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Are you kidding me?

best sissy trainerOkay so this little sissy bitch thought that he could give ME orders… ummmmm not sure who the fuck he thought he was but he definitely had the wrong one for that! I was so pissed from the absolute disrespect of it all that I unloaded on his lil wimpy ass. First of all, I slapped him right in the mouth because he wasn’t gonna talk to me like that and then I punished him. I made him dress up like a baby, diaper and all, and then forced him to be gangbanged by perverted men that love lil sissy babies. I had that bitch taking so much dick down his throat that he wouldn’t be talking to anyone for a week, let alone trying to order his Mistress around. They were tearing up that lil pussy of his too, he was so sore in the end that he couldn’t even sit down. And after all that was done, I made him bend over my lap and paddled that sore bottom of his until it was bruised up, trust me he won’t be forgetting this for a while!

Sissy loves those big black cocks

best sissy trainerSissy is a little fairy faggot and she is just in love with giant black dicks. She had been being a good girl so I invited over several huge black guys to fuck sissy until she squealed like a pig.  She was getting fucked in every hole like a true whore and let me tell you, that sissy was in fucking heaven. She was loving those huge black dicks, she was even begging me for more can you believe that? What a whore! I said fuck it and got a few more guys to come over and make it a real gang bang she took cock after cock after cock and the whole time she just wanted more. It went on for hours before that little faggot cum dumpster was finally all worn out. But I know that tomorrow morning she will be right back at it again, ready for more like the shameless slut she is.

Why should I hold your hand?

best sissy trainerWhy should I hold your hand and lead you thru every single little step of sucking a man’s cock sissy? It’s not like this was the first time you ever sucked a dick, I know you have done it a million times. I have seen you do it myself many times so why are you acting like a little shrinking violet now? Do you think it’s cute to act like a little virgin? All it does is annoy the fuck out of me so now I will have to punish you instead. That’s right, bend over you little brat here comes my biggest strap on cock for your little faggot ass. I’m going to fuck that little asshole of yours until it is gaped wide open and you are begging for mercy. And when I am finished I will make sure to have at least a dozen men here for you to suck off whether you want to or not.

Sissy was my little bitch

best sissy trainerSissy was my bitch last night, well honestly she’s a little bitch every day but yesterday in particular I had her working hard. Once of my friends was having trouble with a couple of his employees, they were slacking off and being dicks so he thought he would punish them by making them fuck a little sissy slut. Make it a blow to their egos to have to fuck a lil faggot like that. Well, they were all pissed off about it and even tho sissy was dressed in her best they were calling her all kinds of names and I knew they would be fucking her roughly as punishment. That was perfect for me because this little sissy bitch is a whiner and a complainer so she needed a good rage fuck to make her learn her place. They used her for hours, fucking her lil pussy and her mouth until their boss was finally satisfied that they learned a lesson. My sissy learned one too for sure, I bet she won’t be sitting comfortably for at least a week!

Sissy loves a bbc

best sissy trainerSissy tries to say that he just likes being feminine and doesn’t want anything to do with any cocks, especially the big black ones. Well, if that’s really the truth then why is it that sissy’s lil clitty gets hard whenever he sees a big black cock? Well I decided to force the issue, I brought over a couple of big sexy black men and made sissy suck both those huge black cocks. He tried to cry and whine and say he didn’t want to but once I forced him to, he got down to sucking with enthusiasm. He gobbled those dicks like he was starving for them and when I told one of them to fuck his lil pussy he didn’t even try to protest. I had that sissy between two huge black dicks and he was the happiest little sissy faggot I have ever seen. You can’t lie to me sissy, I know what you want better than you do!

He learned to love it

best sissy trainerI hate when a sissy tries to tell me what he does or doesn’t like, sissies very often don’t know what the fuck they actually want. They all say they don’t like cocks, they just want to dress like a girl they don’t wanna be one but they are so full of shit. I had a sissy just last night try to tell me that he didn’t like black cocks can you believe that shit? His clit was hard and he was staring at my lover’s cock practically drooling but he didn’t like it? Come the fuck on! I forced that little faggot bitch boy to suck that huge black cock and do you know what happened? He squirted in his panties that’s what happened. That little sissy boy can claim to hate black cocks all he wants but I will never believe him. And I will be forcing him to take on as many big black cocks as possible too.

Sissy loved that BBC

best sissy trainerIf there is one thin little sissy boys love it’s a big black cock so I decided to reward my favorite sissy with one. This sissy is a good girl that always does as she’s told, she’s always dressed slutty for me and does her makeup. She never shows up here looking sloppy and if I tell her to go make me money, she works hard being a little ho until she has a good amount of money to bring me. She definitely earned a reward so I got her a big black bull with a huge cock and let him fuck the shit out of her. She was begging for that huge dick like a shameless little slut, it was so cute! He fucked her throat like it was a pussy and that whore was just taking it like a pro. Then he bent her over and fucked that lil sissy pussy and filled it with cum. Good girls get rewarded, are you a good girl too?

I made that sissy cry

best sissy trainerI made a sissy cry last night but honestly, it was all her fault! She was being a whiny little bitch about taking cock, as if that is not a huge part of all this. Why dress like a girl if you’re not going to act like a girl? This little bitch loved my strap on cock so I knew she would like a real cock too if she would just give it a chance but she refused. Can you believe that? She refused her Mistress! I was ready to just throw the whole fucking sissy away just for that kind of disobedience but I decided to give her one more chance. I invited over one of my lovers, he has a huge black cock and that fucking disrespectful sissy was gonna take it all. I forced sissy to swallow that huge black dick and even tho she cried the whole time her little clitty was rock hard so I know that whore loved it. She was loving it even more in her lil pussy too so next time she better not give me any shit!

They all fucked him

best sissy trainerMy newest sissy swore that he did not like cocks, he just liked to be feminized and wanted to be pegged by a sexy woman like me with a strap on cock. Some sissies really only like strap on cocks, I get it but this sissy was not one of those. Every single time this sissy was near a big fat cock her little clitty would get hard. When she would see someone sucking a dick she would be staring at it practically drooling it was ridiculous that she would expect me to believe her. Well, last night I finally made that little sissy bitch take some real cocks and she fucking loved it no matter how badly she is trying to convince me that she didn’t. This whore was fighting the whole way… until that cock went past her lips and then she turned into a little dick sucking faggot. She swallowed every inch of it and even begged to be fucked by it. In the end she squirted all over the place so there will definitely be more big dicks in her future no matter what she says.

Sissy learned to love cock

best sissy trainerThis little sissy boy tried to tell me that he didn’t like cock, can you believe that shit? You dress like a girl, act like a girl, eat cum out of my pussy like its the best meal you’ve ever had but you don’t like dick? Bitch please, you know you’re a faggot that’s why you’re here! Well, I made that little sissy boy learn to love dick this weekend that’s for sure. We started with a huge black dick I was gonna fuck. I made sissy fluff him up for me and when she hesitated I pushed her head all the way down on that giant dick. Sissy was choking and gagging but her lil clitty was rock hard so I know that bitch was loving it. I made her suck that massive cock until he came down her throat and then she had to watch and be jealous as he fucked me with that massive thing. In the end sissy was begging to get fucked too but that is a privilege that she will have to earn.