BBC sissy training is what you get from this sexy mistress

I love being a BBC sissy trainer for a naughty husband. When you come over, I want you to take your wedding ring and put it on your clitty. It is so small no wonder you need to be a sissy bitch. After that you put your panties and heels on. “Get on your knees and wait for my guest” I instruct you to do. Right away you get into position. When he walks in you don’t dare to look up. But when I let you, you see his big black dick is hanging low. “This is what you were made and trained for ” I say as I point his cock towards your mouth.

BBC sissy trainer

Like a hungry hoe you stuff as much as his big cock as you can down your throat. But any good mistress knows to push you past any limit. Therefore, I grab your head and push your head down more. As you choke, I use your mouth to jerk his big meat off. After a while I can see you are tasting pre-cum, because your eyes get big. Your clitty tried to get excited but your wedding ring would allow it, or it would hurt your pathetic cock. “Time to get our guest drained” I say as I push you down and spread you open.

“Fuck this cock hard and milk him just like I have trained you to do” I say as he aims his dick towards your sissy cunt. It didn’t take long before you were squealing like a fuck pig. After not being able to please your wife, you have learned because you were made to be trained by a big black cock and a sexy Phone dominatrix like me. “Drain me for every drop” my bbc guest grunts as he fills you up. “Be a perfect slave and clean our guest up” I say as I stuff your panties into your sissy pussy in order to hold all that sperm in you.

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