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Do You Need Sissy Panties?

sissy pantiesDo you have a pair of sissy panties? Every sissy needs panties, especially sissies with small willies. I sell my panties and I have a variety of panties too. I like to see sissies in feminine panties. Pastel colors or bold reds or purples. Maybe some animal print or floral panties. Lace, silk or cotton all feel good on your little dicklette and look good on you too. I have a panty obsession. I am addicted to Victoria Secret panties. They have such variety. My sissy boys love to play with my panties. That was how I knew they were not like typical boys their age. Most boys steal mommy’s panties to smell her pussy. They jack off in them because they are thinking about mommy’s wet pussy against their young cocks. My sons were wearing my panties because they were panty boys not because they wanted to be inside my pussy. My little boys wanted to dress up frilly and feminine to get cock. That is something I know how to do. The day I caught my twin boys wearing my panties and sucking on my dildos, I knew they needed sissy training. They started off just wearing my sexy panties and sucking on my strap-on dick. Now, I dress them up as pretty girls and I take them to glory holes to suck cock. Sometimes, I bring cock home for them too. Panties transform a boy into a sissy. They will transform you too. Panties keep your clitty feeling secure. Panties make you feel feminine. Panties also help you walk more like a woman. They hug your hips and make you feel girly. I will help your pick out the perfect pair too. We can shop online, or you can buy a pair of my sexy panties. Trust me, you belong in panties.

Easter Sissy Training with Frilly Dresses


sissy trainingIt is Easter Sunday and there is no better time for sissy training. My sissy boys love Easter. Not because of the baskets but because of the dresses. It is the one day of the year they can dress in their best dresses. When I was their age, I loved wearing my Gunnie Sax dresses. They were all the rage in the 70s and 80s. They were floral hippie style dresses that all the girls wanted for dances and Easter Sunday. My sissy boys love Easter dresses too. I took them shopping last week for their Sunday best. We are not religious, but I take them to church every Easter just so they can show off their frilly dresses. They got matching dresses. Pink dresses with lots of frills and bows. Matching ribbons in their hair and white fluffer sissy panties. Shoes to match with cute little white ankle socks with lace trim. I did their make-up too. Honestly, I do not think anyone would know they were not born girls. That is how good of a sissy trainer I am. I can make even the butchiest looking man a femboy. We went to church this morning for Easter sunrise service, and no one knew they were not little girls. Of course, at a certain age it is easy to make a little boy look like a little girl. They felt like the belles of the balls. We got home and had a nice brunch. I had a special surprise for them too. One of my black lovers came by. I told them to go into the bedroom for their Easter baskets. There was my stud naked with two Easter baskets dangling on their cocks. It is not Easter without some chocolate, right? Since their mommy is a bbc sissy trainer, they have a love for those big black dicks. It was a perfect Easter Sunday.

Online Sissy Training is the Way to Go

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training is my specialty. I have been in the domination world for twenty some years. I started out as a professional mistress in college. Men loved having a hot coed dominate them. And I loved doing it. I found out quickly, however, that sissies were a close cousin to BDSM boys. I enjoyed sissies. And when the laws for BDSM mistresses changed, I became a sissy trainer. I still have a few BDSM clients that have been with me a couple decades, but I am mostly a sissy trainer these days. It was a busy week too. I was slammed with longer callers. I picked up a few new sissy therapy callers. That is when men want to pick my brain about sissy training. I love just talking about the right clothes to wear. How to come out of the sissy closet. How to suck cock and where to get cock. I also teach sissies how to edge. Every sissy trainer does some jerk of instruction and cum eating instruction too. Little dicks tend to be quick cummers. I love talking to a variety of sissies too. I love to hear your experiences, what you crave and where you see yourself. We set a sissy plan and we make it happen. I have so many sissies, but I can never have enough. Let me be your sissy trainer. I will teach you how to dress the part. I will teach you how to look the part. And I will tell you how to act the part with cock sucking training. Cannot get the real thing? That is okay. I can still train you how to suck on a dildo or a beer bottle. I am the best sissy trainer for all kinds of sissies, but I will let you know, I am a nurturer and a sweet mommy. I can be mean and demanding, but I love to help a sissy grow with love and patience and training.

Phone Domination and Real-Time Domination

phone domination

I love phone domination. Telling small dick losers what to do and putting them in their place is what I do best. There is nothing I loathe more than a small dick loser who does not know his place. If you have a three-inch dick, you have no business hitting on a sexy bitch like me. I am way out of the league of men with dicks smaller than 6-inches. I met this guy through friends. He seemed nice. He was handsome, gainfully employed and had a nice house that was paid off. He was not very tall, but I have met short men with big dicks. I took a gamble because everything else checked off a box of my criteria. I was disappointed when we got naked last night, and he had a limp noodle. Three-inches tops was my guess when he was hard. He turned into a different man in the bedroom. He started ordering me to suck his cock. He got rude and said I was the reason he was not fully erect. No way was that going to fly with me. I am dominant woman. I am a cock size queen. I am the best sissy trainer. I told him to lay down on the bed and I would start with a sexy massage. I put on my strap on dildo, and I gave him a surprise he will not soon forget. I mean you cannot expect me to bow down and worship a tiny dick. You should not expect any woman to do that. As I massaged his shoulders, I slipped my dildo in his ass. He let out a huge scream and tried to wrestle me off his back. After a few thrusts, however, he came and was moaning to give him more. I wanted to punish him for being a dickless dick, but unfortunately, I rewarded the SOB with a free prostate massage. I kicked him out of my house. He kept texting me he was sorry, and he wanted more, but disrespectful losers with small dicks, never get more of me.

BBC Sissy Trainer

bbc sissy trainerI am a bbc sissy trainer. If you want the bbc sissy experience, be prepared to drink a lot of protein. Black spunk is full of good protein that helps you develop a good sissy body. I make the best cum shakes too. Oliver is my newest sissy on the block. I call her Olive now. She found me through another a sissy I train. Like many of my callers, she has a fascination for those big black dicks. She watches hours of black cock porn films, including interracial cuckolding videos. I have a big bull pen of black cock studs who love to make white men black cock faggots. Trevor is a black bull who has been fucking me for years. He has no problem making white men submit to his 11.5 beer bottle thick dick either. He is a strong man. A former body builder turned personal trainer, he is a massive man who can get men and women to do anything he wants. He is not gay. He is not even bisexual. He is just a dominant black man who loves a posse of bitches and sissies worshiping his black stallion cock. Olive has only been sucking on black dildos. She has not been able to suck the real thing yet. I do not do excuses because it you want something badly enough, you will find a way to make it happen, right? Well, no more excuses for Olive. Trevor skull fucked her giving her a taste for black cock spunk. Before Olive had arrived for sissy training, Trevor had filled me up with his nutter butter. I do what all good sissy trainers do to, I pissed out the cum and made a smoothie for my sissy. Olive drank down her nutter butter smoothie while she got her anal cherry popped. Are you ready to be my BBC sissy faggot?

sissy training

Sissy Humiliation Training

sissy humiliation trainingSissy humiliation training is so much fun. I love when pathetic losers call me. I enjoy publicly shaming losers and turning them into my pretty dolls. When a sissy submits to a strong and beautiful woman, a wonderful relationship blossoms.  I have a new pay piggy and humiliation junkie. Tina is such a sissy fairy faggot. She begs and pleads for sissy humiliation, but she must pay for it. Can you believe that? This sissy faggot is so desperate for attention, she pays to be publicly humiliated. I can hear you laughing at her already. I am always laughing at her. I have pictures I can blackmail her over if she does not pay up.  She prances around in frilly little outfits after work but wears a suit and tie during the day. Her wife and coworkers are clueless that once she is done pretending to be a man, she is twirling around like a shameful sissy faggot begging to be pegged. For this sissy, play time is at work. Being her real self requires online sissy training, small dick humiliation and financial domination from a mistress like me. I have pictures of her in diapers sucking on a big dildo. I have pictures of her with fresh jizz on her frilly dress from sucking dick in a glory hole. I have pictures of her dressed up in Shirley Temple dresses prancing around too. The pictures and the stories I have on this sissy are endless. I have enough to ruin her at work and ruin her marriage. That is one of the reasons she is such a good and obedient sissy for me. I can ruin her at any time. I can expose her for the pathic sissy she is. Are you a little sissy bitch like her that needs controlled and shamed? I will own you and shame you. You will pay me for the honor of keeping your dirty little secrets too.

I Love Sissy Phone Sex Callers

sissy phone sexI love sissy phone sex calls. Sissies are the best. Every woman should be so lucky to have a sissy in her life. I have many. I have phone sissies. I have real-life sissies. And I have 2 sissy sons. My sissy sons will be shemales one day. And they will have my full support too. I can make any sissy pretty. I can turn any sissy into a shemale too. I love feminizing sissies. How can you be a sissy in man clothes, right? It is just not a look that goes well together. The first thing I do with all sissies, including my sissy boys, is put them in panties. I will not say that all sissies have small dicks, but most too. I think the lack of testosterone makes dicks smaller and lends folks to be sissies. I have met a few sissies with big dicks, but they were just sort of occasional sissies. Either they just needed something taboo to push them over the edge or they were partying. Most sissies, however, have clits. Tiny little things that no woman would want or could feel. I like to make fun of small willies as I put them in appropriate under garments. Once I have panties on a sissy, I need to find matching items like a bra and garter belt. I also enjoy a dress too. Femboy training means learning to dress like a sissy, act like a sissy and living life like a sissy. Once a sissy looks the part, she can act the part. I train all sissies how to suck cock. There are a few sissies who do not suck cock, but they are few and far between. Once you feel and look girly, you want to do girly things like suck cock. I am great at training sissies to swallow cock. My little future shemales are great cock suckers.  Sissies are like dolls to me that I can dress up and play with. Think you are ready to play?

Sissy Training Party Girls

sissy trainingI had a marathon sissy training session with Margo this week. She is one of my favorite sissies. She gets high and that is when her freak flag flies. Margo is like most of my sissies, some what closeted. She has a wife who knows but is unsupportive. She has a job where most folks do not know about her occasional party girl habits. If you have an unsupportive wife or even an unknowing one, I can help you just like I help Margo. Many sissies are party sissies, and I do not judge. I believe lots of drugs can enhance a sissy’s experience and let her fully embrace her nature. Margo is such a good sissy when high too. She takes all the big black cocks and shemale dicks her mommy trainer tells her to take. She wants to please mommy. Mommy needs money and pimping out a pretty and obedient sissy girl is a great way to line my pockets. With every hit Margo takes, she gets higher and kinkier. She takes a BBC in her backdoor pussy and her pretty mouth. The higher she gets, the prettier she becomes too. She puts on pretty clothes, wigs, makeup… She progresses in her conversion with every hit of her pipe and each drag of her Virginia Slims.  And mommy sees dollar signs. It is more than just the money. Margo and I have a connection. We understand each other. We love each other too. I wish Margo were my own sissy girl. Not just for me, but for her too. She would feel more herself being around my two sissy girls and my sissy trainer daughter. Margo is not alone in not having a support system, that is why I am a BBC sissy trainer. Do not feel alone or ashamed if you are a sissy. Call me or one of the other great trainers I work with and let us bring out your true sissy side.

Why I Enjoy Being a BBC Sissy Trainer

bbc sissy trainerI love being a BBC sissy trainer. Now, I train without big black cocks too, but it is so much more fun with them. One of my favorite sissies is Margo. Like many sissies the times she can play are few and far between because very few people know about her private secret life. Margo prefers transsexuals. I can understand that because a sexy shemale is the best of both worlds and often trannies are dominant. Margo needs someone in charge regardless if that person has a cock or not. Like many sissies, Margo is fond of candy. And like anyone partying, those inhibitions disappear when high. I recommend sissies partake is some sort of party drug: poppers, weed, coke or booze. Not only does it help those sphincter muscles relax, but it also helps the mind let go of any fears or inhibitions. That is when I bring in the big black cocks. It is part of my wicked style of sissy training. I will not go as far as to say all black cocks are bigger than white cocks. There are big white cocks too. Black men are simply perfect for the cock curious sissy because black men do not look at getting their knobs polished by white men the same way white men look at it. Black men are not hung up on labels like gay or straight. They will just as easily fuck a sissy like Margo and go home to their wives and never once question their sexuality. Most sissies want cock. Many just do not realize it yet. That is why I encourage drug use. When some one is high or drunk, they tell the truth. There is no longer any inhibitions. And if they admit to being cock curious, I bring in a hung black stud who will never brag about doing a white man or try to make the sissy his live-in bitch. I got Margo high and I brought in the black magic. I will do the same for you too. That is why I am the best sissy trainer for the cock curious sissy.

I Love Long Drug Fueled Online Sissy Training Calls

online sissy trainingI love long online sissy training calls. Since Covid, however, those longer calls have been far and few between. Most of my “party” sissies have had little to no alone time in the age of Covid. Plus, finding party supplies are harder to come by too. I have not talked to Margo in months. She is a married sissy.  She has a wife who knows all about her girly side even if she does not encourage it. Margo needs to be a sissy. When she parties, her freak flag flies. Sound like you? It was so great to talk to her again. She is my most obedient and loyal sissy. She gets coked up and will suck anything I dangle in front of her. She is quite the pretty sissy too. Pretty blonde locks. Loves to dress up and look her most feminine. We talk about pretty shemales and big dicked men. We talk about her making her phone dominatrix money too. I am a great trainer. I am a sissy mom which gives me a unique background in training sissies. I am a nurturer. I am sweet and loving, but I have a bad ass bitch side when you do not do as you are told. Margo only gets my sweet, loving side because she is a great sissy. She is always willing to take more and more cum at mommy’s encouragement. I love party sissies because the higher they get the kinkier they become. I can push limits and comfort levels without much fuss. I hope Margo coming back to her sissy mom is a sign of more good times to come for not just her, but for all my partying sissies. What ever your poison, coke, weed, booze, poppers…the best sissy trainer will still bring out the best sissy in you.