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Sissy Girl Training

Sissy Girl Training

Sissy girl training is my specialty. If you would like to join my army of sexual deviants, you must learn how to properly worship your Mistress. You have come to me because you know it is domination that you crave. And you have come to the right place. I have always been a powerful woman. I know how to get what I want and command a sissy. I will have you dressed up in whatever Mistress chooses. I want to see you wearing your silkiest, girly panties for Mistress. It brings me pleasure know that you will do whatever it is that I ask of you. You must learn how to be submissive and compliant for me if you want to earn a spot in my sissy army. I’ll be on the other end of the phone when you your need to explore your hidden desires becomes unavoidable.

Sissy phone chat is all about the girl chat

sissy phone chat

I have a great sissy. Her name is Genevieve. I’ve molded her into the best sissy with our weekly sissy phone chat fun. We get right into it and start by telling each other everything. We have some sort of sisterly relationship. Gen tells me all about her day-to-day and all of her stresses. Gen lets lose, begins to admit all of her sexual frustrations and longing for cocks, and tells me about her crushes. My sweet sissy is the absolute best. We talk nonstop about everything from celebrity gossip to fashion to men; lots of men talk about our fantasies and how to look extra sexy. It is truly a girls girl type of relationship. Genevieve is really Gene, and she has to live her life as a man for her career, but once that Sunday Funday rolls around, it’s girl time.

Bbc sissy trainer has some tips

Bbc sissy trainer

So you want some BBC, huh? I think you can truly handle chocolate cock. Throbbing thick black dick? You might think you can, but I can assure you that you will come up short without the proper Bbc sissy trainer. There’s no way you will learn all the tips and tricks to be the most successful sissy without a good trainer.

I will teach you what big black men love. How to get them to flock to you and how to make them gangbang you at a drop of a hot. You have to learn all the tricks to be able to be successful. Don’t try too hard but don’t slack their method.

There are two types of sluts: one who loves the attention and wants everyone to know. Second, the one who keeps it low-key keeps a low profit and has an image to keep up with lets me know which one you are because I am about to make things fun.

I will make sure you will never go without BBC. Let’s get acquainted slut.



So Jealous of the Sissy Hypno Training

Sissy hypno training

Listen to my every word. Dive in deep to mistress embers Sissy Hypno Training. By the time you are done reading this, you will submit it. There will be no reason for you not to totally become my sissyfied faggot. I know for certain how much big cocks arouse you. I won’t ever judge you for that. You are so sick of hiding your true feelings and the need that’s so deep in you. That’s why you’re so jealous. Jealous that women like me can have any cock we want at all times.

No need to fret. I  will show you all the ways you, too, can become the perfect sissy slut. In no time, you will be deepthroating a huge cock. A real man’s meat stick, get ready to enjoy that once your mouth has a taste, you will never go back to regular life. It’s time you really become the sissy you were meant to be all along. I will show you the way. Suck cock, deepthroat, you bottom bitch!

Sissy Training Audio Tease ZOEY

sissy training audio

I am fucking ready to tease and make you please during sissy training audio! Being a black cock princess means 99 percent of the time I will turn down your loser white dick. Now I might play like I am interested but you have to know I really am not.  I like to fuck large and in charge big brother purple veiny cock. I am a teen who knows what I want and what you need. I real break the BBC training mold. I want to make sure you know that that dick is only good for stuffing in a cute little Versace bikini pair of panties and being on your knees with a mouthful of chocolate cock. Sucking and slurping that BBC will be all you want to do for me. Listen to my voice as you begin to realize what your life’s purpose is. You belong with my fantastic pack of BBC sissy men who worship not only the ground I walk on but the fat black cocks I fuck! Get your sissy panties out for a bit of training you will never forget my love! You can’t have me but you can have some black good good in that ass pussy!