Sissy slave training

Sissy slave training


So, is it sissy slave training that you are wanting tonight? I want you to be brand new to the slave world so I can mold you into exactly what I want. First, I have to break you. I need you to relax and completely submit to me. I need you to bow down before me. I need you to serve me and know that I’m worth your while and you won’t regret it.

                Go walk and stand against the wall facing the wall, legs and hands spread apart. I have multiple toys and devices to use on you. I have whips and floggers to whip across your back, ass and legs. When you turn around, we can use that flogger against your cock. I see how turned on you are by watching that fat cock grow and rise.

                 I keep using the whips and floggers on you harder and harder until I watch you fall to your knees. You fall on your knees with your head down. That’s how I know you are completely submitting to me.

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