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Mistress phone sex

Mistress phone sexMistress K is how you should approach me always. My name is Tamika if we’re formal. I’m a ruthless kinky mistress that loves sissy sluts. Keep in mind always I am the one in control. Ur job is to obey all your mistresses kinky and wild demands. If you don’t know what a sissy is don’t worry I’m here to teach you! You won’t be just any sissy slut oh no! U will be the dirtiest nastiest filthiest sissy slut there ever was. As my slut you must be willing to be in public screaming to the heavens that you belong to me! Never forget that you are my property and should always move as such. So come one and come all and come ready! I have many task for my sluts to complete daily. If you break my rules I am sure to punish you. From mild to severe depends on the offense. My sweet little cuck come play with Mistress K. Phone domination

Adult phone chat lines dominating bitch to train you right.

Adult phone chat lines

          Adult phone chat lines dominating bitch to train you right. Listen to your master. As long as you understand that I am the one in charge. You will learn to grovel. Address me as you should. Your training will be long, intense, and most notably fun for me and humbling for you.

          First thing you are going to get is a fucking ass blistering. Pain must be remembered. On the positive side it will turn into pleasure. Pain is pleasure for at the same time as you are getting your ass blistered with a whip going to have your cock getting jerked.

          Pain is pleasure. Now settle it in your mind that this Phone dominatrix will have you screaming in both pain and pleasure. Smothering you with my tits. From time to time will even allow you to give them a kiss. It will be a reward. Henceforth you will address me as Master. Call me anything other than Master and it will be cock and ball torture. A sound lashing. Without the ensuing pleasure.

          Formerly you were free. Now you are a slave. My slave. Degrading you for the weak pathetic whining sniveling little pecker head that you are. Tiny cock and all. Obey thy will and you will have the best of both. Pain and pleasure. Choose wisely little pecker head.

Uncategorized; justification not needed to be nasty.

          Uncategorized; justification not needed to be nasty. Now personally I like to make it hurt. See these here boots. They are made for walking and that’s just what they are going to do. They are going to walk all over you. Heels digging into your itsy-bitsy teeny weenie shriveled short pecker.

          Come on you little bitch. Fucken beg me to hurt you. Tell you exactly how small and insignificant fools you are. Don’t you shake your head at me. You aren’t worth it. Crack a whip and hit that little thing. If I can. Obviously, I am going to need to practice seeing if I can even find it. I mean it’s just so small.

          In fact, I don’t think anyone could find it without some help. Let us give you a prince albert so it has a nice little chain to yank on it. At the same time, I think a tiny little string too small for even a mouse would work. Even be a bit too large.

          In the end if you cry enough, I may even be inclined to control you. I like giving you sissy humiliation training. Do believe that is what I will stick with.


Taboo phone chat where nothing is ever off limits.

Taboo phone chat          Taboo phone chat where nothing is ever off limits. Sounds odd. Going to hurt you. Going to make you beg? Mistress of pain and all things considered wrong. Are they though? In fact what appears wrong in one way proves to be a turn on. Like have your balls in a torture device. Now going to bet you are thinking taboo? No that’s not taboo. Beyond the normal is considered risqué. Be a sissy little fucking whore balls in a torture device. Lily white sissy pink pussy getting hammered by the biggest fucking big fucking black cock that is able to be found. Advertising it. Making it a public display for one and all to see.

          Besides being a little bitch for me, it is important to remember that I am a very harsh Phone dominatrix. Never will I give you an inch. You will do as you’re told. Else the consequences will be harsh. Promising you won’t like them very much.

          As long as I am in charge, you will do as I say, when I say, how I say. There are no questions. It IS Yes Mistress Master. Not Mommy. Not now not ever will be a Mom to a whining sniveling pathetic little pipsqueak like you. That better be completely clear.

          Now be a good little bitch and be ready for fantasy rape of your fucking pussy.

Adult phone chat lines for ABDL Sissy girls in diapers

Adult phone chat linesAdult phone chat lines for ABDL Sissy girls. Mistress Z Has a soft spot for babysitting sissy girls in Huggies.  Something inside me loves to humiliate them and make them crawl around like tots. One of the fun things I do is tease them with adult toys and make them perform perverted acts for my amusement. Little Lacie, an adult diaper lover with a small penis, finds solace in the comfort of her wet diapers. She loves to have her little girl clitty nice and wet in a sagging Huggie. Little Lacie is an ultra fem baby-gurl.

Adult phone chat lines for ABDL Sissy girls.

She loves big ruffle dresses and outlandish bloomers covering her sopping mess. Running around with her dolly she makes me have to catch her for a diaper change.  She loves to get her diaper changed, especially when I make it fun for her. She always giggles when I spank her bum and make her do silly things. I have a big princess buttplug with her name on it. Lacie doesn’t go boo-boo in her Huggies. She makes yummy cummies for her babysitter! Lacie is so much fun to play with as I make sweet sounds to get her little clitty leaking in her huggies.

SPH, ABDL, And more taboo fun with Mistress Z!

Never fear if your an Adult sissy baby who needs a strong babysitter. Mistress Z is the ultimate Adult diaper lover sissy trainer. Pull on that diaper and prepare for SPH and Diaper Sissy humiliation training!  Lacie loves to role-play with her babysitter and I will punish you just like I do her if She doesn’t obey me. Zoey will put you in diapers and give you a spanking if you misbehave. This femdom loves to make you wet and messy in your huggies.

Sissy panties are pink, red, lace, sheer, etcetera.

Sissy panties

          Sissy panties are pink, red, lace, sheer, etcetera. Get that sissy faggot ass up in the air and wave it around like you just don’t care. At the same time stroke your little sissy clit. Call out – “I’m a sissy little bitch! Fuck me!” Hence calling attention to those panties, encased inside is a tight little ass.

          It must be remembered that the wrapping i.e. panties are the first thing men see. Hence you need them to make a statement. Show that you’re a sissy bitch whore who knows how to attract attention with bright bold sissy colors made of sheer lace.

          Get that ass shaking else the sissy slave training will be more than just simple training. You will have a paddle taken to your faggot ass, not only for the whooping on that gay faggot ass of yours but the handle will be shoved so far up your fucking ass it will hit your prostate. Forcing an erection of that itty bitty thing of a clit. Giving you a prince albert. Pull that chain when you get out of line. Connect it a butt plug as we shove it in your faggot ass.

          Now, those panties are going to make the statement and you will abide by your training, you will begin by bowing to me and addressing me henceforth as Master Mistress. Following every dictate without question. It will be your choice the gentle or the hard. There’s no in between with me. Make your choice.

Sissy hypno training listen to my voice you wanna be girl.

          Sissy hypno training listen to my voice you wanna be girl. Immediately upon answering listen to the soothing sounds of my voice. Now you want harsh and this is feasible however, before this happens you must first listen patiently and quietly. Trusting me to hypnotize you will only my voice.

          Before long you are under my spell. Shedding your men’s clothes, feeling the silky-smooth thigh high stockings. Pulling them on slowly. Running your hands down them smoothing them. Leaning back and kicking your feet out in front of you before putting on the low heels. Next, we will get you into lacey panties, thong, bikini, or full bodied. All colors. Matching bras.

          Keep listening to my voice. At the same time feeling yourself transforming working with me on your sissy girl training. Next step is the wig. We will be sure to have you in red, blonde, brunette, or black. They have rainbow but we are not looking to make you into a flaming faggot.

          A point often overlooked is that there is a difference between flaming faggot and a sissy girl. Your training is made easier with hypnosis, and we will continue with it. In fact, it is very important that you keep up with your regular sessions.Sissy hypno training

Carmalita Your Mistress

best sissy trainer

It is very rare that you find a woman that is willing to share her male friends with you in bed. But I adore sissy training. I have a long list of hot guys that are ready to fuck. We will dress you up like a hot tranny and introduce you to the boys. They all been dreaming about fucking a chick with a dick but never had the opportunity. Now you will be their dream come true. You get to be the center of attention. Having all these hot sexy men to keep you company. I believe you will enjoy them fucking you in your ass and getting your mouth full of cock to suck on. They will be cumming all over your face too. You know It turns me on to watch my trainee getting the best dick of his life. Can I tempt you with this great opportunity to suck big cocks with my guidance and instructions

Taboo phone chat for guys who need pegged!

Taboo phone chat

Taboo phone chat for guys who need to be pegged! Submissive little men who worship at the strap are welcome to have Miss Z bounce your ass!  I have a great way to spread your legs. Some shackles and handcuffs will keep you in the perfect position for my big dick.

You want all of me deep inside of you, tell me how much of a subby slave you are for the strap! A big open gag secures your mouth for when I think ass juice has built up too much on my dildo! Soon your pretzeled body starts to ache.  But Still, I push on! Deeper, harder, take it bitch boi!

Taboo phone chat includes Dildos, harnesses, and more BDSM gear

Forced feminization begins with a Goddess pushing a big strap-cock in that ass! I hope your feelings are hurt as you see yourself in that big mirror on my ceiling.  My 6-inch spiked heels click on the hardwood floor as my hips sway.

forced feminization I love wearing the sexy clothes you wish you could wear every day as I fuck you! You probably have your asscheeks clenched right now just thinking about trying to prevent my big black dildo from penetrating you. But don’t worry subservient bitch boy, it will fit.  But you should worry if I allow you to cum? Do you think I’ll be too much for your tenderoni ass?

Phone domination and pegging are what you get with my bratty domme ass!  You take as much as you can, your body shaking with pleasure. When you cum, I make sure to let you enjoy it, before pushing you back down and showing your beta bitch place.  You belong to Miss Z now and I will fuck you in bondage anytime I want! Maybe if you are a good boi I will bring out the paddle next time!

Phone dominatrix Zoey demands your worship

Phone dominatrix

Phone dominatrix Tales of men in submission are my sexual stimulation. While some of my cleints are on schedules, they must be the ones to pick up the phone and dutifully call me. Sometimes they have to wait, so they get up early and reach out. Perhaps they must wait, or miss me for the day. That’s okay because men like my Personal sissy Zavier have it much worse. 

 The alarm on his Zaviers phone sounded, waking him at the same time every morning. He rolled over to check the time and groaned. It was already late, he had forgotten to set his alarm and was running late again. He slid out of bed, hastily brushed his teeth, and grabbed his things to head out the door.

He had one morning obligation and it was not something he could ever miss. Sissy slave training is an ongoing commitment.

Repetition and therapeutic doses of humiliation remind him of what he really is. 

Unfortunately, he didn’t make it very far. As he was about to unlock the door, his phone rang. He glanced down at it, expecting it to be another reminder from his boss. He was wrong.

The display showed an unknown caller and a sultry voice on the other end. It was a His mistress. She said she wanted his obedience and worship of her sweet pussy. If he didn’t agree, she would call his boss and have him fired. 

After much pleading and begging, he eventually caved as she ordered and accepted her demands. She instructed him to talk dirty to her and tease her while bowing down to her, all while rubbing and caressing her sweet pussy with his tongue. Mistress always cumz first!

How will you obey me on the panty boy and sissy freak Adult phone chat lines?