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He Is Only A Cuck

sissy phone sex

My sorry ass Husband can’t get his dick hard enough to fuck me without me having to do lots and lots of work, so I mostly give his sissy ass cuckold sex. The other day he woke up with a semi hard on and decided that I should give him a blow job to try to get things started. I don’t know who the fuck he thinks he is but I just laughed. He decided to try his luck by crawling under the covers and putting his head between my legs and licking my sweet bald wet pussy. I let him try but he makes me drier than the Sahara. He kept licking while I just channel surfed. Finally, he lifted the covers and asked if I liked that. I looked and shook my head and said not even the slightest. So, he got up to take a shower and I pulled out my big thick dildo, removed the covers and started fucking my wet juicy cunt. When he was done with the shower, he came back to the room in only a towel and his eyes grew wide as he saw me there on the bed fucking myself. He tried to join in, and I just told him no thanks I am enjoying myself and that he was only worthy of cuckold phone sex. He almost cried as I brought myself to orgasm. I threw a towel at him and told him not to worry there would be a nice thick cock for him to suck while getting it ready for me tonight. Who knows, maybe I will let him lick my cum filled twat for a treat.

My Sissies Love To Suck Cock

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Today was a fun day. I set up a playdate with my sorry ass short dick husband and my favorite flaming sissy. I dressed them all pretty in princess dresses and tiaras and panties and little mary jane shoes. They looked gorgeous. Of course, I didn’t forget that shiny pink lip glass that always sets them apart and makes their little clitties leak. Then the guest of honor arrived, with a friend. The sissies were practically dancing at the outlines of those big cocks under their pants. Not to keep them waiting I let them pull down their sweatpants ad take a look at those beasts. On their knees they went and started to suck the big thick balls and long hard cocks like fiends. I just laughed as I watched the wet spots appear. They sucked and stroked until those cocks were full of veins and pre-cum was leaking from the heads. I got on the bed and waited for those sissies to guide those cocks inside me. One deep inside my juicy wet cunt and the other inside my tight little asshole. They watched as those massive dicks fucked me hard and filled me with their warm yummy cum. With their tongues practically wagging they licked their cocks clean and then sucked all the cum from my pussy and ass. Then I let them sit side by side and we watched as they jerked each other off. We laughed at those tiny cocks with those little loads leaving little more than droplets on their hands.

A Halloween Treat

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Oh, my sissy showed up at the door wearing the matching costume I had for him and my husband. They were both Disney Princesses this year. The looked adorable in their little dresses and tiaras. However, I did make one adjustment. I ripped their dresses so they were super short, and I could get a nice view of their pink sissy panties I had picked out for them. Now a touch of lip gloss and we were ready for Halloween. I had already called the anaconda to come see me and the sissies were ready and waiting when he arrived. Always on their knees where they belong. He laughed at their cute dresses as he pulled his cock out and smacked them in the face with it. Then he told them to suck it, like they were bobbing for apples. Once he was hard and wet spots appeared in the princess panties, I had them guide that beast into my wet pretty pussy. Their little hands trembling with excitement as they pushed that beast inside me. Then they watched as he pounded my cunt. Since it was Halloween, he decided they needed a treat. When he was about to cum, he pulled out and graced their little tongues with his warm hot yummy cum. They licked it all up like the cum whores they are. We had much more fun and I will give you all the hot naughty details when we talk. I will be waiting for you.

Rub Each Others Clitties For Mistress Violet

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Aww look at you. Thinking you are going to join me in the bath. You know you are not worthy of even being in my bath water dear hubby. How silly of you. However, I do have big plans for you. Well small plans actually but fun for me regardless. Anyways, go pour me a nice glass of wine and put on the surprise I laid out on the bed. There you are standing in the doorway with my glass of wine wearing a slutty maid outfit with pretty silk panties underneath, fishnet hose and pretty black heals. Is that the doorbell? You better go answer it baby. Look at who came to see us. My favorite sissy dressed exactly like you. Now hand me my glass of wine and you two sit side by side. Spread those legs wide and lift up those skirts so I can see those itty-bitty tiny cocks. Oh, how little they are. Now reach your hands and start stroking the others little clitty. Yes, just like that. Keep looking at me though. I love to see your orgasm faces. Now lean over and lick each other clean. You sissies are so entertaining. You won’t believe what I have ready for you to do for me next.

They Cleaned My Beautiful Pussy

sissy training

My sissy gets really excited to come over and train with my sorry ass little dick husband. I don’t understand the appeal but it sure does make me happy. They both are my sissy cucks who will do nothing but please me. Just their happy faces as I hand them their pretty nylon panties is a joy. My husband was being a total prick today and actually tried to touch me this morning in bed. I quickly put a stop to that. He knows better and I was not going to let that slip by. So, I called sissy and she came right over. I directed my husband to come in and then they both stripped down. I greased up those butt plugs, had them bend over and I rammed them inside. I wasn’t particularly gently with my husband either. Then I handed them their panties and told them to crawl to me like the pets that they are. As they scurried my way, my gentleman friend arrived. I instructed them to undress him and get him ready for Ms. Violet’s beautiful pussy. They worked together, licking and sucking his cock and balls. Then they guided his big thick long dick inside my cunt. They watched as a real man pleased me. After me and my friend had explosive orgasms the little sissies had tiny little wet spots in their panties. I laughed and laughed at them. Then I had them come and clean all of that thick warm cum from my pussy, patted their heads and told them to draw me a warm bubble bath.

His Pathetic Cock Makes Me Laugh

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I saw the way my husband looked at me as I started to dress so I decided to give him a little look at all the goods he was missing. I pulled my panties down and rubbed my clit. As I got wetter, I told him to get a good look because my juicy wet pussy brought on by my own fingers was wetter than he could ever get me. As I continued to degrade him a tiny little wet spot appeared on his boxers. I laughed even harder now and told him my own wet spot was much larger than his pathetic dick. I told him he needed to change and handed him a pair of nylon pink panties to put on. He hung his head and did exactly as he was told. His little dick was so pathetic inside them and I laughed harder. He started to put on his pants, and I stopped him. Told him to bend over and pull those panties down. I then rammed a butt plug inside his tight ass and pulled up his panties. I then pulled up his pants, patted his bottom and told him to enjoy his day. I giggled as he pulled out of the driveway and I pulled out my phone to call a big thick cock to come over and take care of my juicy wet pussy.

Clean Me Up Sissy

Mistress Phone SexAre you feeling a bit slighted with the size of your dick? I feel slighted every time I see my miserable husband’s cock. That is what makes him a great cuck. While his cock is worthless to me the humiliation and look on my husband’s face as I am being fucked delights me. I like to invite other sissies to join me in my fun. I will have you both lick my visitors’ cock until it is hard and wet. Then one of you worthless asses can guide his cock into my juicy wet pussy. I see your mouth start watering as you lightly graze my wet cunt with your fingertips. You enjoyed that didn’t you? I can tell by the wet spots that are noticeable in the pretty pink panties you are wearing. Now sit on either side of me and watch as a real man pounds my pussy. Hear me moan? Something you will never be able to do for me. Look at those thick full balls banging against my ass, jealous, aren’t you? Watch as he glides in and out filling my cunt with his thick cum. Look it is leaking out of my tight hole. That was amazing wasn’t it. Now you two come and clean him up. Get between his balls and that thick head as well. Then you can take turns crawling between my legs and cleaning out my cunt. That is right my little cum sluts, lick it all up.

So You Want A Taste

mistress phone sexSo, you want to take off my pretty yellow bra and panties and taste Mistress Violet, don’t you? You know a sissy like you can’t touch me without my asking. In order for you to get a little sliver of Mistress Violet I am going to need you to do just a few things for me. You must earn it baby. I hand you and my husband a pair of pretty purple panties to put on. Now sit in front of me. Each of you pull the front of your panties open and then you put your hand in the others. Just like that. Now jack each other off. I will just sit back and stroke my beautiful pussy while I watch you. Lean over and put the head of the cock in your mouth. Suck it really good. I want to hear you slurping on it. Oh, my that does sound wet, about as wet as my pussy. I stick my finger deep inside of me and put it in my mouth, licking all of my juices off. You both look so disappointed that you didn’t get a taste. I have a challenge for you with a wonderful surprise for the winner. The first one to drain the others’ balls will get to stick their tongue deep in my ass and lick it all up. On your mark get set and go…………….

A Strap On for My Cuck

Mistress Phone Sex

Mistress Violet takes no shit from anyone and that includes her little sissy ass husband. So, let me tell you what I made that man do for me when he decided to try to touch me without asking. I have told you before I want no part of that tiny thing. That small cock is not worthy of such a fine pussy as mine. While he was at work I prepared for his punishment. I called one of my best sissies over to help as I laid out all my toys and changed. I met that sack of shit at the door as he arrived, wearing my “Bitch” collar, fishnets, corset and of course my strap on. I didn’t attach the big thick one because I already know he isn’t worthy of that either. I told him that he would now be punished for putting his hands-on Mistress Violet without permission. I ordered my sissy to take off my husbands’ clothes and attach the little bitty cock cage I had for him. My husband tried to back talk so I had sissy attach a ball gag really tight so I wouldn’t have to listen to his worthless chatter. Sissy then led him to my chambers where a bright pink paddle lay on the bed. I bent my husband over the bed and paddled his ass until it was bright pink. Of course, his little clitty was dribbling so I scooped it up and rubbed it into his tight ass. I told him to buckle up because I was about to tear his sweet ass up. As I started to push in, I felt his ass start clinching so I pushed even harder. I took it deep and hard and fast. He blubbered like he didn’t like it but the mess he left under his cock cage told a different story.

The Sissies Ate My Ass

Mistress Phone Sex


As my sorry ass husband has been made a cuck who is not worthy of that beautiful juicy treat between my legs does not mean that I won’t let him have a little taste of my sweet ass. Of course, it wouldn’t be as much fun if I just made him eat my ass, so I invited over another sorry ass small cock sissy to join him as they watched this big beautiful man fuck me with his gigantic cock. I sat those two cucks at the end of my bed as they watched this thick big dick fuck my tight juicy pussy. I watched as they pulled their tiny dicks out and started rubbing them. I laughed at them and told them how cute their little things were. I actually think that made them more excited as they seemed to stroke harder. As that dick continued to pound me, he pulled out and rammed it in my tight ass and filled me up with his cum. I had the sissies clean him up and then I motioned them over, spread my ass cheeks and had them clean me out. After they were done, I let them continue eating my ass as I climbed back on that hard cock again and rode him.