Forced feminization is so fun even though you are scared

Forced feminizationForced feminization can be so fun, even though you are scared to admit you need sissy training. You fantasize about being the true whore you are; teasing and pleasing daddy. Your tiny, worthless, white cock jumps as your mind goes through it. you want to dress up and make daddy excited how cute this pretty femboy is. But then you dread it getting out and all the embarrassment that it can breed. Don’t worry I’m the Best trainer around and ill teach you how to meet daddy’s needs.

You will be so excited to be a good girl you won’t care who sees you get used. You will be proud to be daddy’s little slut and you know no matter what you will be used. A massive, big alpha cock throbbing just for you. Take it into you pretty mouth and milk it with your hand. Lick and suck that pre-cum up, that’s the nectar of a real man! Now you got a taste, you sissy whore, are we still scared like the little wimpy, sissy bitch you are?!

It’s not my concern that you are so soft you a pathetic excuse for a man. That is why you are my sissy slut, and you will do as I fucking say. You are weak and worthless and a waste of time, you’re lucky I’m even speaking to you, ok?! So, get on your knees and beg daddy please, rape my tight boy pussy. And when daddy does, I don’t want to hear a peep! You better only speak to thank us.

You are so blessed to have this sexy big black dick ripping through you pussy. You know daddy wants to breed you you whore, and the thought make your cocky want to cum. The feeling of that warm creamy cum filling you up to the rip. You are officially a dirty cum dumpster for him!

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