Sissy training audio for men who like it in the backdoor.

Sissy training audio

Sissy training audio for men who like it in the backdoor. I have been waiting to show off my new strap on my skinny little boyfriend for a whole week now. But today is the day that he gets to back that ass up on my big mommy dick! 

Sissy Training audio / strap on play 

My little boyfriend is shivering with anticipation as I approach him with my cock held firmly in my hand. I can see the submission in his eyes, the desire to give himself up to me completely. He knows there’s no escape from the pleasures I have planned for him.

I slap his naked ass, hard, watching him jump with a yelp of surprise. “Are you ready, slut?” I ask, my voice low and menacing. He nods, his eyes wide. I can see the fear and the excitement mingling there, and it only fuels me further.

I slather lube all over my cock, making sure it’s nice and slick. Then, I pick up my boyfriend and position him on the bed, his face up, eyes wide with fear and lust. “This is going to hurt a bit at first,” I warn him, “but trust me, it’s going to feel so fucking amazing! I thrust inside him, and we both cry out in unison. I pound into him, my hips slapping against his ass. His breathing becomes ragged as I thrust harder and harder. My Forced sissy training isn’t lost on him! 

Forced sissy training with my cum filled pussy

I love Bisexual men so much because they let me fuck them. Making a masculine man become a moaning pile of mush with my dick is the absolute best! I get off on the power I have over them. I love making them submit to me and teach them a lesson in submission. Furthermore, I make sure to show them who’s boss and that I’m always in control. Having a slut like me fuck you only provides you some prostate milking and maybe just a little bit of submission you’re missing in your daily life. That dick and balls flopping around as I go hard and deep has my pussy running, too.

Phone domination is what every bi -boi needs! 

Only it’s already been filled with your best friend’s cum. And let’s face it, you’re an anal whore! And a cum eater. Suck my strap clean. After your little dick squirts, you will need to clean me out! Phone domination by Miss Zoey will make you feel empty without me!

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