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I ripped those Sissy panties and put you in your place

I ripped your Sissy panties off and started to spank your ass. “You fucking, slut you aren’t supposed to be fuck anyone unless I say so. One after the other I give your sissy ass spankings. “Since you want to slut that pussy out while I’m not around now you will be punished” I say as my bbc bull friends walk in. “You will get used like a filthy whore since you want to act like one without my command”.

Sissy panties

“Open your sissy mouth and start fluffing some big black dick” I say as I force your mouth open. Therefore, you start sucking those big black dick bulls just like I taught you. “Keep going you sissy whore bitch” I say as I lube your sissy pussy up. “Come fuck this whore” I tell one of my bbc bulls as I spread your ass cheeks. Then he stuffs you with his fat cock. “Keep sucking the other dicks while you get stuffed like a worthless pig”.

This should remind you that I am your mistress, and you belong to me” is all I say while laughing. Your pussy is getting stretched out and I love it. I love watching you get used, especially as a punishment. Therefore, after you got filled up, you got another bbc pushed inside tour sissy cunt. That’s part of your Sissy slave training and sometimes you need to be reminded. After you get filled up by all the bbc bulls I grab your face and say, “Now you remember your place and who you belong to?”. You respond with “Yes mistress Gypsy, I am your sissy slave bitch”.

Sissy slave training will have you drippin with hot jizz

Sissy bitches come to me for Sissy slave training because they know they need to be put in their place. “You are made to be used and fucked by bbc”. “Yes mistress” you respond as you put on your sissy outfit. Part of your training consists of wearing whatever I want you to wear. First, I like making sure you look like the perfect sissy whore. If you don’t look fuckable enough for me, I’ll just sell your cunt to any old cock.

Sissy slave training

But if you look like a decent slut, I will bring my favorite bbc cock to pound you while you eat my cunt. I’m your master and you must do whatever I say. That includes licking my pussy whenever you want. “You are just a pathetic little whore that needs to be used” I say as I grab your head and push it towards my pussy.

While you lick me, I say, “you passed the test and will be fucked hard”. After that my friend and his hard big cock walk in. “Spread your legs and give him full access to that pussy hole” I say as I continue fucking your sissy mouth. Then he rips your Sissy panties off and starts fucking you. Finally, I cum in your mouth and finish watching you get fucked. 

Sissy panties are what father son sissy hoes wear

I love when I meet a father son sissy pair. “Daddy has been dressing you, hasn’t he?” I say while looking at every inch of you. “Look at your pretty Sissy panties”. “You will be getting used to horny bitches in heat”. First kiss my feet with your sissy mouths. Worship me like the goddess I am. After you both are on your knees kissing and sucking at my toes, I signal for my bbc friends to come in. once they see your sissy asses wiggling in the air, they get hard in attention.

Sissy panties

There is nothing better than sissy holes to milk bbc. “Spread your legs open and do what I have trained you to do” I say as I continue to stuff your mouth with my feet. Watching the training I have given you in action has made me so happy and turned my cunt on. With every pump my pussy gets wetter. I grab your sissy daddies head and make her lick my cunt while she is milking a bbc.

“You sissy sluts are making me very proud”. You can tell you have the Best sissy trainer as your master goddess. “Eat me until I feed you my juices” I moan. Finally, it happened my pussy started squirting into your sissy daddy’s mouth. As I feed your daddy, you moan out to get filled up by some hot thick semen. For the rest of the night, I show off the training I have given you sissy sluts and you didn’t disappoint. 

Best sissy trainer will have your sissy pony ass fucked in front of friends

You can tell when a sissy has been trained by the Best sissy trainer. When my sissy bitch walks in you can tell that I am her mistress. She will have a ponytail poking out from her sissy cunt. “Wiggle that tail for my friends, my good sissy pony” I say as I giggle at you.  You know your place. Therefore, you start wiggle your ass making your ponytail swing. Then I take my paddle and I spank your ass, “thank you mistress”.

Best sissy trainer

Every time you thank me for spanking you, my friends clap. That is exactly how a sissy princess hoe responds. After your ass is red and swollen, I decide to put on a show for my friends. After stripping down I lay my bare cunty on your ass and I ride you around like a pony whore showing off your Sissy slave training skills.

As we go around the room, I make you use your hoe mouth to tend to sexy feet. When we get to the last pair of pretty feet, I pop your ponytail from your sissy pussy. Then I slide my strap cock and pound you like a bitch in heat needs to be bred. “Mistress, thank you for blessing me” you moan out as your clitty starts to leak. Everyone enjoyed the show and even wanted to join in on your training.

Sissy slave training for young sissy hoe

I took my youngest sissy bitch for some international Sissy slave training. I was going to have a big black African cock gangbang. First night I picked your sissy outfit out, making sure you were looking like a very fuckable whore. Then when it was the night of your African dick gangbang, I had you greet everyone on your knees with your mouth open. If they wanted to fuck your throat they could.

Sissy slave training

One of my friends actually greeted you by slamming his bbc down your throat. While you got your throat fucked you could barely breathe. But I have trained you very well, so you took every inch of his cock in your mouth. Therefore, all the bbc bulls in the room started to get excited. “Come one sissy bitch start fluffing every cock up” I demand of you.

Like a well taught whore you Start sucking every dick around. “Keep it up you know it gets that sissy pussy ready to get fucked” I laugh and say. Finally, I rip your Sissy panties off and line the first cock to your sissy cunty. “Make sure you bounce your pussy on every dick hard until you are filled up”. after a while I could see semen dripping down your legs. Seeing how well trained you always makes me happy. 

Phone dominatrix makes you a sissy bitch fluffer

A sissy bitch like you is always in need of a Phone dominatrix like me. I will give you all the training that you need. First, I make sure to have you in panties and sissy stockings. I even want you to wear makeup, so I can have it smeared off like a dirty whore. “Don’t forget part of your training is to get fucked” I tell you as I stuff my pretty feet in your mouth. Beforehand I want you to be cuckold sissy and watch as I get fucked.

When my bbc fuck buddy comes over you need to fluff his cock up for me. “A pretty bitch like me can get a sissy like you to suck any cock I want”. Then when I saw his bbc was hard and leaking I bent my ass over and made you watch him fuck me. “Lick his ass you sissy bitch while I get fucked”. I demand of you. Then you eagerly lick his ass while i get fucked to please your mistress.

Phone dominatrix

It felt so good getting fucked while I gave you some Sissy slave training, that it made my cunt squirt hard all over his big black dick. “Now suck his cock clean, don’t stop until you make him cum hard all in your sissy mouth”. Right away you put your mouth on his cock and that makeup you have on has been smeared all over your sissy face. Finally, I can see that big black dick stiffen up and start spraying nut in your throat. “Eat all that semen and don’t waste any you sissy bitch slut.

Sissy panties will be ripped off when you get gangbanged

When it comes to Sissy panties, that is a must for my sissy whores to wear. It is part of your uniform. I have a special birthday party planned for my young new sissy. “For your birthday you will dress like a sissy princess whore” I say as I surprise you with your gangbang birthday party. “Thank you, mistress,” you respond while kissing my feet. “The best part of your gangbang party is that I will film you”.

Sissy panties

It will be a training video for sissy bitches on how to milk bbc bulls. First you will put on a hoe show, I want everyone to see some of your training you have received. Then you will go around the room to all our bbc guests and show them how much practice your mouth has gotten. Once their king size candy bars are hard and stiff you will get in position to get fucked. “Don’t let me down my sissy bitch, I want you to milk every cock in the room”.

Finally, our guests are here, and I set the camera up to record you getting used for your birthday. Before the night was over your tummy was full of semen loads. Since you sucked any cock that wasn’t fucking you. After a few dicks had filled you up, you asked your mistress for a break.  “I think your sissy pussy still has some room for more thick black cock creampie loads” I demanded of you. It is part of your Sissy training slut, and you know it. 

Sissy slave training is all sissy bitch deserves

I love a bitch who is ready for Sissy slave training. First, I want you to undress and wear the sissy outfit I picked for you. It will consist of sissy pink panties and stockings, plus sissy make up. “You need to look like a perfect slut” I said as I put lipstick on you like a pretty pig. “Tonight, you will be milking some very important clients”. After I said that three big black cocks walked in. “I have some well training coming your way my sissy bitch”.

“You will milk every one of these cocks”. Then you nod your head like a good whore and get on your knees. “Suck some dick and spread those legs” is all I command of you. Your mouth opens wide, and I shove a big dick in your sissy throat. Then I make it easy to get a bbc in your sissy cunt by ripping your panties off. The look in your eyes when his hard dick pushes deep inside you makes your mistress very happy.

Sissy slave training

My cunt started to moisten when I saw you were swallowing your first load of thick jizz. “Eat it all, you filthy whore” I moan out as I play with my cunty. Watching you getting fucked excited me so much, I jump hard on the last cock standing and i ride him like they are riding you. Finally, I started getting filled up and so were you, “that’s it milk that cock with that sissy pussy bitch” i moan out as i cum hard all over his bbc.

Sissy slave training will get you exposed and for

What a filthy undercover whore you are!” I said as I forced this sissy to do what Sissy slave training demands of her. You must wear your sissy outfit I picked for you if you want me to use you. First you have to know you are worthless and that your sissy hole was made to be filled up with thick cummy loads. Secondly you have to follow every direction I give you, like “suck the left-over nut out my cunt”.

Your tongue needs to scoop every drop of semen in my cunt hole if you are a good whore maid. The point of you being a whore is to do what I say. Tonight, you will be broken in by a big cock. A sissy whore gets nothing, but a big cock. Even if it is a toy dick lick mistress has, you must take all of it.  First, I brought my favorite “Suck black daddy’s cock while I spank that ass and clitty in those Sissy panties I picked for you”. 

Sissy slave training

I moaned out. It sent you in overdrive and you tried to suck the cum out of his big black dick. “Don’t you dare, you filthy slut”. “We know you are hungry for that semen, but you won’t get that tummy full”. Then I spanked your ass with my paddle, shoving your mouth on the cock harder. After your ass was red, I ripped those lace panties off. “You will fuck this cock like I know you want”.

“Can’t hide who you are any more”, is all you hear as i stuff you with my friend’s bbc. “Oooh” you moan out loud. That was my reasons for training you so you can be who you are meant to be a sissy bitch who gets fucked. Finally, I see his big balls tighten up “you are about to get filled up”. “Don’t stop until you get every drop of nut out”. Then I see you getting filled and your clitty sprays all over. “Good job whore”.

Forced feminization with a sexy pair of panties

My friend came to me and told me about her cheating boyfriend, so I decided to give him a taste of my power and some Forced feminization. Since he never met him, it was easy for me to lure him back to my place. At my place I feed you more alcohol and even some rails of blow. It is to ensure you are going to be weak enough for me to control. After you tried to kiss me, I slap you. “Bitch you are not worthy of me, I heard about what you do to women ”.

Since you are so drunk it was easy for me to undress you and put a dress on. “You won’t take it off unless you are going to get fucked” is what i say as i force make up on your face. “Look at you”.  “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig”. “Now get on your knees and squeal like a pig”. “Oink oink” is all I let you say before I start spanking your sissy ass with my paddle. I stand in front of you so you can watch me put my strap-on on. I can see you are scared.

“What are you scared of; didn’t you want a fun banging session?” After you nod you head, I smile and spank you again. “Beg for me to fuck your pussy bitch!” My paddle hits your ass over and over hard, “I won’t stop until you say it!” “Please fuck me, please”. Finally, you said it, that is when I slam my cock into your man pussy. “You are going to be my new feminine bitch and I will fuck you just like you fuck bitches behind each other’s back”.

Forced feminization

“Now show me what a slut bitch you will be for me” is what I tell you as I start to jack off your cock. I want to force you to cum as I fuck you, that way you know what a bitch you really are. Your Sissy panties are my handles to hold on to as I ram inside you. Finally, you explode all over my hand, “you filthy bitch I knew you would love it”. “Now clean your mess up!”