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Let’s Go Dress Shopping

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You know what I did today baby? I took my little sissy boy dress shopping. I gave her a bubble bath and had her put on some sweet-smelling lotion. Then I had her come into my room so I could show her what I had picked out for her to wear. Her eyes sparkled as I showed her the pretty pink dress with cherries embroidered throughout, a pair of pink nylon panties and matching bra, a pair of white cotton tights and a pair of Mary Janes. She put on her panties, and I fastened her bra and pulled the dress over her head. I buttoned the cherry shaped buttons and tied the big pink bow in the back. Then I put on her tights and fastened her shoes. I had her stand up and look in the mirror. She was so pleased with herself and smiled as I handed her a matching purse. Then we went shopping. We tried on lots of dresses and then when we went to put on her original dress, I stopped her. Told her to stand in her panties, tights, bra and Mary Janes. One of my friends came in the room and pulled out his big thick cock and started jerking off. When he was about to blow his load, I had her pull her panties out so my friend could fill her panties with his warm load. Then I pulled her panties back up and smushed it all around her, got her dressed and left the mall. Sweet little sissy had cum running down her tights. Such a slut.

Stroke Your Carrot For Me

mistress phone sexCome here you little sissy faggot. Sit down beside my sorry ass husband and entertain me. I love the pretty pink nylon panties you both are wearing. The matching black fishnets and the hooker heels. Get on your knees and watch. This beautiful man walks into my bedroom. Now remove him pants and pull his cock from his boxers. Feel how heavy it is? Now feel your little worms. No comparison is there? Now work together and make this big thick cock hard for me. I will sit back and watch as you lick and suck that beast. The wet spots in your panties show me exactly how you feel about sucking cock and licking balls. I would laugh but it is typical of you both. Now one of you pull off my panties while the other guides that big cock into my perfect wet pussy. Sit on each side of me and watch as he stretches my pussy. Going deep, his balls beating against my body. I give you permission to pull your panties down and play with your little sausage. Stroke it with your fingers as this man brings me to a screaming orgasm. As your little cummies fill your hand this beast fills my cunt with his warm goody goodness. Lick your fingers clean and then one of you lick his cock clean and the other can crawl between my legs and suck all that cum from my cunt.

You Can Only Watch Today Sissy

mistress phone sexI see you looking while I ride this big thick cock. I see the longing in your eyes. You came over earlier eager for our sissy training. I had a new outfit for you. A pair of nylon pink panties, fishnet thigh highs, a matching pink bra and some stripper heels. You dressed and looked marvelous, and you spin around and around showing me. I told you I had a surprise for you today. And just like that the doorbell rang. In walked the hottest man with an outline of his massive meat showing through his sweatpants. You smiled and your panties got a little wet spot. You are such a slut. I knew what you were thinking, and I knew what you wanted but I had no intention of giving in to you. After all you are my pet. You are for my entertainment. So, as you basically drooled with excitement as I motioned you to my bedroom I laughed. I told you to undress him. Your panty covered ass did as you were told. You reached for his cock, and I slapped your hand. I told you that you aren’t worthy of such a monstrously thick dick. I ordered you to undress me and I saw your lips quiver as you came to realize that I was going to have him today. Now kneel down below us and watch as I ride him.

Bend Over

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Well look at you. Sitting there in your pretty nylon panties and matching bra. What is that? You have some pretty matching thigh highs and high heels too. Don’t just sit there, get up. Let me see strut your stuff you sissy faggot. Aww look at how hot you look wobbling on your heels as you sway your sissy ass back and forth. The way you stick you ass out I think you are wanting your man pussy pounded, aren’t you? Lucky for you I have just what you need. Wobble over to my drawer and hand me that big pink box. As I open it, I pull out the biggest thickest strap on you have ever seen. You make a little mess in your panties just watching as I attach it to my goddess body. Of course, that makes me a little upset with you. So, I am going to sit on the edge of the bed, and you bend over my knee. I am going to pull your panties down and spank you. Slowly and firmly my hand lands on each cheek. Your little clitty is even pushing on my knees now. Oh, my you are a little slut, aren’t you? Now stand up and lean over this bed. Spread your crimson covered ass cheeks and pull your tight asshole open. I open the lube and rub it up and down the strap on and rub the head against your gaping hole. Now hold on you faggot I am about to go in deep.

Clean My Cum Filled Cunt

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Do you need someone to tell you how insignificant your tiny cock is? Perhaps you already know but it is important for you to be reminded. I am constantly reminding my husband that he is only a cuck, allowed only to watch as I fuck and suck big thick fat cocks. Then there is you and your teeny tiny carrot cock that couldn’t satisfy a real woman like me. You and my husband would make the perfect pair. Two worthless men with cocktail wieners, completely worthless to any woman. So small that it can’t be felt in even the tightest pussy. So, you like my husband shall take to the life of a cuck. I will let you watch as you kneel beside my husband as I get on my knees and give those big dicks the wettest sloppiest blowjobs ever. I will of course allow you to stroke you little penis as you watch. Then you can move closer as you watch his cock go deep inside my wet pussy. See how he fills my hole completely? Jealous, aren’t you? I don’t blame you really. I see you stroking even faster as you watch his warm thick cum drip out of my cunt. Hmmmm, I see your little cummies droplets from your worm. Now crawl over here and clean my cum filled cunt clean little sissy.

Want To Be My Cuck Baby?

mistress phone sexOne of my favorite accomplishments is that I have made my husband a complete cuck. The closest he gets to my pussy is when I allow him to clean out the cum of another man who has ravished his wife. He looks so cute between my legs lapping it up like a little puppy. I love to make him kneel by the bed and watch his hot ass wife get fucked by another man. Preferably a man with a rather large cock. I have him witness that big cock going in and out of my pussy, balls smacking against my ass with every stroke. I look him in the eye as the man brings me to orgasm. I want him to see my face as I squirt my pussy juices all over that cock. Something my husband has never and will never experience. Then I want him to be close to my face as a big thick cock is rammed in my ass. Hearing the wet pounding I get from behind. His lips quiver as he sees me take a cock deep in my mouth and suck it until I drain the gentleman’s balls. He knows he is never going to feel my wet tight pussy hugging his cock or my thick lips around his cock. I love it that way and he has grown accustomed to it. I don’t even have to ask anymore, I just motion and he crawls over and cleans all of my holes. I bet you would like to be my cuck too wouldn’t you?

They Were Fiends For His Cummies

mistress phone sexIt was fun day at my house today. That meant that my favorite sissy and my sorry ass husband would get to enjoy the show. I made sure they were dressed the part. Pretty nylon panties, glittery lip gloss and thigh high stripper boots. I do like them to look a little trashy. As I zipped up their boots those little clitties were dancing in their panties, making little droplet messes. I just reached over and squeezed their little clitties between my fingers until they were wreathing in pain, with glassy almost tearful eyes. The doorbell rang and I sent them to bring me my afternoon snack. They basically skipped like the little faggots they are and held his hand and brought him to me. I laughed and told them to get to work. They undressed him and as he stood, they got on their knees. Their glittery mouths were sucking his cock and licking his balls like fiends. When I saw the precum I demanded they stop and get on their knees. I put my snack on the couch and climbed on and rode him. I kept looking back at my sissies as their hands were down their panties rubbing their little worms furiously. I took his load deep inside me and brought them over to make him hard again. Then they guided his massive cock inside my beautiful tight asshole. It was a fun evening, and they ate lots of cummies. Want to be my little sissy faggot too?

I Watched Him Crank His Centimeter Peter

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He called telling me he was stroking his little clitty looking at my pictures. I laughed at the mere thought of him rubbing that little bite size thing. He told me it was fun size and I told him there was nothing fun about his micro penis. Anyways, I grew bored listening to his foolishness and suggested he let me see what he actually had. He suggested we do a skype. I laughed and told him he was no where worthy of looking at my hot ass, but I needed a good laugh, so I told him to come on. I would love to watch him. I pulled out the computer attached my hidden camera feature and accepted his call. Let me tell you it did not disappoint. His sorry ass was so excited to let me see him. It was so small I thought I was going to have to magnify the screen to actually see it. He stood there like a little puppy just hammering his petite carrot as I laughed and gave him instructions. The best part was getting to hear him moan and watch him stroke and beg to please me. Although he couldn’t see my hot ass body, he did get to hear my sexy voice and that was enough for him. In no time his hands were full of his little cummies. Pathetic I tell you and pathetic I told him. You got a pinky winky you want to show Mistress Violet too?

You Will Have To Earn It

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Hey there sissy, come play with me and my husband. He also is a sorry little dick guy who is my cuck. Don’t worry, he likes it and so will you. You know you can’t please a real woman. I mean with a little teeny tiny weenie like that no woman could even feel that. It would be no more than a little pesky tickle. So, come on in and put on your little sissy slut outfit. Yes, one to match my husband’s. Pretty pink panties and ruffly socks and of course pretty glittery lip gloss. What in the hell? Is that a little wet spot forming in those panties? My goodness you can’t control your clitty at all can you? Do I need to get a cage for you? I think I might. I will have my husband go to my room of toys and get you a bright and shiny one. The smallest we can find, one made especially for those micro penis’, just like yours. Don’t cry baby. Pull those panties down and let him put it on you. Watch as he hands me the key. Now you will need to earn your way out of it. So, tell me what do you have in mind that you think will be so incredible that I will unlock your cage?

Rub Your Worm For Me

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Mistress phone sex brings all you pansy assess to my front door. Wanting an invitation into my bed. But just like my sorry ass husband you too are only for my entertainment. You understand that, though don’t you? I mean look at that little thing between your legs. It is like a cocktail wiener. Nothing more than a snack, a little appetizer at best. And my perfect pussy does not entertain something so minuscule. You my dear sissy look best in pretty panties. Nylon and satin so that your little cock resembles a clit. A clit that needs stroking. So, put on your panties and make sure they are nice and snug. See how your little worm sticks out? Now spread your legs and show mistress Violet what we do with little clitties. There you go, stroke it, like the little pussy it is. Let me see you put your fingers around it and stroke. Oh, my don’t you look adorable. Is that a little wet spot appearing on your panties? Of course, it is, you can’t even hold it can you. You aren’t a minute man, are you? More like a few second’s man. But we already know that. So, you sit right there and keep rubbing your little weenie as this man with a big snake fucks me. I see you stroking harder and faster. Damn sissy, you came before I did. Pull those panties down and let me see your little cummies mess. That is really laughable how small that puddle is. Pull your panties back up and watch as my perfect cunt gets filled with a big load.