Femboy Training with Me Turns You into a Pretty Bimbo

femboy trainingFemboy training, I enjoy so much. I have always enjoyed giving folks total makeovers. Turning them into a better version of themselves with the right clothes and make-up. Sometimes my subject looks like a man but inside feels like a girl. James told me he felt trapped in the wrong body. And I told James I could help. I’ve been making over people for years. Boys and girls.

So, I invited James over last night for a feminization session. But we had an audience. My two femboy sons and my daughter who just turned 18. Although she will go to college in the fall, she wants to do what I did in college. Well sort of what I did. In the late 90s and early 2000s, I supported myself and paid my tuition being a dominatrix. However, I morphed into sissy training after I got married and became a mother.

My daughter plans on being a sissy trainer while in college and I think it will work. Lots of sissies and subs share characteristics. And all sissies are subs to women just like me and my daughter. She helped me transform James into Jenna the cock sucking bimbo. We worked on her makeup, wardrobe and her hair. Even shaved her body hair off to give a smooth complexion look like females. And that meant shaving off James’s beard.

Let Me Make You a Pretty Girl Too

He told me he felt naked without it, but most men do not want to skull fuck a bearded bimbo. She agreed that I was in charge, so I could do what I wanted with her body. My boys love watching my transformations. I helped them expose their feminine look too. After several hours, James became Jenna. So, we had to test her out at that adult movie theater. In a dark theater most men do not know who is sucking their cock. We walked in together, sat in the middle and before long men swarmed us.

I did not want to upstage my creation, so I let her practice her oral skills. She swallowed 5 loads of cum. She sucked some cock. Stroked some cock. And let men cum on her face. If I can turn a bearded masculine man into a cock sucking bimbo, imagine what I can do with you with a little online sissy training?

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