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Best Sissy Trainer Coraline is Part Phone Sex Therapist Too

best sissy trainingI am not so egotistical to say I am the best sissy trainer here, but I am one of the best. I think what makes me good is that I am equal parts sissy trainer, mom and phone sex therapist. There is no cookie cutter sissy caller. You must know how to listen to a sissy when she is talking. Some do not want cock, some are all about the cock. Some want sissy humiliation, others want encouragement and nurturing. Some like to dress up in frilly dresses and be exposed as sissy faggots. Yet others just want to wear panties and stay in the closet. A good sissy trainer does not treat all her sissies the same way. I am part sissy phone sex therapist. I listen to my sissies. I help devise a sissy plan that best fits them. Jake for example, lives in a rural city. He wants cock, but it is hard to get cock in a small town. It is also hard to dress up and go to glory holes when your town has no glory holes and everyone in town knows everybody else. I have been encouraging Jake to travel. He finally did and he called me from San Francisco the other night. He wanted some encouragement on where to begin. In a large city full of gay men, sissy faggots and all kinds of alternative folks, Jake could blend in. I sent him to a glory hole first. I found an adult bookstore near his hotel and instructed him to go there. I was with Jake the entire time. He wanted me to hear him suck his first real cock and I did. I was like a proud mama bear. My months of sissy training finally being put into practice. It was hot hearing Jake swallow cock after cock. I helped Jake get what he wanted out of the sissy life. His journey is just beginning, however. Maybe I can help you with your sissy journey too.

Online Sissy Training for Sissies Who Cannot Get a Real Cock in Their Sissy Ass

online sissy trainingI love online sissy training men. Most of my regular phone sissies cannot really get cock, but they can pretend with this sissy mom. Yesterday, I got to talk with Margo. Been awhile since she had time to express herself. Margo is a party sissy. She loves her Tina, and she loves her mommy. Margo and I go back to the first week I worked as an online sissy trainer. Margo likes to please mommy. I pimp her out to all the black men I know, and even some I do not know. Mommy needs money. My sissies pay my bills. That is the way it should be too because mommy is in charge. I am a phone dominatrix. I am a real-life mistress too. Before I became a sissy trainer, I was a full-time mistress. I still have a dungeon in my basement, but it is part sissy room too. Now, some of the BDSM equipment has been replaced with sissy clothes and toys. When Margo first called me, she only had a few sissy items and a one dildo. Now, she can fill her own closet and has a variety of dildos. While we talked yesterday, she bounced on her suction cup dildo to simulate one of those big black cocks fucking her sissy holes. I let her do some Tina, and smoke because Tina helps open those sissy holes wide and black men love seeing a sissy bitch blow smoke rings on their big black cocks. Margo hustled for her sissy mom. She took one big black cock after another in her sissy ass. Cum was pouring out of her too. She made me so proud. It is not easy for most sissies to get those big black cocks, but calling a BBC sissy trainer like me can make it seem like you are really getting one big black cock after another up that sissy ass of yours.


BBC Sissy Trainer Coraline Loves Her Bimbo BBC Sissy Cami

bbc sissy trainerA BBC sissy trainer is what Sissy Cami needs. That is why she comes to me. She knows I will help her take the biggest and blackest cocks around. She is just a silly, pathetic sissy girl who needs to be pushed to take those BBCs. She has a black daddy who loves to pound her sissy holes. Unlike most sissies, Cami knows her place. She has a tiny little clit that is all caged up. That is because such a pathetic clit stick cannot bring any pleasure to a woman or a man. Sissy Cami is a pussy free white boy sissy. It goes without saying that this sissy girl is a bottom bitch. She has a cute girl butt ripe for those big black cocks. The bigger the cock, the blacker the cock, the more Cami becomes a mindless bimbo Bambi. She has had the best sissy trainer, however.

sissy trainingSissy Cami is too weak to come out to her former girlfriend or her parents. She needs mistresses like me to expose her. I love to put her pictures all over the Internet. Sissy Cami is Internet famous. Just a dumb sissy who begs to be exposed and begs to get all the black cock she can. She is part of the Black New World Order, and she helps pay reparations with one big black cock at a time in her sissy pussy.  She has a black daddy who gapes her sissy holes, and fills her with his black superior seed. But Sissy Cami s a BBC slut. She wants all the big black cock she can get. I like to parade her around the glory hole in a rebel flag bikini with her queen of spades tattoo so all the burly black men use her like a pinata. They see a BBC faggot like her begging for their big black dicks and superior cum and they pound her silly. Well, pound her sillier than she already is. Because of femboy training, Sissy Cami is just a dumb little faggot here to be used by big black dicks.

Best Sissy Trainer Coraline Knows That No Two Sissies are the Same

best sissy trainerThe best sissy trainer understands no two sissies are alike. There is no cookie cutter recipe for all sissies. Some sissies just want to get pegged and wear women’s pretty clothes. Some sissies just want to be beta males to an alpha female. That can include fluffing cock, eating creampies and things like that. Some sissies crave humiliation, and some abhor it. Some sissies want black cock. Some sissies only want white cock. Some sissies want no cock. I do not judge my sissies. I know that we can be turned on by different things. I listen to my sissies.  I ask questions and we create a sissy plan. I am best known, however, for my love of big black cocks. I pass that love on to most sissy boys. If they did not come to one of my sessions with a love already for big black dicks, they likely develop a love for them quickly. I am a BBC sissy trainer. I do have a black bull posse that I like to utilize with my sissies. I can train you with black dildos, but honestly, nothing is better than the real thing. The thing about black men is that they often go both ways. Black men do not care who is sucking their cock as long as their cock is getting sucked. They do not look at it as gay or even bisexual. White men freak out if their balls touch another man’s balls while double penetrating a woman, LOL.

Most of my sissies are black cock faggot wannabees. Many do have real experience with big black cocks, but not all. I can work with what is in your head. I can listen to you share your real experiences too. Like I said earlier, I know that not all sissies are the same. Not even all black cock sissies are the same. Some just want to fantasize about BBC and some want help going out and getting the real thing. The only thing my sissies share in common is that I am their sissy training mistress.

BBC Sissy Trainer Coraline Can Transform You Into a BBC Sissy Faggot

bbc sissy trainerNeed a bbc sissy trainer? You are in the right place. As you can see, I love big black cocks. Now, that does not mean I am submissive though. I may let black guys do things to me that I would never let a white man do to me, but I am not submissive in the slightest. I have never been submissive. When I was 18, I was making money as a professional dominatrix. I had a dungeon and all the equipment in the basement of the house I was renting with three other coeds. I was born a bad ass bitch. Guys who see me for sissy training usually want BBC training too. Not all, but the majority of my real-time sissies and phone sex sissies love big black cocks. I train sissies to worship the best cocks around. I have several black studs who simply do not care who is sucking their cock. Black men are a special breed of men. Dominant, hung, horny and willing to let a little white bitch boy suck their huge cocks. Tyrese is a 28 year old black man with a 13-inch cock that is a thick as a beer can too. He is not gay, not even on the down low. But he does not give a flying fuck who sucks his cock. I called him over last night to help me train a black cock sissy. Darren is now Denise the black cock faggot. That black cock spunk can femininize even the most masculine sissy. Darren is not masculine though. Barely 5’4 with a three-inch nub, and an effeminate persona. She has always wanted to worship big black dicks. Tyrese helped make a black cock sissy’s dream cum true last night. Denise was on her knees getting skull fucked most of the night. Before my black stud arrived, I transformed Darren into Denise with some femboy training. I had her hair styled, her make-up done, and I put her in some pretty lingerie right out of my closet. Denise has a sore jaw and a sore sissy hole today, but now she is officially a black cock sissy. Can I make you one too?

Sissy Training Means I am In Charge of You and You Don’t Call the Shots

sissy trainingSissy training is why men are on my site. Often, however, I get some tiny dick loser who has lost his mind trying to fuck me. If a woman is on a sissy site, she is not submissive and she is a size queen. If you do not know what a sissy is, you best Google it. If you are not some beta bitch who wants to dress up like a human dolly and suck cock, especially big black cock, then this site is not for you. Move along. Just because I am a phone sex woman does not mean I will fall to my knees to suck any cock that gets dangled before me. I do not operate that way. I am a phone dominatrix. I had some loser last night threaten to get me fired for not sucking his dick. I told him it was not my fault that he was a moron and was on a specialty site trying to dominate a dominatrix. He kept hounding me and threatening me, however. No one forces me to do anything. I force you to dress up girly and take big black cocks. This loser wrongly assumed that I was a pushover and that he owned be because he bought a $20 call. No one owns me for any amount of money. I did a quick Google search on him. I mean I had his credit card info and full name, and his billing address. I found out a lot of information. I started telling him his wife’s name, his boss’s name and hell I even found his divorce record. His wife left him for abuse. I told him he was angry and aggressive with women because no one, not even his ex-wife wants anything to do with his shrimp dick. I gave him humiliation phone sex and I blackmailed him into submission. Do not think you can call me and call the shots. You will not win. I cannot be threatened, forced or bullied into submitting ever to some tiny white dick loser.

Mistress Phone Sex with a Black Cock Sissy Trainer

mistress phone sexMistress phone sex is what some of you punk asses need. Seriously, some sissy boys are so annoying. No discipline. No manners. No concept of how this all works. I have a new sissy in my life. He is my daughter’s sissy. Now that she is 18, she is following in her mommy’s footsteps. She trains some sissies in real time, as well as through Fans Only for sissies not in our zip code area. I think this sissy thought he could dictate how sessions would go because my daughter is barely legal. He though she was a newbie, but she is my daughter. She has seen me work for a decade now. She has helped me when she became a teen girl too. She is not a novice. She is every bit the phone dominatrix that her mommy is. This one unruly sissy bit her. Not hard, but he still bit her. No acts of aggression are tolerated. Not by her, and not by me. She called in reinforcement. We had a sissy who needed broken in. I was her reinforcement. My posse of black bulls was my reinforcement. I walked into her studio apartment on campus with my bulls and all I had to say was, “Chopper, sic balls.” My bulls know that means destroy a sissy’s holes. Make him beg for mercy. Make him sing a different tune. This sissy had a panicked look on his face as 4 big black bulls with massive cocks pounced on his pathetic sissy ass. My bulls shoved their massive fuck meat  10-inches deep into that sissy’s ass and mouth. It looked like the sissy swallowed a sword. The sissy bitch was crying and pleading and begging for mercy. I laid into the irreverent sissy and told him this was his last warning. Shape up or ship out. Because the next time he is unruly with my daughter, I will triple the size of the black posse. I am a bbc sissy trainer. I have black bulls I use to train, punish and destroy a sissy. So, consider yourself warned. I will brutalize unruly sissies with the biggest and blackest cocks.

Online Sissy Training Makes You the Pretty Girl You Were Born To Be

online sissy trainingDo you need online sissy training? No shame in admitting you do. You are not alone. Not at all. I found a new sissy on accident this week. My daughter had a male school friend over. She is a freshman in college and has this study buddy who sometimes comes over. He is a cute boy, but effeminate.  You can tell he is likely bisexual or gay. I do not judge. I have noticed his very pretty features though and thought what a beautiful girl he would make. I was supposed to be out of the house the last time he was over. I had a sissy client I was training at his house. His wife came home unexpectedly, and I had to duck out the back door as not to bust him. Sissy training is a man’s dirty secret from his wife. Charlie was in my bedroom when I came home dressed head to toe in my lingerie. He was so embarrassed, but I assured him it was fine. I kind thought he was a natural femboy. I asked him if my daughter had offered up any help. She is a sissy trainer too. He admitted she had no clue he was sneaking away to play in my pretty things.  He should have told her because he could have had two sexy sissy trainers helping soon than now. My daughter’s friend wants to be girl, just like my boys. My daughter and I are very close, and we think alike when it comes to sissies. I love dressing boys up as girls with her. She is great with hair and makeup, and I am good with style. We turned Charlie into Charlene. The next thing to do was get Charlene some cock because when you get femboy training with me, you learn to suck cock like a pro too. We will continue to work with Charlene and make her the best sissy she can be. Ready for your turn?

BBC Sissy Trainer Coraline is Proud of Her Reparations Sissy Cami

bbc sissy trainerI am a BBC sissy trainer. I have lots of BBC sissies. Sissy Cami is my reparations sissy. She is paying back the sins of slavery with her sissy holes. She has a black daddy in her life and a BBC mistress to make sure she does what she is supposed to do. I have her sworn off pussy and white cocks too. She is a Queen of Spades which means she fucks only big black cocks. I took her down to the truck stop again last night. This little weak sissy bitch was dressed up in her fishnets and high heels. She had on her collar and her tiny clitty was free from its cage for once. Not that her pathetic nub can do much. It is just that small and useless. She was hustling her ass through the truck bays sucking one big black cock after another. Sissy Cami is my pay piggie too. Not only does she pay me for femboy training, but she also earns me money hustling at the truck stop and glory holes in town. The economy is down, but big black cocks are always up and needing drained. White women have long been paying reparations with their fuck holes. That scares a lot of white boys who know that they cannot measure up. Now, my reparations sissy embraces the Black New World Order. She knows she cannot satisfy white women, so she is a willing reparation sissy. I think Cami just needs to feel like she is doing something productive in this world. And since she cannot please a woman or a man with that pathetic tiny nub, she takes big black cock in her pathetic sissy holes. Sissy training with me means you are polishing the knobs of big black cocks. Sissy Cami is a black cock sissy. She is black owned and bred. And her tiny, sissy fuck holes are open for business to pay back the sins of slavery.

femboy training

Mistress Phone Sex Women are in Control, Not You Sissy Bitch

mistress phone sexMistress phone sex women like me enjoy telling pathetic little sissies what to do. I have a sissy in my life who thinks he is above the law. I mean that figuratively. Yes, he pays me for sessions but when he comes over, he has a litany of things he will not do. I put up with it briefly. Then I told him it was my way or the highway. I am the mistress. I am the dominant one. No one gets to tell a mistress what to do. When he first came to me, he just wanted to wear my pretty things and service me. He wanted femboy training but did not want to suck cock. I do not make all my sissies suck cock, but if you tell me what you will not do, I might make you do it anyway just to show you that I am the boss. Sissy Greg found himself on the other end of a glory hole last night. I told him I was taking him to get some new anal toys. But I arranged for him to get skull fucked. I know the owner of the adult bookstore. He is one of my clients. He advertised that there would be a cock sucking sissy down to blow all the cocks he could at 8pm. I walked in with my unruly sissy on a leash and took her to the back room. She quickly knew what was going on, but the door was locked from the outside. He was not getting out without sucking some cock. Big cocks were coming through the hole. I threatened blackmail if he did not suck all the cocks and swallow every load. He fought me, but when I showed him that I was about to post a picture of him dressed as a girl on his Facebook page, he fell to his knees and started sucking those cocks. Silly sissy boy. You cannot tell a phone dominatrix how to do her job.