Sissy Slave Training Can Make You More Feminine

So many guys call me and ask how they can become more girly. First off with some Sissy slave training that girly side of you will begin to emerge. Like a Butterfly out of its chrysalis emerging for the first time into it’s full glory.

Likewise speaking of glory, a glory hole is one great way for that training sissy to get a feel for sucking some real cocks. However that usually tends to come later. One step is to start wearing those pretty panties. And start to remove the hair from your body.

Once we get you comfortable and feeling feminine we can incorporate some toys. Sometimes the toys come into play before the feminism. All of my sissy faggots have their own style and speed and direction of how we start. It’s all in what is comfortable with you and where you wish to begin.

Finally, we should always have a session of getting to know each other to start. Nothing better than you telling me about who you are and how and when these sissy desires started. This is my invitation for you.

Sissy slave training

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