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Fantasy At Its Finest

best sissy trainerYou have been wanting to reveal your deepest and darkest fantasies of sex. I’m the perfect confidant and accomplice. You tell me that you have always wanted to have a sexy woman like me watch you getting fucked by men with huge black cocks. But you would want me to get some lubricant and make your ass hope a bit more loose with a strap on so that you can take their huge cocks more easily. I’m hereto assist you. After making you moan with the strap on. I tell you to suck and gags on the big black cocks. Can you keep up with the harsh training I’m putting on you.I need you to suck all 3 of the men’s cocks. It gives me great satisfaction to watch a sissy getting his first training. You will feel so good getting fucked in your ass with the BBC assitants.

Carmalita Your Mistress

best sissy trainer

It is very rare that you find a woman that is willing to share her male friends with you in bed. But I adore sissy training. I have a long list of hot guys that are ready to fuck. We will dress you up like a hot tranny and introduce you to the boys. They all been dreaming about fucking a chick with a dick but never had the opportunity. Now you will be their dream come true. You get to be the center of attention. Having all these hot sexy men to keep you company. I believe you will enjoy them fucking you in your ass and getting your mouth full of cock to suck on. They will be cumming all over your face too. You know It turns me on to watch my trainee getting the best dick of his life. Can I tempt you with this great opportunity to suck big cocks with my guidance and instructions

Carmalita Wants You

Best sissy trainer I have so much fun taking control of you when you come over. We do all the naughty things you dreamed of but we’re to afraid to ask from a female. I bring over lots of random men with large cocks and we make you our little slut. You have progressed so much since you began your lessons. You let me fuck you with a strap on while you moan like a little bitch. You do everything mistress asks and that is what pleases me. Having full control over a man. We are going to get real nasty tonight so prepare yourself for some abuse to all your holes. I feel like watching you suck the big black cocks whole you get fucked in the ass at the same time. What could be better than being the center of attention in a room full of horny men. They will fuck you til the early am. And I’ll watch with pleasure.

Can you handle me?

best sissy trainer Don’t be afraid to get naughty in the bedroom. I understand sometimes you have urges to do very freaky things with men. I want you to embrace that. I adore sissies. I take them under my wing and train them to become confident trannies. You will get excellent help with finding young handsome and well hung men to fuck. I have experience with cuckolding. I will make sure you have proper coaching I’m the bedroom. With my help you will taking more dick than ever before. And with so much options of handsome men to choose from you will stay quite busy. Come start your training today. I will put you on your way to becoming the sexy femme you always wanted to become. Its my dream to have a full client list of sissies and trannies that can say I was the one who inspired them to explore with sex more and take dick like a gay porn star. Let’s explore together.

Cock Sucking With Carmalita

best sissy trainer I am ready to dominate you. Can you handle the intense training you will endure? I am going to turn you into my punishment sissy whore. If you can’t take the humilation then maybe you aren’t up for the challenge. I am going to bring over my freinds with the big black cocks. Don’t disappoint them. I want you to take it in the ass while your sucking them off. They all have been waiting for that sissy boy I’ve been telling them about. They get hard just seeing you dressed up in women’s underwear and you pull the panties to the side when you bend over to get fucked in that tight booty hole. I just might have to use my strap on with you myself. I know your just the easiest sissy to control. So eager to please the teacher but I’m not going easy on you. I expect you to fuck all three of those men tonight. And no complaining that they are rough with you. ????

Carmalitas All Yours


forced feminization

In my spare time I enjoy giving cock sucking lessons to trannies. My sissy boys call me onn the regular looking for an attractive man to suck off. I have tons of guy freinds so I always have a sexy option for them. Last weekend my tranny whore was craving cock. I told him I found a 10 incher. He became obsessed. All he talked about was how he wanted to gag on it. So I brought thee two fags together. They fucked in the guest room while I watched. It got my pussy so wet to see the both of them fucking eachother so hard. I think it was the biggest cock my tranny had ever taken. He was moaning and gripping the bed with all his might. I started playing with my pussy while I watched them. Then I told my tranny told him to suck it som more. You should of seen him gagging on that huge dick. I cant believe he took it all in his mouth. 

Introducing Carmalita

best sissy trainer

I want to watch him fuck a man. used to have a boyfriend that liked guys and he thought I wouldn’t find out about it. but one day I came home from the grocery store and I saw that the bedroom door was locked. I slowly opened it and to my surprise there was my boyfriend with his dick balls deep in a dude’s ass. I was so startled by the scene that I gasped and I dropped the groceries all over the floor. the man looked shocked as I stood there with my mouth wide open. but instead of getting jealous or running away and crying. I begged them to continue while I watched. It was getting me really turned on seeing my boyfriend fucking a man. I think gay men are so hot. I wouldn’t mind fucking him in the ass with a strap-on while he sucks another man’s dick. I am sure that we would have the best time sharing a hot dude together.