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Merry Christmas From The Sissy Cuck Kingdom

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Merry Christmas from the sissy cuck kingdom. I, Queen Presley, have come to collect you and bring you into the castle for your forced sissy training. I don’t care that you don’t want to go. You’ll learn to love it in time, I promise. I know you secretly crave to be forced into a little chastity cage, covered by girly bitch panties and a skirt. My girls are taught to be whores, but with an elegant grace. I produce high class GFE sissy sluts, fit for royal ownership. Come on now, let’s get you all shaved up and caged up. Your poor little cock will weep and drip for the first few months, but the sooner you realize that’s not a manhood, but a little clit, the better off you’ll be. Your wife called me. She said her cuck slut needed some sissification and feminization. I’m here to make you mine.

I want to make you into my perfect little fuck slut. I can guide you in elegance, and whorish behavior. You’ll be the best little cock sucker in your class, I promise. You’ll be swallowing thick, long cocks, and I’ll be masturbating my perfect, tight pussy while I watch your oral fuck hole get slammed. I love the look on your face as you get throat. So why are you waiting? Strip down, and put on your collar,

Sissy Queen Makes A New Years Resolution

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My New Year’s resolution this year is to train two hundred sissy girls by the end of 2021. That’s a huge task! Lucky for me, I’ve been stockpiling little whores to bring into my service for months now. I think every single one of them has the potential to be the perfect slutty sissy companion. I’m not just out here making whores however, I’m making duchesses and countesses and princesses; I’m making future Queens. I’m teaching them the ropes now, so that I can either sell them to the highest bidder or keep them around for my own personal entertainment. How do I make some entertain me? Anywhere from sucking huge Superior Alpha cock to torment and each other. I’ve always got some sadistic plan to keep them from cumming.
What I find absolutely more amusing and arousing more than anything is when they turn their backs on each other in the hopes to get off. You see, I keep every single one of my sissy girl sluts locked up in little Chastity cages so they can’t play with their pathetic pee pees and clitties. However, they get taken out and washed by their sisters every single day. The girls like to torment each other, and I like to sit there in the bath chamber masturbating my perfect Royal pussy, and watching them beg each other to cum. None of them ever do, at least not when myself or my cool guards are present. If you think I’m cruel, you should see my guards in action. They once edged a beta boi sissy girl for 24 hours straight for 3 days. We had to get rid of that one, she was useless after that. In any case, I’m recruiting new whores for the cumming year.  Are you ready to change your life for the better you little beta boi femme bitch?

Mistress Phone Sex

A Christmas Clitty

mistress phone sex

I made the call to one of my favorite sissies. Come quick I told her. I have the most marvelous present for you. I could basically hear her panting on the phone with excitement. See, she might have been under the illusion that she was finally going to get a piece of my sweet juicy perfect pussy. Well, let me tell you that was the furthest thing that she was going to get. She arrived full of excitement, like a little one on Christmas morning. I gave her a sweet kiss on the cheek and took her hand to lead her to my bedroom. Her cute little clitty already hard and leaking I am sure. So, we get in and on my bed is the most gorgeous man. Her tongue wagging and drooling as she smiled wide. I laughed and said oh baby that is my present. I handed her a bag and told her that her present was inside. She opened it to find a beautiful array of cock rings and Christmas decorations. The look of disappointment was delightful and I laughed and laughed. As she hung her head, I called her over and pulled her panties down. Her little clitty was leaking as I took it in my hand and applied cock ring after cock ring. I even added some holly and a Christmas scrunchy. What do you think?

Do you think you can stand some more Sissy humiliation training from me?

sissy humilition trainingDo you think you can stand some more  Sissy humiliation training from me? You must be a gimp. All while you sit back with your panties and itty bitty cock in hand. Are you a sissy who likes to play dress up?Are you the type of wannabe who has accepted that your clit is so small and measly that it should be called a clit!     Do you have a clit instead of a dick? It could be, but I can’t see it from there, or with your pants in the way, or this big fat cock in my mouth. Just a wimpy humiliation sissy who needs to be put in her place while I get my ass and pussy fucked RIGHT in front of you. Sissies aren’t looking to please women sexually. sissy panties They can only please their mistress by entertaining her. Laughing and laughing at you – it’s something I could do over and over again.         A two inch nub gets lost in boxers or boxer briefs. You need sissy panties! I don’t care how much you spoil me. I don’t care how much money you make. With a clit stick, it is not possible to fuck me! Don’t fool yourself. Size matters. I will, however, clit tease you. This silky smooth pussy is going to make you think you might actually get to feel it wrapped around your shrinky dink dick.    Despite the fact you know you aren’t worthy of me, you still spend your money on me with gifts and tributes. If I’m going to be subjected to losers with small clitt sticks and dicks, I need to be adequately compensated.    Even if they just give me laughter, every loser has something to give me.

Sissy Panties For Santa

sissy panties

You’ve been saying that you want to suck cock for a long time now, but you haven’t done it yet. It’s time to put on your sissy panties and do it. Sure, it’s scary but you’re never going to know how happy you can truly be until you finally do what you want most in the world. So put on those panties, slap on some lipstick, and get down on your knees because you’re going to suck a cock or else. You might fight me on it a little, but you’ll be thanking me once you finally have a load of cum down your throat.

I’ll help you get all glammed up and take you out to a bar where the guys are so drunk they’ll fuck anyone. They won’t even care if you don’t look exactly perfect. All they’ll care about is that their cock is in your mouth. Hell, maybe you can even go all the way and let another guy fuck your sissy cunt while you’re taking that big fat dick balls deep down your throat. So if you’re finally ready to walk all the way into sissyhood, then pick up the phone and give me a call now!

Who are you?

humiliation phone sex

If you call me be prepared that I will destroy you during humiliation phone sex. I take my role very seriously and I enjoy making you high and mighty men feel like dirt beneath my heels. I don’t care what size your cock is it will never be enough to fill my pussy. Your balls will never be filled with enough cum to drip out after. Your bank account will always be too small. Shoes or clothes will never be expensive enough. You see my cunt starts dripping when I am belittling you over the phone. I like to hear a grown man cry as I remind them that we women are the top of the food chain not you. I moan hearing you grovel to be allowed to play with your puny prick. Be careful who you talk down to as one day you will be licking those high heels of hers and begging for a chance at her pussy. Don’t tell your secretary to get you coffee, you should be asking her how she takes hers since you are going to get your own. If I were you I would remember who it is that wears the panties around here and who have other options for dick than just you! If you want to be smushed under Mistress Ember’s heel I am waiting for your call.

BBC Sissy Trainer Teachs Young Femboys How to Suck BBC

bbc sissy trainerAs a bbc sissy trainer, I know lots of black men. My twin sissy boys have developed a chocolate addiction under my care. They see their mommy and sister enjoying those big black cocks often. They even become official sissies sucking the cocks of some of my black cock lovers. I wanted to do something special for them for Christmas. They have been doing well with their virtual learning. I know they miss interacting with their friends. They miss dressing for school. They go to an alternative more inclusive school for the arts, so they can wear dresses if they want. They can be their femboy selves. Young ones with outside the norm sexual identities thrive in excepting social circles. I decided to through them a special Christmas party. I invited a few of their school friends who are femboys too. I also invited some of my most hung black cock lovers over too. Black men do not care about sexual identity. Boy, man, femboy, sissy, woman, girl…if there is a hole, a black man will fuck it. The party was Saturday night, and it was a huge success. After a few hours of games, I brought in the entertainment. All the little sissies giggled with glee. My sissy girls were so excited to see some dark chocolate. Their sissy school friends were too. My daughter demonstrated cock sucking 101 on a big black dick. All the pretty little fairies lined up to practice their cock sucking skills with big black cocks. Have you ever received femboy training for sucking black cock? If I can train schoolboy sissies, I can train you. If you are going to learn to suck cock, learn to suck on the best cocks around is my philosophy. I had to help some of the less experienced sissies, but between my seasoned sons, my daughter and myself, we drained the entertainment several times. It is your turn to learn now.

Want To Be My Cuck

mistress phone sex

My Husband has been working from home lately and as he sat at his desk in our room I told him I would be having a friend over for a play date and that he would need to strip down to his boxers and wait further instruction from me. He did what he was told and patiently waited for my friend to arrive. When he got there, I brought him into the bedroom and undressed him in front of my husband, making sure he saw the massive cock between his legs. I told my husband to watch as this man pleased me in all the ways that his tiny cock was incapable of. I started rubbing on that big cock as I kept constant eye contact with my husband. I then started blowing that big beast, taking it deep in my throat. My husband looked on and I could see his tiny cock start to get bigger. I told him to pull that tiny thing out and start rubbing it as he watched a real man pleasure his wife. I then laid back and brought that man’s head between my legs guiding him to my juicy wet pussy. He licked my wet cunt and fingered my pussy hole as I moaned and looked on at my husband. I got on all fours facing him and had that man put his cock in me from behind and start fucking me. My husband watched as that dick went in and out of my pussy and my tits bounced up and down. His little dick was now leaking. As that big cock unloaded inside me my husband’s little thing started leaking everywhere. I laughed at him as it ran down his hands. After my friend left, I had my husband come and clean all of that yummy cum from my pussy. I bet you would like to be my cuck too wouldn’t you?

Office Sissy Slut

Sissy Phone SexI love this job but I needed a little extra cash for the holidays.

The problem was, the hours of my new job and this one over lapped a bit.

It was hard taking calls at my desk, talking to hot men, dressing the little sissies and not being able to play with my wet pussy like I normally do!

My new boss probably thinks I have a bladder problem, as much as I was constantly running to the girls room to sneak a call and clean my cunt!

Then last Friday, I got a call from an unfamiliar number and when I answered, I knew right away that it was my new boss wanting to do a call from the next office!

And he has some pretty wild kinky fetishes!

I tried to disguise my voice as he asked me to dress him in pretty silky sissy panties and a cock cage!

I told him that he needed to do exactly as I said or everyone would find out that he is a dirty cum whore that loves sucking on big cocks and feeling them fill his puckered cheeks!Sissy Training




I could hear him stroking his cock over the phone when I told him that if he let that cock cum , I would go to his office and tell everyone that he was a sissy with a small cock in a cage!

I snapped pics of him everyday and printed them, writing little notes telling him that I am watching and he needs to be the best behaved sissy slave or else the world would know!

For weeks, he never knew that it was me until he started noticing that every time he would call his sissy trainer  mistress, my phone would ring!

But now that he knows it is me…. I can train his small cock to be the sluttiest little cum whore princess ever!

I guess you could say I have him by the balls…literally!

Sissy Trainer Presley Owns You

Sissy Slave Training

This is the way of the world, babydoll. I know you crave more than anything to cum, but you’re going to have to hold it; aren’t you? Yes, you are darling. Queen Presley hasn’t given you permission to cum for her yet, has she? No, I haven’t. Hush your pretty mouth, and quit your begging. There you go. Take your hands off that pathetic cock, good boy. Listen up, and pay attention. I’m the sissy Queen, but I keep little boy toys too. Both sissy girls and beta bois serve me well here in my Castle, and both keep my cunt sopping wet.
I crave to put you in your place. Kneel here before me, so I may place my leg upon your shoulder. Now, worship me. Yes, darling, use your tongue and show me how much you truly appreciate the opportunity of licking my royal cunt. If you can make me cum, get me to squirt absolutely all over your face, I surely swear you’ll be allowed to cum. I’ll even be very sweet about it darling.
I’ll lay you down, kiss you sweetly, and ride you slowly with my dripping wet Queenly cunt. I’m going to milk every last drop of sweet cum in those balls right out of you with my tight, hot fuck hole. I’m taking good care of my boy tonight, aren’t I? You’re going to get used to being spoiled as long as you’re worshiping and pleasuring your Queen.
Know that as long as you tribute me, and keep me contentedly cumming, I’ll treat my pet quite nice. Can you imagine bathing me every day? Getting your cock milked by this dripping wet pussy every single day? Have I mentioned my very sexy and proper British accent? I didn’t need ro. I knew you were already sold. The world is a cruel place. Step into my fantasy land and serve me.

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