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What I Expect From My Sissy Slut

I love being able to dress my sissy slut. I pick the cutest sets of pantyhose, bra and panty sets. I want my sissy slut to look slutty like a good whore. My sissy sluts are cum whores that is all they think about, that is why they come to for all the sissy slut training. I make sure they get all the cock they crave I bring only the biggest and thickest black cocks. I make sure their mouths are wide open and ready for a cock to pump and face fuck them until they taste cum down their throat. It gets their boy pussy ready for some cock, and I make sure they get a big one to open them up. As soon as they feel a big cock in their ass, they thank me for giving them all they need and dream of. I love the way they look bent over with a cock being shoved in their ass. When they get pumped all I can hear is the moan of a good sissy whore being filled up I can’t help but play with my cunt until I cum hard. Then like good sissy sluts they clean me up from clit to asshole.

Online sissy training Gypsy

New Sissy Slut

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My new sissy slut loves when I tie him up. He lets me tie his balls up, and I love to pull on the rope as he licks my pussy and ass. He enjoys the most when I tie his legs apart and bring a big black bull to mount him and shove his cock deep in his ass. I love watching him take a big black cock in his ass as I pull on the rope tied to his balls. He is really good with his tongue and I make sure to make him lick every asshole around. I want to get him filled up with all the cum and after he is nice and full of it, I fuck him with my strap on to push all the cum out of him. It makes me cum seeing him be a slut and watching the jizz ooze out of his asshole. When I’m done, I love squatting over and passing all over his body while I call him my good cum slut. If you are just like him, I need you around, you will love the way I use you. 

My Brother The Sissy Slut

I made my brother into my sissy slut and he loves it. I pick the sluttiest outfit I can and make him lick my pussy and ass on all fours. If he has been a good, I will reward him with a big black cock for his holes. He loves opening his mouth for a big throbbing cock. I make sure he gags on it like a good slut. Sucks on the balls and his tongue was made for licking ass. He loves the way cum taste he is a cum dumpster who I make sure gets full of all kinds of loads. The last time he was over I had two big cocks ready to use him. He came in already dressed like a slut. He got on his knees and straight away started sucking their cocks. I watched as I played with my pussy and gave directions. I wanted to see him get fucked and suck cock and that is what I got. He got his ass pumped as his mouth filled up. When we were done, he told me I am the best sister. Mistress phone sex

Gypsy Loves A Good Sissy Slut

A sissy phone slut whore is what I like. I want to be served and worshipped. Being my sissy slut is not an easy thing you better be a dirty nasty slut. You will be sucking and getting fuck by whatever cock I choose, even multiple cocks at once. It turns me on watching you be a filthy whore and that is when I will push your face in my cunt to have you lick me all up. You better shove your tongue in my cunt deep and if I spread my ass cheeks you better know, that you must shove your tongue deep in my ass too! I want you over my lap so I can spank you and spread your ass apart, so I can watch a big fat throbbing cock being shoved deep in your ass. As you get pumped over and over, I will pull and play with you balls. I know you’re a good sissy slut because when you feel the cock starting to pump in your ass you will cum all over my hand. I will make sure you lick my hand clean as I pet you for being a good sissy slut.  Phone dominatrix

I Need A Sissy Slut!

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I’ve been needing a good sissy slut I can use and abuse. I want to tie your balls up so I can pull them by the rope whenever I want. I’ll make you eat my pussy while I step and torture your balls with my toes. I’ll do as I please with you because you’re my sissy slut cum whore. That means you’ll take any cock I bring your way and today I have a big black cock for you to suck and please. He will spread your ass open just like I like and shove his fat cock deep in your ass. As I pull on the rope tied to your balls you will be getting pounded. I want you to take it like a good slut while you eat my pussy and when I’m ready ill squirt all in your mouth and I want you to drink every last drop. Don’t forget you will get and ass full of cum too and if you make a mess, you will clean it up with your tongue like a good filthy slut. 

Gypsy Loves Sissy Slave Training

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I love sissy slave training, especially when I get to dress you up in slutty outfits or pink tutus. I always make sure to have really big dildos or cocks around so I can fuck your man pussy hard and fast. I want your ass open like a filthy whore, because that is what you were made for. If you squirm or anything I will paddle you or use the flogger on you until your skin is red and swollen. You will do as Mistress Gypsy asks of you with no hesitation, so if I tell you to open your mouth I need to pee. You will open your mouth and let me piss all over your face and in your mouth. I do ask I want with you because you’re my sissy slave who was made to be used in any way. I will make sure your mouth and ass are always filled with hot cum, you will feel it dripping down your legs. Most importantly anything I do, you will enjoy! 

My Sissy Slut Cleans Up My Mess

Mistress phone sexI had my sissy bitch tied up and just wearing a tutu, and I made sure he knew I was going to use him. I made him suck my strap hard while I stepped on his little nuts, squeezing them in between my toes while I told him how much of a sissy slut he is and how he is made for me to use and punish. Then I signal for my black hard cock playmate to join me and he right away shoved his cock in my sissy sluts’ ass. When I heard him squeal, I stepped on his balls harder and shove my strap deeper in his throat. I wanted him used so I scream for him to get fucked hard and harder and he did, ass I saw his ass being pounded hard I started cumming. My juices started dripping down my leg so as my friend filled his ass with hot cum, I made him clean up my juices that had dripped down. I love using my sissy slut to clean up my cum messes and he loves it too.  

Forced To Do As Told

I exposed one of my filthy cum whores, he was being a bad slut and talking back instead of fucking and sucking the cock like what is made for. He normally is a very good obedient slut, but he had separated from his wife recently. So, I knew if I told him that I was going to tell his wife and anyone that knew him that he loves being a filthy cum whore that he would do whatever I wanted. Right away he started sucking the big black cock just like I wanted him too, and I made sure his ass was going to be ready for pounding. I spread my fingers while pumping his ass with my fingers, as soon as I knew it was nice ready, I made sure he took that cock hard I made him get pounded over and over while licking my ass and saying how much he loves getting fucked and filled with cum. The pounding didn’t stop until his ass was filled and dripping cum out and I made him clean up the mess. From that day own he did what I said when I said it no hesitation. Domination phone sex

The Sissy Slut I Need

Mistress phone sexI need a sissy slut boy who I can dress up and use for my pleasure. I had the perfect sissy not too long ago; he was my nephew so he did as aunty asks. I liked dressing him up in tutus and stockings with glitter tops. When he came over, I would make sure to have a big black cock hard and ready for him to suck. I made sure he deep throats it like a good cum slut he is, I would put my strap-on and fuck him in his tight ass while he sucked the balls and cock. Fucking him with my strap-on only made me more excited to see him get fucked by a big black anaconda dick. When I was ready, I spread his ass open and shoved that big black dick in him. I watched as that big fat cock pumped him over and over, it only made me wet I have to play with my pussy. I love seeing him get filled up with cum!

Dick Sucking Sissies

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I love making men into little sissy sluts, making them suck fat black cocks and making them into cum dumpsters is my favorite. I sometimes let them pick their own outfit but it better be something girly and sluty. They know they must behave and suck every cock I bring to them even my strap, if they misbehave, I take my favorite wooden paddle and I use it until his ass and balls are red. I also reward my little sissy sluts by letting them pick the cock they want and have them eat my pussy while they get fucked and filled up. It gets me so wet watching them getting fucked from behind that I use their mouths until I drown them with my juices, I have them keep it on their face until it dries so they walk around smelling like pussy. I make sure they take load after load and have a sore ass before I send them home to their wives and girlfriends.