Sissy maid training transforms a former boyfriend into my slave!

Sissy maid trainingSissy maid training provides you the skills necessary to please your mistress. You as a sissy are a male submissive that is exhibiting feminine behavior, and you love to obey your owner. And when you’re with me, I own you. Hell, I own a few sissy sluts that will obey me even when they’re away from me! But the art of training a sissy maid has many levels. Each exciting and sexy for me as you serve. 

Sissy maid training provides you the skills necessary to please your mistress.

Little Miss Edwina is patiently awaiting her text instructions, and she sits in my den listening to me train other sissy whores. “See, you will do absolutely anything I want just for some attention, won’t you, Edwina?” I sneer at her as she’s getting impatient. One thing I love about this sissy servant is that she will do anything to please and amuse me. I know the sissy maid has gotten her wish, even though she was really disgusted with the idea at first.  This is a vast improvement over her being a once cheating chauvinistic boyfriend.

That’s right, My very old man thought he could make me do the housework! And have me at his beck in call for sexy time. Edwina, formally Ed, has changed quite a bit in the last few months. Now her only purpose and the silly little sissy made life is to please her mistress. Sissy slut BF made must remain useful so that she is kept on good terms. She wouldn’t want me tossing her away for another, would she? 

Edwina, my new sissy maid whore, is in full Chasity.  I find no use in her sexually at all anymore. To be honest, she’s a little dumb! She must never have second thoughts so she has to keep Mistress happy. Under her cute little outfit she wears her chastity cage and a corset that I used to wear. Now it fits perfectly on Edwina’s figure since she’s been dieting to keep herself skinny for me.

Sissy panties are only the start 

A pair of sissy panties goes right up her crack and over that cock cage too. Then we have all kinds of adornments like leggings and aprons. And of course, size 12 heels for her cute little feet. It Will take a while for her to get used to walking in heels. Edwina’s hair started to grow out now. So I put the cutest big ribbons and headbands in her hair.

Even better, Mistress has her Sissy maids ears pierced! I find that all the clothes that my boyfriend wanted me to wear to please his pathetic self fit quite nicely on my new sissy maid. Oh and for the last ornamentation this week I put a cute pair of little bells right on her cock cage, so I can hear her all through the house as she performs all the housework and cleaning. Including taking the toothbrush to the toilet seat tonight just because I want to. She will be lucky if she doesn’t have to use her tongue to clean the toilet because that’s how much she disgusts me, and I’m never going to kiss her mouth! 

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