Dominating Jerry’s Wallet

Phone dominationDomination phone sexMy sexy naughty lil’ friend Katelyn is my owner and I am her submissive cunt. Together we have phone domination over pathetic piggy Jerry and drain his fat fucking wallet. He loves us and how we are able to disappear & place him on hold while masturbating without telling him or giving him any sort of warning whatsoever. He does not deserve to know when the fuck we are pleasuring ourselves!  All we have to do is fill up our syringes full of meth and inject him with it and he will continue to let us disintegrate his bank account all day long. That’s all that Jerry is good for and all that Katelyn and I give a fuck about anyways! If you don’t benefit us in a lucrative manner then we don’t fucking want you! Our financial needs are all that matters. Plus, Katelyn and I are size queens and Jerry’s pathetic little cock is so fucking hilariously small. Haha! Her and I are constantly cracking up at how it twitches while it attempts to get hard for us as he strokes it like the pathetic little pay piggy that he is. We tied him up to the bed so that he was laying spread eagle with his tiny pee pee wannabe scrotum sack on display for everyone to see! Katelyn had a whole bag full of paper clips for us heat up and brand & tattoo his cock with so that everyone knew who the fuck he belonged to! We blindfolded his pathetic face so that he couldn’t see all the fun that Katelyn and I had while we dominated the fuck out of him. I shot up his pee pee hole with meth and made sure to unleash every last drop into his blood stream! Jerry loves that we deliberately force him to be intoxicated with drugs and under our sexually erotic spell. He is too much fun to use and abuse and we love having domination phone sex with him! 😉

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    • Jerry Zeiger on July 5, 2019 at 1:13 am

    Wonderful! Thank you!

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