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Sissy slave training with Miss Remi

sissy slave training


Today was supposed to be a normal day of running errands and doing some shopping. I did not expect to end up sissy slave training but I never turn down a new slut when I see them. I was waiting in line at the bank, when I noticed the guy ahead of me looked very uncomfortable. He kept glancing around like he was nervous. When he reached back to pull out his wallet, his shirt went up and I found out why he looked so uncomfortable. Peeking out of the top of his pants, was a pretty pair of lacey, pink panties! I couldn’t miss the opportunity to turn a new secret sissy into a full blown, cock gobbling cum slut! I pulled out my camera and took a few pix to use as blackmail. I followed him out of the bank and stopped him by his car. I showed him the pictures I had taken and told him that unless he wanted to go viral as a secret panty wearing sissy bitch, then he better do everything I told him. I own this little bitch now! I haven’t yet decided just how far I’m going to take his training. So far, I’ve only made him suck cock and swallow a few cum loads but I might turn his sweet, tight ass out and make some easy cash as his pimptress.

Put On Your Sissy Bitch Panties, Now!

Sissy Panties
How about you put on your pretty girl panties, and show me what a good girl you can be? You tell me how desperately you crave to be a submissive, sissy slut, but I see absolutely no effort being put in to your own transformation. I can’t make diamonds out of coal if I don’t apply any pressure?

Get dressed, and call me honey. The pressure is on. You’re going to obey my every single command, and do exactly as I say. No questions, no defiance. Do you understand? You can’t avoid who you’re meant to be, sweetheart. You know damn well you’re desperate to put those panties on, get on your knees, and suck a huge, dripping cock! You know how badly you want to taste that cum pouring down your throat. Cock sucking is, of course, part of your forced sissy training honey.

How do you expect to ever please me, let alone any bulls, if you can’t even stick a toothbrush to the back of your throat? I’m going to take you out on the town, and really show you what it means to be a fucking whore. By the time we get back to my place, you’ll be dripping cum and begging to clean out my cream pie’d little cunt. Cum on now, show me what you’re fucking made of; I love a sweet sissy fag.

Sissy Training Audio

Sissy Trainer and Phone Dominatrix

phone dominatrixAre you looking for a phone dominatrix to peg your sissy ass? Most wives and girlfriends will not peg their men. It is like too extreme for them. I have a thought on that. Women think if you want a strap-on in your ass, you are gay, and they cannot compete with that because they do not have a cock. A smart woman would peg her man’s ass. It helps keep him in line and loyal. But if she will not peg you, I am happy to bend you over and give you the hardcore ass fucking every sissy bitch needs. I use a strap-on for training. I like to make a sissy my bitch and whip him into submission. Sometimes I want to milk a prostate because it ruins an orgasm. A strap-on is key to sissy training for me. If you have a baby dick, you could use some sissy strap-on humiliation to remind you that you are a sissy not a man. Bend over, spread your back door pussy lips and take my strap-on up your sissy hole like a good girl. My makeshift cock is better than that shrimp dick between your legs. A strap-on helps me break in a new sissy, mold him into a good little faggot. Once you are broken in physically, I will feminize you. Fluffer panties, pretty dresses, white ankle socks and maybe even a cockette cage if you cannot stop jacking off. Once you are my sissy, that clit stick you have belongs to me. You do not touch it unless I give you permission. Eventually, I will turn you into a cock sucking faggot too. Trips to the glory hole are a must. If it is too risky for you, I have a bunch of studs who will come over and home school you. I am a tough sissy trainer, but I am the best sissy trainer.

Phone dominatrix Remi wants to play!

phone dominatrix


  This kinky, wild phone dominatrix slut is ready to train you! I’ve trained countless other sluts and now, I want you to get on your knees and gag on the biggest, fattest cock you’ve ever seen! I’m going to turn you manly men into the best dick sucking little bitches ever! Welcome to your new career ladies! All my bitches leave my sissy slut classes as professional dick lickers and cum guzzlers! Better pay attention! Falling behind on your lessons is punishable with my thick leather whip across your sweet little ass! Here at Miss Remi’s school for naughty sissy sluts, failure is not an option. A few of my sluts have already had the whip and are still falling behind. I think it’s time for me to get out my massive strap-on and punish their cum holes! All of this hard work is going to pay off in the long run. My sissies will be the nasties and most freaky sluts around. Miss Remi’s work is notorious. Everyone will know who trained you and what a good little cum slut you can be!

Sissy meeting

I love when I have a sissy phone slut that must have me guide them into being the perfect sissy. I do occasionally accept full-time sissies that can pick up things quickly. I want you to be able to serve me and to be able to learn how to be the best sissy whore ever. It is not easy to be a sissy slut, and for you to learn everything that it entails, you have to be bold and willing to do anything and everything that your devious mind may think of at any moment. I want you to understand that a cum eating sissy is a must. I want you to be open to taking cock whenever I say so, and the sluttier you are, the better it will be. You have stiff competition. I have an array of sissies who want to be my main sissy princess. They want to go out with me and be able to enjoy themselves being my slut. A sissy meeting will show me if you are the right candidate and fit in with the group.

Rachels Sissy Phone sex

sissy phone sexSissy Trans woman Rachel just the best sissy phone sex. The best part is I don’t even have to talk to him/her. I can voice type and still humiliate my sissy the way he is supposed to be. I do have to tell some sissy Rachel’s stories though. Exposing sissies is one of my great loves. Sissy Rachel is special on the way that she has turned out white bitches for black cock. As a black cock lover I know I need a Rachel in my life eventually. A man with a dick that never could cut it, turn female because of that love of black cock. Oh yes for reading my blogs and knowing of Rachel you should know that “his” perversion of wanting to fuck black cocks has Rachel making his women BBC whores. I personally think it’s a great thing that Rachel is doing More white women need to be on black dick. Black cock matters! I invite you to online sissy training with me to discover your own black cock love or your cuckold level watching a white bitch be fucked by a big black dick. Not everyone could be Rachel but maybe you just want to watch me get dick down the way I’m supposed to. He also kept big black cock, cock sucking instructions! And as always remember you can text me instead of talk to me if you’re too shy, just hit that live chat button and access you hottie Zoey!online sissy training

Sissy Phone Sex All Night Long

sissy phone sex I love long sissy phone sex calls. Margo is my marathon girl and one of my favorite sissy girls. She s not a weekly caller, but when she calls she makes up for that wi. Partying is a good way to explore your sissy side. Not everyone needs enhancements, but it does help you go to darker places. Margo is a very obedient and she s very loyal to me. We have a special connection because I am his mommy trainer. I am also his black cock trainer. Margo knows how to share those big black dicks with her mommy. She is part cuckold, part sissy, part BBC faggot and all whore. She makes mommy a lot of money with her sissy holes. Sometimes she must be forced to start sucking on those monster cocks, but once she has a hit of medicine she is a cock sucking fiend. I am so proud of her transformation and dedication to making mommy the most money she can. We partied all night the other night. She sucked huge black cocks for me. I mean monster black cocks like 12-inches and bigger. I shared with her because I am not just a bbc sissy trainer. I am a black cock whore too. At one point we were side by side, naked on all fours getting a BBC in each end. Together we took many loads of black cock spunk. Talk about bonding. I love my Margo. A little medicine and she is making mommy money with her mouth and sissy pussy. Margo is the best sissy. She is the example that hold all my other sissies up too.

So Jealous of the Sissy Hypno Training

Sissy hypno training

Listen to my every word. Dive in deep to mistress embers Sissy Hypno Training. By the time you are done reading this, you will submit it. There will be no reason for you not to totally become my sissyfied faggot. I know for certain how much big cocks arouse you. I won’t ever judge you for that. You are so sick of hiding your true feelings and the need that’s so deep in you. That’s why you’re so jealous. Jealous that women like me can have any cock we want at all times.

No need to fret. I  will show you all the ways you, too, can become the perfect sissy slut. In no time, you will be deepthroating a huge cock. A real man’s meat stick, get ready to enjoy that once your mouth has a taste, you will never go back to regular life. It’s time you really become the sissy you were meant to be all along. I will show you the way. Suck cock, deepthroat, you bottom bitch!

I Need A Sissy Slut!

Femboy training

I’ve been needing a good sissy slut I can use and abuse. I want to tie your balls up so I can pull them by the rope whenever I want. I’ll make you eat my pussy while I step and torture your balls with my toes. I’ll do as I please with you because you’re my sissy slut cum whore. That means you’ll take any cock I bring your way and today I have a big black cock for you to suck and please. He will spread your ass open just like I like and shove his fat cock deep in your ass. As I pull on the rope tied to your balls you will be getting pounded. I want you to take it like a good slut while you eat my pussy and when I’m ready ill squirt all in your mouth and I want you to drink every last drop. Don’t forget you will get and ass full of cum too and if you make a mess, you will clean it up with your tongue like a good filthy slut. 

Taunting and Teasing a Caged Ex

I have been doing some traveling this past month. I have also been staying with my ex-Husband. My ex is a closet sissy. This is ultimately the straw that broke the camels back as they say. I have been a Mistress and sissy trainer. He has been secretive and discreet in his follies. The funny thing is when I stumbled upon his profile on a crossdresser site.

I set up a special meeting for us and exposed my knowledge to him. I offered to train his pathetic cucky ass. I did cuckold him while still together and he got jealous. I told him I would not pleasure his little pee-pee as a woman does with her lover.

I gifted him a cage and some panties, a bra and stockings. I made sure he was a good girl for me and I fucked his boss in front of him. I humiliated him in the most promising form of humiliation. Making him watch me fuck his boss’ big nigger dick while he was forced to crossdress in those frilly pretty panties, bra and stockings all while his peewee was locked up tight. He dripped like all caged cucked sissy loser’s do.

Mistress phone sex