Sissy Training Lets Us Explore Who You Really Are

sissy trainingI bet you need sissy training. Many men do. And I do not believe there should be any shame in that either. Recently, I took on a new real-time client, which I rarely do anymore. Sometimes between motherhood, my sissy line and a personal life, I struggle with balance. Something had to give so I could be better at work and better for my offspring. So, I limited the number of sissies I see in my home.

But I made an exception for Lilly. Sissy Lilly goes to school with my sons. However, her mother fails to be as cool as me. I let my sons be who they want to be. And they have time to figure it all out because they have a mother who supports them. Right now, we know they are femboys who love girly clothes and cock. I let them wear dresses and pretty clothes to school. Having the best sissy trainer around as their mother they view as a plus.

Let Me Help You Become the Best Sissy Ever

So, if Sissy Lilly cannot be who she wants at school and home, she can be who she wants at my place. No reason for her mother to get suspicious either. My sons and Lilly are great friends. So, when Lilly visited my boys for the holiday weekend, we played dress up. I let her pick out what ever she wanted to wear from my sissy closet. My closest proves to be a magical place for sissies. That’s because I keep my closet full of pretty and frilly things. Very girlie clothes for sissies.

Lilly picked a purple bra and panty set from my vintage Madienform collections. She possesses great taste. And she picked out a purple frilly dress. She picked out a different colorful outfit every day she stayed here. I will be Lily’s safe space for exploration. She can be Chad when at home, and Lilly with me. Just like you can be your authentic self when you call my sissy phone line. Whether you want to be a pretty sissy or a cock sucking sissy, I do not care. I am here to help you be the best sissy you can be.

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