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On Your Knees Bitch!

Mistress phone sex

On your knees you Bitch!

Kneel before me you little whore I will give you a taste of Mistress phone sex you will never forget.

I like my sluts on there knees and naked. If I am in a generous mood, I may tie that pathetic thing you call a cock up with a pretty pink bow.

Honesty is the best policy.

Lets not pussy foot around and be honest about that tiny thing. Darling it is in fact a fat clitty and not a cock at all. You are a sissy slut and throughout our domination adventure I will show you just how much of a pathetic whore you were born to be.

Grab those panties you Slut!

So, grab that anal plug, a bit of lube and your sexiest panties and we will begin. Remember to dress pretty for mistress and never disappoint me or you will feel the taste of my rising crop on those pretty dimple’s ass cheeks.


Petal pink Satin panties!

Sissy panties

Petal pink and sexy!

Petal pink and satin, that’s what I will dress your sissy ass in. The most dainty, pretty pair of Sissy panties ever. Imagine how those little satin panties will feel against your enlarged clitty. Pretty fucking amazing. I want you lying back on my California king size bed, I want you waiting for the large stud that I found to feed you cock while you try to look like a sexy little cunt.

I will teach you the art of sissy cock sucking.

I will teach you to suck cock like a good little slut while wearing your panties with pride. You will be my very best sissy slut and I will train you to take BBC Orally and in the man pussy of yours.

Embrace your inner Bitch!

Embrace your sissy side and beg me to train you like you need to be trained; your new panties are waiting. Give in whore.

Arabella’s Forced slut training will make you a Sissy bitch!

Forced feminization

I love taking a nice, strong man and turning him into my little bitch. Forced feminization turns me on and makes my dominant little snatch wet and horny.

The first thing I will do when we are official is take away all of your male underwear, don’t worry baby cakes I will replace them will frilling pink satin panties. You are going to love the way they feel against that clit of yours. LOL Yes baby you no longer have a cock, but did you actually believe that was a real cock to begin with? No baby that’s just and overzealous Clitty begging to be wrapped up in a pretty pink bow and put on display.

You will love my forms of Domination and all of the wonderful sissy perks that go along with being my whore.

The Phone Dominatrix!

Phone domination

The Phone Dominatrix 

He was a new sissy slave, searching for Phone domination. After much research and many hours online, he finally found her. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was that she agreed to take him on as a slave.

From the moment they first spoke, he could tell that she was an experienced master. She expertly guided him through his training, teaching him the skills of submission that he would need for his journey. He learned how to obey her voice and be obedient to her wishes.

The more he worshiped her, the more she taught him about the wonderfully exciting world of sissy slavery. She taught him what it was like to serve, and to always desire to please his master. He learned that he was strong in his submission, and that it could bring him more pleasure than he ever before imagined.

As his training progressed, his master showed him that there was no limit to the heights he could reach. He began to understand that the journey of submission was one that he could explore for a lifetime.

He had found someone to show him the way, and under her guidance he continued to learn and grow as a sissy slave. His submission would soon become something that felt natural and fulfilling. More than anything, he was grateful to have finally found his master; she had given him the confidence to take on his sissy slavery with joy and enthusiasm. His journey was just beginning.

Pink Satin Panties!

Sissy panties

Pink and Satin

You have asked to go out with the boys tonight and I have graciously said yes, but only if you do one thing for me. You are going to wear your Sissy panties while you are out. 

Digging through the drawer to find just the right pair. I turn around with a huge smile. I have the perfect pair of panties for you. Baby pink with white ruffles. They are satin and soft. I have never made you put this pair on before and you are nervous. 

Go on, slide those panties on. Feel that satin hug that little sissy pussy of yours. Oh look at that wet spot showing on them already. That little boy clitty of yours loves the way they look. So frilly and feminine. That is it, twirl in the mirror and take it all in. Good sissy bitch. Now you can get ready to go out with the boys, but do not cum home with cum filled panties slut. 

Arabella and The Panty Bitch Punishment!

Forced feminization

Panty Bitch Punishment

“What The FUCK ARE YOU DOING???? Why are you in my panties? Wait, is that my dildo in your ass?” Did I marry a sissy???? You need to pay for embarrassing me. I know just the revenge Forced feminization. 

Have a seat bitch! I grab my wax kit and start applying hot strips to your eyebrows. Have you heard the saying beauty is pain? Well, you are about to suffer you fucking sissy. I look you in your eyes and tell you next your balls and that hairy fucking asshole. A good little sissy does not walk around hairy does he?

Good now that I have you all hair free it is time for some makeup. Yes I said makeup. Only thing is you are going to apply it. I really dont give a fuck about what you look like when we leave the house bitch. Good spread that lipstick. If you only knew what I had in store for you.

Sissy Sluts Gargle Cum Best!

Online sissy training

 I know you are a shameful little sissy bitch. You know you are also. You try so hard to fight being a cum dump faggot that you try not to call, but you can’t help it. You fill your days and nights trying to pretend to be a good straight man. You make yourself so busy that you cannot take 10 mins out of your day for training. However, I have Online sissy training classes for little girls just like you. 

Make sure you sign up for one of my many options. Chat classes, audio classes whichever tickles your fancy. Let me instruct you on how to get on your knees and use that cock sucking mouth to swallow a juicy load. I want you to gargle that juicy load before you swallow it. Feel that hot cum bath coat your tongue. It tastes amazing doesn’t bitch. Good boy! Now stop missing your sissy training.

Mistress Arabella makes you into the Best Sissy Faggot ever!

Sissy training audio

You want to be the greatest little fag. You work so hard but no matter how hard you work at it you are not even close. Did you know that you can order a custom Sissy training audio from me. That is right you can have me in your ear all the time. 

I will remind you of what a little slut bucket you really are. Let me set the stage for you. You wake up in the morning and prepare for your day. Your earbuds are in and I am telling you exactly what you need to put on under that suit. It’s now the middle of your day and even though you are supposed to be working all you can think about is having a giant cock in your mouth. You head to the bathroom and pop in your ear buds and listen as I instruct you how to play with that little pussy. 

You can have me there for you anytime you need me. Guiding you to be the best sissy ever. 

Arabella introduces you to your new pussy!

Sissy girl training

Your New Pussy

So, you have a new little toy! No I do not mean an actual sex toy! You dear have a pussy! Do you know how to use it properly or do you need some Sissy girl training?

I know you have no idea what to do with your little sissy pussy you never knew what to do with a real one let alone your own. Do not fret. I have a way to train that little cunt of yours. We are going to start with this little pink plug. It is what we call a starter plug. Shove that in that twat and twist. 

Tell me how it feels spreading those virgin walls? You like that, don’t you feel that heavy full pussy. I want you to sit down and rock with it in you. Feel it push and spread you? Pick up the pace and grind like you are riding a cock! Good little Sissy girl.

Mistress Arabella Makes you spit shine her BBC!

Mistress phone sex

Mistress Arabella Makes you spit shine her BBC!

I love being a Dominant woman and enjoy using my Pussy power to engage in Mistress phone sex.

There is a certain joy in owning a Bitch and using them for your complete happiness. I love knowing that someone is willing to suck cock for my entertainment or be a good whipping boy when the mood strikes.

One of my favorite parts of being a Dominatrix is the ability to use my XL Saphire blue strap on cock to put you in your place. I find it to be a complete ego and pussy rush. Listening to you moaning and begging as I split you like a piggy does the job for me.  So call me and Let’s play a little game called watch the Whore spit shine Arabella’s Big Blue Cock!