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Sissy Class part 2

Sissy training audio

Class Part 2

So you have been taking my classes for a while now. It is time for us to take it to the next level if you are going to be the best little sissy cock sucker you can be. How can we step it up, you wonder. With my Sissy training audio. 

That is right, a set of personalized audios walking you through all of the steps that you need in your transformation. You have spent so many years trying to suppress that little bitch inside of you that I need to deprogram you. Step by step every single day. 

We both know that being a good sissy slut takes work and effort. You can not just turn it on and off. You need my voice in your ear several times a day. Reminding you, teaching you, pushing you. Breaking you so that I can build you back up, making you the best sissy that you can be. 

Arabella Takes You Out on a sissy field trip!

Humiliation phone sex

Arabella Takes You Out 

Get dressed! It is time for some Humiliation phone sex. What do I want you to wear? A bra and panties of course and a dress. You better be dressed and ready when you call me because I have some fun planned.

You are going to grab your car keys and head to a woman’s clothing store. Yes, dressed like that. If you put up a fight or talk back I will only add to the humiliation that I have in store for you. 

Once inside I want you to head straight to the counter. 

Look right at the clerk point at the horrid outfit you have on and announce that you are a sissy in need of help. I want you to say this loudly. Making sure that anyone in the store hears you. Then you can put me on speaker phone. Let me talk to her and give her the very next steps to embarrass you. 

Get over here Fem Boy!

Femboy training

It is so obvious. You are a super sissy. Too bad you suck at it. You need some Femboy training.

This training is not done in one session of course. Obviously, you can not be a good sissy that easily. We will start with the look. I mean beauty is pain and you are nowhere near beautiful yet are you? Teasing and waxing all the hair from your body is a must. Plus that hair has to go. I have some super glue and a wig. Lots of makeup so do not stress I will have you halfway decent looking in no time. 

Part 2 of this course is training your new pussy. A good sissy needs to know how to take a cock in their pussy right? I have several toys to help stretch you out. Anal training. Now, it is not just that. I mean your mouth needs to become a professional cock sucker. I will get you there. 

Part 3 is implementing it all! That is right before you can graduate you have a test. No silly I can not tell you what it is. 

Mistress Arabella’s Hypno Session

Sissy hypno training

Arabella’s Session

Are you ready to take my Sissy hypno training? Good grab your lube get naked and get comfortable. 

Ready? Perfect, I want you to close your eyes and listen to the sound of my voice. “I know you have been trying so hard to fight your urges. Be a good straight man, but I want you to picture a big fat black cock. I mean a massive one. 11 inches long with the girth of a fist.”

“Look at you! You are practically drooling aren’t you. You want to taste it, I know you do. Envision that cock now pointed at the mouth of yours. Pushing against your wet lips. It is begging to come inside. Go on, open your mouth, let it in.”

When I snap my fingers you will open your eyes and know your true calling. You are a sissy cum dump. Your sole purpose is to serve big fat cocks. 

Arabella makes you love that BBC!

BBC sissy trainer

Arabella makes you love BBC

Don’t think that I didn’t notice. I see you over there staring at my boyfriend cock. Lucky for you I am a BBC sissy trainer.

Here we are at the bar, and I am all over my friend. He is 6 ‘3 dark chocolate skin and broad shoulders. At first I assumed it was me you were looking at. After a while, I noticed it was my friend. Who can blame you? He is sexy. First, I tease you by brushing my hand over the crotch of his pants making that big print stand at attention for you.

When I see you go into the bathroom we follow you. Obviously, you deny it, but I don’t want to hear it. I make you get down on your knees as I stand behind you. Holding your head and squeezing your cheek as he pushes that heavy 12 inch dick into your cock sucking mouth. That’s right you pathetic little white sissy worship that black dick.

Mistress Arabella Loves her Sissy maid!

Sissy maid training

You know you want to be the best little sissy you can be. Well, come to my Sissy maid training.

Being a good sissy is all you can think about, isn’t it? I mean let’s face it you aren’t man enough or woman enough, are you? You better work to be the best little sissy you can be. Otherwise, you are just worthless. Now, I am sure you want to look all pretty as a sissy, but that is not where we are going to start. First, I need to see your skills. How will I do that you wonder?

All we need is slutty red lipstick and a fat dildo. HMM, have you guessed what I have in store for your very first training? We are going to see how far you can deepthroat that cock. To be honest, I need to hear you gag on it and keep going if you are going to pass my very first class. So open wide little bitch.

You are my dirty slut.

Phone domination

She devil is disguise!

Most of the time I am a sweet and angelic lady but sometimes I feel like giving out a little bit of Phone domination. Looks can be so deceiving and you would never expect a sweet girl like me to turn things around on you and make you, my slut.

You are my dirty slut.

Mistress Arabella is what you will call me, and you will always be naked and on your knees, where you belong.  I may decide to impose a wank toll for all the times you have stroked to my pics or maybe I will simply punish you, taking you over my knee while trapping that drippy dick between my thighs.

Worship my pussy.

You will worship my pussy and adore me, and most of all you will fulfill all of my Dominant desires. And yes, my pet they can be twisted.

Mistress Arabella’s school for boy’s that want to be girls.

Sissy slave training

Mistress Arabella’s school for boy’s that want to be girls.

You finally realized your purpose in life and are ready for Sissy slave training.  Well baby doll you have come to the right place. Mistress Arabella’s school for boy’s that want to be girls.

All Sissy slaves need trained.

All sissy slaves need training to become the best sissy they can be. I will teach you everything from lipstick to how to get the perfect lipstick ring around that big black cock you’re worshipping.  So, grab those hot pink bedazzled knee pads and let’s begin.

On your knees you sissy whore.

On your knees my little whore, grab that cock by the base and show it some love. Now lick, lick, lick, Suck, suck, suck and feather kisses. Don’t forget the balls you little slut. Softly kiss and massage, eye contact is important and stroke.

Maybe a field trip in in order.

You have so much potential my dirty little sissy whore, Maybe if you are a good little whore I will take you to the adult theatre for extra credit practice.

Your such a Sissy slut!

Sissy panties

You Look Hot in pink.

You love your Sissy panties, I knew you would. You love the way that baby pink, stretch satin feels against your hard little clitty. You love your little pink panties so much that your sweet little clitty gets when when you think about prancing around in them.

You love to show off in those panties.

I know you get off when I may you stroll around the room wearing your little panties and stripper heels. You look like such a whore darling with those glossed up lips and horny holes.

I will fuck all your slutty holes

I want to bend you over in those little panties, pull them to the side and fuck you silly while you moan and scream out in pleasure. You beg for my cock while I feed it to your hungry little holes.

You will be my Whore girlfriend!

Forced feminization


You thought you were a real man.

You thought you were man enough until you met me. To full of masculine attitude so I could see that Forced feminization was to be your future. After a few dates and your endless attempts at getting into my panties I decided to give you your own. You were shocked as I informed you that if you wanted to be my lover you would have to become my bitch.

I turned your world upside down.

I dressed you in pink satin and lace and heels as high as strippers. Sheer Cuban heel stocking slid softly onto your freshly waxed legs and you new found clitty loved the feel of satin against it. Your man pussy was hungry for my long fingers when I began exploring her and eagerly opened like a flower for my big pink strap on cock.

How does it feel to be my Bitch?

You’re my whore now, you have accepted your place in my life as my wanna be lesbian bitch lover.

best sissy trainer