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Sissy Slave Training With A cruel And Ruthless Mistress

Sissy slave training is what I do best!  I am a ruthless mistress. I will humiliate you in ways that you can’t even imagine exist.  I will have you wearing pink panties on your little clitty dick and dressed up in a slutty little outfit like the bitch that you are within the first five minutes.  I am going to do your makeup with lots of blue eye shadow and bright red lipstick that way you look as trashy as possible. After I have you all dolled up like the piece of shit tramp you are I will call some friends over to use and abuse your slutty ass and filthy mouth. Before they get a turn at you, mistress is going to put on a 10-inch strap on and fuck your little ass.

sissy slave training

I will have you getting ass fucked and sucking cock like the pansy little dickless sissy you are.  I will make you suck a cock while that little bitch ass of yours is getting fucked.  I will gag your whiny ass mouth with your panties, no one wants to hear your bitch ass cry. I am going to force you to watch a real man fuck my pussy hard and cum. My willing slave is going to lick his mistress’ pussy to clean the cum. Then you are going to clean and lick my boots. My little sissy slave is going to be well-behaved and take all the cock I feel like I want him to. If you complain or resist, there will be fucking hell to pay you little piece of shit sissy boy. By the time I am done with you, you will be under my complete domination.  When your training is done, you will be a good sissy slave ready and willing to please your mistress in any way I choose.

Humiliation Phone Sex Makes My Pussy Throb

Humiliation phone sex is my favorite thing to do. I will humiliate you in ways that you did not think possible.  I am the best sissy trainer. I will make you wear nice silky panties. I love to see a tiny little cock in silky panties. I will make you wear bright red lipstick then I will have you sucking cock.  Mistress phone sex will have you taking all the cocks I feel you should take.

humiliation phone sex

Total phone domination is what you will get from Mistress Violet. After you have taken a bunch of cocks in your ass and your mouth. I will make you watch me getting fucked.  Then It will be the time to make you clean up my pussy and eat every bit of cum out of it.  Are you ready to be trained by Mistress Violet?

Humiliation Phone Sex Gets Me Off

I get off on humiliating you! I will treat you like the little femboy bitch that you are. I will make you crawl to me and then dress you all up in some frilly panties and red lipstick. I will be your mistress and you will be my slave. I will teach you your pace. After I have dressed you all up,  I will force you to lick the bottoms of my feet.  I am going to force you to bend over the bed and I am going to stretch your ass out with a strap on.  After I stretch your ass adequately, I am going to call some friends with big cocks and they are going to run a train on your slutty little ass.  Then I am going to have some of that cock in my pussy and make you clean the cum out of it with your tongue. Got it bitch!

humiliation sex

Sissy Boy Trainer

I am a mistress and expect my slaves to give me unconditional obedience. My slaves all wear panties. Little pink ones to remind them they are little sissy boys that have to do what I say. My specialty is training little femboys. I make them dress up for me in a slutty outfit complete with heels and lingerie.

femboy training

Then I do their make-up with bright red lipstick and blue eye shadow. Then I find some cock for them to suck. A sissy boy looks best with a big black cock in their mouth or other ass. The bigger the cock the better. Sissy boys look so sexy with cum dripping out of their ass and all over their faces. Then after I decided they had enough cock I make them eat my pussy to thank me for training them.

He Brought A Friend

mistress phone sex

He was a business partner of my pathetic husbands, but I could sense he wanted something more. There was no doubt that he was privy to my husband’s required panty wearing and feminine attire so when he kept stopping by our house, I decided to confront him. I had no intentions of asking his permission, I was going to demand he obey. They were watching a game and I walked in and turned it off. My husband said nothing, but his friend started to speak. I quickly put my hand over his mouth to stop him.

I handed him a gift bag and told him to go to the bathroom and change. He started to speak again and this time I bare handed smacked his ass. He hung his head and left. When he returned from the bathroom, he was wearing a black teddy outfit and heels. He struggled walking but he persisted and the wet spot from his little clitty showed me his desire. I ordered my husband to remove his clothes and join him. My husband in his black thong sat beside his friend. I laid on the other couch and put one leg above the back. My perfect pussy on display I told them to come and worship me. My husband mentored him as they licked me and sucked on me. Then the doorbell rang, and a beautiful tall man walked in. That is when the fun began. Want to hear about it? Want me to make you a sissy faggot too?

A Trip To The Office

I showed up at my husband’s office today with my favorite sissy beside me. I let her dress in regular clothes but she a pretty pink G-string and jeweled butt plug on. The way she walked down the hall as that butt plug stretched out her little tight pussy was fabulous. We entered my sorry ass husband’s office and I had her prepare. She undressed me and then undressed herself. I sat on the desk with my tits out and pulled my panties over so she could look at my perfect pussy.

In her pink G-string and butt plug she crawled over to me and started lapping on my pussy, worshiping it like a good whore. Then the door opened, and my sissy ass husband appeared. He didn’t say a work. He knew why I was there. With his head bowed he undressed to his black G-string panties and pulled them down to show me his butt plug. I pointed for him to come and join in devouring my pussy. After I came all over their faces it was time for me to watch. Perform you pathetic faggots. They didn’t disappoint. Sissy pulled my husbands butt plug out and ate his ass as my husband stroked his little clitty. Want to hear what else they did? It was hot and so ridiculous.

Start Sucking Sissy

mistress phone sex

Hey baby, how was your Christmas? Did you have to go through the motions of being masculine for appearances while you secretly wore your pretty nylon pink panties underneath your pants? Don’t try to hide it, I can tell by the sparkle in your eyes and the half smile on your pathetic face. You don’t have to hide with me. I know exactly what you are. A ridiculous sissy cock loving sissy. Lucky for you I also had to put on appearances for the holiday and I am dying to take it out on you. This will be good for both of us.

Come on in and let’s get started. Your outfit is upstairs in the changing room. A beautifully tight and short made outfit, a bright and shiny new butt plug, fishnet thigh highs and heels. There will be no panties wore by you tonight. I will put on your pretty pink lacey panties and wear them. Hurry up and get in here, I am anxious and horny as hell babe. You scurry into my room so anxious and stop dead when you see what I have waiting for us on the bed. The biggest, darkest, thickest cock you have ever seen. Baby you better get to sucking so you can guide him into my pulsating dripping wet pussy.

Get Dressed


mistress phone sex

Time for a pool party baby. I am having some friends over and you and my hubby are going to be the entertainment and pool faggots. Go on into the room and I have laid out the sweetest little slutty maid outfit for you. A hot short, pleated skirt with matching corset, a black thong, breastplate and black thigh highs and heels. Oh, and I put a pretty Christmas tree butt plug beside it too. Make sure you push that all the way into your pussy babe. Then put on your lip gloss and get out here.

Oh, my look at you two. Perfect femboys. Now get to work. You know what to do. Grab your trays and make sure everyone gets their drinks and appetizers and whatever else they want too. Oh, and don’t forget the poppers, you know how much my friends love those. Come closer. I whisper in your ear that your mouths and man pussies are available too. Don’t disappoint me and don’t embarrass me. As I sit back and sip my drink I marvel at my party. Then I see you both performing lovely.

My hubby on his knees sucking a big black cock, which he loves. Practically worshiping it. I can only imagine the little clitty leakage occurring as he devours it. You? Well, you are bent over the table. Skirt pulled up and taking a big thick dick in your tight pussy as you also suck a cock in your mouth. You both look marvelous. I could use another faggot for my party. Do you think you have what it takes?

Ready To Watch

mistress phone sex

Well look who came home with my husband today. His work buddy whom I have also made my little femboy. The two of you look pathetic. Go get changed into your sissy maid outfits. I left them on the bed for you. Pretty pink nylon panties, thigh highs, heels, and tiny pasties for your nipples too. You both come running down the stairs like fairies holding your butt plugs like they are your prized possessions. Pathetic is my description as I notice tiny wet spots in your panties. I should paddle you two, but I don’t have time.

A real man is coming over and we need to prepare. Assume the position I tell you. You both bend over and pull your panties down and I insert your butt plugs. These are the pretty ones. Jewels that light up. I turn them on, and your little pussies are shining through your panties. Now dress me, make me beautiful and clean my pussy and my ass with your sorry tongues. Make me wet and ready. You both lick and suck vigorously and to perfection just in time for the doorbell. Now go get my man and bring him to me. Undress him and make his cock hard for me. You lick and suck together, in unison like the perfect sissies you are. Now push him inside of me and watch.

Cum Here Pet

mistress phone sex

Aww here comes my little pet. On his knees crawling to me. Wearing a pair of pink nylon panties and pink vinyl collar. I pet your head before attaching the leash. Do you want to go on a walk boy? I attach the leash, kiss your forehead, and lead you to the playroom. You hang your head because you know that you have been naughty. I saw you on your phone watching shemale porn and rubbing your little push pop. Goodness that was a sight. I even had to zoom in to make sure you really were jerking your clitty as it is so tiny.

I tie the leash to the table, and you climb up and take the position. On all fours, chest down and man pussy up. I pull your pink panties down to make sure your clitty cage is nice and tight and then rub your ass. I grab the paddle and put it to your face. You instinctively lick it like you are licking a cock. You really are a little whore I say as I examine the cage and see little drops of pre-cum leaking. I hold my hand back and deliver the first spank against your creamy white ass. A bright red form starts to appear. You gasp and your knees are unsteady. My pussy soaking as I pull back for number two. How many times do you think I should paddle you pet?