Femboy training is so fun with a bbc

A good mistress knows when you need some Femboy training. Even if you normally wear a suit and tie. “I’m glad you have come to me” I say as I sit down and put my boots in the air. “From now on when you first see me, you will greet me with your sissy mouth” I instruct you. “Part of your bitch training is to show how grateful you are and worship my pretty feet. Right away you get on your knees and kiss my boots. Then you take my boots off and start worshiping every single toe, like it was a big cock.

Femboy training

When you get your sissy uniform on, I make you wait on all fours like a sissy pet as I bring my bbc bull in. Part of your training is to be used like any femy slut deserves. “Great our guest with your mouth and make it good” I say sternly. With a smile you open your mouth and slam his cock inside your throat. “You’re a hungry sissy slut today” I say, cheering you on. I bring my paddle and wack your ass a few times. It is my way of showing you who is in control and how much you need it. Your clitty leaking tells me how much you love it.

Therefore, I take your Sissy panties off and I get you ready. “Open up for your mistress fingers” I instruct you as you keep sucking bbc. You know to obey your mistress and I feel your sissy cunt loosen up. After pumping you and opening you up I say, “time to milk some dick”. That’s when he gets behind you and rams his big dick deep inside you. He fucks many of my sissy bitches and helps me break them in. Once you are trained right, you are used for entertainment. You’re lucky that you get to be my pet and you make sure to show it in every way as my subby sissy bitch.

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