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Sissy loved that BBC

best sissy trainerIf there is one thin little sissy boys love it’s a big black cock so I decided to reward my favorite sissy with one. This sissy is a good girl that always does as she’s told, she’s always dressed slutty for me and does her makeup. She never shows up here looking sloppy and if I tell her to go make me money, she works hard being a little ho until she has a good amount of money to bring me. She definitely earned a reward so I got her a big black bull with a huge cock and let him fuck the shit out of her. She was begging for that huge dick like a shameless little slut, it was so cute! He fucked her throat like it was a pussy and that whore was just taking it like a pro. Then he bent her over and fucked that lil sissy pussy and filled it with cum. Good girls get rewarded, are you a good girl too?

I made that sissy cry

best sissy trainerI made a sissy cry last night but honestly, it was all her fault! She was being a whiny little bitch about taking cock, as if that is not a huge part of all this. Why dress like a girl if you’re not going to act like a girl? This little bitch loved my strap on cock so I knew she would like a real cock too if she would just give it a chance but she refused. Can you believe that? She refused her Mistress! I was ready to just throw the whole fucking sissy away just for that kind of disobedience but I decided to give her one more chance. I invited over one of my lovers, he has a huge black cock and that fucking disrespectful sissy was gonna take it all. I forced sissy to swallow that huge black dick and even tho she cried the whole time her little clitty was rock hard so I know that whore loved it. She was loving it even more in her lil pussy too so next time she better not give me any shit!

They all fucked him

best sissy trainerMy newest sissy swore that he did not like cocks, he just liked to be feminized and wanted to be pegged by a sexy woman like me with a strap on cock. Some sissies really only like strap on cocks, I get it but this sissy was not one of those. Every single time this sissy was near a big fat cock her little clitty would get hard. When she would see someone sucking a dick she would be staring at it practically drooling it was ridiculous that she would expect me to believe her. Well, last night I finally made that little sissy bitch take some real cocks and she fucking loved it no matter how badly she is trying to convince me that she didn’t. This whore was fighting the whole way… until that cock went past her lips and then she turned into a little dick sucking faggot. She swallowed every inch of it and even begged to be fucked by it. In the end she squirted all over the place so there will definitely be more big dicks in her future no matter what she says.

Sissy learned to love cock

best sissy trainerThis little sissy boy tried to tell me that he didn’t like cock, can you believe that shit? You dress like a girl, act like a girl, eat cum out of my pussy like its the best meal you’ve ever had but you don’t like dick? Bitch please, you know you’re a faggot that’s why you’re here! Well, I made that little sissy boy learn to love dick this weekend that’s for sure. We started with a huge black dick I was gonna fuck. I made sissy fluff him up for me and when she hesitated I pushed her head all the way down on that giant dick. Sissy was choking and gagging but her lil clitty was rock hard so I know that bitch was loving it. I made her suck that massive cock until he came down her throat and then she had to watch and be jealous as he fucked me with that massive thing. In the end sissy was begging to get fucked too but that is a privilege that she will have to earn.

I had to make him an example

best sissy trainerI was at work yesterday when my new assistant came in two hours late and had the nerve to act like I was out of line for yelling at him about it. What the fuck did he think this is? He was lucky enough to get a job  working for me and he wants to act like a little whiny bitch? Fuck all that! If I let him get away with that once he will try and do it again and I won’t stand for that. I made him take off the suit and tie and put on a frilly little girl dress, complete with ruffled panties and a fucking bonnet and he had to work the rest of the day like that. Everyone was laughing at him and humiliating him and he tried to act like he was miserable but his cock was poking out the front of his pretty panties all day long. I wouldn’t let him touch it tho, this was a punishment not a reward! If he wants to cum he needs to be a good boy.

Such a little bitch

best sissy trainerI met the biggest little bitch the other day, he was the most feminine man I had ever seen and yet somehow he was in denial of his feminine side. He kept saying that he was a real man and he wanted to fuck me but what was he gonna fuck me with? The barely one inch long little clitty he kept calling a dick? Yeah, no thank you on that. I decided to show him what he really was so I forced him to dress up and I brought in a big black guy to show him what he really wanted. I showed sissy that big black cock and said now this is a real dick! What you have is nothing and little sissy bitch boy started to cry. I made him suck that big black cock until he came and you know what? It made him realize what he really was… a little sissy faggot!

I’m the best sissy trainer for you

best sissy trainerI’m the best sissy trainer for you sissy and I think you know it.  You can’t have a nice Mistress because you will walk all over her, that’s why you came to me. You need to be controlled by a bitchy, mean woman and that woman is me. I won’t sugarcoat it for you sissy, when you are wrong I will tell you so. Remember what happened when you were rude to me? I forced you to go out in your sissy slutwear in your own neighborhood and you were caught by your boss. Remember how embarrassing that was for you? That still wasn’t enough to shut your disrespectful mouth so I had to get real creative. I had to set up a huge gangbang for you and leak the footage of that to everyone you knew, that sure got your attention didn’t it? Now you are respectful as hell because you know a bitch like me can ruin you in an instant.

What a whore

best sissy trainerThis new sissy is the biggest whore I have ever seen! She is always dressed like a whore, full face of makeup and hair all done with a skimpy little latex dress showing off her figure. She is eager for cock, she will do anything to get it and I am loving her attitude about all of this. She went out last night and made me a bunch of money sucking dick for me and when she came back to my place to give it to me she even brought me home a big black bull to fuck. It was so hot to fuck that huge black cock and I didn’t even have to choke on it to get him hard, sissy took care of that for me and even helped guide that huge dick into my dripping wet pussy. She was a very good girl, I hope she stays that way.

He was caught and he knew it

best phone sexI had my nephew over this past week while my sister was out of town and it turns out that my dear little nephew is a sissy boy. I caught him using my makeup, he had on a full face of it too and my makeup is expensive! I was so mad that I literally saw red and I decided right then that is he wanted to be a little sissy boy, I would make him into a real sissy. I made him strip naked and put on a skimpy little bikini and join me out in the pool where several of my friends were waiting. He tried to pull away when he saw them but I insisted he come with me and when they pulled out their cocks, I made him get down on his knees and suck them all. Then I relaxed in the pool while they took turns breaking in his lil boycunt. I’ll tell you one thing for sure, he won’t ever touch my makeup again after that!

I made him my bitch

best sissy trainerI took a strong, successful man and made him my bitch. I broke him like a horse, slowly, carefully until he was completely incapable of doing anything without asking me for permission first. We met on a blind date and while he was handsome and clearly wealthy, there was just something about him that was off. He had a weakness in him that I could sense so I went about exploiting that weakness right away. That first night I had him on his knees begging me to fuck him with my giant strap on cock even though he had never attempted anything like that before. By the following week I had him dressed in women’s clothing sucking my lover’s cocks like a faggot. And just yesterday he went on his first out call appointment as a whore. I took that strong man and made him my bitch and that just proves that I can break anyone.