosity got the best of him. Now he is my pretty little slave. I am training him to suck cock tonight.

Let’s Get High and Have Sissy Phone Sex

sissy phone sexWant to get high and have sissy phone sex? I love to smoke weed. I appreciate my callers who like to party with whatever drug of choice they prefer. I have all kinds of druggy sissies. Some like coke, some like crack, some like meth, some like weed, and some like poppers. They all like cock though. I find for cock sucking sissies a little hit of whatever magic potion they prefer will get them ready to suck a ton of cock. I love oral training my sissies. During Covid, I would have sissies come over. I would tell them to bring their party supplies and all their pretty clothes. I would bring the cock. We would get high together and I we would show off my skills dressing them. I used to do hair and make up professionally. The skills never leave you. I can make a pig prom ready. Sissy Sally came over last night. She has been with me for almost a decade. A few bumps of coke and you would never guess she still needs sissy training. Now that Covid is in the rearview mirror, glory holes are open again. I no longer need to invite studs over to blow bang my sissies. I can dress them up and do their hair and makeup and take them to the glory holes. Sissy Sally sucked over 50 cocks in three hours at the glory hole last night. It was hopping too. I let her do bumps off my ass. She is a great cock sucker, but she used to be dreadful at it. She would use her teeth, gag when just the tip was in and spit out the cum. None of those bad habits were continuing when I was her sissy trainer. Now, ten years later, most guys on the other side of the glory hole wall think she is woman like me. That is because she has the best sissy trainer. I get her high, so she is more loosey goosey with those cocks. And I teach her how to look and act the part of a cock sucking sissy. Bring your poison, and I will bring the cocks.

Sissy Girl Training

sissy girl trainingLooking for sissy girl training? I love to train sissies. I am a mommy and a nurturing sissy trainer. I treat my sissies like my daughters. I dress them up frilly and pretty. And I teach them all the things they need to know to please men. I have a new real-time sissy. She found me through my daughter. He used to go to school with my daughter, but he dropped out before graduating because he was bullied. He was a femme boy then. Still is, but now he wants to transform. He plans on becoming a T-girl. She is saving up for a boob job, but in the meantime wants to work the truck stops and glory holes for money. My daughter brought her former schoolmate to me because she knew I was the best sissy trainer for the job. She was right too. I know how to turn a boy into a cock sucking princess. A few days with me as her trainer, Mark became Michelle. I did her makeup. I put her in a wig and some very pink and frilly clothes. I showed her how to walk like a woman. I showed her how to suck cock like one too. Such a pretty girl afterwards. She is a natural cock sucker. Honestly, one of the best I have trained to date. She took my big black dildo balls deep after the third try. It is 12 inches long. I knew where to get her maximum money for her skill set. The truck stop is full of black truckers in need of an eager mouth to drain their balls. When she became Michelle, she wanted big black cocks. So many sissies do. I am a BBC sissy trainer because I am a BBC slut. The bigger the better if you ask me. Same for Michelle. I took her to the truck stop last night and she made a couple thousand dollars just sucking on big black dicks. She will have her money for her boobs in no time with me as her trainer.

I Love Phone Domination

phone dominationI love phone domination. I can be a whips and chains dominatrix, but I prefer to be a nurturing domme. The kind that pegs your ass, dresses you up and teaches you to suck cock. I am a bad ass bitch. I have softened over the years since I became a mother. I am more nurturing now. A caller asked me how I knew I was dominant. My awaking was in college. I was an alternative girl. I was part of the Goth community, leaning more towards the steampunk clique. I took no shit from anyone, especially men. I met a much older professor when I was 19 and we had an affair that lasted 15 years, even after I married and became a mother. It is not the kind of affair you think. I was his mistress but not as in lover, as in owner. He had a kink lifestyle he had to keep hidden. In the early 2000’s he paid me $500 a week to peg and whip him. I did other things too like flogging and face sitting. My dorm roommate was slaving at Walmart for minimum wage. She worked 30 hours a week for less than $200 a week. I worked like 8 hours a week and was paid cash, under the table. My professor liked my look. He trained me to be a phone dominatrix. I was dominant by nature, but I had no clue yet about the BDSM lifestyle. Meeting him changed my life. Based on my experiences with him, I was able to add more clients. Before long, I was 23 making over $100,000 grand a year as a dominatrix. Now, here I am training sissies because all sissy trainers are bad ass bitches. Not all submissive men are sissies, but all sissies are submissive. They need a sissy trainer who is not afraid to train then or punish them either. I still have a few BDSM clients that I see in their homes, but I am more or a sissy trainer these days. Sissy training begins with a phone call.

Sissy Training Celebration

sissy trainingDo you need sissy training? Sissy school is in session. I love my sissies. I am a nurturing sissy trainer. As a mother of three, including twin sissy boys, I know how to love and nurture a sissy. Just ask my sons all the good I have done for them. They love that I am their mother and trainer. They had a special occasion this week. They starred in their school play. The first time they have been in a play together. This arts school is like a Fame school, very progressive. They had female leads and no one in the school complained. That never would have happened at their old school. I wanted to celebrate their debut in a special way. My sons love big black cock. They may have inherited that from me. I invited two black bulls over. Two bulls I know who do not care who touches their cock. Black men are just more fluid like that. They do not care who is sucking their cock. Good head is good head. A tight hole, is a tight hole. My sissy boys dressed up in their frilliest dresses. They styled their naturally long hair and I got them manis and pedis as a present. They love to glam up. They knew I had a surprise for them, but they did not know what it was until I brought them home. My daughter had let the party favors in the house. I am a BBC sissy trainer. I love to teach sissies how to suck the best cocks around, my sons included. I gave each of my sissy boys a shot of olive oil to lubricate their throats, then they showed off the deep throating skills I shared with them. Their little blonde heads bobbed up and down those massive cocks. They backed their little sissy holes up on those big black dicks too. It was a wonderful celebration. My boys have come so far. They would give even an old sissy a run for their money in the black bull ball draining department. Mommy can make you a good sissy too.

Online Sissy Training Sessions

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training means you can get trained from home. You never have to leave the house. And if your family seems to always be around, we can train you during cyber sessions. You just must call for the billing part, but the bulk of the session can be done on your computer while your wife thinks you are doing some work in your office. I know for many of my sissy boys, getting a real time mistress or even a bull to worship is much harder to do. That is why I am on a sissy site. I have several real time clients, but the pandemic and life has made it even harder to see them too. I even do some sissy training with them online too. I do think all sissies need a toy for their ass. You can get butt plugs and dildos on Amazon now. Consider it. You can use a garden vegetable too. But it needs to be one that is sturdy like a carrot, cucumber or zucchini. Lube is another thing you should have on hand. I am not going to destroy your asshole, unless you want that or you really piss me off, LOL. You can use your wife’s Vaseline or body lotion too. Steal a pair of her panties. Dirty preferably. I want you wearing panties, because most sissies have clit sticks that just get lost in boxers or boxer briefs. Some string or rope to tie up your nuggets is always good too. Seriously, sometimes a little pain is just what a sissy boy needs. When I train a sissy, I work on making you look the part and act the part. I will do my best to listen to your specific needs because the only things most sissies have in common is that they are sexually submissive to a phone dominatrix like me. Let the sissy training begin.

Nurturing Sissy Girl Training

sissy girl training

Do you need sissy girl training? I love to train sissies. I have two sissy boys. They are twins in every way. I think sissies are born that way. Sure, nurture plays a hand in it, but moms are not turning their sons into sissies. Well, some perhaps do turn their boys into cock sucking faggots for their own gain, but good nurturing mommies like me just know when their sons are not like the other boys. I bet if you think about it, there were inklings in your youth that you would be one day looking to be trained to be a cock sucking sissy. Maybe you played in your mother’s panty drawer or her dirty hamper. Maybe you liked to wear hose and walk around in high heels. Maybe you had one or more homo erotic encounters as a young boy. I believe that no one wakes up one day and says, “I am a sissy.” There are always hints and experiences that lead a guy to look for online sissy training. With my boys, they were hints. They were more interested in their big sister’s Barbie dolls and pretty clothes than their Hot Rod cars and boy clothes. They were effeminate. They talked and acted like a girl. One day I realized they were watching gay and sissy porn, and I had the confirmation I needed. Unlike the mothers of most of my callers, I do not find being a sissy shameful. I will not disown blood because they are not manly men. I am far more enlightened. I believe every man, boy and sissy has a place in this world. I have trained my sissy gurls to be cock suckers. I have taught them all to look feminine. When they are old enough, they can live their lives as trans girls, faggots, sissies or any combination they want. Are you ashamed to be a sissy? Did you not get the nurturing you needed from mommy? Mommy is her for you lovies. I am the best sissy trainer for sissy gurls in need of a feminine touch.

Mistress Phone Sex Queen Lends a Stud

mistress phone sexI am a mistress phone sex slut. I have a friend who is a cuckolding Goddess. We both know size matters and her hubby does not measure up. He is a cuck, but he is a bad one and she needed help teaching him a lesson. Up until I helped her with her loser husband, he was simply a cuck. She had lovers and he cleaned the house and her pussy. She wanted me to bring one of my bulls over. Her cucky husband had never had cock before. She wanted my lover to be hung, but not so monster big that he would ruin her husband or send him to the ER. I decided to get a white bull for the occasion. When I arrived with my bull, she was yelling at her loser husband because he had failed to clean the house again. She had his pathetic dick in a cage. She also had him dressed like a femboy. Cucks and sissies are cut from the same cloth. When he saw me enter the room with a man, he freaked out and tried to take his cage off, but she tossed the key to me. Little fucker, in every sense of the word. He needed punished. Tiny dick loser husbands need to know their place. Ignoring a wife’s instructions is criminal in a cuckold marriage. So, is trying to fight off a well-deserved punishment. I brought handcuffs because I knew he might be unruly. My hung companion subdued him with one arm. My friend’s cucky loser hubby found himself strapped to a chair unable to move. He also found himself with a mouth full of cock. Big fucking cock. That cucky bitch took our stud’s first load. He was an unwilling fluffer. Then he had to watch as we brought the stud’s cock back to life and shared his monster cock. I am a phone dominatrix, so I knew what to do after we brought the stud’s cock back to life. We had him fuck my friend’s loser husband in his back door pussy. Let us just say that cucky bitch squealed like a pig getting hammered by a 10-inch-thick cock. Afterwards, however, that bitch was singing a new tune. Sometimes losers just need put in their places with a little help from a sissy trainer, a big cock and cuckolding wife.

Femboy Training for Cocksucking Faggots

femboy trainingI love femboy training. While turning men into the little cock sucking faggots they yearn to be, I get asked often how to find cock. This is not Cocks R Us. I cannot snap my fingers and make a dick magically appear at your door. You need to be resourceful and find some cock to please. But there are some universal tips for finding dick on the downlow. The best place to start is Grinder. Many of the men using that app are on the downlow. That means they are married or acting like macho men but wanting to fuck a tight ass or suck a big cock behind closed doors. You can take a picture that obscures your face. Want to advertise that you are a bottom? Bend over and show off that tight pink puckered sissy hole. You will get some swipe rights. You can also research where the trucks stops are in your neck of the woods. Usually, late at night, at a rest stop on the trucker side or like a Loves or a Pilot that offers showers to truckers, you can find some men cruising for an ass to fuck. They may even let you party with them or maybe they will pay you for your time. Truckers have the best dope and from behind they cannot tell if you are a lot lizard or a bottom bitch. Even if they can tell, they are likely so horny that they simply do not care. Another option is an adult bookstore. It is anonymous head. You get on the receiving side of the glory hole wall and wait for horny cocks to come to you. You can back your mouth or your ass up to that hole and get some dick. The wall protects you and the giver does not care who is fucking or sucking his cock. If you need some cock as a sissy, I am the best sissy trainer for cock sucking faggots.

Mistress Phone Sex: I’m in Charge Loser

mistress phone sexMistress phone sex means I am in charge, and you obey me. It is funny how many men call a sissy trainer and expect me to be their bitch. Many men are stupid. I have this one bitch boy client I see in private. He comes to the house for cock sucking lessons and fem boy training. Yesterday, he acted like one of you clueless losers who sees a hot female and expects to fuck her. I do not fuck sissies. Never. Ever. I am not here for sexual encounters with men who have tiny click sticks. This client of mine has a micro penis like many of my callers. He is a femboy not a man, yet he tried to fuck me yesterday. I think his micro dick was doing the thinking for him. I am way too hot for a tiny dick. He thought because he pays me, he owns me. That mother fucker got a pegging that will have him walking funny for ions. Who does he think he is? He got a clitty hard on from the femboy training. No one else was around, so he thought he could fuck me. As if I would let a man in panties with a three-inch hard on fuck me? I flipped him over, grabbed my strapon and rammed it in his ass without warning. I had no time to wear it right because I needed to disarm him before he tried to worm me with his micro penis. He was begging for mercy, but he did not deserve it. I punish sissies who think they can fuck me. I fucked his asshole raw. I defeated him. He deserved it all too. I had zero compassion for his sore ass. I ended our contract. He begged me to take him back, apologized and tried to excuse his behavior. Bye Felecia. I kicked him to the curb. I will peg you too if you try to dominate the best sissy trainer too. I am in charge, not you. Never. Ever is a sissy in charge.