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Your Wife Found Your Panties!

Sissy Phone SexYour wife found your pretty little sissy panties, didn’t she?

Now she thinks you are having an affair with some slut!

She doesn’t know your little secret, does she?

She doesn’t know that you love sliding those silky panties on and you love the way they feel as you rub your hard cock through that delicate thin material.

She doesn’t know that the second she leaves, you slip into something sexy, and lay in bed stroking your cock and playing with that aching to be filled ass!

But I know!

I know how badly you want to have a real cock filling that tight little man pussy!

I know that you crave that tight squeeze, that hard fuck, those balls slapping against yours while he pushes his thick juicy meat in harder and deeper!

But that is ok, I wont tell the whole world that you are a sexy little sissy slut!

It can be our little secret….

well ours and the half a dozen cocks that I have hard and ready to fuck that tight little ass!

Cock Sucking Queen Wannabe

Sissy TrainingI know what you’re thinking!

You are watching me slurp on both of those thick juicy cocks and wishing it was your mouth wrapped around them, right?

Well, wipe the drool off your chin!

That is now way to attract a man!

If you want a cock, you need to be a slutty queen!

That is right! Don’t hide those thongs!

Tease those horny cocks with a glimpse of that silk and lace!

Pull the edge of those sissy panties up above your hips!

Feel the tug in between your tight little ass and the snug hold on those tiny nuts!

Don’t start dripping yet…we have work to do!

Don’t be afraid to come one strung, winking at every sexy cock you see.

After all, we are not trying to land a boyfriend!

We are just trying to get you face fucked by a team of men that is packing more meat than a mob family in the Bronx!

You giggled at packing, didn’t you.

You are such a little sissy slut!

So wax that chest, shave those little balls and bleach that puckered ass!

And get ready to be fucked like the little whore you really are!

Arabella’s School Of Fucking

Sissy Phone SexWe all know that getting fucked means at some point, there is going to be a hard cock thrusting deep into some hole in your body at some point but there is so much more to it than that!.

I know the idea of a deep throat blowjob makes your junk jump and you have been playing with your own ass so much that your balls tighten at the slightest lick of your ass.

Soo what are you waiting for?!

I can teach you everything you need to know!

I can show you how to slide that tongue between ass cheeks and tongue fuck that tight hole until their cock drips!

And let’s not forget to gently suck on those juicy balls while your finger is milking that pretty prostate!

And just because you are banging his back door doesn’t mean you ignore that magnificent meaty cock!

That bad boy needs to be stroked long and hard with each penetrating thrust!

Yes there is a lot to it at Arabella’s school of Fucking, you can learn to be the best little sissy fucker in town!

Cum Farts

So you think you have what it takes to be a sissy!Sissy Training

You get hard looking at Israel Gutierrez while all your guy friends are listening to him on ESPN (I don’t blame you. He is pretty)!

When your all alone, you slip into some pretty lacy sissy panties and run that little man clit through the silk.

Maybe you have even secretly sucked a cock and felt so good when you looked up and batted those made up eyelashes while you slurped and sucked his creamy cum from that long throbbing shaft!

But all ReAl sissies know how to take a cock in their tight little ass!

I don’t mean getting slicked up with some numbing lube and slowly sliding a butt plug in that tight virgin man cunt!

I am talking about getting that pretty little beef cake ass slammed fast and hard and deep and long!

I am talking about cum farts squishing from that gaping fuck hole and chunky spunk still dripping two days latter!

Yeh, that’s what a thought!

I saw those cheeks clench! Pussy!

Taking It Like A Whore

Sissy Training

Nothing makes me smile bigger than seeing a strong confident sissy walking down the street in a pair of strappy heels and a tight skirt!

I love a sexy femboy that has been wearing silky sissy panties long enough that he can walk with that man clit tucked away like it was nothing…but then again, it probably is…nothing! 🙂

You just know he has gone all the way through his sissy training and has had his tight little man pussy pried apart with a nice thick fat cock!

Strap on training is my favorite part of the sissy training program!

I love getting behind a tight virgin ass and sliding this big ten inch dildo into places that have never been fucked before!

And I know they are ready to get that sissy ass pounded by a real fleshy meaty throbbing cock when they start to push that juicy man pussy back against me!

There is nothing sexier than a sissy that can take a cock like a real whore!



Fucking The Bitch Out Of A Sissy

Sissy Phone SexI love going out with all my sissy bitches to this great bar where all the fags dress as Diva’s.

There are always the hottest Chers (with strong hard tongues 🙂 ) and Babs with beautiful boobs, even a few  (non-virgin) Madonnas!

But there was this one bitch who was dressed like Angelina and she was being an evil witch acting like she was too good for cock!

No one likes a mean whore so we took that sissy bitch diva down!

We took her in the back and forced her face down on a thick meaty hard cock until she was begging for air!

Then we stuffed that uptight faggot ass with a strap on that would make any slut blush!

She was getting spit roasted with a rod in each end and basted with creamy hot cum!

She finally remembered that she was a sissy bitch and started backing that puckered shit hole onto that 12 inch dildo like she hadn’t been ass fucked in years!

Her tiny little man clit splattered liquid sugar everywhere and after that she was as sweet as honey!

You can always tell when a sissy needs to get the bitch fucked out of her!

Dirty Little Mutt

I can hear you stroking that cock over the phone!

You did not ask permission to play with that little pee pee!

How can you expect to fit into pretty silky sissy panties with that little think sticking out?Sissy Training

You clearly need obedience training!

We can start with the tiniest little cock cage for the tiniest little pee pee!

That will keep you from playing with it or at least make it very painful if it gets hard!

I will put a nice tight collar on and a leash to yank when ever you misbehave because all dogs need to learn to obey their mistress!

Just so you do not forget what a dirty little mutt you are, I am going to stuff this nice little butt plug with the cute fluffy tail deep in your sissy ass!

You had better wag that tail when ever a speak!

Then I will parade you in front of all my friends while you are wearing that itty bitty cock cage, your tight training collar and that sweet fluffy tail!

Don’t worry, none of them would even notice that tiny meatball! They would have no use for something that small!

Now take your place on your knees and start licking my boots until they shine!

Maybe, if you do a good job, you can have a treat!



Arabella Loves Ass Virgins!

I have a friend who is the sweetest sissy in the whole world!Sissy Training

He has always fantasized about being able to have his man pussy fucked by a meaty hard cock but he is very nervous about being an ass virgin.

Of Course…I jumped at this! I can help!

So I gave him a little wine just to help him relax…ok…a whole bottle…but he was ReAlLy nervous!

Then I started stroking his cute little cock through his sassy little sissy panties but he was not getting very hard…he said he just isn’t into pussy!

I kinda giggled and told him…he wasn’t getting my pretty pussy and I pulled out my giant strap-on!

I have never seen a cock plump and jump so fast!

He couldn’t bend over fast enough!

He even pried those sweet cheeks open and let me lube that sweet rosebud…but I did have to fight the urge to tongue fuck that tasty fuck hole!

Then i put the big hard pink head between his hot ass, rubbed that puckered man pussy and pushed that long hard strap-on in inch by inch by inch until the entire cock was swallowed by that cock eating cunt!

He was pushing back against me like an anal fuck whore by the end of the night!

God I love ass virgins!

Earning Your Sissy Panties

I had just come back from shopping with my bestie when I caught him!

My latest sissy trainee was sneaking through my panty drawer and trying on all my silky sissy panties!

He was standing there in my best pair of lacy pink thongs, sticking his tits and ass out like a prissy little fag!

Sissy TrainingI tried not to laugh as I burst in, catching him grabbing for my matching bra!

I told him that those are my best sissy panties and they have to be earned!

I called in my friend and asked him to pull down his jeans, exposing his massive big black cock!

I told the little bitch that he could have any pair he wanted if he could suck this giant dark meat!

So he got down on his knees and held the hard cock with his thumb and index fingers as he barely licked the tip!

Clearly he had never sucked a cock before!

So I decided to give him a quick lesson, showing him how you hold the giant thick cock, wrapping your hands firmly around it, stroking it slowly and gently as you lick every yummy inch!

Then I showed him how to open real wide and push it really far down his throat as you swirl your tongue all around and suck that thick hard cock with every muscle you have!

The best part was seeing the look on the little panty thief’s face when that giant meat exploded in my mouth!

There was more than enough yummy cum to share so I swapped some with the sissy bitch as I kissed his pretty fag lips!

Now that he has tasted the cum from a big black cock, he can’t get enough!



It’s All About The Packaging!

Sissy Training A lot of sissy bitches come to me because they see men following me around, drooling and falling at my feet just to worship me. And these sissies want to be worshipped like a Goddess as well!

I can’t blame them.

But they come wearing there little cock cages and a woman’s pant suit…eww! As if!

You are not dressing to look pretty! You are dressing to make a man want to grab you and fuck you!

Don’t you want him to hold your hair back and watch his cock push past those pretty gloss lips!

I know you want to feel his balls slapping those caged nuts as he is prying that faggot ass open with his long hard strong cock!

Do you think a hot sexy guy with a giant cock wants to fuck a pretty man?!


He wants a sexy hot slut that all his friends will be jealous of!

So do your homework before you call me!

I want to hear feminine voices, sweet giggles, I want to hear those thick coated eyelashes batting as you tell me about the high heels that you bought that will look so hot with your lace topped thigh high stockings!

Tell me about the garter belt that is caressing those thighs and the way you feel so pretty as the breeze flips your sweet skirt and kisses your ass cheeks!

And that slutty lace bra that is going to make a mans cock jump when he sees you drop your silky shirt to the floor!

Remember ladies….everything we do is to make that massive cock throb at the idea of stuffing that pretty puckered man pussy!

It’s all about the pretty packaging! Make him want it!