Sissy humiliation training

Sissy humiliation training

Are you ready for your sissy humiliation training? I think I have a pretty good session for you tonight. Sissies are my favorite and I’m ready to train you, slave! The best way to train you properly, is to break you down lower than you have ever been before. I must break you so I can build you up and make you what I want you to be.

                First, you need to come to my house which is where I do my work. I’ll get you in the proper attire so we can go out and I can show you what you should be expecting if you decide you want to work with me.

                So, after you are in the proper clothing, blindfold, leather clothes, collar and leash, I’ll walk you by leash to the dark, grungy neighborhood bar. There are a lot of people in there and they will grab you and grope you all night long, and you have no say. I can tell you enjoy it though by the huge bulge in your pants.

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