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Forced sissy training with Miss Remi

forced sissy training

There is nothing hotter or more amazing than forced sissy training. Nothing gets my little pussy more soaked than turning a wanna be sissy slut into a full blown, cock gobbling whore! That’s why I opened my sissy whore training academy. I train little girly sluts to be the best cum guzzlers ever! I invite lots of big dicks over for them and make them show me how good they are at draining cum filled ball sacks into their mouths. Swallowing is not optional in my class! Some of my dirty cum whores try to waste those thick cum shots at first. I’ve caught a few of my sluts trying to spit those cum loads out. We have very strict measures in place to ensure proper slut training here at Miss Remi’s sissy school. I monitor their cock sucking lessons with my cattle prod in hand. I’m quick to give my sissy sluts a quick zap to their little he clitties if they don’t act right! It only takes one zap to remind my sluts how grateful they should be for those cum loads they get to catch.The best part of being a sissy slut trainer is getting to play with my wet kitty while I watch my whores use the skills I’ve taught them!

Sissy girl training with Remi

sissy girl training

My best friend called me this morning with good news. She had found her little brother’s diary and read it. She told me how he had written all about wanting to be dressed up and taken around town. He wanted to be shown off like a dirty cum slut. She knows that sissy girl training is my specialty and thought that maybe we could have some fun with him. We invited him over. I told him that I knew his secret and that if he didn’t show up, everyone he knows would get a copy of his sissy slut diary by tomorrow. He came right over and was ready for his training. I put him in the shortest, sluttiest dress with tall heels and sexy thigh high fishnet stockings. We turned him into such a hot little cock whore. We went out for drinks and I made sure to show my newest slut off to all of the horny old men in the bar. I lifted her skirt and showed off that pretty little he-pussy through her silky panties. That thirsty little whore was so eager to get her hands on a big, hard dick. Everyone could see a little wet spot in those panties. We hadn’t even finished our drinks before I was getting offers on that sweet, virgin pussy hole! I made her into the sissy whore she wanted to be and I made some easy cash selling that cum slut.

Sissy girl training for the holidays

I had so much fun this morning! I woke up bright and early to open gifts with my sissy sluts. Before we could open anything and have any fun, they had to do their lessons for the day. Sissy girl training doesn’t take a break, just because it’s Christmas! I dressed the three of them up in the cutest, silky red panties and bras. I had them prance around and show me how pretty they looked in those sexy slut panties. I made them line up in front of the tree and get on their knees as I let my big bull stud friend in. He was dressed like Santa for the special occasion and had a nice big, fat candy cane for my sissy sluts to suck on! I helped guide his big cock into their little mouths. They sucked him and teased his fat dick until he was about to explode. I grabbed his massive fuck rod and stroked him while he shot hot cum all over my tits for my little whores to lick up. We had so much fun that I almost forgot about the naughty gifts they had waiting under the tree…

Sissy panties on my little sluts

sissy pantiesToday, I had a hot and kinky holiday photo shoot with my sluts. I know lots of dirty daddy studs that pay top dollar for these photos, so they had to be hot! All of these little he-whore bitches have been extra naughty so we hired a sexy Santa to help with the photos. I had each of my little cock gobbling cum dumps in her silky little sissy panties, and sparkly snowflake pasties. I giggled as they pranced around and showed off for the camera. Santa sat in his big chair by the fireplace with his hard cock in his hand, as each of my cum thirsty sluts waited in line for their turn to sit on his lap and tease him. Santa got so turned on having all of those little cock tease sluts sitting on him and stroking his big, hard cock. My sissy sluts made me so proud the way they took turns licking and sucking Santa’s big, fat cock like a candy cane! I made sure each of them  earned their place on the naughty list!


Sissy slave training the new slut


sissy slave trainingI invited my new play-thing to Thanksgiving with my family. He knows that I have an unusual family but what he doesn’t know is that I come from a very long line of sissy slave training mistresses! I’ve been wanting to bring him home and transform him into my very own cock worshiping, sissy slut, since the day I met him! My mom finally agreed to help me turn him into one. My mom and sisters are ready and waiting, with his new wardrobe of slutty skirts and tiny tops. Plenty of lacey and silky panties to choose from! As soon as we have him dressed like a proper slut, he’s going to learn the art of throating a fat, hard cock and choking down gobs of cum! We may have to spend a few extra days in training, depending on how quickly he perfects his cock sucking skills. Next, comes breaking in that beautiful he-pussy. I’m saving his sweet sissy hole for a special cock… or the one that pays me the most for it!

Mistress Remi and the slut in sissy panties

sissy pantiesI had a knock at the door first thing this morning. I wasn’t expecting any of my sluts until much later, so I had no idea who it could be. I opened the door and standing there, in nothing but his bra and pretty sissy panties, was my next door neighbor! His wife was standing right behind him as he explained what was going on. She had come home early from a business trip and caught him asleep in her bra and panties! She was making him go door to door and tell everyone that he knew what he had been up to. I giggled at her punishment and told her that if she really wanted to punish him, I had just the thing! I invited her inside and made him wait in the living room, on his hands and knees, as we had a conversation in the other room. We agreed that the only way to teach him a lesson was to treat him like the sissy slut he was wanting to be! We each put on a big, fat strap on and took turns force fucking his tight he-pussy! He tried to scream when I forced my massive cock in his tight fuck hole but his wife was right there to shove her cock down his throat and shut him up! The best part about fucking a sissy slut with a big, fat strap-on is, my cock is always hard! We fucked that he-whore for hours until he cried and begged us to stop! I bet he’ll ask next time he wants to borrow her panties!


Sissy humiliation training fun!

sissy humiliation trainingMy rigorous sissy humiliation training course is not for just any sissy. Any slut who wishes to be trained by Mistress Remi must first prove why she wants to be a sissy slut. They must show me why they deserve to be called one of my sluts and be trained by me and my bulls. I’m not a forceful trainer who is rough with her sissy whores. Although strict discipline is part of our training routine, my sluts know their place and appreciate the title I’ve given them the opportunity to earn. If one of my sluts tells me no, I won’t get forceful at all. That’s not to say that one of my big, strong bull cocks won’t pound that slut’s little he-pussy and teach her a lesson for going against Mistress Remi. I’ll rub my wet pussy and watch as they force their massive cum cannons into that tiny sweet sissy hole. I get so fucking wet watching my bulls turn that slut into a stretched out cum hole. See, I don’t punish my sweet little whores, at all but they learn their lessons very well!


Sissy training a new slut!

sissy trainingMy sister is bringing her new boyfriend over to meet me this weekend. He thinks that he’s just coming over for dinner and to hang out around a bonfire. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he realizes that we are sissy training mistresses and he is going to be our newest sissy slut! As soon as he gets here, he’s going upstairs to my dressing room where I transform my sluts. I’m going to dress him in the usual frilly, silky pink panties that I love so much. I’ll do his makeup like a cheap slut and even put him in some sexy, strappy heels. I love watching a brand new sissy prance around in sexy lingerie for the first time. This time though, I’m not going to give him lessons on sucking and teasing cocks. He’s going to get a lesson in having his tight, little he-pussy stretched and pumped full of thick cream from a fat, hard BBC. I’ll teach her how to tease him and get that cock throbbing for her. I want to hear that sissy slut beg for that huge fuck rod to pound her little hole! The first time is always a little awkward but my sister and I know who we’re going to train, from the moment we meet them. Our whores are sissy sluts from the beginning, we just force them to live the truth!


The best sissy trainer ever!

best sissy trainerI have a very special method when it comes to training my sissy sluts. I try to be the best sissy trainer ever. My sluts are always training, even when no one can tell. Do you think I would let my sissy whores go right back to their rough, rugged and manly lives, once they are finished with a lesson? Hell no! I make sure those cum slurping sluts not only retain all of their training but also maintain their slutty appearances! I love to lock thier pathetic clittie cocks up in little cages and toss the keys! I take away all of their clothes and keep them dressed like filthy, kinky sluts all of the time. One of my cum sluts has even started taking hormones so that her little perky tits will start filling out more! She’s already a solid A cup and looks so cute in her little bra and panties! My sluts in training get weekly lessons in teasing, sucking and riding fat hard cocks. I make sure to find only the biggest and fattest cocks for my sluts. Only the best for Miss Remi’s cum queens!

Humiliation phone sex with Miss Remi

humiliation phone sex

Last night I had the hottest humiliation phone sex expierence ever! I’ve been hearing rumors about a guy at the gym I work at. I’ve been dying to know if they’re true! I couldn’t help myself when I saw him go into the locker room for a shower, I slipped in behind him. I saw him taking a shower in his underwear! I giggled to myself and then left to get a few of my slutty friends to confront him with. We were super quiet as we waited right outside the shower stall for him to come out. Once he did, I yanked away his towel so that we could all laugh and ask him why he wears his underwear in the shower. We already knew why! It was obvious by his hard little weenie poking straight out! That’s why we had the whole basketball team come in and surround him with their huge hard cocks. We showed him what a real cock looks like! We even made him measure them and tell us how nice they felt in his hands! Before we let him go, we made him suck and stroke each of those huge dicks. We fed him those fat cocks and rubbed them all over his face! The best was when the guys covered his face in hot, creamy cum! I love turning out a sissy cock sucker!