Sissy Phone Callers Deserve Unique Treatment

sissy phone Sissy phone calls can vary greatly. And I cater to a sissy’s needs and wants. No cookie cutter sissy treatment with me. Some sissies crave big black cocks. Some prefer white cocks. Yet others do not want cock at all. And they do not want to guzzle cum either. But they yearn to be feminized. And I love my femboys. Before I got into phone sex, I was a dominatrix. But before even my dominatrix days, I went to cosmetology school. I can make the manliest man look super girly.

When Sam told me he wanted feminized, I knew I had my work cut out for me. Standing over 6 feet, Sam looked more like a linebacker for the Steelers than a potential femboy. But I never doubted myself. I love a challenge. Sam wanted to look like Taylor Swift, but he was built more like her boyfriend, Kelce. Challenge accepted. My daughter assisted with the femboy training.

We shaved Sam’s body. Femboys do not sport hairy bodies. They need smooth, sleek bodies. After a couple hours of shaving his body, I turned to wardrobe, hair and make-up. However, my daughter focused on giving Sam both a pedicure and a manicure. When we feminize a man, we do it head to toe.

I Make a Linebacker Look Like a Beauty Queen

 Since Sam wears his hair short, I looked for wigs that would work. And I settled on a pretty blonde wig. While Sam received a pedicure, I put the wig on and then turned my attention to makeup. You might be surprised how I can soften a square jawline and give the appearance of cheek bones with contour and bronzer. It did take several hours, but we turned Sam into a pretty girl. I have clothes to fit all shapes and sizes of men.

Although Sam had no desire to suck cock or service men at all, he did want to see if he could pass as girl. So, we took Sam to the mall. He walked between me and my daughter, and no one stared. We even went into a lingerie store to purchase Sam some sissy panties and a padded bra. The sales lady never even smirked. And that suggested to me folks just saw a tall female.

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