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Sissy training with Miss Remi

sissy training

I had the hottest sissy training experience last night. One of my usual sissy bitches hit me up. I was super excited to hear from this particular sissy bitch because he always has hot stories for me. He was dressed up like a slut and wanting us to ride our big, 12 inch dildos together. We chatted about the sexy bbc studs that pound his pussy! He sent me lots of pictures of a fat, hard bbc deep in his slutty cum hole and even a few of the giant toy he was grinding on for me! It made me cum so good when he told me that his little clittie was dripping and leaking cum from him riding that massive fuck rod so hard! If you’re a sissy bitch, looking to have fun with a kinky mistress, then give me a call!


Mistress phone sex with Remi

mistress phone sex

Mistress phone sex is always so hot and kinky! It’s one of my favorite ways to get to know my new sissy sluts. You know that you need a hot, young mistress to dress you up and teach you the ways of being a cum loving, cock obsessed slut! Miss Remi has lots of pretty, little outfits and I can’t wait to see how sexy and slutty I can make you look. We have to have you looking cute for my bbc studs! Just wait until I have you on your hands and knees, getting your whore mouth and sissy pussy hole fucked. You’ll see how amazing it feels to be used like a cum dump slut! That little pussy of yours is going to be stretched and filled over and over again! Go get your prettiest panties on and give your new mistress a call…


Sissy phone sex with Miss Remi

sissy phone sex


I need some new sissy bitches to play with! Seeing men dressed up in panties and bras and getting their slut holes dominated by a giant bbc, makes my little pussy so wet! I hope you’ll call me so I can show you why I’m the hottest and most naughty sissy phone sex slut there is! I’ll teach you how to take the biggest cocks down your whore throat and milk them for every little drop of jizz! After you’ve mastered the art of being a cum slurping slut, you’ll be ready to bend over and pull your panties down for my studs! You just focus on that massive cock stretching your sissy pussy wide open and let me muffle your moans with my hot cunnie! Will you be my newest sissy bitch??

Sissy slave training with Miss Remi

sissy slave training

I’m always on the prowl, looking for little bitches that I can train. Sissy slave training is my entire life! That’s why whenever I go shopping, I can always spot the wanna sissy men. I can tell which one’s want a fat cock rammed in their slutty pussy hole. Today, I met my newest sissy bitch that I will be training. I found him at the mall and I could tell right away that he wanted to be dressed up and tricked out. He was lingering a little too long in the women’s lingerie section of my favorite store. He was a little shocked when I walked up and started picking different panty and bra sets and telling him to go try them on for me. I thought he might try to argue, but just like a good bitch, he did as he was told! All sissy bitches need a hot, kinky mistress to tell them what to do. Once I saw how cute he looked in those panties, I had to invite my brother over to the fitting rooms to use my new slut! My brother’s dick got rock hard the second he saw that grown man in pretty pink panties and a matching bra. We had a wild and freaky time with my new bitch but you’ll have to call me to hear more about it.


Mistress phone sex whore Remi

mistress phone sex

One of my favorite sissy bitches was supposed to come by today but she couldn’t make it. I still want to watch a little whore get her pussy pounded and mouth fucked though. I’m hoping you can help this kinky, mistress phone sex trainer. I want you to be my little, cum loving slut tonight. I’ll make sure you’re dressed up nice and slutty for the sexy bull-studs I have coming over. No experience needed because Miss Remi will make sure you get all of the training you need. I’ll have you draining every one of those fat, hard cocks into your slutty holes! I can’t wait to sit back and watch them stretch that perfect, little pussy of yours!


Sissy training with Miss Remi

sissy training


I just had the hottest sissy training phone call with another little bitch that calls me from time to time! I was degrading and humiliating the fuck out of this sissy bitch. I love putting men in their place and then making them worship everything about me. This guy thought he was a real man until I got into his head and made him see himself the way everyone else sees him. I had him strip down and stare at himself in the mirror for me. I made this little bitch describe his wimpy body and tiny, sad prick to me. I made him tell me that he’s not a real man and that he deserves to be force fucked by as many giant bbcs as I can find! I laughed and giggled as that little bitch jerked his tiny dickie and made the softest and most feminie moans I’ve ever heard from a man. You could be next if you’re a little sissy bitch that tries to play tough in front of everyone else!

Sissy panties are so hot!

sissy panties

I caught my little, sissy bitch brother wearing my favorite panties again. He’s always stealing my panties, even the dirty, cummy ones! Every time I catch him, I punish him by having my studs use him. This time, I decided to take him into the hood and sell his slutty pussy hole as a punishment. I know a bunch of guys that pay big money for fresh fuck meat! I dressed him up in some pretty sissy panties and a matching bra. His tiny, slutty dress didn’t last long though. As soon as those guys saw him, they ripped it right off of him! I watched them bend him over and slide those silky panties to the side before they started taking turns plowing his tight cum hole. I know it’s not going to stop him from stealing my panties and wearing them, but it turns me on watching him get fucked like a little whore! Call me so I can tell you about getting paid to watch those huge bbcs rip my brother’s pussy hole wide open!

Best sissy trainer ever!

best sissy trainer


It’s my niece’s birthday so we’re having a party this weekend. She’s a sexy, young thing and she’s getting to a sweet age. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and her answer really turned me on. She told me that she wanted a special party and for me to teach her how to be the best sissy trainer. Of course I said yes! Now, I’m throwing a kinky tea party for her and all of her slutty, little friends. I’m going to have my sissy bitches dressed up in sexy lingerie and serving our guests. I have a special gift for my niece too. I’m going to have her open up her brand new strap-on and try it out on one of our sissy servants. It’s nice and thick so I know she’s going to make those sissies squeal when she starts pumping their tight pussy holes and I can’t wait!

Mistress phone sex slut Remi

mistress phone sex


I’ve been by the pool all day, watching my little sissy bitches serve drinks to a bunch of studs. I’m a kinky, mistress phone sex slut but I’m even more kinky with the 2 sluts I keep and train at home. Today, I made them wear skimpy, little bikinis and serve me and my studs while I had a pool party! I got really turned on when I was making them rub me down with tanning oil. I spread my legs and made them lick my hot, little cunt. While they were on their hands and knees, eating my wet pussy, I made them pull their bikini bottoms down. As soon as my stud buddies saw this, they were right behind those little sluts, pumping their tight, sissy pussy holes! There is no better feeling than having a sissy cum whore, moaning into my cunt while he takes a load from a massive, fat dick! The pool just opened but I can already tell that it’s going to be a hot summer!

Sissy panties required!

sissy panties

I want to tell you about the first time I caught a sissy bitch wearing his sissy panties in public. I was a cheerleader when I was younger and he was a football player. His shirt rode up on the bus one day and I saw a peek of his frilly, pink thong! No one else noticed but I did so I snapped a quick picture. After the next game, I confronted him and told him that unless he wanted the whole team to find out, he better agree to be my little, sissy cum whore! I brought him back to my house and played dress up with him. I put him in a tight, slutty outfit and called my daddy and uncles into the room! It was so hot watching him get his virgin pussy hole used for the first time! I have so many stories about catching men wearing panties in public but that one always makes my little, slut trainer pussy wet!