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Phone dominatrix shows you what you are whore

One of my sissies loves when his Phone dominatrix shows him how worthless he is and how pathetic his little dicky is. That is why I make it a little clitty. I make you wear panties and walk around while I show you off. If I spank you, you know to thank me. Even make you do a little dance where you spread your ass apart and show off your sissy pussy. “Look at her sissy hole, it has been trained to take a big hard cock” I say as I show off her sissy hole. “Have you trained your sissy to take a monster cock like mine?” he asks as he pulls his big black cock out.

As I spank you I whisper, “don’t let me down”. Then I push you down on your knees and grab your head. “Suck his cock like I have taught you, worthless little slut” I demand of you. Since you know you are lucky to be in my presence, you do exactly as I say and suck his big black cock down your throat. I watch as you get face fucked like a nasty whore. “Keep going worthless cum slut” he says to you as you suck his cock.

Phone dominatrix

My cunt gets excited watching his bbc choke you. Therefore, I started playing with my pussy. Something about one of my sissy bitches getting used like a filthy whore just like I trained her to be is so hot. “Bend over, let’s show off your sissy cunt and how well it can drain a big black dick” I say to you. After you bend over and spread your ass. He rams his cock deep in your cunt. The purpose is to use you like a fuck doll and show you what a worthless sissy was made for.

“Bitch bounce your cunt faster” he moans out as he fucks you. So, I start pushing back on your shoulders and making sure you will milk his bbc right. You won’t be embarrassing me and not do what you were trained to do. Finally, I saw his big black balls start to tighten up and I knew you were getting filled up. After he is done giving you every drop of his thick nut. It is your job to clean him up. That is what you do. 

Phone dominatrix will humiliate you and get you fucked

When your favorite Phone dominatrix reminds you that it is time for your period, you get excited. That is because I make you free bleed and you get fucked. It is part of your training to do as I please. My favorite is to humiliate you. So, when you are on your sissy period you will wear all white. Plus, I bring the biggest dick I know to fuck you. As you prance around in what I chose for you to wear, I say “don’t forget the training I have given you”.

Phone dominatrix

“Yes mistress,” you reply as you get on your knees. First you thank our guest for the big black cock you are about to feast on. “Make sure you get it sloppy” I cheer you on. To please your mistress is all you know. Therefore, the hoe in you kicks in and you become hoover. Sucking his bbc hard and deep is what makes your clitty swollen and leaky. “Now it is time to get that period sissy hole fucked” I instruct you to do.

That is when you bend over and spread your ass and expose your leaking bloody sissy period pussy. After I spit on your hole I laugh, “watch how messy you will be soon”. Then you feel a big cock fucking you. A big dick will have you squealing like a bitch. Finally, you start to get filled up. “Clean up your mess now” I say as I make you suck his cock clean. That is part of your Sissy slave training.

Best sissy trainer makes your worthless cock into a sissy clitty

The Best sissy trainer like me will turn your worthless little dick into a sissy clitty. “First I will show you your place in the world” I say to you. Then I hand you over a pair of pink panties. “Put these on bitch, it will make you look half decent” I demand of you as I laugh. Once you have them on, I instruct you to get on all fours. “Thank me with every spank of my paddle” I say before I spank you. Then my paddle hits your ass.

“Thank your mistress,” your pathetic voice shakes as you Thank me over and over. Part of your training is to clean up messes and entertain my guests. That is why I open your mouth up and shove your face to my guest crotch. Lucky for you he had a big black beautiful cock. Perfect for a sissy bitch to milk. “Suck his cock until it is drained” I demand you to do. So, like a bitch that wants to be owned you do as I say.

Best sissy trainer

You suck his cock until you choke. Even after I keep spanking you, you keep sucking. “You learn quick slut” I say as you keep eating a big black dick. Then I spank your clitty. “You love the training you are getting” I humiliate you and say. Finally, you get a mouth full of nut. “What a good bitch you have been, your training will go perfectly” I say as I pet you. That is what Sissy slave training is all about.

Sissy training is what your friend gave you to start you off

Sissy training can come from anyone. Even from your older friend. By the way you walked he knew he would be able to use you. That is why when you spent the night, he forced you to undress. “Put these panties on” he demands of you. With a bit of hesitation, you did as you were told. Once you had your sissy panties on, he had you dance around like a slut. It made his young cock meat hard.

Sissy training

“Get on your knees and open your mouth” is all you hear as you watch him pull his dick out. It was much bigger than yours. But yours was stiff in your panties too. As he shoved his cock in your mouth, you looked over to the door and there I was watching. Neither of us said a word. You just kept sucking dick like a hungry slut. “Bend over and already your pussy open” he says to you.

Without a word you did as he asked hoping you weren’t imagining me watching. After he slammed his cock inside you, your clitty exploded all over the place. It felt even better when he filled you up. Soon after that he was training you every day with my help. That is why now you are a sissy whore who loves wearing Sissy panties before you get fucked. A hot bitch like me continues with your training right where your friend left off. But this time it isn’t forced, you want to be my sissy bitch. 

Daddy rips your Sissy panties off

“You love when daddy rips those Sissy panties off” I cheer on as I watch your daddy get ready to use you. Since I am the best at training a sissy bitch, he came to me for your training. First you wear an outfit made for a sissy hoe. It is sissy pink to show you are such a bitch hoe. “You look great in panties” your daddy says to you. “Open your mouth and I will show your daddy what your training consists of” I demand of you. As soon as you open your mouth, I have your daddy place his cock right in it.

Sissy panties

“Show daddy you submit sissy slut” I demand of you. Therefore, you start using your mouth on your daddy’s cock like if you were sucking your first lollipop. You loved it. I can tell you were made for it because your little clitty was hard and leaky. “Soon your panties will be drenched” I say teasingly. “Time to break your sissy son in” I tell your daddy as I start to slip your girly panties off. After I manipulate your body to the perfect fucking position, your pa aligns himself in between your legs.

“Fuck your sissy son like a hooker slut and he will forever submit to you” I say to your daddy as I guide his cock in your cunt. Once he feels the opening of your sissy hole taking his daddy cock, he rams it deep. You let out a squeal and I just stuff your panties in your mouth. “Shut up and take it sissy whore, you belong to your daddy now and only him and I can give you instructions” I say proudly.

For a while your daddy rams you hard. While your clitty was hard you had tears that streamed down. “That virgin pussy is milking daddy like it is supposed to” I cheer you on. “Daddies sissy whore is doing so well” your daddy moans as his balls start to empty inside you. “Part of your training will be to clean after the messes you make” I say pointing at your daddy’s dirty cock.

Sissy slave training will have you cleaning with your tongue

When I give a slut whore Sissy slave training, I like to wear my biggest strap. Knowing you have submitted to me makes me happy. That is why I train you to be a perfect sissy cum slut. “Lick my fucking toes bitch” i say as i stuff my pretty feet in your mouth. “Listen close you will be cleaning up my messes today bitch” I demand as you suck every toes. Then I spread my legs, and your eyes open wide. Since you are a sperm hungry hoe, I know you are ready to lick every drop out of me.

Sissy slave training

Your tongue dives right in my cunt and starts scooping gooey juices out of my cunt. “Clean up and feed hungry sissy, I have lots of cleaning in store for you” I say sternly. After my cunt was all clean, I left and came back. “You will use your mouth to clean every one of these toys” I instructed. The night before I had a sissy slut party where some of my hoes were used for entertainment. All my toys are covered in dried up juices. “Come on maid slut get to cleaning” I laugh and say.

Since you are a well-trained sissy bitch, you get right to work.  That sissy tongue starts to lick every inch of my first filthy toy. I grabbed my dirtiest toy and shove it in your mouth. “Suck it clean slut” I laugh over and over. your pathetic mouth makes that toy get really clean. By the time you were done cleaning every filthy toy, your sissy clitty leaked all over the floor. As I laugh, I point to your mess, “clean it up slut”. The Sissy maid training you have had makes you so happy.

Old sissy gets cock from BBC sissy trainer

“Open your mouth for my BBC sissy trainer partner” I say to my oldest sissy hoe in my stable. That’s because she milks a cock so good with her sissy gums. Once she opened wide, I rammed his big black cock right in her mouth. With all the training this sissy hoe has gotten she sucks it hard and deep. “Choke on it bitch” I say laughing while pushing your mouth on that cock more.

BBC sissy trainer

As you choke on it, I laugh and cheer you on. “How that does that pussy do milking a cock?” He asked me. “It milks dick really well; better than that sissy mouth” I say while spanking your ass. Then he pops his big dick out of your mouth and gets right behind you. “Take those panties off” he demands and just like a good, trained hoe you do it right away. “Get into position” I tease and spread your ass cheeks. I watch as he forces his big black dick in your sissy pussy.

As you get fucked hard you starts squeeling like a pig. You like it so much that you get louder and louder. That way I stuffed your Sissy panties in your mouth. “Shut up slut you love getting fucked too much” I laugh. After some more hard fucking your clitty starts leaking all over my floor. “Old sissy slut you made a mess” I say teasingly. “Take every drop of sperm slut” the bbc bull said as he filled your sissy cunt. “Now use your sissy mouth to clean your mess up” I instruct of you to do.

Femboy training gets you full of sperm

Are you ready for your Femboy training? Since you are a dainty bitch, I will make you real pretty. “You will put on a show for my favorite bbc bulls” I instruct you to do. After a while and all the guests later, it is time for the show. You start with a slutty dance. “Shake that ass slut” I cheer on. All the bulls around get a chance to get a dance from you. They groped your sissy clitty as you grinded your ass on their big black cocks.

“Time to show our guests how I train you” I tease again and say as I push you down to your knees. Once your mouth opens up, I force it down on a dick. “Choke on it bitch” I laugh and say over and over. It is too fun to watch choke on these dicks that some of our bulls’ guests got too horny. Therefore, I pulled your panties down and spread you open. The screams you had were muffled by the big black cock in your sissy mouth.

Femboy training

“Show them what a good, trained whore” I instruct you to do as you get fucked. Finally, you milked the first bull dick. I could see your sissy pussy leaking sperm before the next bbc bull was pushed inside you. “Keep going hoe you have all night to milk these dicks” I play and cheer on. For the rest of the night, you mixed every cock insight. By the time we were done you looked like a femmy used up slut, just like I like from my sissy bitches. “Put your Sissy panties back on slut, time to clean up your mess,” I say sternly. It is part of your training to clean up.  

Sissy maid training with me will set you right

Your new Sissy maid training has taught you that now you have to clean up any mess I have. “Clean my boots bitch, I have company coming over” I demanded of my sissy. Right away you crawl to my boots and start liking them clean. “Good job bitch” I say as I get ready. My boots end up shining just like I like. Therefore, I decided to reward you. “Open your mouth slut” I say as my friend relaxes and sits down. His big black cock needs to be fluffed.

“Suck his cock and get it hard”. You are my bitch and will do whatever I want. That is why right away you suck his dick, making sure you get it throbbing for your mistress. “Tonight, I will be riding his big cock to show you how you need to milk a dick” I tell my sissy as i take my panties off and put it in her mouth. You watch me ride his big black cock like a horny slutty bitch. Just like you will be doing. It is part of your sissy duties.

Sissy maid training

It doesn’t take much for me to orgasm hard all over his cock. Then I get up and say, “it is your turn hoe”. After I say that, you stand up and take your Sissy panties off. Like a nasty bitch who has been trained right, you slide your sissy pussy right on that big black cock. As you fuck his cock i pinch your sissy nipples. It ensures that your pussy tightens up around his cock to milk him better. Finally, when you get filled up with all his gooey sperm, i say “now time to clean up slut”. Therefore, you right away start cleaning his cock off, knowing my pussy is next.

Phone dominatrix will have you in panties and leash

You feen for a Phone dominatrix. The way I dress you up like a sissy bitch, makes your clitty hard. Every day you dress in a suit and tie. Therefore, with me you wear a bra and panties or a sexy dress. You are my personal fuck barbie. I will dress you in anything I want. Especially my favorite collar and leash. “Come on sissy bitch clean my heels before we head out” I demand of you.


You have jobs and tasks that you have to do. A sissy like you has been trained very well and I am to be thanked for it. That is why your tongue makes my shoes all shiny. When you are done you look up at me and say, “thank you mistress”. “What an obedient whore you are” I say proudly as I know I trained you. “We are ready for our walk” I say as I pull your leash and we head out the door. I love when we go for our walks because the neighbors can see me watching a sissy bitch.

They get to see your ass in Sissy panties. At times you get guys who walk up to us and want to pet you. “Of course you can pet my sissy pet” I reply. Some guys get brave and pull their dicks out. They use their big dicks to pet you showing you what your place in the world is. “Show him what you have been trained to do” I direct you to do as I point to his dick. Therefore, you suck that cock until it feeds you sperm. Then we continue on our walk. That is what you were made to do, be a sissy bitch who milks dick.