My Brothers Obsession With Stealing My Sissy Panties

sissy pantiesMy brother, Justin, got off stealing his sissy panties because he got off on my dirty crusty panties He has always been fascinated by women’s underwear and loved the idea of wearing them himself. Whenever he found an opportunity to sneak into my room and steal a pair of my lacy thongs or silky panties, it would send him into a frenzy of excitement. The scent of my feminine sweat and body odor on those stolen garments would drive him wild with desire.

Justin is such a pathetic little faggot that he couldn’t even find satisfaction from masturbating without using one of my soiled panties as his “masturbation aid.” He would rub himself against the damp fabric until he came all over it,. savoring the musky smell that reminded him of his sister’s dirty sweaty cunt. It was sickening how much pleasure he derived from something so filthy and inappropriate.

The smell of dirty panties is unique; it carries with it traces of our bodies  and emotions. To Justin, it was intoxicating. He loved the idea of being close to me in that way, even if it was just through my used underwear. The scent of sweat mixed with feminine hygiene products and our natural odors created a potent aphrodisiac for him. It made his cock hard as steel every time he sniffed or rubbed himself against them.

As for what he did with them afterward, well… let’s just say he had quite the collection stashed away in his room. He would keep them hidden under his mattress or tucked away in drawers filled with other “treasures” like old magazines and pornography featuring transgender models wearing lingerie similar to mine. Sometimes he would even wear them himself when no one else was around – imagining what it would be like to have soft curves instead of his bony frame wrapped up in lacey fabric designed for women’s bodies.

It disgusts me how low my brother has sunk due to his perversions but also intrigues me because I know deep down inside there’s still some semblance of femininity within him begging to be released. Maybe one day I’ll take matters into my own hands (or rather, feet) and introduce him to the world of sissy training – forcing him to wear high heels, makeup, and lingerie until he learns his place as a worthless cocksucker at my feet. Until then though…I’ll continue hiding my panties better so this pathetic excuse for a man doesn’t get any ideas about stealing them again.

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