Mistress Arabella Makes you spit shine her BBC!

Mistress phone sex

Mistress Arabella Makes you spit shine her BBC!

I love being a Dominant woman and enjoy using my Pussy power to engage in Mistress phone sex.

There is a certain joy in owning a Bitch and using them for your complete happiness. I love knowing that someone is willing to suck cock for my entertainment or be a good whipping boy when the mood strikes.

One of my favorite parts of being a Dominatrix is the ability to use my XL Saphire blue strap on cock to put you in your place. I find it to be a complete ego and pussy rush. Listening to you moaning and begging as I split you like a piggy does the job for me.  So call me and Let’s play a little game called watch the Whore spit shine Arabella’s Big Blue Cock!

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