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My Sissy Slut’s Birthday Surprise

It was my sissy slut’s birthday so I gifted him with some crotchless black lace panties. He didn’t know that his panties weren’t the only surprise I had instore for him. He was going to get his man pussy rammed by my favorite two big black bulls. I wanted to see them make him their bitch, their sissy white slut.

Sissy panties

When he walked in a made him undress and just put his crotchless panties on then I blind folded him telling him I had a surprise for him. I made him get on all fours and kiss and lick my toes as my bull friends walked in. I made sure to open his slut mouth wide open as I shoved the big black cock down his throat. He gaged and moaned at the same time because he loves having cock in his mouth. Then I spread his ass cheeks to show off his man pussy, I spit on it and then I shoved the other black cock in him fast and hard which slammed his mouth harder down on the other cock. I watched as he got pounded from both holes as I played with my cunt. He got used and filled up until he was tired and then I made him lick my cunt clean. I love giving my sissies a big birthday surprise.  

Sissy Slut Cleaned Me Up

My favorite sissy fag slut came over. His little worthless cock is so small I call it a big clit. He knows he could never fuck me with his little cock so he pleases me in any other ways I want. After a long day I make him worship my feet making sure he massages them with his tongue.

Femboy training

He knows I like him dress up like a good sissy slut whore with tight short dresses and heals. I’ll even make him wear it while he cleans my place, that isn’t the only thing I make him clean though. After a long fuck session with a big black cock and getting filled up with gooey nuts in my pussy and ass I have my sissy come over. I make my sissy smell and lick my pussy. Will suck all the nut and juices out of me, making sure to clean my pussy and ass. I don’t let him stop until I feel I’m all clean sometimes I squirt or cum and get even dirtier for him. He has the best mouth and makes me feel good because his big clitty would never be fucking me.  

Taking Turns On A Sissy Slut

Having my sissy dress up for me is part of the fun. I like to tell her how I love seeing his big clit hard when I dress her up.

Mistress phone sex

My sissies cock is so small I call it a big clit. I love having my friends over and her prancing around showing of that tiny big clit. My friends know what I like to see so they take turn whipping and spanking my sissy. Even put on a strap on and make him suck it. They get aggressive like I like and even fuck his tight boy pussy while pulling and pinching his balls and big clit. I love seeing him on all for with his skirt hiked up lipstick smeared while he is getting pounded so much that I make him eat my pussy and ass until I cum hard over and over on his face. My friends take turns riding his face and ass too. When we are done, we enjoy pissing all over him making sure he knows he is a sissy to be used in any way.  

Using My Stinger

Phone dominatrix

Mistress Gypsy gets very excited when she knows her good sissy slut is ready for a ball busting session. I had him dress up in a tight short dress with no panties and heels. I thought about how I would torture him and his little cock which I like to call his big clit. I got a shocking wand I like calling my stinger and I love using my stinger on him. I made sure he knew to stand still as I squeezed and pulled his big clit as I used my stinger on his balls. Then I made him squat on the ground as I used my stinger on his asshole, I made sure to pull and pinch his balls at the same time. It got my cunt excited and wet so I made sure to sit on his face and use his tongue on my pussy and asshole while I played with my clit. It felt so good I used my stinger on his big clit and tiny balls, I started squirting all in his mouth and made him take every drop. He did good on our session maybe next time I will reward him.  

A Treat For My Sissy Slut

Mistress Gypsy I have been busy getting together a whole bunch of cocks and balls all kinds of varieties. I know how much of a sissy slut you are and I know you will be excited for the treat I have for you. Before we start, I want to dress you up like a filthy slut.

Sissy training

In a mini dress and no panties with knee high stockings and heels. I’m going to show you off and get you on your knees to lick and suck my asshole. I will shove your tongue in my asshole while I play with my clit. I won’t stop until I squirt all over your face. Then I will send you off to go get fucked and used by all the cocks I collected. I want to see your face get fucked and used until it is dripping with cum. It won’t stop there I want your man pussy used and filled up too just like the dirty cum dumpster you love being my good sissy slut. That is why I wanted to give you a treat.  Mistress Gypsy will give you treats when you deserve them.

Big Clit Sissy

My cuckold sissy slut was naked with my friends examining his little dick and asking him how it stayed so small. I like bending him over my knee and spanking his ass while I pull and tug on his little cock trying to stretch it out.

Taboo phone chat

He always begs to fuck me but he knows I won’t let him since he just has a big clit, that is what I call it. But since he has been a good sissy I wanted to surprise him with a hand job by one of my other sissy sluts to put on a show for my friends and I. After I was done pulling on his big clit, I brought my other sissy slut who actually has a nice size cock and made him suck it. His big clit got hard from the taste of cock, I made him be on all fours like a little pup wiggling his ass in enjoyment. I let him get his big clit stroke as my other sissy slut got more excited, I yelled for him to fuck that big clit slut. He shoved his cock deep in his ass with one shove just like I like seeing. Pounded away until he started filling him up that is when I milked that big clit and made sure he oozed all on my hand. He licked it clean and thanked Mistress Gypsy for the great surprise.  

The Sissy Training You Yearn For

Having some sissy training is something you yearn for. I have no doubt you will have a great time if you just relax and enjoy the training, I give you. It will be full of orgasms and new experiences. The need you have had to be feminine and soft will be fulfilled with me.

Sissy training

I will make sure to dress you up in the perfect outfit to show of your best features. You will get the attention you want and training you want to make you feel like a perfect sissy slut. My mates I use all have big cocks so it will be exactly what you want. Having your holes filled up and use like the perfect slut is always guaranteed. Nothing excites me more than when I spank you while you use your pretty sissy lips to suck on a big cock. That only assures me that you will be able to take a cock in that tight ass pussy. You will have to show them how special you are and that is why you need mistress Gypsy.  

My Friends & and I Using My Sissy Slut

My friends and I took our straps to my favorite sissy slut.

Humiliation phone sex

He came over and I tied him to my bed. Right away his face was pushed into my ass, he knew to lick my ass good. As he licked my ass, he was getting rammed in his tight boy pussy. We didn’t take any mercy on him. We took turns fucking his ass and mouth. My favorite part was when my friend was pounding his ass and he was eating mine. It was such a good sight to watch him get pounded as my friend’s tits bounced all over. The feeling I got while he was eating my ass was over whelming that I started squirting all over his face. Hearing him gargle and swallow my squirt juices was the best thing ever. I had to pee all over his face just to hear it again. Then my friends took turns squirting and pissing all over him and his face and he had to try to swallow every drop that got in his mouth.

Putting A Sissy Slut In His Place

Are you craving someone to put you in your place, show you that you are made to be used like a good sissy slut? I love putting you in your place if you don’t know yet. You are to worship and do as I say. Even if it means you will be sucking and getting fucked by any of my playmates and friends you will do so. If you disobey, I will tie you up and have your holes fucked and ripped open.

Mistress Phone Sex

I will tell you how you are only made to be fucked and abused. I love watching your mouth suck on a big fat black cock. Seeing your mouth and lips drip with cum excites me. That is why I want to watch you get filled up. Your ass spread open and that throbbing BBC shoved deep in you until you squeal like a little piggy slut. The moment your ass gets filled up is not enough I want to see others take turns until your ass dripping and over filled with hot gooey nut. If you don’t learn by then you will after you had to clean every cock with your tongue.  

What I Expect From My Sissy Slut

I love being able to dress my sissy slut. I pick the cutest sets of pantyhose, bra and panty sets. I want my sissy slut to look slutty like a good whore. My sissy sluts are cum whores that is all they think about, that is why they come to for all the sissy slut training. I make sure they get all the cock they crave I bring only the biggest and thickest black cocks. I make sure their mouths are wide open and ready for a cock to pump and face fuck them until they taste cum down their throat. It gets their boy pussy ready for some cock, and I make sure they get a big one to open them up. As soon as they feel a big cock in their ass, they thank me for giving them all they need and dream of. I love the way they look bent over with a cock being shoved in their ass. When they get pumped all I can hear is the moan of a good sissy whore being filled up I can’t help but play with my cunt until I cum hard. Then like good sissy sluts they clean me up from clit to asshole.

Online sissy training Gypsy