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The Phone Dominatrix!

Phone domination

The Phone Dominatrix 

He was a new sissy slave, searching for Phone domination. After much research and many hours online, he finally found her. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was that she agreed to take him on as a slave.

From the moment they first spoke, he could tell that she was an experienced master. She expertly guided him through his training, teaching him the skills of submission that he would need for his journey. He learned how to obey her voice and be obedient to her wishes.

The more he worshiped her, the more she taught him about the wonderfully exciting world of sissy slavery. She taught him what it was like to serve, and to always desire to please his master. He learned that he was strong in his submission, and that it could bring him more pleasure than he ever before imagined.

As his training progressed, his master showed him that there was no limit to the heights he could reach. He began to understand that the journey of submission was one that he could explore for a lifetime.

He had found someone to show him the way, and under her guidance he continued to learn and grow as a sissy slave. His submission would soon become something that felt natural and fulfilling. More than anything, he was grateful to have finally found his master; she had given him the confidence to take on his sissy slavery with joy and enthusiasm. His journey was just beginning.

Sissy Strut their Stuff for the Chance to Be Gangbanged

Sissy Phone


I love having my sissies line up on the catwalk and show me what they’re working with. They get their sexiest outfits on, make their hair look nice and strut their stuff on the runway so I can see how pretty they look. The ones with the worst looks, the ones with hemlines past their knees, hair that looks messed up (and not in a sexy way) and can’t walk in heels to save their life won’t get the chance to have their holes filled up by big black cocks afterwards. Besides the few that didn’t make the cut, my sissies look so fabulous. From the raunchiest to the cutest, they had their look together. Good thing I got the local football team to come over and mess those perfectly put-together clothes and magnificently coiffed hair. Skirts and dresses were lifted up for easy access as they pounded their tight little holes. Cocks were shoved in their mouths before they could even speak. Those girls may look proper, but they know how to give a sloppy blowjob. I’m so glad that my girls remember their training. 

Best Sissy Trainer Session

best sissy trainer

If you’re in need of some feminization, you’re in the right place. So many of my callers tell me that I’m the best sissy trainer they’ve ever talked to. A lot of women try to train you to become the kind of sissy they want you to be instead of what you want to be. That’s not my style at all. This transformation is all about who you want to become. If you just want to wear panties and lipstick while you jerk off, that’s totally okay. Maybe that’s all you need and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But I will say that if you desire being feminized from head to toe and in every aspect of your life, I am the woman you need. I’ll help you with anything and everything. And don’t be afraid to ask me questions about being a woman if you need to. There’s so much to learn. Hell, I think every woman has her own questions about being a woman, so don’t feel bad if you don’t know everything. That’s what I’m here for! So get on that phone and give me a call so we can make your sissy dreams come true.

Humiliation Phone Sex For Cuckold Charles

Little old white men  are often becoming cuckolded these days. It’s become a kind of a growing trend. White married women loving the young black dick. Humiliation phone sex helps Charles realize his place.

In this case this married woman is getting far better pleasure and fucking by the young black man with a massive black cock, and he is the help.

Guess he is doing more than mowing the lawns of the development. Seems he has taken ownership of one couple at least. Charles just happens to be the husband of a woman that has been blacked.

She and her new younger and more hung lover has humiliated this old fat white man. It’s going to happen nationwide. These hung men of a darker breed will engage in owning that white pussy.

So Charles has called me and I think he is so pathetic and needs a sissy trainer and phone domination. This is especially true when his wife directs him to call me. She knows what will preoccupy him while she gets her much needed pleasure from her new lover.

I cannot blame this woman for directing her husband to call me. I am a counselor for his type and a trainer. Granted it seems that the BBC has taken ownership of him already also.

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Daddy Is My sissy Phone Slut

sissy phoneDaddy is my Sissy Phone Slut. He wants me to say that I will have you’re creaming your panties for me, baby. I am that school girl who makes my daddy beg to cum as I cuckold him with bull cock. Daddy has a lot of money but no girth or length to his own cock. I have forced him to be my sex slave for years now. I am a fucking mean sadistic sissy trainer. I make him dress up and take pictures and if my allowance is not what I want I threaten him with sharing on social media…not on mine but his! I have all of his passwords and I have all of his bank cards duplicated. Mommy is a cheating whore and now I understand why she rather fuck TJ the gardener than her own handsome rich husband. And if your wondering yes Daddy calls me here, but shhh that’s our little secret, he also calls all the girls here because I make him!