Sissy training can be the best Christmas gift baby girl

Sissy trainingI’m feeling festive, feisty, and very much in the holiday spirt and decided to surprise you today! You have been very obedient, so I guess you are on mistress rose’s good sissy list!  Sissy training can be a celebration and to mark a year of you dick sucking and being my good little sex slave I decided to give you the biggest anaconda I could find!  That’s right baby black father Christmas is her with his big black dick ready to give you this special holiday gift.

Get on your knees and open up wide! Daddy hasn’t cum in days, so don’t be surprised when he feeds you a load that is fit for a queen! A load that’s better suited for a real woman like me.  Show him you are worth and slob all over that alpha cock. Cum on be a good girl I want to see that head really bob.  Chock yourself with joy like this is the best thing you’ve ever receive. I mean it probably is, i mean look at you. A worthless slut who needs to be fed. I make daddy stop I want you to beg!

Worship that cock that you know is survivor to your little clitty. You being a good little cock sucking slut for me baby; As you should be! We have been training for this moment all year long! Now get on your knees hell just push aside your thong! He spreads your ass wide and drives deep in tat tight little boy pussy! You love to be filled up and he is fucking you so hard. You know this all you are good for baby throw that ass back hard! make daddy breed you and fill you pussy with at creamy warm load! We won’t be needing to leave milk and cookies out for Santa, it appears he has already been milked!


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