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He was such a little crybaby

sissy phone sexGod what a little cry baby this bitch boy was! He tried to act like he didn’t want to be a girl but by the way that tiny little clitty of his got hard as soon as I put him in panties I knew that was a damn lie! I have literally no patience at all for losers that can’t figure out what they want in life. He has no dick to speak of so clearly he was meant to be a girl right? Well I forced that wimpy little bitch boy into a whole slut outfit and then took her to a party. She was the belle of the ball so to speak, spent the whole evening on her knees sucking dick like a good girl should. She bitched and whined and complained the whole time but that silly slut squirted in her panties like three times! Clearly she likes being a slut and she likes being a girl so I am thinking it will be becoming something permanent for her!

Femboy Training

Femboy training

Femboy training is my fucking favorite. Only the sissiest fucking fags can be in my little sissy boy harem and boy do I love to play dress up with my little faggies. I love caging their little dicklets with a cute pink cock cage, and dress them up in the frilliest, sissy maid outfits and pretty pink flower girl dress. My sissies must wear fishnet stockings or nylons or pantyhose and mary jane flats for me at all times! Toying with my precious faggie’s boy pussies with my thick black strap-on while they are dressed up for me is the best. I love gaping their sissy fag fuck hole while their femboy dickie is twitching around in their girly pink cage! Haha! Milking that faggot prostate with my strap on is so much fun. Watching that sissy juice drip down that femboy cage is hilarious. My sissy femboys are only allowed to cum when I say that they are allowed to cum. First, I want them to beg! 😉

Sissies get the strap-on

Phone domination

Only real men get to fuck my tight bald pussy. I fuck my sissies, but only with a 12″ strap on. Mike had never had a cock in his ass before, which I found hard to believe because everyone knows sissies are secretly little fags at heart. So I introduced him to my silicone sissy trainer. He tried to resist and was met with a sharp slap to his ass, I told him if he didn’t obey, I would bring in one of my BBC lovers to fuck his ass and make him regret ever crossing me. I bent him over and lubed up my strap-on and pulled his tight red panties to the side and started working my way into his boy pussy. Like the little fag he is, his asshole easily took my huge strap-on. I plunged it in and out of him and made him beg for me to plow his ass and make him my bitch. In no time his pathetic little cock was filling his panties with a big load of cum.

Phone Domination with a Sissy Mom

phone dominationI am a phone domination kind of mom. The nurturing kind, however. I can be a bad ass mommy bitch if a sissy boy is disobedient. One of my sissy sons was a naughty boy this weekend and he deserved to be punished. I am sure you are asking what he did to bring out my bad mommy side. I had bought a new sex toy for my pussy. I found him with it up his little sissy boy ass. And, to make matters worse, he had on my new pair of sexy underwear. His twin sissy brother warned him I would be mad if I found out. He was right. I pulled my bad sissy boy’s panties around his ankles, pulled out my dildo and fucked his mouth with it. I made him clean his dirty ass off my new toy while I spanked his bare ass. I even put a little Ben Gay in my palm and masturbated his clit stick. He started screeching and hollering like a wounded wild animal. If you don’t punish a sissy, how will they learn? It is always my preference to be a sweet mommy, but bad sissy behavior requires a phone dominatrix to punish him.  I ruined his orgasms for the day, maybe the week. But maybe next time he will think before he plays with mommy’s things.

BBC Size Princess Humiliates You

sissy humiliation training

I love BBC! I am a black cock size princess! I love having my tight twat bottomed out right in front of your small white dick as you attempt to stroke it with your thumb and forefinger.  That is not a fucking dick. That is a needle, a canned sausage a fucking pathetic excuse of a dick that never grew.  Fuck, look at these hung 10 and twelve-inch cocks. Are you fucking drooling, is that little dickie harder? Omg, you want to suck them, your jealous that you will never ever have man meat this big unless it is in your mouth! I will let you suck them right before you help guide them into my bare sweet young cunt. Oh, how I moan for them. But, do you want to please me even more. Let them cum inside me and as you clean my creampie Black cock loving young pussy, make sure your ass is in the air white boy. You are fixing to get your first lesson in being a BBC loving sissy. Don’t come to me unless you are ready to be a slave to black cock. 

All Men Are Sissies

Sissy training I am a Taurus the bull. Which means I am stubborn as hell and I always want and get my way. Men to me are just another thing to conquer in my lifetime. Even the self-proclaimed alpha men want to be at the feet of a Dominant sexy woman. The more macho they claim to be the easier they are to break. I have all sorts of men that come to me for my training. From sissy men who already know their place to strong alpha assholes who think they are going to teach me a thing or two about being their bitches. I laugh at them as they crumble under my feet begging for more of me. I lead them around on a leash and choke collar making them bark like the dogs they are.

My Favorite Submissive Sissy Slut

Mistress phone sex

Jake is one of my favorite Sissies. I call my sissy slut Jackie. Jackie is a naughty submissive Sissy slut, just waiting for me to open up every sissy side Jackie has hiding deep inside. The best thing about Jackie is, Jackie knows the power of my raging cunt. Jackie was being such a good sissy slut just the other day. We met at a hotel downtown. I told Jackie to arrive before me, there were clothes folded nicely on the bed. I told my sissy that I better see a whole new slut when I walk into the room. Jackie obeyed me so well, as soon as I walked into the room Jackie was dressed in the outfit I picked out. Jackie was the best looking sissy slut I have ever seen. Jackie was wearing a lacey satin maid outfit. The Satin was purple and the lace was pink. Jackie was ready to follow all of my orders. I know Jackie loves being a sissy in a pair of 6 inch see-through heals I got her a couple of months ago. I let her wear them when she wants to. I told Jackie I have a dick appointment coming any minute. I told her to get on her knees, she is going to suck the old cum out of my cunt. I told my good slut to make sure she gets every last bit out. Right away Jackie crawled over to me, my legs spread out wide, my sissy slut went to sucking. Not long after my big black man was knocking on the door. I told Jackie to stand in the corner, she is going to watch this man fuck me long and hard with his big fat black cock. Jackie will watch and wait for me to give her an order. My black man loves his ass licked, I told Jackie to come behind Dayvon and get on those sissy hands and knees. Jackie did as I said and soon after Dayvon shot a big load of his chocolate milk deep inside my pussy. It was time for my good sissy slut to clean up the mess. Jackie suction cupped those sissy lips right onto my pussy, getting all of Dayvon’s cum out. It was then time to turn around and face that big black dick I know my sissy slut had been waiting for. Dayvon fucked Jackies face for a long time. My good sissy slut took his big black cock like a true submissive sissy is supposed to, cleaning Dayvon’s black fat dick inside and out.

The princess is here

best sissy trainerI am all you want to be and much more than you will ever aspire to be. I have known you have had a shrine dedicated to me for the longest. My social media stalker you leave your traces the way to quickly. It’s quite laughable you thought you could get away with your antics. Do you want the best sissy trainer? I know you do. I am about to make you my bitch sissy. You will learn your place fast. I can’t wait to dominate you and dress you up like however; I please. I want you to l live and breathe me. I will keep making you realize why you are my subby sissy. Every chance you get you will worship the ground I walk on and thank me for being me. You are going to learn how to walk in heels and wear top quality makeup and attire. You will always be beneath me. Our situation is the beginning of a unique partnership. I notice that crush you have on my boyfriend. I will kiss him in front of you and even play with him right in your face. I want to rub it all over your face. You are a complete sissy slave and being your sissy trainer is beyond fun for me.

sissy training


BBC Sissy Trainer and Mommy

bbc sissy trainerI love being a BBC sissy trainer. A white boy is never too young to learn how to suck a real cock, right? My sissy twins love big black dicks. It is a continual training process, however. I have a black lover who enjoys my little faggot boys. He was over last night and his big black cock needed serviced badly. His cock is like a forearm. It is so thick, even this big dick sucking mommy struggles to get him balls deep in her mouth. My sissy boys watched me sucking on a beautiful cock, a real cock. They were playing with their clit sticks patiently waiting their turn. They are such adorable black cock faggots. I let them have their turn. They are mommy’s little fluffer boys. They work in tandem. One takes the cock, the other takes the balls then they switch. When my black stud came, they snowballed the hot jizz. They are good fluffer boys. They make my black lovers cum the first time, so he will last longer to ravage my mommy play holes.  I rode that black bull while my sissy sons savored all that bull juice. They lucked out, because the second load was even bigger. It was way up my cunt, but my well trained sissy sluts sucked it right out. I am the best sissy trainer for black cock faggots.

Forced sissy training for Bobbi

forced sissy trainingForced sissy training was just what a little bitch boy named Bobbi needed. He was this tiny man with a very slight frame and a dick so small that it looked like a clit.He spelled his name like a girl, he had a clit like a girl, a tiny body like a girl… so he should be a she don’t you think? He claimed that he didn’t want to, he cried and whined and bitched the whole way thru but when he became a she? Well all that bitching and whining stopped as soon as she really looked at herself for the first time. She was suddenly eager to be the girl she was meant to be. I had to show her what it was like to be a real sissy whore so I invited a few friends over to help me. Sissy was reluctant to do my bidding, she didn’t want to suck dick and have her little pussy violated but if she was going to be a girl she really needed to learn how to do those things. I made her get on her knees and open wide so she could suck her first dick, she was crying so hard honestly it was a bit ridiculous! I was sick or her bitching over things that we all do so I just let my friends have at her. They fucked her hard and deep and all that crying stopped, she was way too busy taking care of all those cocks. She finally relaxed enough to enjoy being a little sissy whore, It just proves that I am always right and she should always just do what I say to do! I have a feeling that she still hasn’t really learned her lesson just yet, I’m sure that there will be many more to come.