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Best Sissy Trainer Coraline

best sissy trainerI am a sissy trainer. The best sissy trainer. I love being one too. I can look at you and see your true essence. I have this neighborhood boy who thinks he has a girlfriend. He thinks he is masculine and just like other boys. He needed some sissy therapy. He needed me. I had him come over for a friendly talk. I planned on feminizing him, but I needed him to first acknowledge that he is not like the other boys at school. First, I had to explain to him that him and his girlfriend weren’t dating. I was 100% sure she thinks of him as a gay best friend or something, but not a lover. Their “dates” include shopping at the mall and getting a drink at Starbucks. He is always home by like 7 or 8pm from a “date.” And, the kicker, they have not even French kissed let alone fuck. I had him strip down naked so I could see his cock. He didn’t have one, which was no surprise to me. He had a clit stick. I put him in some panties while I gave him some sissy hypno training. I mixed images to show him that what is hanging between his legs was nothing like what was dangling between the legs of the high school jocks in the locker room. I also got him to realize that his schoolgirl friend is fucking other men and that he is permanently in the friend zone. It can be a tough wake up call, but not all boys are created equal. Some have small dicks. Some have feminine bodies. Some are never liked sexually by girls. Some are meant to get fucked not fuck. My neighbor boy is one of those boys. We have a lot more sissy training to do, but I got him to the first step which is realizing he will never be the romantic lead in any girl’s life.

Mistress Phone Sex For Pathetic Sissy Sluts

I am really loving all my new sissy sluts calling me for Mistress phone sex. It’s amazing to know so many naughty little perverts ready to submit to their inner feminine and worship the real femme as they seek guidance and approval. Your desires to serve me invigorate me like a vampire feels after feeding on a beautiful dane’s neck. The power I feel in feminizing your masculinity into a blithering fool for cock is undeniably wonderful. It helps that I have a couple sissy trained ladyboys in my brood also. The idea of forcing you into sucking off the black security guard that stands at the door of the club is even more intoxicating than a bottle of fine red wine. I want you to just relax and completely submit to your inner woman and go with those cravings for cock.

Mistress Phone Sex

Young Phone Dominatrix BallBuster

Phone dominatrix

I just happened to reach my sexual kink earlier than other Phone Dominatrix Hotties. I know the joy of the biggest and fattest cocks, and then the joy of busting small dicked mens balls! I love the sexual tease of my body not giving you even a peek of my goodies until I see that stumpy nubby! Then I have you beg just to kiss my feet. What would you do to even see my tits? As I laugh about that small dick getting anything from me! How could I be so cruel and so young? The best Mistress And Sissy Trainers have taught me! I am a prodigy of all the fuckalicious freaks Mistresses. I am grabbing your balls and digging my nails into them. I ask you why you even came to me. I know you are useless, and the only way I can even have you entertain me is to use you as a fluffer and eventually a BBC sissy! 

My Sissy Slave Whore

Domination phone sex

I have the most perfect sissy slave whores ever, I make sure that I train them extremely well. My personal panty boy slaves are leashed around their pathetically limp dickies while I give them orders. First, Mistress’ patent leather boots need to be licked clean. I better be able to see my own pretty reflection in those big boots and if they are a good little sissy, I will step on them with my pointy heel while they scrub the bath tubs clean. I keep my sissies in line by making them stay naked while they please their Mistress and do their chores. They can earn their frilly sissy whore outfits piece by piece. Everything from their sweet ruffled panties, nylons and bras must be earned by pleasuring Mistress’ clients and cleaning up after their Mistress. After all, it is important to train sissy slaves on how to be obedient little skanks. If they misbehave, harsh punishments will be dealt out on their sissy dicklets!

I humiliated my sissy

bbc sissy trainingMy sissy is reluctant to go out in public, she just wants to be humiliated at home just me and her all alone doesn’t that sound boring as fuck? Why would I want to sit home with a silly little sissy bitch? It’s not like I would ever fuck this bitch, all she has is a tiny little clitty and that shit is unsuitable for fucking. Well I made her think that we would be having another boring ass night at home so she went and got dressed up and while she did I called my big black stud Leroy over. I made sissy fluff him up and watching her choke on that huge black dick made me so happy. It was so funny! Then I made sissy watch me fuck my stud, she was so jealous that I took that huge black dick all for myself and wouldn’t share at all. My stud doesn’t like sissy pussy only real pussy like mine but sometimes he can be persuaded to fuck one of my bitches. If this sissy really wants my stud tho she will have to go out all dressed up for public humiliation if she doesn’t she will only be watching this cock not fucking it!

Sissy Phone Sex

sissy phone sexI love sissy phone sex calls. I am a real-life sissy trainer. I have turned my twin sons into sissies, and I will turn you into one too. I have this friend, Adam. He has never been very masculine, nor has he had much luck with the ladies. He came to me this week for some advice. I had to know what I was working with, so I told him to strip naked for me. I almost spit out my tea when I saw how small his dick was. It was a mico penis. It looked like just a helmet. It was like all head and no dick. I laughed. I told him his problem was his lack of cock. He had a few options. He could be alone with no female companionship with his hand as his best friend. He could be a cuckold and suck cock and eat cream pies or he could be a sissy. He told me he has long thought about being a sissy but needed sissy slave training. He was in the right company. I took him to my sissy closet. I have a huge closet of sissy clothes, wigs, make-up and accessories. He looked in my closet with awe.  I picked out a pink lacey outfit for him to wear. I put him in panties and told him he will only wear panties from now on. Even in a pair of pink silk panties, you couldn’t see a hint of dick. Pathetic, right? Not every guy is meant to be a man. Some are much better suited for the sissy word. Adam needs a lot more training to be a perfect sissy, but I am ready to train him. A sissy is a girl’s best friend. Are you ready to be a good sissy too? You need the best sissy trainer if you are.

Princess Domme

Phone dominatrixPhone dominatrix that loves to make you weak. I know you will do everything I tell you to do. You have a family and youngins, but you still crave to be like your princess domme. You have told me all your secrets, and I know them all from the good the bad and the ugly. Don’t worry, keep me happy and you will never be exposed. I have to admit I get quite bored and may put you thru the ringer. You like being weak for me and seeing my pictures. I send you all my hot shots, and you fawn over how perfect I am. You are a fan of my paying slut. You wire me every bit of change I need and so much more. I knew you were the target from the moment I laid eyes on you. I saw you were lusting for my attention. You didn’t want an affair you tried to emulate me. You want to be me to the core and dress up and feel sexy. I have enjoyed making you wear that chasity device. Your wife is wondering why on earth you aren’t trying to fuck her. Wifey is thinking about all the girls you are fucking. If only she knew you were the one being fucked. Forced sissy training is what you begged me for since the beginning. Don’t complain about cum in your coffee cup now.

forced sissy training

Some Losers Need Sissy Humiliation Training

sissy humiliation trainingHe needed sissy humiliation training. This guy I know wanted to fuck me. He has a shrimp dick. How do I know? Because he has been sending unsolicited dick pictures to my social media accounts for days now. If I want to see your dick, I will ask. Don’t just send a woman pictures of your cock. And if you do, make sure you have something a woman wants to see. When Jake showed me his shrimp dick for the 100th time, I decided he needed humiliation. I invited him over. He thought it was to fuck. I was planning on fucking, just not him. I had a hung lover over whom I have used to sissy train my young boys. I was going to shame and cuckold him. My lover has a 10-inch cock. A lot bigger than Jake’s nub. I told Jake to slip into some panties. Like my sissy boys, his dick is more like a clit. It needs to be secure in panties, not getting lost in a pair of boxers. Jake really believed I was going to fuck him. I had no clue he was that stupid. My sissy boys helped shame the reluctant sissy. Jake had to watch a real cock, a real man fuck me. He had to hold his nub next to a real cock. I enjoyed laughing at him as I felt a real cock going in and out of me. Jake was sitting there in a pair of my panties, along side my sissy sons watching a real man take care of me. Jake was not as happy as my sissy boys. My sons were waiting for their treat. Jake was waiting to fuck me. Dumbass. He was getting forced sissy training. He was not fucking me. Not with a clit stick. My lover and my sissy boys helped me feminize Jake. Dress, wig, makeup, panties, bra and heels. Once he sucked my lover’s cock, he realized in my world he was nothing more than a sissy boy.

Panty boy son

Forced feminization

Forced feminization is my specialty. It isn’t just weak men who seek me out and want me to break their spirits, sometimes women seek me out too. A hot milf sought me out and wanted me to take her teen son and turn him into her little sissy toy. He tried to resist, but men are so easy to control when you get their cock hard enough. I let him have a taste of my pussy while his mom stood and watched. His cock was so hard and he wanted to put it in me so bad that I could have gotten him to do anything! Men are pathetic. I had him down on his knees wearing a ballgag and pair of his mother’s sexy lace panties in no time. He was humiliated to be hard and practically naked in front of his mother, but I had him where I wanted him. I instructed him to lick his mother’s cunt for me and he did just as I said. After initial revulsion at the idea, he was soon lapping at his mother’s pussy like a good little slut. His cock was so hard for his mom that it was straining against the lace of his panties. I told him to lay on his back and stroked his hard little cocky through the lace panties before sliding them down and letting mommy fuck him. He was so ashamed and guilty about fucking his own mom, but he wanted it so bad too. His mom rode his cock and made him promise to be her perfect little pet. He whimpered at first and I gave him a slap on the side of his face. I told him if her ever wanted mommy’s pussy again he better be her good little slut. He was agreeing with gusto as he filled his mother’s cunt with his cum.

Sissy Slave Training Is A Specialty Of Mine

Sissy Slave Training

If you are needing Sissy Slave Training then you are in the right spot. I love my sissy’s and training new ones is always delight for me. I really love to train a good little sissy to fluff and suck a nice big black cock and make her little clitty tingle as she craves to feel it taking her sweet sissy hole. It’s just like training my two sons to take the BBC, but they were around it before mommy started realizing where their place was. One day my oldest was playing with mommy’s sexy lingerie and I knew what I had to do, his younger brother really liked to follow suit and that’s how I started with two of my own sissy’s.