Forced feminization for my daddy with Blackmail

Forced feminization Forced feminization sneaks up on you.  At first, it’s subtle. Then, it gets stronger and stronger. Before you know it, you’re a full-fledged sissy. A dare by a couple of friends in college has you wearing nylons and a dress while you chug a keg. But something clicks in your little sissy brain and suddenly you have a secret sissy clothing stash. Years of a trunk hidden in the basement conceals your secret shame of crossdressing. By the time your daughter finds it you’re getting sloppy and she looks up the stairs and sees the bottom of your ankle clad in pantyhose as you dance your way across the landing. 

Forced feminization for my daddy with Blackmail

You’re not so little girl is impressed by your collection. Once upon a time she was shocked and scared of having a pops who dressed like a woman. But now she just wants to use it against you. Perhaps you shouldn’t have taken her car keys away. But now here I come with a handful of outfits. When you return from work today, a nice sexy white outfit will be laid out while I sit cross-legged in your bed with all of my evidence. I found some play girls and a box of anal toys in the chest as well! Well daddy it’s time to play dress up for me.

Oh! Yea!  I have busted you and now whenever mommy works long shifts you’re going to be a sissified princess for me. My first real life sissy girl training is on my own pops! Cum be my second mommy and let me get my hands on your and bring you to your knees for me and my friends!  I can’t wait to make you my toy and show you how much fun I can be! Unless I should go get mommy and a couple of your co-workers and let your fem secret out to the world??? The choice is yours daddy, now make it quick!

Domination Skills for me start early with the discovery of my daddies sissy panties and clothing!

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