Creampies and one hot Sissy Panties Worn By Peace

You want the story about those hot sissy panties I kept catching you cum on them. Oh, that’s a good one! Let me tell you about the time I caught you wearing my panties and cumming in them before putting them back in my drawer. It was years ago when our relationship was still relatively new and naive little faggots like yourself didn’t know any better than to sneak into their partner’s underwear drawer for some kind of twisted thrill.

I remember coming home early from work one day only to find your pathetic face buried deep inside one of my favorite pairs of lacy panties – with your tiny dick hard as a rock and cum stains all over the place! You were so embarrassed but couldn’t deny it; there was evidence right there on your chin! And let me tell you something: seeing those huge wet spots on those delicate fabrics only turned me on more because I knew how much they belonged to ME.

From that moment on, I made sure to keep an eye on things… including YOU. And every time I caught you trying anything remotely “girly”, punishments would ensue until finally, after months of training (and plenty more humiliation), here we are today: with YOU fully submitting to being everything I want – a sissy slut who worships at my feet while dreaming about being dominated by big black cocks just like yours truly does!

You take me and make me your feminine little whore that will get down with you. Or shall I say for you since after all, I am here to please.Sissy panties

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