Daddy rips your Sissy panties off

“You love when daddy rips those Sissy panties off” I cheer on as I watch your daddy get ready to use you. Since I am the best at training a sissy bitch, he came to me for your training. First you wear an outfit made for a sissy hoe. It is sissy pink to show you are such a bitch hoe. “You look great in panties” your daddy says to you. “Open your mouth and I will show your daddy what your training consists of” I demand of you. As soon as you open your mouth, I have your daddy place his cock right in it.

Sissy panties

“Show daddy you submit sissy slut” I demand of you. Therefore, you start using your mouth on your daddy’s cock like if you were sucking your first lollipop. You loved it. I can tell you were made for it because your little clitty was hard and leaky. “Soon your panties will be drenched” I say teasingly. “Time to break your sissy son in” I tell your daddy as I start to slip your girly panties off. After I manipulate your body to the perfect fucking position, your pa aligns himself in between your legs.

“Fuck your sissy son like a hooker slut and he will forever submit to you” I say to your daddy as I guide his cock in your cunt. Once he feels the opening of your sissy hole taking his daddy cock, he rams it deep. You let out a squeal and I just stuff your panties in your mouth. “Shut up and take it sissy whore, you belong to your daddy now and only him and I can give you instructions” I say proudly.

For a while your daddy rams you hard. While your clitty was hard you had tears that streamed down. “That virgin pussy is milking daddy like it is supposed to” I cheer you on. “Daddies sissy whore is doing so well” your daddy moans as his balls start to empty inside you. “Part of your training will be to clean after the messes you make” I say pointing at your daddy’s dirty cock.

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