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Forced sissy training for an undercover bitch that makes me giggle

I love an undercover sissy bitch that needs some Forced sissy training. The way you pretend to be straight for your wife makes me laugh and giggle. I know your secret; you want to be fucked. You pretend you don’t, but I can hear it when you talk, and I see it when you walk. You are a feminine bitch that needs to be used and trained and fucked. I instruct you to get on your knees and suck my toes. As you suck all my toes, I can tell you are thinking about a cock in your mouth. That is why I make you wear a special pair of panties with a hole right where your sissy pussy is. I will teach you to never hide your sissy bitch ways, I will train you to milk a cock and be used like a good whore. While I give you instructions to bend down as you watch me put my strap cock on, you know I am getting ready to fuck and you cream your Sissy panties. That makes me laugh and it gets me ready to abuse you. That is where I get my pleasure knowing you need to be trained and your clitty creams at the thought of being used by a big cock.

Forced sissy training

I give an indecisive sissy hoe Sissy slave training

When I meet an indecisive femboy, I like to give him some forced Sissy slave training. If you don’t come to me ready, when I decide to finally let you come over I will force you on your knees like a dog bitch. You will get slapped in the face with my dildo for taking too long to come to me. Then I will force your mouth open and push my dildo down your throat. I don’t care if you choke now you will remember to never keep me waiting. But you like being used and that makes your clitty hard. That always makes me laugh and my giggles as I put my strap-on on got your ass wiggling in the air. I move your Sissy panties to the side before i start fucking you hard. As i fuck you i tell you to ask for me to forgive you for having me wait. The harder i fuck you the more you ask for forgiveness. You then beg me to let your clitty cum. I only let your clitty cum once you hand your wallet to me. A sissy bitch like you should only use a purse. You now know to not leave me waiting

Sissy slave training

Sissy slave training for filthy whore

When I find a filthy whore that knows they are made to always have Sissy slave training. I will dress you up and get you ready to be used to clean up any cummy mess I need you to clean up. You will dress up in any sissy outfit I have picked for you. When you see me, you will tell me that you are a sissy bitch made for cock. That makes me happy, and I pull my pretty feet out for you to worship and massage with your tongue. Once they are all wet and sloppy, I want you to bend over. I push my toes inside you as you beg for me to let you have cock. I know you were made to milk a dick and I had a big one coming for you. Before it got here i wanted to do some sissy exercises and you were going to fuck a big dildo oh the wall while I picked your Sissy panties you were going to wear. I watched as you got your sissy pussy ready and to make sure your clitty stayed right we put a chastity on you. We didn’t stop until my friend came in and the fun really began.

Sissy slave training

For sissy training and buck breaking is what a businessman will get from me

I love to see a man get buck broken and have some Forced sissy training with a big black cock. They pretend they don’t like cock, but deep down inside they have been wanting to be trained and fucked like sissy hoe bitches. Last one I met was a strong married businessman who always had to be in a suit. When he came to me i could tell he needed to be dressed up and trained, especially fucked hard. I started with the basics, making him worship my feet and lick and suck my toes. When I was ready, I made him undress and I gave him a lace set of sexy pink lace Sissy panties. I told him once he put those on, he would my new sissy bitch and there was nothing else she was but a slave fuck toy to use. Perfect way to start was for her to lick my bbc cum filled cunt. She hesitated so I slapped her face and grabbed her hair, using it to force her face in my cunt. I knew she could smell the jizz sperm dripping out my cunt. That is when I felt her tongue start licking me. That is how i knew she was broken and soon would getting fucked by my favorite big black cock.

Forced sissy training

Sissy slave training for a whore like my Bunny slut

I know on Easter you need a good Sissy slave training slut like my Bunny. I have trained this bitch right. She dresses up with the best whore outfit that makes you just want to abuse her and fill her up with semen. She was going to be my restoration whore this weekend. I set up a gangbang with a big black thick cock. When she came over, I made sure she was looking perfect with heels and stockings. She had to do some of her worship slave chores and massage my feet with her tongue. All my bbc bulls came in and i made my sissy bitch squat and expose her clit and Sissy panties. I also had her wear her chastity belt and she looked like the sissy whore slave every BBC wants to break in and get their restorations with. All i had to do was open her mouth and her training kicked in plus she is a big slut inside and out. It wasn’t long before she was getting fucked and used like the fucking slut she is. She got filled up with lots of sperm eggs and made her into a chicken hoe who pumps out shit from her open ass.

Sissy slave training


Forced sissy training is not needed when you were born a sissy

I don’t have to do any Forced Sissy training because you want me to use you and fuck you hard. You want me to use your holes to weaken you and make you into the whore you are supposed to be. You have been waiting many years to be able to dress up in a sexy slut outfit and heels. You like knowing I will use you  to clean my cummy cunt all up. Your tongue will be used to clean any mess I want. When I have my BBC friends over and I command you to milk them you will. That is all you are made for. I will make sure your Sissy panties are moved to the side and your tight little hole gets used to milk a big black cock, that is always part of your training. You love it, it is what you have been needing all your life and now you don’t care to be put in the place you belong. That is being my bitch who cleans up my cummy messes and milks any cock I want.

Forced sissy training

Best sissy trainer gets you addicted

When you have been trained by the Best sissy trainer, you become a cum addict. All you think about is the next moment mistress Gypsy will use you to milk a BBC. Since I work with BBC trainers I will always keep you full of cum. I want you in your sissy uniform I have picked for you and on your knees waiting to serve us in any way. Tonight I wanted to have you dripping before you milked any cock. I love seeing what a good cum whore you are. We teased you by making you suck on each and everyone of our toes like they were dick you needed to milk. I made you lick my asshole while my BBC trainer friend put his toes inside your Sissy panties and teased your sissy pussy. That had your clitty hard, especially when he shoved his toes in your pussy. You start begging me to let you milk my BBC buddy. As I laugh, I open your mouth and guide your head on his thick long cock. Right away he face fucks you hard, making you gag and choke until you have tears flowing down your face. Your little clitty leaked through your panties and when he started filling your mouth up with thick yummy cum, your clitty squirted. That shows me you are an addict to the cock.

Best sissy trainer

BBC sissy trainer lets me use his sissy slut

I love when a BBC sissy trainer let’s me take over. I love making a sissy bitch fall to her knees and beg me for anything especially to suck a big black Dick I love knowing I can use a cock and a pair of cute pink panties to control you. You will pay me to degrade you and put you in your place just like your big dick trainer. When I get spoiled that is when I give you the best commands. I might task you into sucking 10 big dicks and you will do it because part of your slave training is that you must do anything I want. Last night I planned a blow job party with all my favorite BBC friends. Like a good bitch you wore what I made you wear and you pranced around like a horny teenager waiting for the moment you got to suck dick. When that moment came you didn’t let me down. You sucked all their big black dicks until they were dry and empty of semen. Your clitty leaked all over your Sissy panties the whole time you took every drop of semen down your throat.

BBC sissy trainer

Sissy slave training is what I do naturally

When you have been around enough sissy bitches like I have, Sissy slave training is natural. So when I was at a party and bumped into a wimpy boy I knew he could be trained easily. I looked in his eyes and called her a little slut. His eyes twinkled, I told him to get on his knees and kiss my feet. Once he did he became my new sissy. I told her that she would undress and crawl on all fours for the whole night. She became very obedient, I brought out a strap and I put it on. I made my sissy open her mouth and take my cock in her throat. She did and everyone watched as she got throat fucked. Her clitty leaked  for my strap cock in her mouth. She was so excited that I was able to rub my cock on her sissy pussy and have her push back on it. This started as Forced sissy training but it finished with me making her leak in front of everyone while I fucked her.

Sissy slave training

BBC sissy trainer shows off leashes sissy bitch

BBC sissy trainer friend brought with him his leashed up sissy bitch. His sissy bitch was dressed up in pink bottomless panties and I could see a butt plug tail sticking out her ass. He crawled around like a bitch in heat waiting to get fucked. I pulled on her tail sticking out of her while she kissed my feet. I wanted to see what kind of training she has had, so I wanted to see what kind of dick sucking skills she had acquired. I instructed her to open her mouth wide as her bbc master started fucking her throat hard. I could see how much she licked that by the way her clitty leaked.I could tell she has had Sissy slave training for a while by the way she sucked cock and leaked from it. I lifted my skirt and made her lick my pussy and ass, a sissy’s mouth should never be free. It should always have something to suck on or clean.

BBC sissy trainer