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Ready To Watch

mistress phone sex

Well look who came home with my husband today. His work buddy whom I have also made my little femboy. The two of you look pathetic. Go get changed into your sissy maid outfits. I left them on the bed for you. Pretty pink nylon panties, thigh highs, heels, and tiny pasties for your nipples too. You both come running down the stairs like fairies holding your butt plugs like they are your prized possessions. Pathetic is my description as I notice tiny wet spots in your panties. I should paddle you two, but I don’t have time.

A real man is coming over and we need to prepare. Assume the position I tell you. You both bend over and pull your panties down and I insert your butt plugs. These are the pretty ones. Jewels that light up. I turn them on, and your little pussies are shining through your panties. Now dress me, make me beautiful and clean my pussy and my ass with your sorry tongues. Make me wet and ready. You both lick and suck vigorously and to perfection just in time for the doorbell. Now go get my man and bring him to me. Undress him and make his cock hard for me. You lick and suck together, in unison like the perfect sissies you are. Now push him inside of me and watch.

Cum Here Pet

mistress phone sex

Aww here comes my little pet. On his knees crawling to me. Wearing a pair of pink nylon panties and pink vinyl collar. I pet your head before attaching the leash. Do you want to go on a walk boy? I attach the leash, kiss your forehead, and lead you to the playroom. You hang your head because you know that you have been naughty. I saw you on your phone watching shemale porn and rubbing your little push pop. Goodness that was a sight. I even had to zoom in to make sure you really were jerking your clitty as it is so tiny.

I tie the leash to the table, and you climb up and take the position. On all fours, chest down and man pussy up. I pull your pink panties down to make sure your clitty cage is nice and tight and then rub your ass. I grab the paddle and put it to your face. You instinctively lick it like you are licking a cock. You really are a little whore I say as I examine the cage and see little drops of pre-cum leaking. I hold my hand back and deliver the first spank against your creamy white ass. A bright red form starts to appear. You gasp and your knees are unsteady. My pussy soaking as I pull back for number two. How many times do you think I should paddle you pet?

Time For Your Training

mistress phone sex

Look at you checking out this page. Trying to pretend you aren’t a sissy boy just begging to be pegged. Looking at my hot ass body just like my husband does. I bet you have a little shrimpy dick just like he does too. It is time for his training, and I think it would be a great time for you to join us. Don’t be shy. I promise I’ll love it.

First, we must get you dressed. Pink nylon panties for you both. Now stand in front for approval. The first thought I have when I look at you is what a perfect sub or twink you’d be. Keep standing while I put on the porn so you can see just what I have in mind. You both watch eagerly as that little sissy boy lays on his back with his legs bent. Taking a cock in his tight little asshole and being powerdrived with another cock in his mouth.

You’d look so hot doing that. I think that’s what we’ll do to you, except I’ll be the one fucking you along with my gentlemen friend. Oh, is that a wet spot starting to form? Of course, it is you fucking faggot. Now follow me to the bedroom so we can begin.

Clean My Pussy

mistress phone sex

My sissy gets really excited to come over and train with my sorry ass little dick husband. I don’t understand the appeal, but it sure does make me happy. They both are my sissy cucks who will do nothing but please me. Just their happy faces as I hand them their pretty nylon panties is a joy. My husband was being a total prick today and actually tried to touch me this morning in bed. I quickly put a stop to that. He knows better and I was not going to let that slip by. So, I called sissy and she came right over.

I directed my husband to come in and then they both stripped down. I greased up those butt plugs, had them bend over and I rammed them inside. I wasn’t particularly gently with my husband either. Then I handed them their panties and told them to crawl to me like the pets that they are. As they scurried my way, my gentleman friend arrived. I instructed them to undress him and get him ready for Ms. Violet’s beautiful pussy. They worked together, licking, and sucking his cock and balls. Then they guided his big thick long dick inside my cunt.

They watched as a real man pleased me. After me and my friend had explosive orgasms, the little sissies had tiny little wet spots in their panties. I laughed and laughed at them. Then I had them come and clean all of that thick warm cum from my pussy, patted their heads and told them to draw me a warm bubble bath.

No Pussy For You

mistress phone sex

Mistress Violet takes no shit from anyone and that includes her little sissy ass husband. So, let me tell you what I made that man do for me when he decided to try to touch me without asking. I have told you before I want no part of that tiny thing. That small cock is not worthy of such a fine pussy as mine.

While he was at work I prepared for his punishment. I called one of my best sissies over to help as I laid out all my toys and changed. I met that sack of shit at the door as he arrived wearing my strap on. I didn’t attach the big thick one because I already know he isn’t worthy of that either. I told him that he would now be punished for putting his hands-on Mistress Violet without permission. I ordered my sissy to take off my husbands’ clothes and attach the little bitty cock cage I had for him. My husband tried to back talk so I had sissy attach a ball gag really tight so I wouldn’t have to listen to his worthless chatter.

Sissy then led him to my chambers where a bright pink paddle lay on the bed. I bent my husband over the bed and paddled his ass until it was bright pink. Of course, his little clitty was dribbling so I scooped it up and rubbed it into his tight ass. I told him to buckle up because I was about to tear his sweet ass up. As I started to push in, I felt his ass start clinching so I pushed even harder. I took it deep and hard and fast. He blubbered like he didn’t like it but the mess he left under his cock cage told a different story.

Jack Off Together For Me

mistress phone sex

So, you want to take off my pretty yellow bra and panties and taste Mistress Violet, don’t you? You know a sissy like you can’t touch me without my asking. In order for you to get a little sliver of Mistress Violet I am going to need you to do just a few things for me. You must earn it baby. I hand you and my husband a pair of pretty purple panties to put on. Now sit in front of me.

Each of you pull the front of your panties open and then you put your hand in the others. Just like that. Now jack each other off. I will just sit back and stroke my beautiful pussy while I watch you. Lean over and put the head of the cock in your mouth. Suck it really good. I want to hear you slurping on it. Oh, my that does sound wet, about as wet as my pussy. I stick my finger deep inside of me and put it in my mouth, licking all of my juices off. You both look so disappointed that you didn’t get a taste. I have a challenge for you with a wonderful surprise for the winner. The first one to drain the others’ balls will get to stick their tongue deep in my ass and lick it all up. On your mark get set and go…………….

You Can Only Watch

mistress phone sex

You come home from work after a long day. You are frustrated and looking for a release. You walk in the door to find me in some hot lace panties and heels. You think it is for you. You come towards me in anticipation of your wife taking care of your needs. I laugh at you and tell you that you are always my cuck and to follow me to the bedroom.

There you see a hot ass man laying in our bed, porn on our television and toys on your nightstand. You look defeated and I laugh. Of silly boy you know you can’t please me. Your cock is so tiny that I can’t even feel it in my hot juicy wet cunt. Now you be a good boy and sit here beside us and watch. You unbuckle your pants and sit in your chair. You grab your tiny cocktail wiener from your pants and start rubbing. Watching as this man fucks your wife. His big cock stretching out my bald wet pussy bareback. His big thick balls beating against me. You hear my moans as he lifts my legs over his shoulders. You watch as he drains his balls inside of me. I smile as you look pathetic, knowing that you will run at the chance to clean your wife’s cum filled cunt when we are through.

You Dirty Cuck

mistress phone sex

Does it make your tiny little cock twitch when you think of your wife fucking a big stallion of a man? I know it does and you have come to the right place for your sorry ass. Let Mistress Violet take care of you sissy man. My Husband with his shrimp dick is only allowed to watch. Most times I put him in pretty pink panties, and he becomes my assistant. Follows me around like a little puppy, doing everything I ask for that special treat that he so desires. Cum. Specifically, warm thick salty cum from these big thick dick men that I fuck while he watches. I put him on the bed beside me so he can get a close personal look of that gigantic cock stretching his wife’s cunt as it pounds my pussy. Little wet spots appear in his panties and sometimes he even sticks his hand down his panties and rubs his little clitty. Then when that hot ass man fills my cunt with his load my husband drools knowing he will get to lick us both clean. Want to suck all the warm cum from my twat too baby?

I Love An Eager Slut

mistress phone sexYou know what makes a Mistress happy, besides you being her entertainment? When she finds a sissy that is so compliant and so eager to please. One that thrives on your instructions and guidance. One that desires for you to control them completely, all the way down to picking out their wardrobes. One that not only dresses as instructed but willingly lets you pimp them out for your amusement. I pick out the butt plug, including the exact size. I am the holder of the cock cage key and designer of all their clothes. Sexy panties and slutty outfits complete with hooker heels makes me so happy. Then we go to the adult bookstore or bar or a shady corner of town. I sit and count my money as she turns tricks for me. Spreading her pussy and being pounded as I sit idly by watching. Choking on big thick cock and leaving with a stomach full of warm cum. Two or three at a time is never met with resistance. It is a mistress’s dream. I think you would be a perfect candidate for my training. Don’t leave me waiting, pick up the phone and let’s have a session.

Eat My Ass Baby

mistress phone sex

As my sorry ass husband has been made a cuck who is not worthy of that beautiful juicy treat between my legs does not mean that I won’t let him have a little taste of my sweet ass. Of course, it wouldn’t be as much fun if I just made him eat my ass, so I invited over another sorry ass small cock sissy to join him as they watched this big beautiful man fuck me with his gigantic cock. I sat those two cucks at the end of my bed as they watched this thick big dick fuck my tight juicy pussy. I watched as they pulled their tiny dicks out and started rubbing them. I laughed at them and told them how cute their little things were. I actually think that made them more excited as they seemed to stroke harder. As that dick continued to pound me, he pulled out and rammed it in my tight ass and filled me up with his cum. I had the sissies clean him up and then I motioned them over, spread my ass cheeks and had them clean me out. After they were done, I let them continue eating my ass as I climbed back on that hard cock again and rode him.