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Cocksucking Sissy Phone Sex Training

sissy phone sexI love being a sissy phone sex mommy. It has been a super busy week for sissies too. New year, I guess, is making sissies want to get more cock. I cannot blame you. Glory holes are opening back up. Men are back on Grinder and wanting a sissy bitch to suck their cocks again. You just need some sissy cock sucking training. I want to help you with that. I turned my twin sissy boys into cock sucking faggots and I can do the same for you. I am a big dick sucker, so I know how to help sissy boys swallow big dicks too. A few things you want to have on hand are olive oil, popsicles and a big dildo. Olive oil helps coat your throat to make it easier for big dicks to slide on down. You do not swallow the olive oil. You swish it around in your throat and spit it out. Popsicles can be used beforehand to numb your throat or afterwards because if you are new to sucking big dick, you will be sore. Now the big dildo is for practice. You want to practice your cock swallowing skills. You want to know how far you can go before you hit your gag reflex. Guys with big dicks may force you down on their throbbing shafts. You do not want to puke on their dicks. My sissy boys can swallow up to 9-inches of thick cock without gagging or puking, but a couple years ago they gagged on an inch of cock meat in their young mouths. Thanks to mommy’s cock sucking sissy training, my sissy boys can deep throat big dicks just like their mommy. If I can make two young boys cock sucking faggots, just imagine what I can do for you.

Sissy girl training with Remi

sissy girl training

My best friend called me this morning with good news. She had found her little brother’s diary and read it. She told me how he had written all about wanting to be dressed up and taken around town. He wanted to be shown off like a dirty cum slut. She knows that sissy girl training is my specialty and thought that maybe we could have some fun with him. We invited him over. I told him that I knew his secret and that if he didn’t show up, everyone he knows would get a copy of his sissy slut diary by tomorrow. He came right over and was ready for his training. I put him in the shortest, sluttiest dress with tall heels and sexy thigh high fishnet stockings. We turned him into such a hot little cock whore. We went out for drinks and I made sure to show my newest slut off to all of the horny old men in the bar. I lifted her skirt and showed off that pretty little he-pussy through her silky panties. That thirsty little whore was so eager to get her hands on a big, hard dick. Everyone could see a little wet spot in those panties. We hadn’t even finished our drinks before I was getting offers on that sweet, virgin pussy hole! I made her into the sissy whore she wanted to be and I made some easy cash selling that cum slut.

Dominant Sissy Trainer Presley

Best Sissy Trainer

Deep in your subconscious, you’ve always wanted to submit to a Dominant Sissy Trainer like me. I have the hottest body you’ve ever seen, with the firmest ass and the softest tits. You know my pussy reigns supreme in your mind; hot, tight, and messy wet. You want to give yourself over to me. You want me to own every inch of you, and to make you into the perfect little sissy slut companion for me, don’t you? I know you’d love the job of bathing me, dressing me, and eating my pussy until I cum no matter what. I don’t give a fuck if you’re exhausted, or desperate to piss, or need to eat; getting your Queen off is what is going to come first in your life, do you understand? I am what cums first; now submit. Good, yes. Kneel down between my soft, spread thighs. I’m counting on you to make this queenly cunt squirt all over your pathetic face. Do you think you can manage that, you sissy slut? Yes? Then get to work and make me cream in your slutty little mouth.

Lick It Up

mistress phone sex

Today I woke up feeling horny. My pussy was begging to be fucked. I knew my husband couldn’t please me so I would have to arrange it myself. I was also feeling naughty and not just one dick would satisfy my hunger today. I made a call to a friend and he said he would be over around dinner and bring me a few surprises. My pussy was wet just thinking about being pounded in my tight bald pussy by his fat cock. I fixed my husband dinner and as were eating the doorbell rang. I told him that I was going to be entertaining my pussy with some cock that I can feel and that he needed to finish his dinner and change into his pink nighty and join me in my room. I opened the door and there in my doorway were four men. My pussy nearly exploded with anticipation. We took it into my room and undressed. I knelt between them and started sucking their cocks as they were jacking off, squirting streams of cum on me. My sissy husband showed up in his nighty and I had him help me gets these gorgeous cocks to climax. He watched as I fucked each and every one of those rock-hard cocks until my holes were completely full of their cum. After they left, I spread my legs and my sissy husband crawled over and licked all of that yummy sperm from my pussy and my ass. I patted his head and sent him to bed as I laid down and drifted off to sleep satisfied.

Best Sissy Trainer Ready for New Year!

Best Sissy Trainer

Best Sissy Trainer Diana is taking on new sissy slut recruits for the New Year. It’s cock that you crave, cock that you desire to serve and cock is what you will learn to dress for. I love my Sissies and have time for some new trainees. New Years Sluts for Cock. That is the theme for the year. You know who you are and know how hard your little clit stick gets when you think about cock. Like a virginal teen slut to be. She is extremely curious to touch her first cock. This slut to be wants to know how it feels to jerk one off. A slut to be craves to feel it in her mouth. This virginal slut wants to have her vagina penetrated by her first cock. I think it’s what you need, sissy girl training and that is your goal for the year of Cock 2021.

Lets start the year of the cock off right with you being the sissy slut you so have your heart set on. You  can enjoy sissy girl training with your New Mistress Diana and have a wish fulfilling year of the Cock. I want to be the one to coax you into sucking that first dick or assisting in your sissy girlness.

Sissy Girl Training

Training A Cum Whore

mistress phone sex

A good mistress knows that she must train her sissy to be a little clean up slut. To clean up all the cum and to get those dicks nice and hard for me to fuck. But sometimes I like to get those dicks hard myself. I love to 69 a guy and let him lap up my pussy while my sweet sissy slave watches on. I can almost see them drooling as I take that dick deep in my mouth and make it rock hard. If I am feeling especially naughty I have them come right to the end of the bed, so they are inches from that cock they so desire. I tease them as I lick it slowly and my man moans loudly in delight. I watch that sissies’ eyes light up as the pre-cum flows from that cock in my mouth. I lick it up and then stick out my tongue to let them see the yummy cum that I have. I have them in cock cages so they can’t get hard, but the desire is still there as they leak from their tiny cages. Lastly, I take that cock so deep in my mouth and throat fuck it so good that as he is squirting his load, I aim it right at those little sissies so that it lands on their faces. But I won’t let them lick it up just yet. I keep them on their knees begging for it before I let them clean up that dick for me so I can take it for another ride.

Not the big one!

forced sissy training

I came home tonight to find you fucking my best friend. You cried and told me that you would do ANYTHING to keep me from leaving so you better be prepared to live up to that statement. I kicked you out of the bedroom for a night while I prepared my punishment. All of your clothes were lit on fire and now you have a closet full of dresses and drawers full of panties, bras and stockings. When you came in you were confused until I told you to strip, out on one of your outfits and be ready to go out in ten minutes. It didn’t take you too long to figure out that you didn’t have a choice and so dressed you came out and we went to spend some money at the adult store. I told you to carry the basket as I went around and picked out dildos, condoms, lots of lube and a new strap-on harness for me. You seemed to pale as I picked up the big black horse cock just before we paid. We went home and I told you to strip and get on your hands and knees while I picked a cock and put on my harness. I grabbed the lube and squirted some on your asshole and then proceeded to enter that virgin ass with my new cock. As you screamed I told you that I was now the man in this relationship and that this is just the beginning of your forced sissy training. Since you did so well last night I think tonight will be a lesson in deep throating! Who wants to cum help me train this new bitch?

I’m Into Forced Feminization

Forced Feminization

My cunt gets so slick at the very thought of taking someone’s husband and ushering them into a world of forced feminization. I strip away access to their cocks with cold, steel chastity cages, and I take away their names. They can have new names, slutty girl names, when they’re all ready to be my sissy bitch lady in waiting. These bitches get waxed to the skin, and get started on hormones right away while they labor their days away perfecting the art of choking on fat fucking throbbing cocks.

Panties, a bra, stockings, and a garter for my dress up dollies. Of course they get pretty ass plugs too! Royal Women only ever took shits when appropriate, and I regulate their bathroom usage strictly. A shame when one of my sissy femboy beta bitches gets mouthy, and I force feed them prunes, or too much water. I love making those whores have nasty accidents in the middle of the castle. They always cry, so humiliated. I’ll tell you what though love, those pathetic little play things are sure as fuck going to remember their place.

Christmas Panties And A Surprise For My Husband

mistress phone sex

My sorry ass husband thought he would get lucky on Christmas and get a taste of his wife’s pussy. I just laughed as he tried to touch me. I told him that although he wouldn’t get to taste me that I had the perfect present for him. I handed him a bag and as he opened it, I could see his eyes both light up and his head hang at the same time. The thrill I get watching him both excited and hurt is something that makes my pussy drip. Inside the present was a cute little slutty elf outfit. Panties with candy canes and stockings and a sparkly new pink butt plug. I told him to change into his panties and come into my room. He came prancing in, carrying his pretty plug and handed it to me. I took it in my mouth and licked and sucked on it, until it was nice and wet. Then I smacked his ass and bent him over. I pulled his panties down and pushed his new butt plug into his tight ass. Then I smacked him again, just because I could. After pulling his panties back up the doorbell rang. I smiled and told him to go answer. I had another present waiting for him. You are going to love what happened next, can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Femboy Training My Gimp

I have a good slave that I keep as a Gimp in my closet during his sessions. He will watch as I take a lot of BBC and other cock. He is kept with his clit in a cock cage and not allowed to touch it. I keep his arms locked in a leather arm sleeve and a gimp cover of his head. He has holes for the eyes, nose and the mouth. A ball gagged in his mouth is sufficient when I keep him locked up. He gets to watch all these big cock pound me while he slobbers all over his red ball. His twinkie gets hard but not very big because he doesn’t have a dick. Well last night was her moment of shame and fame. I turned my gimp into a good Sissy with femboy training. It was an successful session with a pair of pretty panties, a buttplug and her first cock to suck with her face painted like a whore.

Femboy training