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Summer Camp Sissy Training

Last summer I was a camp counselor and I enjoyed being the bossy bitch I am and keeping these little sluts in check gets my cunt wet. On the boy’s side of the camp, I noticed there was a really prissy boy slut.  I was hearing how he was watching the other boys in the shower. I decided I would break him in. I left a note on his bed with no name to meet me in the backwoods.

Sissy girl training

When he got there, I popped out. He thought he was in trouble, and I ran with it. I told him that he would be kicked out if he didn’t do some training with me. I made him undress and bent over, grabbing his head and shoving it in between my ass cheeks. I told him to lick my ass and show me how his tongue works. Then I tied him up to the tree. We spoke about how he loves looking at cock and how he was going to get some sissy training from me for the rest of the summer. I pulled my big dildo out strap-on out and shoved it down his mouth. I made him suck it like he was going to milk it. After I put it on, I got behind him and shoved it up his sissy pussy. He moaned out and I had his little cock clitty leaking cum down his legs. I fucked him over and over against that tree calling him a little bitch slut until sun came up. That was a good way to start our sissy girl training.

Walking My Sissy Bitch

I took my sissy for a walk today. I put on her sissy collar and only sissy panties. I made sure to shove my favorite plug in her little man pussy. I made it clear my sissy slut had to crawl on all fours like a dog bitch she is, while at the park i made her sniff people’s asses just like bitches do. I even made her eat treats out of their hands before I was going to show off how good her mouth is. I pulled my dildo out my bag and my sissy slut opened her mouth wide open. I shoved it down her slutty mouth so everyone could see how far down her throat she could take it. She was putting on a good show, but it wasn’t enough for me. I pulled her panties down and pulled the butt plug out of his man pussy.

Sissy panties

I shoved the plug in her mouth and then took my dildo and started fucking her opened sissy cunt for everyone to see. Her clitty started leaking and I scooped anything with my fingers and made her lick it. I didn’t stop shoving my dildo in and out of her sissy cunt until she made a cummy mess. Just like any other messes my sissy whore cleaned up with her tongue. 

New Young Sissy Toy To Train

The prettiest teen sissy slut stumbled onto my feet recently. I saw her walking down the street like a lost puppy. I told her that I like her pretty pink shoes and that only a good little slut wears shoes like that. I invited her to my place for a good sissy slut training. By the looks of her I could tell her sweet boy pussy was trained well. I made her undress down to her cute pussy pink  Sissy panties and only heels on. I asked her about her training history but it sounded like she only had been fucked before. I told her how I am a strict mistress and I better have any mess I have made cleaned up right away. I told her she came at the right time I had just had a really good fuck session that made my cunt dripping and full of hot gooey jizz. He got on his knees and licked my dirty cunt. With every dig of his tongue in my gooey pussy he pulled cum and juices into his mouth being a good slut cleaning me up.

Sissy slave training

When she was done I have her give my house a spring cleaning before I would fuck her with my strap on toy.

Breeding My Sissy Slut’s Man Pussy

I was going to get my sissy slut pregnant today! I had forced her into some feminization trying and this wad part of it. She learned how to suck big black cock until all the nut came out and now she was going to use that sweet man pussy of hers to milk my new boyfriends big black fat dick. I wanted to see her filled up by so much nut she would be pregnant by the end of the night. She wore some White lace panties and bralette set with matching stockings and high heels.

Forced feminization

My boyfriend loves slapping his cock against a sissy whore letting them know that they are only made to suck cock and get fucked. I pushed my sissy whore on to her knees guiding my boyfriends fat cock into her slutty mouth that was already watering thinking about the taste of cock. I played with my cunt as I watched a black bull face fucking my sissy. I was ready I wanted to see my sissy slave get fucked and filled up I yelled for my boyfriend to fuck her whore cunt and he pulled her panties to the side and slammed his BBC into my sissy whore. That drove me over the top and I came all over my fingers I shoved into my sissies mouth so she can clean all my juices off of them while she got used to milk a big black dick. 

Stepbrother Forced Sissy Training

I walked in on my stepbrother after he hopped out the shower and I saw how little his white dick was. I started laughing at him pointing at his big clit. I walked up to him, pulled my panties from the hamper, telling him he will dress as a bitch because that is what he is. Being a girl is fun i told him you get fucked and filled up. I stroked his little dick trying to get pre-cum out and when he started leaking, I wiped some with my fingers into his mouth making him lick my fingers clean. “Oh yes a good sissy bitch knows how to clean a cummy mess”. I knew my boyfriend and his big black cock were coming over so i made it clear to my sissy white stepbrother that he is my bitch toy to us as i want and to not say a word. I blind folded my boyfriend and walked him into my room.

Forced sissy training

There I pulled his big black cock and grabbed my stepbrother’s head and pushed it down, making him suck his BBC. My boyfriend called him a good cock sucker and slut. Then i bent him over and told my boyfriend to fuck me. I guided his cock into my stepbrother’s asshole. I played with my cunt as my forced stepbrother was getting fucked and filled up by my BBC boyfriend and it made me so very horny.

Breaking In New Pretty Little Sissy Bitch

I have a new pretty little sissy bitch since my perfect sissy has strayed and I wanted to show my new one how to be.

Sissy slave training

I bought the biggest two-sided dildo I could find. I bought some new sissy panties and bralette set with matching stockings. When my sissy walked in, she got naked right away I love watching her little clitty in between her legs excited to see me. I turned her around and spanked her ass and made her tell me who she belongs to. She got dressed in 6-inch heels and crawled to me. I spread my legs so my sissy slut could lick my cunt and get it wet for the strap on dildo I had for us. She did as she was asked and when I put it on, she was bent over spread open showing me that man pussy. As I pushed my strap-on deep in my new pretty little sissy the other side went deeper in my cunt. I started fucking her hard and deep making sure I used her so I can cum hard. I didn’t stop until I felt my body tense up, I started cumming hard. I pulled out of her now gappy man pussy and told her to stay that way until I was ready for more.  

Sissy Slut Earned His Punishment

Nothing better than a mistress that knows how to punish you in the best way you love. I know how to put you in your place. My sissy maid hoe that is all you are. If you forget to clean something right or you don’t milk my BBC bull friends right, I will bend you over my knees and give you a sissy slut spanking. I won’t stop until your ass is red and swollen.

Mistress phone sex

That is when I will put my big strap-on on and fuck you hard, showing you who you serve and who you belong to. You little clitty leaks all over my hand when I touch your chastity belt. I don’t stop until I make you scream who you belong to. Hearing you say you belong to me and having the end of the strap rubbing on my clit as I fuck you, I don’t wait, and I pull out and spray you all over with my cunt juices. When I am done you right away get to cleaning my mess with your mouth like I like, and I know my punishment worked.  

Dildo Heel Fucking And Sissy Maid Training

I had a long holiday of fucking, and my sweet cunt was sore, tired and full of thick nut. My sissy maid training has taught my Femboy when mistress has a mess, he must clean it up. He started with bending over and showing me the sissy panties, I had picked for her to wear.

Sissy maid training

I spanked her sissy ass leaving my handprint right on it. I sat down and right away my sissy started licking my heels clean making sure to have them shining. My sissy made knew what to do next when I spread my legs open. She started lapping my dirty cum filled cunt. She made sure to scoop out any nut that was in me and didn’t stop until I was all clean. By then I was ready, and I pulled my dildo heels and have my sissy get in to position. I angled my heel right on the entrance of her man pussy. I started pushing until it popped right in. I started kicking my heel deep inside you back and forth making your little clitty leak. You beg for mistress to let you release but I made you hold it for a bit longer until finally I let you make a new mess for you to clean up and let you cum on the floor.  

Sissy Slut Breaks In My New Strap-On

It was time to buy a new strap-on so I decided to try out all the other strap dildos on my sissy bitch and see how much more I can demand her to take. Dildo after dildo my sissy slut took it like a champ. I have been trainer good and using her tight man pussy for mine and my friend’s pleasure. 

BBC sissy trainer

Going to the love store was easy I got the biggest horse cock I could find since my sissy slut was trained to take BBC already. When I got home, I ordered my sissy slut to lick my cunt and asshole to get me in the mood to fuck her. She lapped my wet pussy like a horny bitch and I couldn’t help but cum all over her face. I told her to bend over and I put my horse cock strap-on on. I lubed it up and pushed it against lose man pussy and it was about to get even more gapped. With some force I was able to get my whole horse dick in that ass. I fucked my sissy slut hard, telling her take every inch had her begging me to let her cum. I finally did and her clitty leaked all over. She knew to clean up her mess after.  

Sissy Maid At Its Finest

Dressing up my sissy slut is only part of the training I give. A good sissy slut always wears her collar and chastity like a good slut.

Sissy maid training

My sissy sluts will be pranced around, and their talents will be shared. My favorite sissy slut uses her mouth so good. Whenever I am around my friends know they can pull their BBC’s and have them milked. My sissy maid knows I don’t like messes so she will swallow every drop of thick nut making sure nothing drips out her mouth. If she drops even one drop of gooey nut, I will bend her over my knee and spank her ass until she is red and sore. If I am in the mood, I will show her who is boss by putting my big strap-on on and fucking her hard until her little Clitty leaks. If she has been a good milking slut, I will let her cum but she must clean her nutty mess up with her mouth like I like seeing.  A good sissy maid will do as her Mistress demands.