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Sissy humiliation training with Miss Remi

sissy humiliation training

I had some kinky fun last night with a BBC loving whore. He’s my new neighbor and I invited him over to hang out with me and a few friends. As soon as I met him, I could tell how bad that little slut wanted to be dressed up and forced to take fat, hard cocks. All that cum thirsty bitch needed was some hot, sissy humiliation training from an encouraging Mistress. I embarrassed him when I asked him, in front of everyone, why he was staring at all of the guy’s dicks. My friends and I teased him and laughed at him while he turned red and tried to hide his face. I was getting turned on by this and I wanted to really embarrass him. I took him to my room and told him that we were going to play dress up. I knew he was too shy and embarrassed to say no. Plus I could see his tiny, sad dick sticking straight out. I opened my dresser drawers and started pulling out sexy lingerie. I put my new sissy, bitch neighbor in the cutest pink, satin panties with tiny bows on the sides. I made him pucker up those cock sucking lips so I could add some sparkly lip gloss. Parading my dressed up sissy whore into the room and showing him off to everyone made my cunnie so wet! The guys thought he was really cute. Cute enough to bend him over, rip those panties off and force fuck him, one by one. I’m getting turned on again, thinking of how cute he looked, with his face smeared with pink, sparkly lip gloss and cum.


Sissy phone sex with Miss Remi

sissy phone sex

   I was on the phone all day long but it wasn’t for the usual, kinky sissy phone sex that I’m always on the phone for. Today, I spent hours calling around to my little sissy slut’s jobs to check up on them. What kind of trainer would I be if I didn’t randomly check in from time to time? I have to make sure that they are obeying the rules that I have in place for them. I ask them if they are wearing their slut panties and sissy bras under their work clothes. I can always tell when one of my bitches isn’t being truthful so I make them send me pictures of them, at work and wearing their slutty lingerie to prove it. Obviously these pictures that my sissy bitches send me get my tight, hot pussy so wet! I’m sitting here, looking at pictures of my little whores now and my panties are drenched! I’m ready for some more hot fun with a little cum loving sissy whore!


Taboo phone chat with Miss Remi

taboo phone chat

I’m Miss Remi and taboo phone chat calls are my favorite way to tease slutty, little sissy whores like you! I get so turned on when I’m rubbing my hot cunnie and talking them into doing what I want them to do. Telling a sissy bitch to dress up for me or to get on his knees and open his slutty mouth for my fat strap-on, makes my perfect, pink pussy so wet! I can’t help but to get a little carried away when I’m training a new bitch. I make my sluts gag on my thick fuck rod before I bend them over and let them show me how well they can take it. I love making my whores pull their pretty panties to the side and beg me to take that pussy hole. I always make them moan for me while I pound my 11 inch dildo into their sweet cunnies. If you’re looking for a new mistress who will put you in your place and train you to be a proper sissy bitch, let me know. I have plenty of time to train more little sluts!


Humiliation phone sex with Mistress Remi

humiliation phone sexThey call me the humiliation phone sex queen because of how much I love to degrade little, sissy sluts like you! You know you could never measure up to a real man. Especially with that unfortunate, mini cocklette of yours. Tell Miss Remi all about those silky panties you have on little slut! I know your tiny, little sissy clit is locked away in a cage like it should be. Dickless men don’t deserve to run free. You deserve to spend your days on your knees, getting treated like a sissy cum slut. You know I’m right, that’s why you can’t help but start drooling when a big fat BBC bounces by you. I’ve always heard the old saying “ you always want what you can’t have” in your case you want what you could never have and I think that’s hilarious! Almost as hilarious as that sad little whimper you let out when you make that teeny tiny dickie cum for me. I can’t wait to laugh at your sissy ass!





Sissy slave training with Miss Remi

sissy slave training

Everyone knows that I specialize in sissy slave training. Men come to me when they know that their tiny, sad penis can’t please any woman and they have no other options. Once they agree to the terms of my training, they have no choice but to become cum slurping, sissy sluts for me and to do as I instruct them. The first few weeks won’t be easy as you adjust to taking the fattest and thickest cocks, right down your throat. I promise that you will grow to love it. Just like you will grow to love prancing around in your frilly, lacey panties and bra, like a slut. Don’t panic baby, we won’t rush right into you taking those giant cocks, just yet. First you must perfect the art of giving pleasure with your slutty mouth. You don’t have to swallow that creamy load but you will keep sucking cock for me and draining balls until you can swallow it with a smile on your face. My lessons aren’t hard for the willing slave but some of the more resistant sluts will have much harsher training. Enjoy the rest of your summer little sluts! Sissy school starts soon!


Sissy girl training with Remi

sissy girl training

Put your pretty thongs on little bitches! Miss Remi’s sissy girl training class is back in session! Today we will be mastering the art of sloppy blowjobs and deepthroat cum shots. I’m going to teach you worthless, little sluts how to trace your name on those giant cocks with your tongue, while cupping and sucking. The first little bitch to gag is going to be my slutty peg piggy later on. Don’t let me catch you choking on that dick or I’m going to stretch your slutty pussy hole wide open. Your sissy classmates are going to watch you cry like a little bitch while you take my big, fat strap-on and gag on my assistant’s fat bbc. I need all my slutty sissies to sit quietly and rub their little whore pussies while I take this call and make a real man cum for me. You sissy whores wouldn’t know about that, but by graduation you will be professional cum dump sluts. Can’t wait to see you in class!


Sissy girl training with Miss Remi

sissy girl training

I’m the naughty, nasty little mistress that everyone knows as the best sissy girl training slut ever! My sweet, hot pussy gets so wet and excited while I’m training those little bitches to be the best cock sucking, cum eating, he-hoes ever! I make my sissy sluts watch very closely as I lick and tease a big, fat cock until it’s rock hard. I make sure that they know exactly what’s expected of them once their training with me begins. I look cute and sweet but I can be a royal bitch if my sissies don’t do as they’re told! If my whores don’t follow their training like they were instructed, I punish them in different ways. I make those sluts listen to their Mistress by holding a handful of their hair and forcing my fat strap-on down their slutty, cocksucking throat and making them gag on it. This doesn’t sound like much of a punishment, but just wait! It’s time for Miss Remi’s teacher assistant to come in with his massive BBC. Soon the little fairy fucks will realize that only my good student sluts get to suck that giant, fuck hammer and drink up all of the cum. The little sluts that don’t like to listen to Miss Remi, have to suck my strap-on and watch as their fellow wanna be sissy bitches get that warm, sticky treat!


Humiliation phone sex slut Remi

humiliation phone sex


Nothing gets my tight, perfect pussy more soaking wet than embarassing little sluts on humiliation phone sex calls. Miss Remi gets so hot and excited, listening to your pathetic ass whimper like a bitch, while I degrade you and tell you what a worthless cum slut you really are. That sad, micro dick could never please anyone and that’s why you call your favorite Mistress. Little dick men need to be reminded that they are useless and inadequate creatures, who aren’t 

good for much. Those tiny, little dickies need to be hidden away, behind lock and key! It’s not like you’re going to use it for anything and it’s not fair to leave it for the world to be exposed to. I’ll make sure that your teeny weenie won’t be an issue anymore. Don’t worry about anyone seeing your new clittie cage baby, I have the perfect panties for a girly slut like you! Once I have you locked in, with that key around my neck, you are officially property of Miss Remi. I’ll make good money on a slutty fuck hole like you! 

Mistress phone sex with Miss Remi

mistress phone sex

Mistress phone sex slut Remi has a naughty little story for you. I caught my little brother wearing my heels and a pair of my panties today. I was so turned on but had to act like I was really pissed at him. I warned him last time that I would tell everyone what a panty wearing little bitch he is, if I caught him wearing my stuff again, but there we were. I could tell he was embarrassed while he was trying to cover his sad, micro dick poking straight out in the front. He clearly wants to be a little sissy bitch so, I grabbed his hand and walked him right downstairs, to the living room. He didn’t know that I had invited a few friends over. They had come over to have some kinky fun with me but since he was all dressed up, I decided he should join in. He tried to turn around and run back upstairs when I had my guys grab him and hold him down. I had them bend him over my lap so that I could pull his panties down and hold his sweet little cheeks open for them. I ignored his whimpers and pleas as I guided those huge, hard cocks into his tight, virgin hole one after another. I was soaking wet as I watched them fuck him like a little slut and dump cum loads into him. I told him what a dirty little cum dump he is now and that he should know better than to try and fill my panties and shoes. Now, he’ll either stay the fuck out of my stuff or submit and become my newest panty slut.


Sissy slave training with Miss Remi

sissy slave training


Today was supposed to be a normal day of running errands and doing some shopping. I did not expect to end up sissy slave training but I never turn down a new slut when I see them. I was waiting in line at the bank, when I noticed the guy ahead of me looked very uncomfortable. He kept glancing around like he was nervous. When he reached back to pull out his wallet, his shirt went up and I found out why he looked so uncomfortable. Peeking out of the top of his pants, was a pretty pair of lacey, pink panties! I couldn’t miss the opportunity to turn a new secret sissy into a full blown, cock gobbling cum slut! I pulled out my camera and took a few pix to use as blackmail. I followed him out of the bank and stopped him by his car. I showed him the pictures I had taken and told him that unless he wanted to go viral as a secret panty wearing sissy bitch, then he better do everything I told him. I own this little bitch now! I haven’t yet decided just how far I’m going to take his training. So far, I’ve only made him suck cock and swallow a few cum loads but I might turn his sweet, tight ass out and make some easy cash as his pimptress.