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Forced Feminization Fun!

Forced feminization

My little sissies benefit greatly from me force feminizing them and turning them into girly fags! It makes my little sadistic heart thump so fast and hard whenever I see their little faggot cocks pressed up against a pair of dirty silky, lace panties! I take great pleasure in taking them to the shopping mall and making them try on the girliest fag outfits that I can find. I love having everyone stare at them as they are forced to do twirls in poofy pink summer dresses and bend over for me! I make them spread their ass cheeks and show everyone their little tight fag fuck holes and pathetic dickies! It is even better when I dress them up like girly whores and make them seduce men and take them into the dressing rooms. I make my little sissies into faggot traps with wigs, makeup and stockings. Then they have to be fucked like good little whores in the dressing rooms while the whole store watches.

Black dress affair

Forced feminizationForced feminization in public is one of my fortes. I invited my new sissy to this black dress affair. I was excited to show him off and make sure he secured his spot as a sissy slut for me. I looked amazing from head to toe and made my sissy bitch my pet on a leach. I couldn’t stop laughing at the sight of him with lipstick and full sissy attire. Everyone was going to meet my sissy and was going to see how submissive my little loser truly is, after all. My sissy had the right Idea about things. My sissy was going to be my servant and was going to suck dick at the party. Everyone was dressed to the nines, and my servant slut was ready to make a great impression — a perfect cock sucking slut for everyone at the party. I was watching my bitch eat and guzzle cum. I always train the best sissies.

When you see me make a wish

Sissy trainingI’m the shit, take a whiff. Do you think you deserve me?! Hmmmm well everyone does but the executive decision is ultimately up to me. I know you wish that I was your full time sissy slave trainer but the fact of the matter is that I am in high demand and I can only do so much! My time is precious and i’m super selective with who I give my superior sissy training knowledge to. You need to prove yourself to me and show me why you think you’re so deserving of my utmost skills. Pathetic sissies are such toys to me and you all need to be trained however some of you are so fucking worthless it’s like you’re better off in the trash can rather than wasting my fucking life with your stupidity. I’m a high-class goddess and i’m a cold ass slut. Fuck bitches, get money… that’s the anthem! Send a tribute to start it off and explain to me in detail why you think you would be a good fit and addition to my beautiful life. I don’t have time for idiots! If you’re a good sissy then i will happily welcome you into my world of deviancy and domination. Prove your worth you little bitch you. 😉

Sissy Training Audio Tease ZOEY

sissy training audio

I am fucking ready to tease and make you please during sissy training audio! Being a black cock princess means 99 percent of the time I will turn down your loser white dick. Now I might play like I am interested but you have to know I really am not.  I like to fuck large and in charge big brother purple veiny cock. I am a teen who knows what I want and what you need. I real break the BBC training mold. I want to make sure you know that that dick is only good for stuffing in a cute little Versace bikini pair of panties and being on your knees with a mouthful of chocolate cock. Sucking and slurping that BBC will be all you want to do for me. Listen to my voice as you begin to realize what your life’s purpose is. You belong with my fantastic pack of BBC sissy men who worship not only the ground I walk on but the fat black cocks I fuck! Get your sissy panties out for a bit of training you will never forget my love! You can’t have me but you can have some black good good in that ass pussy!

Surrender to me

Sissy slave trainingYou’re walking around the house with your sissy clitty dangling down between your legs as you fantasize about who is gonna be the lucky cock that is going to get to fuck my perfect pussy next. This beautiful goddess hole of mine is so fucking full of cum from being pounded out non-stop. I’m so swollen but that’s exactly how I prefer to be! You are over in the corner masturbating your pathetic sissy clitty and daydreaming about how good it might feel to shove yourself deep into my cum-filled cunt like all the other luck horny real men get to do. Why don’t you shift your thinking and go worry about your bank account and how much i’m fuckin draining you all in the name of domination and erotic gratification. I love putting your heart in a blender and still you surrender your whole being to me, lol you truly are a lost cause! You’re such a worthless little bitch! Bow down and kiss my pretty toes while I pat you on the head and tell you what good sissy pet you are. Your sissy slave training really is coming along swimmingly.

Let’s Get One Thing Str8, You’re not!

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That’s right you’re not Straight. Why would you call my adult chat lines to hear my big black cock fuck tales? You are my femboy, my bottom to my bull cocks.  I know you salivate for those anaconda black dicks. Oh, my baby, my pussy drips for my sissy men.  I know you need a good cock training. Now come into my playroom.  I’ll put on some tunes and you will start gyrating your hips as I find a locking cock cage. You want to be under my command. Cum when I say and not before! Look!  Your beautiful skirt is short so you can show off that cock cage when I command you too. I will be the young mistress who will be feeding you BBC in both ends. I know what you are! I wear the key to your cock cage around my neck proudly as your mistress and your BBC cuckold loving Princess! Bow to me I know what you are! Maybe if you’re a good slut I will help you fund a wardrobe! And feed you cum loads for dinner!  Cum to my sissy phone zone! sissy phone

Princess Domme

Phone dominatrixPhone dominatrix that loves to make you weak. I know you will do everything I tell you to do. You have a family and youngins, but you still crave to be like your princess domme. You have told me all your secrets, and I know them all from the good the bad and the ugly. Don’t worry, keep me happy and you will never be exposed. I have to admit I get quite bored and may put you thru the ringer. You like being weak for me and seeing my pictures. I send you all my hot shots, and you fawn over how perfect I am. You are a fan of my paying slut. You wire me every bit of change I need and so much more. I knew you were the target from the moment I laid eyes on you. I saw you were lusting for my attention. You didn’t want an affair you tried to emulate me. You want to be me to the core and dress up and feel sexy. I have enjoyed making you wear that chasity device. Your wife is wondering why on earth you aren’t trying to fuck her. Wifey is thinking about all the girls you are fucking. If only she knew you were the one being fucked. Forced sissy training is what you begged me for since the beginning. Don’t complain about cum in your coffee cup now.

forced sissy training

Rewarding My Sissy

sissy training audio

My sissy slave slut has behaved so well. My good faggy boi has listened so well to Mistress. He has been such a good sissy boy sucking on those big black cocks for me. My perfect sissy boy has gotten all dressed up, prim and proper and scrubbing the floors. I didn’t even have to step on him for not cleaning fast enough. He got on his hands and knees and scrubbed the dirty grout around the toilet and in the bath tub. My good sissy boy always rubs his mistress’ feet and lathers my feet with his pink sissy boy tongue. When my sissy is a good slut, I love rewarding him by buying him a cute little outfit and pulling his little dicklet out of his cute lace panties and stroke his dicklet until it is throbbing in my hand. My sissy loves his mistress’ stroke and if he has been an extra good boy, mistress will have another sissy come and suck him off.

Sissy maid training princess

Sissy maid trainingI have a new sissy slut, that is my assistant. This little sissy wanted to be just like me, so he had to listen to everything I said and more. There is no reason not to follow commands from a hot princess like me. You want to learn the ropes you have to be my sissy maid training slut. Whatever I say goes. If I tell you to jump, you ask me how high. It is quite simple. Follow the rules, and there is no reason to fail with me. I like to humiliate and degrade. You being my sissy bitch isn’t for the weak. If you want to follow me around, you have to be aware that I am a popular girl. Once I am done doing all my deeds, you will be the cleanup service indeed.

BBC Sissy Hypno Training

sissy hypno training

Sissy Hypno training is so fun for this Princess of Large cock. I text with Tyrone and told him I had Hank waiting for him. Now Hank denies being a BBC cock sucker. But I know it is what he needs. All it took was A joint and some rock music blaring to make Hank hard for me.   A knock on the door and Tyrone was oiled down in his swim trunks ready for some sissy making. Now as you know my black men know that white men are just a hole for them. Being superior in the cock department means bitch boys like hank get what they deserve. The beat of the music and my hips rocking back in forth in front of Hank put him in a trance to do my bidding. I passed the weed and began sucking that BBC right in Hanks lap. Instead of passing the joint I passed Hank The black cock to suck. He was mine now. And in a haze, I and Hank bitched and taking Black cock up his ass on all fours.  Curious how Hank gave me the best and largest cum load of his life all over my perky tits. He even cleaned his own cum up for this BBC sissy trainer!