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Best Sissy Trainer For Curious Cock Suckers

When you are curious about sucking cock while wearing woman’s lingerie it’s time to get with the best sissy trainer to help you along. You need not hide these desires. I’m a mommy that has a couple of boys of my own that I train. My boys are little sissy faggots and I enjoy every moment I play with them. It’s so much fun to be a domineering mommy that has raised a couple sissy’s. I love helping you understand and realize that obsession you have for cock. It’s ok. Sometimes you just want to pump your cock into a tight young sissy faggot pussy. I understand and have a couple you can pump into. If it’s watching mommy take cock while you rub yourself in pretty panties, that is fine also. I won’t force you to suck a cock, at least not right away.

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Bad Girl Gets Pegged

Bad girls get pegged when they are under Mama Diana’s control with Sissy girl training. My naughty sissy slut slave soiled her pretty little panties while she was humping on a pillow. My little naughty slut was watching mommy Diana take some big cocks and couldn’t help grinding her clitty on her hump pillow. She went squirt in those pretty little pink panties and I made her keep them on while I moved the back of them aside. I had to punish her and peg that sweet little sissy girl pussy. She was whimpering because Mama Diana gives no mercy when bad girls make messes without permission. She was forcefully face fucked by one of those BBC’s that was fucking my milf ass. Yes she has a dirty mouth as well as a dirty bum bum. Sissy got  time out in the corner with no cleaning up because she was a dirty girl.

Sissy girl training

Sissy punished

best sissy trainer

I love how that cock cage looks on you! Your such a good girl wearing that tight cage. Denying yourself, the ache pulls on you to play with that little clitty of yours. Come now be a good little sissy bitch and beg! Beg Mistress Marissa to take her keys and free that clitty of yours so you can rub it and get it all excited. Your begging is pathetic, I know your capable of so much more. The only thing you will be feeling tonight is my heel on your face and the sting of my paddle. So be a good little bitch for me and lay down face sideways ass up. Your going to kiss my feet and beg me to beat you. Let me hear you say it. Repeat after me sissy bitch. “Mistress Marissa please beat my sissy ass” there are go the next thing your gonna do for me is count of the hits. Are you ready, yes okay let’s go.

Your Favorite Phone Dominatrix

phone dominatrix

Hello to all you pathetic little bitches. I’m the only phone dominatrix you’re ever going to need. You’ve tried some out in the past, but they just weren’t what you needed, were they? No matter what kind of domination you need, you really don’t have to look any further than me. If you have a tiny cock and need to be reminded how useless you are – well, you’re in luck. That’s one of my specialties. You’re a useless nothing of a man and I will make sure that you’re fully aware of that every single day. Even if it’s a day you don’t call me, I’ll always be there in your ear reminding you of how much of a loser you are.
You’ll definitely be owned by me. When I say jump, you will say “How high, Goddess?” You’ll live and breathe for me and me alone. Your life will be mine from now on. It doesn’t matter what I ask you to do – you’ll never say no and you will do it all with a smile. Are you ready to seriously submit to me? Get on the phone now and call me. I’m ready, willing, and waiting to own you.

Quick CBT torment for Sissy

Domination phone sex

I see your cock twitching. You fucking love it when I put you in the leather straps don’t you? I have my crop all ready for you. You begged and pleaded to have Mistress Marissa hurt you.  I caress your face with the smooth crop dragging it down your cheeks on each side. .Letting you smell how the leather smells and how it feels dragging slowly across your skin. I tuck a finger under your chin and jerk your gaze up. I tower above you when you’re tied up to the post on the ground. I take my Silver heels and began to step on your balls ever so slightly.  I place my soft hand over your mouth and press my foot down harder. I love hearing your crys of pleasure and pain and i crush your pathetic cum filled balls with my heels. I let off and leave your cock throbbing, it needs some more time. I want to hear you beg me to torment your balls more.

Pegging you

best sissy trainerI

Tonight I am going to fuck you with this strap on cock.  It’s fat thick and hard ready for you.  I want to see you on your knees sucking my cock. I wanna watch you gag and plead for me to stop fucking that sissy little whore face of yours. I am gonna take this fat cock and ram it in your little virgin asshole.  I wanna spit on that brown eye and tease your needy hole and push that thick cock head in your boy pussy.  I’m gonna wrap my hand around your cock and stroke it while i pound your fucking asshole. I love hearing you cry out in pleasure and pain.  it makes my little slutty cunt dripping wet. i just can’t wait to fuck you and have you begging for more!


Sissy Panties Is How It Starts For Most

Sissy Panties is how it all started for some of my favorite little cock sluts. They first got into mommy’s drawer and liked her silky-smooth panties. They loved to smell them. To take in the scent of mommy’s aroma and it made their tally whacker get tingly and hard. The more feminine ones will end up wearing their mommy’s panties and often want the silkiest ones that make their willy feel good. It comes about that at some time they will be caught by mommy and if they have a good mommy like I am, their mommy will give them their own special pair of panties to wear. A really good mommy is nurturing to their sissy’s needs and will either take the up and coming little sissy boy shopping for his own personal collection of pretty panties. Sometimes the mommy will just buy panties for her newly realized little girly boy and leave the surprise in her bedroom for sissy to find. Always leaving a pretty little note from the loving mommy that tells sissy to enjoy. Shopping excursions and pretty make-up come next. I love pampering my sissy’s and helping them realize how wonderful it is to be the sexy girly boy under those boy clothes and that it’s ok to wear his boy clothes to school then come home and be the girl he dreams of becoming. Good mommies understand. I am here for my Sissy’s and love to hear about how it all began for you.

Sissy panties

Enjoy Cum Whenever You Want

Taboo phone chatI bet you are a cum eating little whore, aren’t you? Well, then you are going to love this! The one thing cum whores love is finding ways to enjoy cum whenever they want. Especially around others who are none the wiser. I do say cum should never go to waste and now no cum needs too. It is so simple! Simply take any cum and freeze it! You can mix in a little water and cum and make your own cum ice cubes. They look pretty much the same so no one would ever know. But you will know, won’t you? Now you can be a cum guzzling slut anytime you want and around people who don’t know what a little cum whore you are. Isn’t it so much more enjoyable to do naughty things right in the open?

Phone Domination on Lock Down

phone dominationPhone domination does not violate any stay at home orders. Many states are slowly getting back to normal, but adult places will be the last to resume operations. You may not see an adult bookstore or a glory hole open for a while. In the meantime, sissies still need to work on being good sissies. Lori is a long term sissy of mine. In fact, she is a sissy I trained in my home for years. She can no longer come to my house for training. She has become one of you. She must call me for her training. I will not let a sissy slide just because the world is on lock down. Lori is working on her cock sucking skills. She was about to get the real thing in her sissy holes when the world imploded. I had a big black stud lined up to fuck her sissy pussy and her pretty mouth. It will still happen. It just must wait. In the meantime, I sent her some big black dildos. Some from my private collection because she is a special sissy. Not that you are not special. It is just that Lori has been with me for 6 years. I know what you are thinking. Six years and just now about to get cock? Not all sissies are cock whores. Lori started off as a sissy maid. She just wanted to wear pretty things and take care of the best sissy trainer she knew. She would clean my house and worship my pussy and ass whenever I wanted. Lori was married when we first met. She wanted to be a sissy badly, but she did not want to cheat on her wife either. I could work with that. I respected that. Last year, sissy Lori got divorced and she knew that meant it was time to embrace the sissy life in its entirety. Until she can get that big black cock in her sissy holes, she is practicing with my dildos. I do not care if you are a sissy maid or a cock loving sissy faggot, online sissy training keeps you in sissy mode.

Mistress gives you sissy tips

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Look at you and that pathetic little worm of a cock. I know why your here you want me to train you to be the perfect little sissy don’t you! Well, don’t you worry Mistress Marissa has a few tips and tricks for all you sissy wannabes.  The first is to learn your place! You know you want to be the best little cock sucker for MIstress Marissa! I Will teach you how to please a cock and swallow that studs hot load without wasting one drop! Your little clitty you got there will look so cute in all the tight little panties i have for you! And to make sure your a good little bitch and listen well i have plenty of fun toys to use as incentives don’t worry little sissy you will enjoy every last moment of it!