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sissy phone sex is strict with me

sissy phone sex

So you are currently craving sissy phone sex, and I have the tools that will make you feel so good about everything in the sissy sphere. It can be quite a shock to go ahead and enter this lifestyle. Don’t fret when you have a sissysluthut mistress like me. We are trained and specialized in all things, sissies. We will let you conform into this whole new world on our terms, and don’t worry. We will be gentle. It is a known fact that It takes time to get into our strict world. I do not allow sissies to take it the easy way out. Im a strict mistress because I want you to be able to be the best sissy whore ever. I can’t wait to show you how to gape your ass whore.

Learn the ropes of being a good sissy

sissy phone sex

As a sissy, you will be the object of release for many men. I want you to know that sissy phone sex will push you to limits you never thought possible.  You will be able to get so many cocks and cum shots more than you can ever even imagine. I want to deliver you with the best sissy experience. First, you will have to watch how a real woman takes cock. You will see me get anal pounded and get to see me cum harder than any girl. I will make it a learning experience by letting you swoop in and enjoy some creamy cum. It’ll make you feel like you’re in heaven tasting the creamy, salty cum. Don’t stop yourself from sucking that cock because whores do that very well, and once you are well accustomed to sissy tactics, you will become a sissy pro.

Sissy phone sex catered to your needs

Sissy phone sex

It’s time you learn the flirting game. Most sissies have a hard time learning the tips and tricks and are often left down a rabbit hole of dominant mistresses. Don’t get me wrong, and I absolutely love to dominate. Still, some sissies are truly looking for a mentor who will help them explore their femininity and get into the world of dressing up and learning to flirt and find authentic with benefits relationships.

There is no shame in wanting to be wined and dined by a man if you are a sissy. You don’t have to be embarrassed by letting your intimate fantasies out for me to hear. Sissy phone sex is great because we can truly evolve in our roles together. I can show you what you have been missing and give you the best advice catered to your interest.

If you want to be a nasty cums slut then you got a great teacher in me. On the other hand, if you want to flirt your way into bed with a man, I can help there.

The power of the pussy

sissy training

Sissy training can be broken down and branched out into a ton of different smaller tidbits of lessons. My main lesson when I train one of my sissies is showing them that the power of the pussy makes most men weak. It doesn’t matter if they want to be sissies or not. All men will always submit to the power between the legs of real women. Sissies want to be as close to the real thing as possible. Whether you want to train, emulate or become, all in all, a woman, you have to understand that power and pussy are two of the same. You can love cock, but you have to worship pussy. For you to be a good sissy, you have to get on your knees and tell women how incredible they truly are because you so badly and desperately want to become a dupe of some sort. Sissies will never be authentic women, but they sure as hell can try.

Sissy Phone Sex the dominant way

sissy phone sex

Go ahead and smile. I have quite the treat for you. Sissy phone sex has you going crazy. All you can think about is hot clothes and plenty of cocks. You want all sorts of toys to fuck you in the ass. It’s your man pussy! I mean to be fair, there’s nothing about you that is quite manly, Hmmmm how about just your asspussy? That works great. You will need to dress like a whore and learn all the glory holes around town. I don’t care that you might get caught. Shut the fuck up!!! Do it, you fucking sissy!!!!!! I love to dominate you fuckers and making you all lose any trace of masculinity you might have. Your asshole will be gaped in so many ways by so many different cocks. Well, this is what you wanted, you bottom bitch so take it and do it with a smile, my little fucking slut. Thick meat makes your clity cream. We all know it is true now it’s time you abide by my rules!!!!

Dear Secret Cuck

sissy phone sex

Dear Secret cuck,

So I heard a little secret. It will be nice to confirm it with you, but there’s a rumor going around that you can’t stop thinking about BBC. You often fantasize about your wife getting rammed by juicy black cock. All you want is a real man to fuck her and cuck you.  I can give you the best sissy phone sex advice. Give up your so-called manhood and let your wife live out the dreams you have for yourself.

I love when “men” try to say they are only cucks because they like the humiliation aspect and do not crave cock. A cuck is truly a sissy deep down inside. Please change my mind if you can. I will probably wait eternity because you might be wrong. I’m right. A cuck is simply a cock worshipper who doesn’t have the cojones to admit what they truly are and dispel everything to an erotic kinky.

You don’t fool me, sissy bitch

-Mistress Ember

Your Wife Found Your Panties!

Sissy Phone SexYour wife found your pretty little sissy panties, didn’t she?

Now she thinks you are having an affair with some slut!

She doesn’t know your little secret, does she?

She doesn’t know that you love sliding those silky panties on and you love the way they feel as you rub your hard cock through that delicate thin material.

She doesn’t know that the second she leaves, you slip into something sexy, and lay in bed stroking your cock and playing with that aching to be filled ass!

But I know!

I know how badly you want to have a real cock filling that tight little man pussy!

I know that you crave that tight squeeze, that hard fuck, those balls slapping against yours while he pushes his thick juicy meat in harder and deeper!

But that is ok, I wont tell the whole world that you are a sexy little sissy slut!

It can be our little secret….

well ours and the half a dozen cocks that I have hard and ready to fuck that tight little ass!

Tell me everything

Domination phone sex

Tell me everything you desire. I want to show you how phone domination can truly rule you. I want you to understand that you’re a true sissy to the core. There’s nothing you won’t be able to do for me. Once I have you where I want you, it is over for you. It’s time to live life in a new light. Time to realize you will be a chick with a dick for me.  I want to make you my little crossdressing slut. You have to tell me everything that you want and crave. It is okay to be honest and say you are cock craving loser and want nothing more than to be my loser bitch. Enjoy your dirty ways in real life because once you’re in my trap, you will be downloading that gay dating app on your phone and fishing for cock. Yes, I will have no mercy. You are exactly whatever I make you. Once you tell me everything is over for you.

This could be you

bbc sissy trainer

I know what makes you weak. Its BBC! You’re so jealous you can’t express it enough. Don’t worry, I have plenty of big cock friends, and many of them are black! The flavor you up and get you high, you know, loosens you up and makes you more at ease. I understand you guard up and protect your true identity because you don’t want a single soul to know what you truly love. The thing that makes you twitch your clit is the idea of dressing up and seducing men into taking advantage of you. I will make sure you live those dreams out as your BBC sissy trainer. You don’t have to worry about a thing but sucking cock and getting boned. It’s time to suck away. Open wide and let a juicy cock inside. Don’t deny yourself the feeling you get from deepthroating that thick meat stick. It’s beyond anything you have ever indulged in, and now your life is complete.

On Your Knees, Sissy Bitch!

Sissy Phone Sex


I have tried to be nice about it but some of you faggot bitches don’t get it!

If you want a thick hard cock in your man pussy, you have to be the sexiest, hottest femboy in town!

You want to be a sissy so you can take cock like a real sissy slut?

You want to feel that massive meat deep in your pretty ass and swallow it whole like a true lady?

You need to learn to be a submissive whore if you want to please a man! They don’t want a drama diva in sissy panties!

Oh, don’t worry!

I wont deny you that taste of man cum!

But until you can learn to be a sweet sexy sissy, the only one that is popping that man clit is me and the only cum you are eating is the spunk that you clean from my sweet pussy!

Now get on your knees sissy bitch and clean my cum filled cunt!

There is a line of cock waiting to fill it back up again!