Best Sissy Trainer

I am the best sissy trainer you will ever have. I fucking know how to make the sissies do whatever the fick I want them to. The first thing I do is make them wear some nice pink panties. There is something so fucking hot about a cock in some pretty lacey silky panties.  Then the time comes to dress my sissy slutty. I want them to look like the trash that they are. I put on lots of red lipstick and blue eye shadow. I want them to look like a cheap ten-dollar crack hooker. I find a guy with a huge cock not like the little micro dock my sissy has. I take this guy home and fuck him while my sissy watches.  When the guy fills me with cum I make the sissy eat my pussy and clean the cum. Now it is my sissy’s turn to take a cock deep in his little slutty ass and mouth.

best sissy trainer

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