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Take All Those Bbc’s

best sissy trainer

Did you make sure to bring your skirt and tight thong I gave to you? Put those on and come in here to meet some of my boyfriends sissy slut. I’m going to introduce you to all those big black anaconda cocks show you all the choices of big black sacks that will be emptying out onto your face and into your slutty sissy holes faggot. Now that you’ve seen every cock that will be covering you up in juices and tearing into you, bend over like a good bitch while we get these big cocks ready for you to take in your sissy asshole! Open your mouth wide and spit on them, grab on their big tight ball sacks while being forced to take huge twelve inch dicks down your sissy throat! Tell me how good it is while they release those hot white loads onto your face. Lick it all clean sissy slut and be a good sissy whore who swallows all the tasty cream that’s been given to you. Don’t forget to beg for more!

Sissy Training Audio

Sissy training audio

So you want to some sissy training audio fun, huh? You may think it’s harmless to hear some Hypno from me, but once you get into it, you won’t stop. It’s addicting; it’s something you have been missing out on, and now it’s time you fully invest in yourself and make those sissy desires dreams come true. Don’t think for a second I won’t be stern. I may look sweet and innocent and like I will be lenient. I’m here to show you the way. I will hypnotize you into believing cock is all that matters. Get glam and wear makeup, dress up and lure those big cocks. Yes, I want you to take all kinds of cocks. Any cock will do. I promise that the more you do it, the hotter it will be, the better the orgasm. It will be a fun ride that will have you willing to do it all and submit it to your trainer.


Marissa Your Sissy Mistress

sissy slave trainingHave you been a good slutty sissy boy playing with your faggot man cunt for me? I’ve been preparing your man pussy for this moment and you better be ready for it! I’m bringing in all eight black alpha cocks to tear into your trained sissy hole. If you don’t think that’s enough for your sissy cunt then we’ll just bring in eight more. Don’t forget to be wearing your sparkly pink slut panties and matching tights. I’ve been training you to be such a good cock sucking slut while you’re grabbed by your little pussy boy ball sack! We’ll have to get rid of that for being such a girly sissy slut, don’t forget to clean up all the cum that’s shot out at your sissy face and sissy boy pussy! I wanna watch as your sissy slut hole is violently fucked by those black cocks spreading you all out and making their huge loads of massive cum spilling out and covering you all up in it! Don’t miss a drop of that hot white juice, be a good sissy boy for us!

Sissy Maid Training Goddess

sissy maid training

Oh, you poor thing. You are in desperate need of some sissy maid training, aren’t you? You tried – I’ll give you that. But if you want to be a perfect sissy maid, you need to do a little better. You didn’t even shave your legs. Do you think any man is going to want you in his house to clean for him and then service him looking like that? I don’t think so. But don’t worry. I’ll send you to have your legs waxed and then you’ll look like a million bucks.

Of course, there are women who might also hire you to do their cleaning. I was thinking that it would be fun to have parties where all my girlfriends come over and you could serve us drinks and snacks and then while we enjoy them, you’ll get down on the floor and clean it with a toothbrush. Oh, there will be so many giggles and I’m sure your little clitty will be so excited. If you’re a really good sissy maid at the party, I’ll fuck you at the end of the night. I know that sounds like fun to you, so why are you not on the phone yet? I’m waiting.

Busy as a BBC Sissy Trainer

bcc sissy trainerThere are sissy trainers then there are trainers like me. I am a BBC sissy trainer. I train sissies with big black bull cocks. Those chocolate beauties are quite the incentive for men to become sissies. Black cocks are magnificent. Long, thick, powerful and they command an audience. If a sissy is going to suck cock, why not suck the best cock? Most of my sissies are gay for big black cocks. Black cock faggots who need help understanding their desire for black cock, where to get black cocks and what to do with black cock once they found it. I am here to help. Black men are different from white men. Black men do not care where they put their big black dicks. Any hole will do. They want a black cock faggot to look girly head to toe. I shave my BBC sissies, dress them, get their nails and toes done and do their makeup and hair.  Full conversion to looking girly so that a black man will ram his big black dick in a sissy hole. White men are not as liberal as black men about where they will put their cocks.

The past couple weeks I have been busy with BBC training. Margo, Rachel and Sissy TJ all understand the power of the big black dick. They are all gay for big black cocks. And I am keen on helping them be the best black cock sissies they can be. That includes practice with big black dildos because a black cock sissy needs to know how to chug a horse cock balls deep without puking. And a BBC sissy needs to get her back door pussy stretched out in preparation for the real thing. We practice with big black dildos before my sissies hit Grinder or the glory hole. I make sure that when they get the real thing, they are prepared.

Phone Dominatrix for Black Cock Faggots

phone dominatrixRachel has been calling me all week because I am a phone dominatrix who specializes in turning men into black cock faggots. I love Rachel because she understands her inferiority. She does not have a cock. She has a clit. And you want to know what else she no longer has? A hot girlfriend. Men, you must be careful what you wish for because it can come true. Rachel wanted to be cuckolded. She pushed her fiancée into fucking other men. The girl was a small-town girl with not a lot of worldly sexual experience. My sissy caller thought it would be hot if she experienced a big dick. A week later, Rachel is wearing sissy panties thinking about sucking big black dicks and her fiancée is drifting further and further away. Once you go black, you never go back. And why would a woman once she has had a foot long black cock that makes her squirt go back to fucking a 3-inch clitty that makes her laugh? That is like trading in your Porsha to drive a Prius. No smart person would do it. Rachel is not a cuckold. Sure, she has a clitty and cannot sexually satisfy women, but I think she wanted her fiancée to fuck a black man because she wanted to live vicariously through her. It backfired. But I got her to see the silver lining. Now she does not have to pretend any more to be a straight guy with a small dick. With no girlfriend in the picture, she can wear pantyhose and panties and get big black dicks for herself. When you just have a little clit stick, you are not a man. Black men will fuck any willing hole and some not willing. I have helped Rachel see that she was the one that really wanted those big black dicks but now that her fiancée has tasted black magic, she is never going back. Rachel is free to admit she is a BBC faggot. Many husbands think it would be hot to watch their wife get a big black dick, but as a black cock sissy trainer and a BBC whore, I am here to tell you that your woman will never come back to you after having an anaconda in her fuck holes. Neither will you.

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Strict Phone Dominatrix

phone dominatrix

Sometimes sissies need a little more than a gentle hand to guide them. There are sissies out there who need a firm hand and that’s where a good phone dominatrix comes in. I don’t like to have to be stern, but if you want me to transform you and you’re giving me resistance, then I’m going to have to show you who the boss is. Spoiler alert: it’s not you. I don’t care if you are the one being feminized. I will always be the one in our relationship who has all the power and there’s nothing you can say that will change my mind.

If you refuse to shave all of your body hair, I’ll just tie you down and wax it. If you tell me that you don’t want to suck cock, then I’ll stand behind you and hold your head still while some nice man shoves his cock down your throat. And if you disobey me in any way, punishment will be swift and it will be severe. So if you’re looking for a dominatrix who will discipline you with a firm, yet kind hand, I am most definitely the woman for you. Don’t keep me waiting.

Online Sissy Training Makes Mommy Money

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training is what I love most. Face it boys, it is hard to find a sissy trainer nowadays. Those of us who do this in real time cannot advertise in the same places we once could, nor can we do the same things we did before Covid and before laws changed regrading what is prostitution. I used to be a full-time dominatrix. I made great money. It paid for college, a car, and a house. I hated to see laws for professional mistresses change. I lost some clients because pegging was suddenly considered prostitution. I dealt with wealthy businessmen and white-collar professionals who did not want to be arrested as a John if we ever got busted. I did not want to be arrested as a prostitute either. That is how I got into sissy training. I still wanted to be in the domination business. I am glad I made the decision to be a phone sex mistress. I get to do long sissy calls sometimes and they are so much fun for me. My very special sissy Margo loves long calls with her favorite sissy trainer. She gets high and lets her mommy take over. And boy do I take over. A high sissy does what she is told and begs for more. While sissy Margo had some candy and some free time, she entertained a lot of big black cocks for me. That is how she tributes me. Black men pay good money for a sissy girl like Margo to blow their big fat dicks. I let her have some candy money and money to buy pretty sexy things, then I pocket the rest. I have expensive tastes and bills to pay. If I am going to be the best sissy trainer, then my sissies need to make me money. Margo gets it. That is why she is one of my favorite sissy girls.

Sissy Phone Sex Trainer

sissy phone sex

Hello, sissy sluts! It’s your favorite sissy phone sex Goddess and I’m here and ready to get you all dressed up and ready to go out and suck cock. I know that it’s been rough out there this past year, but now that things are getting better, there is NO reason you shouldn’t be sucking a cock at least a few times a week. You’ve probably still been getting dressed up at your house, right? I mean, I bet you even get dressed up as a woman and work from home in a dress, don’t you? Hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

But you know as well as I do that getting dressed up is only half of what it means to be a sissy slut. You have to do more than talk the talk. You need to get dressed up often so you can go out and find a real, live dick to play with. You will be on your knees feeling it throb in your mouth and you’ll feel SO good about yourself. And if sucking cock makes you proud of yourself, just imagine how you’re going to feel when a strong man shoves his cock balls deep inside you. Call me so we can talk about your feelings!

Nylon BBC Fag

sissy pantiesI love my Nylon wearing BBC fags! Pretty panty hose and sweet sets of sissy panties and lingerie get me all excited! I’m destined to marry a BBC faggot one day! I want to be able to fuck right beside a big black cock lover like my callers! That big meat pole sliding in and out of your sweet ass pussy makes me even more eager to fuck right in front of you! Sweet limp small leaky clittys are the best! Now I have a pay pig who loves me to humiliate him and while I am a big nigga dick lover I do see the good in all big cocks. But this special pay pig turns his women into snow bunnies for BBC so he can get his/her own dose of BBC fucking. Women in my BBC faggots life love to be so mean to him and make him pay to fuck their black cock lovers! I find it so arousing to humiliate sissy men during femboy training. Give me an allowance for humiliating you and turning you out! I love big fat black dicks and I hope you do too!