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Forced feminization is getting that sissy ass into a skirt

Forced feminization

Forced feminization is getting that sissy ass into a skirt and heels. First, we are getting you completely nude and inspecting your sissy ass. Going to tie up that little clitty of yours. Even have a nice little lock box for it. Next, we are going to find a nice tight skirt, thong panties, and mesh thigh high stockings, three quarter bra, and mesh top. Really make you look like the little slut you are.

You are not to be trusted with getting ready on your own. Seeing as you seem to buck against what you are being told and for this reason you will be helped into those clothes. When it becomes necessary, I will slap your behind. You are going to be feminine and not sit with your legs spread wide.

In a word you are getting feminized and will act appropriately. Now that we have established that we are going to work on your standing and walking. You need to keep your back straight, shoulders back. Even line all the way down to your heels. After all a true woman stands straight and tall. Proud of her carriage.

In the long run you will thank me for making you do all this work to be a sissy little whore.

Phone domination for Mistress Genesis pleasure

Phone domination

Sissys needs Phone domination. I use it for my pleasure. Men have history proven their worth through acts of deeds. Now adays, you have so many pathetic excuses for a cock to be attached to a body. If men are serious about being an actual sissy, they must submit to my pleasure. There is no excuse for excuses. Your life serves no purpose if you cannot satisfy my every desire. These days, I desire to use that stick attached to my body. If you can keep your mouth shut, that’s even better. The only thing I need to hear is Yes, Mistress. Sitting my ass on your face will make your meat stick hard for me to use. Smashing my juice ass all over your face and the delectable smell of my rosebud and seductive cunt stimulates your cock out of your control. Then it’s all mine. None of it is left for your pleasure, so don’t imagine it is.

BBC sissy trainer finding Raw sissy boy talent









BBC sissy trainer


BBC sissy trainer finding Raw sissy boy talent is a gift only the best sissy trainer can possess. I found a sex soft-bottom sissy today. Boy o boy was that sissy eager to please a cock, not just any cock but one with massive size. Cute mini dresses, high thighs, and heels already this sissy knows how to flaunt slutty ass around to ignite boners on site. Good sissy that pass my test get to meet Rocko, He is the biggest bull in my stable. If you can handle a visit from rocko’s enormous shaft, then you are considered as talent in the eyes of the mistress and you have gained her attention. Her knowledge and expertise then become available to you.

sissy phone sex with the Mistress is a privilege

sissy phone sex


sissy phone sex with mistress Heaven is your introduction to Forced sissy training. Allow Heaven to make you into a proper slut. Do as your told and rewards flow, if you disobey the mistress prepare for punishment. It really is that simple when it comes to your hands on training with the mistress, and her success rate is perfect. Before long you will be taking cock like no other, gobbling and swallowing massive sized BBC day after day with absolute no gag. The mistress loves all her sissy boys and wants them to be all they can be, refined femboys and sophisticated sissies with the charm to get whatever it is the want, from whomever they want with the skills Mistress heaven teaches.



You will not be uncategorized for long. This I can promise you for you will be trained in all areas to keep me satisfied as well as all the cocks that are chosen for you. Teaching you to dress in a nice short dress. Maid uniforms are nice, short, and therefore it will show off your tight little pussy that you will wiggle, shake, and draw attention too. 

Hence you will get more cock as your progress in your training. Training that is needed to put you in your place on your knees begging for those cocks. Fucking your mouth, your little cunt hole, and making you scream for more. Wanting more and more every day. Dressing up and going in search of all those delicious cocks. 

Shopping for Sissy panties

Sissy pantiesLet’s go shopping for new Sissy panties!! As part of your Femboy training we need to shop for things that make you feel like a pure lusty slut. Find something flattering and sexy like Lace, thong, even crotch-less.  This is critical, once you have found the perfect pair get 7. You never know where you will lose them out being such a whore, so keep back ups. Spare purse panties can also be used as gags or restraints, being a prepared sissy slut can do wonders. I love to train and turnout all  my sissy boys with a hands on approach. I want to mold you and break you in myself. Maybe that’s what makes me the Best sissy trainer around.

My Penal Free Pass

Adult phone chat lines

When my man went to prison, he told me not to wait for him and to fuck anyone I want to, even if it’s one of the pervs who calls my adult phone chat lines.  I don’t think I would’ve been able to wait anyway, but it was good to know that I had my papi’s permission.  He must’ve told his best friend to look out for me while he was locked up, because he wasn’t behind bars for a week before his bro came sniffing around my doorstep for some fuck action, and he was definitely not trying to sex up one of my sissies.

I wasn’t surprised, he’s always had a thing for me.  In fact, he and my man were both trying to get into my pants when I met them, but I went with the bad boy and left him to watch from the sidelines.  But ever since I was given the penal free pass, we’ve been meeting up for some freaky fucking.  It really just makes sense.

Do you think I’m going to make my mistress cunt cum on a little clitty having cutie wannabe?  Those bitch-boys couldn’t please a woman if they were made of milk chocolate vibrators!  All they’re good for is taking gigantic dicks in their tight little femboy asses.  When I do fuck them, it’s to humiliate them or to help turn on the stud who is reaming out their rim.  The amount of physical pleasure I receive out of it is minimal, though it does please a little carnal spot in my brain.

I’m going to keep fucking my man’s friend until he tells me to stop.  It’s always fun and he’s pretty hot.  Who knows, maybe when baby comes home from prison, he’ll want to fuck me and his friend at the same time.  It never hurts to ask, right?


Sissy Hypno Training with Goddess Alessandra

Sissy Hypno Training

Repeat it over and over out loud. Let me hear you say, “Goddess Alessandra you own me!” Yes that is correct I am your god! You have to earn the right to have Sissy Hypno Traning from the best. I will not allow a fragile tool to come aboard my brainwashing paradise. It takes a willing, devoted sissy to play with me. If you haven’t checked out my bio, I suggest you do so and learn about my style.

I’m not new to this; I have quite the experience of ruining sissies and, on the opposite side, celebrating them. Each client of mine has different needs than the next. I’m not putting my sissies in a box. I’m here to get the best out of you in every way you choose. Now with that being said, if you don’t have what it takes to indulge in my specialties, you will be forced in all the great ways to obtain those qualities.

I’m a goddess that believes in the art of uniqueness and will find your rhythm before you see it yourself. I am a great reader and can read you. My abilities possess so much power you won’t be able to say no to goddess Alessandra. Be prepared to spoil me, let me rewrite your history, and give me the key to do all I want with your future.

Taboo Sissy Phone Chat

taboo phone chat

I just had the most taboo phone chat with one of you little dick sissies. This slut spent 45 minutes begging mistress to fuck him in the ass with the biggest strap-on that I own. I asked if she was sure because the biggest Mistress Heaven owns is 16 inches long and thick as fuck. This BBC will stretch your shit hole open so wide that your ass will be gaping hole for at least a week! I thought that would scare her but she reached in her bag and pulled out an adult diaper. This sissy wanted mistress to make her into an adult baby! This was some uncategorized shit but I still did it! I love fucking a tight hole until its loose. I must admit, I loved having a little sissy baby! I dressed her up in cute little dresses and nursed her while I rubbed my clit. Her mouth around my tits made my pussy tingle! After I gave that sissy some grade A cock I put her diaper on and carried her around like a little baby until she fell asleep in my arms. So cute! 

Best Sissy Trainer Session

best sissy trainer

If you’re in need of some feminization, you’re in the right place. So many of my callers tell me that I’m the best sissy trainer they’ve ever talked to. A lot of women try to train you to become the kind of sissy they want you to be instead of what you want to be. That’s not my style at all. This transformation is all about who you want to become. If you just want to wear panties and lipstick while you jerk off, that’s totally okay. Maybe that’s all you need and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But I will say that if you desire being feminized from head to toe and in every aspect of your life, I am the woman you need. I’ll help you with anything and everything. And don’t be afraid to ask me questions about being a woman if you need to. There’s so much to learn. Hell, I think every woman has her own questions about being a woman, so don’t feel bad if you don’t know everything. That’s what I’m here for! So get on that phone and give me a call so we can make your sissy dreams come true.