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Sissy Training Is Not A Cookie Cutter Thing: No Two Sissies are the Same

sissy training

Sissy training is not a cookie cutter sort of thing because no two sissies are the same. Some sissies want to be femboys. Some sissies want to be cock sucking faggots. Some sissies want to be cum eaters. Some sissies want to be black cock faggots. Some sissies want to be maids who only serve their mistress. I am good with all kinds of sissies. I am a sissy mom and I listen to my sissy boys. A good sissy trainer listens to her sissies. Now, I do not let sissies rule the time. They are not in control. Letting a sissy become the type of sissy he wants to be is not giving up you power. I am still a phone dominatrix even though I am guiding a sissy into becoming the type of sissy he wants to be. I love being a sissy trainer. I have a new sissy. He has not done any kind of real sissy stuff yet. He just fantasizes about sucking big black cock at the moment. He just needs the right sissy trainer to teach him the tricks for sucking a really big cock. I know all the tricks because I am a BBC whore too. I have been working with my new sissy boy to help him get out of the fantasy world and into the real world. I understand the struggle. I understand the fear. But, sissy boys, the real thing is always better than the fantasy. My new sissy went to the glory hole last night. He dressed up in a cute little outfit and sucked a Bunch of random black cocks. I had him send me a picture of him sucking on a big black cock. To prove it was him, he held his phone with my site up on it. I never take a sissy’s word. I am the best BBC sissy trainer. I make my sissies live up to their fantasies.

Sissy Training is What I Do Best but I am In Charge, Always

sissy trainingI love sissy training. I do not like sissies, however, who think they are in charge. It is no secret that I see real time sissy clients in my community too. I have been a sissy trainer and professional dominatrix for over 20 years now. I rarely accept new sissy clients in my neighborhood. That is for two reasons. One, I want to make sure I still have time for my family, my sex life and my phone sissies. Two, the younger men who are dabbling in the sissy world are not the same breed of sissies I am accustomed to training. For example, my sissy clients who are over 35 are on time. They do their assignments. They dress as I tell them to dress. And they do not try to run the show. Those sissy boys who are under 35 are habitually late. Sometimes they cancel on me with less than an hours’ notice. They wear what they want to wear not what I tell them to wear. And often, they complain about everything. I am a phone dominatrix and a real-life one too. I am not wasting my time to meet a sissy who is unruly and obstinate. If you are a sissy boy, you are not in charge. I am in charge. My time is precious, so I recently started practicing some new policies. I charge a full fee if you cancel without at least 4 hours’ notice. I peg an ass raw if complain about or disobey any of my orders. I have this one sissy boy who refused to pay when he missed an appointment. He was a no show and a no call. When he came by for the second appointment, he was an asshole to me, so I summoned some help. I called Tyrone. He is a black stud who loves to fuck some manners into unruly sissy boys. He fucked my little sissy bitch raw. My sissy was crying and begging for forgiveness after 20 minutes of Tyrone destroying his sissy hole. I mean business, sissies.  Forced sissy training is always an option for me. So sissy fags calling me, maybe I cannot get Tyrone to fuck your ass raw, I can still punish you if you fail to respect me or disobey my orders.

Sissy training

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My sissy boy you made me proud when you came in with your purple corset this morning, I got you some matching stockings, heels and lace thong I need you to dress up in. Sit down and suck on my titties while I stroke this cock beside your face. I need you to open up wind and wrap that tongue all around this dick so he can be nice and wet going deep in my pussy while you lay beneath us slurping our juices and sucking his balls. As a treat I’ll have his friend fuck your ass and stroke your little cock to make you feel like a true woman being dominated while her clit is rubbed without any pause. I’ll have him stuff your face in the pillows like the whore that you are while he satisfies and relieves himself into your worthless ass. Then I will suck it out and spit it into your filthy mouth for being such an obedient sissy. You can kiss my breasts before you come again while I brush the back of your head and tenderly kiss your head until later tonight for our next lesson.

Sissy Training for Christmas

sissy trainingSissy training is off the charts this week. I think the stress of holidays makes men want to submit to a powerful woman, and maybe a big black cock too. I am a dominatrix and a sissy trainer. I am also a BBC whore, so I know how to make men submit to me and big black cocks. This guy called me last night stressed to the gills over Christmas and this virus. I knew what to do. I called Marcus. He is this 32-year-old monster black cock lover who firmly believes any port in a storm. He is not gay. He is not even bisexual. He is just a daddy dom. He loves making white men and women submit to his huge cock. Black cock is superior cock. My caller was forced to his knees. He was unsure he wanted to suck a big black dick, but I did not care what he wanted. I know what a man needs even when he does not know himself. I cracked my riding crop down his back and forced his head on that monster cock. He was gagging, slobbering, spitting, but he was not resisting. A few minutes on that big black cock and he was submitting to the all powerful King Kong dong. I am a BBC sissy trainer. I know men often need to be forced to do what deep in their hearts they know they want to do. It does not make you gay. It does not make you bisexual either to submit to those big black dicks. It just makes you submissive and a good sissy bitch. Do you think you can handle my style of training sissies? Remember, I am in charge. Not you. You may be the head of the house or the top dog at work, but when you call me, you are nothing more than a sissy bitch.

Online sissy training with my Barb!

Best sissy trainer

Where to begin? Master Brielle  gives the orders and never takes them. But, as my Sissy Apprentice, his job is to let me know his greatest weakness as he becomes aware of them. Plus, in my blog “Execute the mission” I require my sissies to “make sure they speak up and say exactly what they want done to them!” I will soon discover that he must confess all to me. So here are the rules all of them apply! Any disobedience will lead to some serious torture.

  1. Mandatory sessions with me for at least 3 months. Monthly, Every 2 weeks or every week – I will decide. They are not to be missed. Worst case – a text only session.
  2. Required dressing in girls clothes as decided by Me. Total complete emasculation stripping away every ounce of his male ego, persona and mindset. Replacing it with a completely perfect feminine image. Monthly, Every 2 weeks, every week, every other day or even every single day. How long each time? 1 hours, 2 hours, 4 hours, or even 24 hours. On one end of the scale, once a month for 1 hour. On the other end of the scale, every single day for the entire 24 hours which means he will always be dressed in girls underwear and must sleep in a nightgown from this point on (unless I decide otherwise).
  3. No Orgasms EVER unless he cums like a girl meaning a dildo, vibrator, or strap on up his ass. Then he must swallow every drop of his cum.


He begs me “Please train me Master. It is what I deserve.”

Look at her!!!!!!! isn’t she beautiful!

BBC sissy training

Fag training!

best sissy trainer


I love getting new slaves! They always come over so innocently but I can always tell if they are secretly craving a big black cock! little sissy john came by as I was getting my tight fucking pussy stuffed by my next-door neighbor BBC. John’s cock got so fucking hard as he watched me get stretched open by a real man not some little bitch with a 3-inch cock! It was so cute seeing him try to jerk off his little clitty I just laughed at him and demanded he come suck my neighbor’s cum out of my cunt. Like the good little whore he was he obeyed my orders and started to lick up every last drop! My neighbors cock was still rock hard and got behind john rubbing the head of his cock on john’s ass! My little sissy fag couldn’t help but moan as cum oozed out of his tiny little cock! John left after my neighbor used him as a cum dumpster a happy little fag!

Queen Of Sissy Slaves

BBC Sissy Training

There’s a reason I’m the Queen of the Sissy Training. I know how to take any filthy man and turn him into the prettiest princess there’s even been. When I accept a new little beta bitch boi into my services, I shave that little fagbaby down to baby soft skin and lock them into a tight golden chastity cage. My bitch needs a rebirth as her own perfect sissy slut self. If her hair is pretty, she’ll be allowed to grow it out. If it isn’t or my bitchslave is balding, she’ll be forced to wear wigs for the rest of her enslavement. Enslavement ends when they stop making my cunt wet, by the way.
Once shaved, they get assigned a girly little color scheme; their panties, stockings, garters, bralettes, and corsets all will match some pretty princess theme. They’ll be forced onto hormones so they grow tits and curves, and their faces soften out, and their pathetic cocks will shrink to clits. Every day, they’ll need gowns and petticoats to be their true fembitch slut selves. Once their dressed like royal whores, I can teach the the part.
They have to learn how to be the perfect cock fluffers. My sissy sluts need to be able to use their hands to jack off the hottest royal cock, their hot wet little mouths to deep throat those massive dicks, and their perfect ass pussies to make those fucking pricks cum. I love to cuck these fucking little whore girls. I make them get those massive cocks nice and hard for me, suck those balls , and then clean up all that cum or ass juice if I let a BBC ram me in my little anal fuck hole. That’s what makes me the Queen. I keep my bitches in line. I have no time for the bullshit of pathetic sissy, cock loving fagbitch slave boys. I know you need it too. Come, submit to the Queen.

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