Sissy training with Miss Remi

sissy training

Sissy training calls are my favorite way to have fun when I’m stuck at home and can’t go have fun. I twisted my ankle so I can’t go out but, I can talk to men on the phone while they dress up and do all of the fairy fag shit that I tell them to. That’s what I’m doing with one of my favorite bitches tonight. I call her Missy the sissy and right now, she’s wearing thigh high, fence-net stockings, a tiny mini dress and some crotchless panties. I have her going from bar to bar and calling me so that I can give her instructions on how to humiliate herself. I would invite her over and bend her over so that I can fuck her with my strap-on but I know that nothing feels better than a massive bbc ramming into her sissy slut hole. That’s why she’s out bar hoping and looking for a big dick daddy that will use her slutty fuck hole and fill her up with cum. At one bar, she ran into a biker gang. She sounded so nervous when she called and told me about them so obviously I made her go up to them and introduce herself. I made her pull her skirt up and show off her panties and then tell each of those big, tough men how she was a little panty slut that loved to suck dick and swallow cum. I even had her offer her slut pussy up to those men and listened as they took her into the bathroom and bent her over the sink. I could hear her dress ripping and her whimpering, gagging and squealing when those big, strong men started shoving their huge dicks into her tight cunt and mouth at the same time. I laughed when she started begging them to take it easy on her. They could hear me on the other end of the phone so I told them to be as rough as they could and don’t stop until their balls were drained. Call me so we can talk about how I had that sissy bitch humiliate herself for me and what you’re going to do for me.

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