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Thanks for the sissy panties, Peace

sissy pantiesMy sissy’s are alway begging me to send  them some of my very special worn sissy panties.  Only for the ones that have been on their best behavior do I send off my favorite silky soft, beautifully designed worn panties.  They tell me how much they love the softness going over their worthless cocks.  I have seen how hard those little cocks get putting them on for the first time.  The cream they ooze out with pre-cum and their ass pussy, it’s hot.  A strong masculine man by day and a panty wearing sissy by night.

Prancing around in pink panties and a matching bra, rubbing the softness of the sissy clothes I dress them in. Pink, purple and red are the favorites among my little sissys. Sometimes they let me watch them open the panties on Skype and then slip them on.  An instant boner and I even catch the pre-cum stain that squirts out.

Sometimese we have to go through forced feminization and other times these sissys are all in before we ever talk. They live this secret lifestyle and we have fun being naughty behind closed doors.

I have a new panty order for my used panties going on later on today. Never new panties because they won’t get the same experience doing that. They love the smell of a woman that they can get by smelling her panties. Then extra hot to wear that womens scent by wearing the panties, all day.  I get horny just thinking about the next times I can Skype one of my sissy’s in my panties!


Adult phone chat lines for sissy girls in secret

 Adult phone chat lines

Adult phone chat lines have sissy trainers who will watch you on Cam. I have a couple of regular favorites that I watch. Each of my sissy girls has a different sexy appeal to me. Lucky is one of those men who feel very girly when they are using dope. That cock shrinks up and suddenly he is feeling the need to dress for me! 

And in his garage or bedroom, the outfits are the bomb! Pink and white are my favorite to see him in so far! Lucky has a masculine body with sexy tattoos which makes the lingerie quite a contrast. 

Lucky gets sissy play time in secret

My cunt gets excited by how nervous Lucky gets; though. I watch him looking around to make sure he doesn’t get walked in on. This sissy girl is incognito in her dress-up play. There is an extra air of taboo when a sissy is trying to hide her cross-dressing ass fucking play time. Being the Best sissy trainer to such a femmed-out whore is why I do this! My question is are you feeling LUCKY today?

Phone domination will leave you begging for more

Phone domination

Submissive sissy bitch boys need Phone domination to lead them into the weekend. All a powerful man needs after a long week is a weekend to let go. That’s where I cum into play. I won’t repeat myself twice when I give an order. You mind must meld with mine and you must do as I direct you to do. What I tell you to wear, you do. When I tell you to drop to your knees, there are no questions asked. Your going to be my bitch and I will own your ass. I don’t want to hear any complaints about your comfort sissy zone. Your my bitch to do with as I please. Drop to your knees and worship my cunt until I say I am done and you may rise like the filthy pig you are.

Maybe it’s time for a little Forced feminization. Do you know your place or will a dress remind you that you are not in control and your only directive this weekend is to submit your will to my desire .

Forced Feminization now get your sissy ass in those panties

Forced Feminization

Forcing you to come to terms with your feminine side will help you see what a sissy you really are. In due time you will see that this is the right of things. First and foremost is to get you into the right clothes. Which is to say get out of those guy clothes. 

Happy to see that you don’t have much of a penis and hence nylons would hide it easily, even a nice pair of panties. These are the ones you will put on now.  A nice red pair of lace thongs. I want to highlight that pussy ass of yours. It will cover your non existent little thing. Now, the scarlet red garter belt, black stockings with a lace top. 

Now you see it don’t you. The more you get dressed as a sissy bitch the more you see that you are meant to be a little whore for every cock that comes a calling. Square your shoulders and stick out your breasts. The high heels lift your ass and show it off and easier to assert to men that your pussy is available for their use. 

You will be feminine and admit you love it.  

Phone Dominatrix Always in Control

Control is my thing and nothing makes this phone dominatrix happier than demanding what I want to come out of that pathetic little mouth of my callers.  They get out of hand, so thankfully they have someone like me to take control of t
tic little mouth of yours makes me cream my lace and sheer pink panties, one part of what I love about my phone dominatrix duties.  I love controlling your body, taking your hands and telling you to tie them up tight while talking to me.  If you were in front of me, I’d of course take great pleasure in tightly wrapping your wrists together so tight that I can see the blood stop rushing to that part of your body.  You become completely  pale white from the ties that secure your wrists so tight.

I love commanding you pleasure your mistress whatever way I please.  Sometimes it’s to lick me all over, but my favorite is commanding your dick start getting ready to enter my holes.  I control when it’s hard and when it’s soft.  I will control your orgasm. If I don’t give you permission, you wait. I don’t care if those blue balls explode in your pathetic little underwear while you hold that orgasm in.  You will appreciate it that much more once your mistress gives you permission to let go of that release you’ve been holding in like such a good boy.

I love my whips so expect a few marks. Ok expect a lot of marks when you leave me. I love seeing your big strong body covered in pathetic marks like you are my helpless little slave.  I mean, you kind of are right?

I am Peace, I will be in control of your cock tonight.Phone dominatrix

Sissy Panties and All The Crusties

sissy pantiesWatching sissy panties being put on, one leg at a time as the lace around the edges goes up those pretty little legs.  Some of those legs covered in hair but not after they get done with me.  Watching those cock pussies start leaking little drops as the start feeling that silky soft material cover their little pussy dicks.  Oh what a beautiful site!

Watching a little sissy go through my undies and smell them, and then put those dirty, crusty panties that oozed whatever cum I was dumped in that day, sometimes a few different cums as a girl has needs ya ok.  So those nasty cum filled pantie now smothering the sissy’s face as he knows the closest he will ever get to my pussy is my panties.  This slut needs some real cock and it aint cutting it with what sissy has going on in between sissy’s legs. Hashtag sorry not sorry.

I snicker that this sissy then puts on my shiny silky tiny little panties.  Watching his sissy bulge barely fit in the crotch of my dirty panties. I see that sissy dick of his instantly become hard when my dirty nasty panties touch that sissy cock pussy.  Even with sissy phone sex, you can feel over the phone the pathetic nature of the little sissys. Some of them I feel bad for and quite frankly, they hit my softer side. I’ll go up to them in my dirty panties and hold them tightly and let them suck on my nipples. Caressing in between teach other’s legs as we stay gentle and nurturing.

Meanwhile, there are definitely ones that I make get on their knees in those g string cum filled pussy cock covering undies they pathetically glance up at me with their hard little cocks. I have them beg to touch their cock.  They have to work for everything they get and beg for their hands to even brush past my body.  These little sissy pussy’s are my servants and boy will they do what you need them to do.  Pathetic little souls they are.

About time to invite them in for another dirty panty grab.  Beats doing landry. I either buy new ones or go without!


sissy phone rules

sissy phone

I will get you on your knees as a good little sissy phone-obsessed slut. All I want to hear is you begging for that sissy treatment you want so badly. I get down and dirty with my sissies. I love to push them to suck on those dildos and deepthroat them till they can’t anymore. Besides, practice makes perfect, and I love perfect sissy prissy princess. The more you suck, the more you deep throat, the better chance you have to be a top-tier sissy. Eventually, I love to graduate them into double penetration and gang bangs. If you want a good little sissy slut you have to put an order in and make them do the work so they can be the best to sissies. Time to take som poppers to open that asstwat up!

sissy cum slut

sissy phone sex

When one of my sissies got me one of the best gifts, I enjoyed it with my friends. After making him go out to the glory hole to get pounded by a bunch of different cocks he was forever indebted to me.  As a sissy, you have to listen to your goddess. Sissy phone sex is only scratching the surface with me. If you ever have doubts about who owns you, you’re not the Sissy for me. I want you to remember Forever, who’s in charge, begging me to give you leniency. Once you bug me for some slack, I will pick it up some more and make it even harder on you. A little complaining makes my blood boil and makes me want to sacrifice you in every way. So how did I score this fun trip to Greece? While I made him eat a whole bucket of cum and made him beg me for some more.

Pussy Worshiping Sissy Sluts

Sissy phone chatAre you a pussy worshiping little sissy? You may be few and far between, but you are not forgotten. I have plans for you. Training you pathetic little sluts to be my little sissy maids will be easy as fuck. None of you deserve my pussy. Your tiny cocks are not good enough to fuck my sweet pussy. I wouldn’t let any of your cocks within 10 feet of my pussy unless you were serving me. Remember: your purpose is to serve me. You are so desperate for even a taste of my pussy, even if it means licking another man’s cum out of my cunt. My cunt is the prize and you have no problem putting yourself in chastity and going weeks without touching your cock, which is now dubbed a little clit, simply for my pleasure. You will wear a cute little maid’s outfit wherever you go so it is obvious to everyone that you are serving me simply because I say so.

Forced feminization in public

forced feminization

I want to give you forced feminization in public because I think if you want to be a good sissy you have to commit. The sissy that can commit is one that will be able to test and pass any trial that comes their way. If you begin to complain about how you look too girly out in public then you’re not ready to be my little sissy. There has to be excitement and yeah sure there might be some hesitation and reservations over what the task at hand may be. Regardless that does not give you any reason to fight me on whatever I ask of you. One of my favorite training sessions is with panties and pink high heels and a hot pink boa you wrap that feather boa around you where the 6-in heels and strut. The pink panties must be shown so preferably, it has to be thongs. Shop away at the mall or at the grocery store. No matter what you have to stay in character and become well assimilated into sissy rules.