Sissy panties are crotch-less, lacy, and colorful.

       Sissy panties   Sissy panties are crotch-less, lacy, and colorful.   It must be remembered that the first impression is the only chance you are going to get to show just what sissy fucking bitch you are. Now there are many levels but to begin with those panties will tell what type of sissy bitch you want to represent.

          Full-fledged panties. Oh, fuck might as well just say it loudly that you are a boring no adventure fucking dud. Bet you make them into tight whites as well. Thinking you want to be a sissy but at the same time you don’t want a dick unless of course it is your own mothers strap on. Next, I bet you use the whiney little voice too. You will never be a sissy. Moving onto the next…

          Second one up and running. You are showing off your lacy thong, that just so happens to be pink. Now this tells me that you are interested in showing you have a pink fucking asshole, a.k.a. your sissy pussy. You are interested in catching the eye of BBC. You look for that BBC. Forced feminization isn’t needed with you. Not at all. In fact, you work at looking good in those high heels. Drawing attention to your ass. You know where it is at.

          Finally, we come to the crotch-less, lacy, and colorful ones that you were either bikini style or thong. Those panties are versatile and never need to be taken off. Functional, sexy, and most important is eye catching, cock rising, fucking sissy slut has come to completion. You are officially a whore of the first class. Run with it.


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