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Forced Sissy Training Mistress

forced sissy training

Having to have a session of forced sissy training hurts me as much as it hurts you, but trust me when I say that it’s for your own good. You’ve been whining about how you’re not sissified yet, but when I try to talk you into it, you always back out. So, I guess forcing you is the only way to get you to follow through with it. I have this nice man here who has a huge cock for you to practice on. You already look the part of a sissy, so you really need to get started on learning to act like a woman since you look like one now.

Now that I have pushed you down onto your knees, you need to grab that cock and start playing with it. Slap it on your face a little bit and get used to it, because from now on, there’s going to be a whole lot of dicks in your face. Open your mouth, you little scaredy sissy and take that big cock down your throat. Take it all the way down and do a good job, sissy boi. I’m ready and waiting for your forced sissy training adventures!

Not the big one!

forced sissy training

I came home tonight to find you fucking my best friend. You cried and told me that you would do ANYTHING to keep me from leaving so you better be prepared to live up to that statement. I kicked you out of the bedroom for a night while I prepared my punishment. All of your clothes were lit on fire and now you have a closet full of dresses and drawers full of panties, bras and stockings. When you came in you were confused until I told you to strip, out on one of your outfits and be ready to go out in ten minutes. It didn’t take you too long to figure out that you didn’t have a choice and so dressed you came out and we went to spend some money at the adult store. I told you to carry the basket as I went around and picked out dildos, condoms, lots of lube and a new strap-on harness for me. You seemed to pale as I picked up the big black horse cock just before we paid. We went home and I told you to strip and get on your hands and knees while I picked a cock and put on my harness. I grabbed the lube and squirted some on your asshole and then proceeded to enter that virgin ass with my new cock. As you screamed I told you that I was now the man in this relationship and that this is just the beginning of your forced sissy training. Since you did so well last night I think tonight will be a lesson in deep throating! Who wants to cum help me train this new bitch?

Second Hand Cum

Sissy Slave TrainingI love little sissy boys but they need to understand that I am in charge!

I can make you the sweetest little princess in town and every man in the world will want a piece of your sweet ass in those pretty little panties!

But if you don’t behave, I will make you my bitch!

You will learn to love that taste of cum second hand!

That is right! You will suck every drop of cum out of my dripping cunt!

I will force you to watch as a nice thick cock slides deep into my ass!

Sissy Training


You will whimper while you watch as your tiny little cock jumps, wishing you could feel that massive meat split your cheeks!

But all you will get is the load that is dripping out of my fucked ass!

You will be my cum sucking sissy slave!

If you are really good, I will let you have an itty bitty plug in your sweet little sissy ass!

But if you are bad, I have a lot of sexy girlfriends that would love to squat over your face and drizzle second hand cum down your whiny throat!



I’m Into Forced Feminization

Forced Feminization

My cunt gets so slick at the very thought of taking someone’s husband and ushering them into a world of forced feminization. I strip away access to their cocks with cold, steel chastity cages, and I take away their names. They can have new names, slutty girl names, when they’re all ready to be my sissy bitch lady in waiting. These bitches get waxed to the skin, and get started on hormones right away while they labor their days away perfecting the art of choking on fat fucking throbbing cocks.

Panties, a bra, stockings, and a garter for my dress up dollies. Of course they get pretty ass plugs too! Royal Women only ever took shits when appropriate, and I regulate their bathroom usage strictly. A shame when one of my sissy femboy beta bitches gets mouthy, and I force feed them prunes, or too much water. I love making those whores have nasty accidents in the middle of the castle. They always cry, so humiliated. I’ll tell you what though love, those pathetic little play things are sure as fuck going to remember their place.

Christmas Panties And A Surprise For My Husband

mistress phone sex

My sorry ass husband thought he would get lucky on Christmas and get a taste of his wife’s pussy. I just laughed as he tried to touch me. I told him that although he wouldn’t get to taste me that I had the perfect present for him. I handed him a bag and as he opened it, I could see his eyes both light up and his head hang at the same time. The thrill I get watching him both excited and hurt is something that makes my pussy drip. Inside the present was a cute little slutty elf outfit. Panties with candy canes and stockings and a sparkly new pink butt plug. I told him to change into his panties and come into my room. He came prancing in, carrying his pretty plug and handed it to me. I took it in my mouth and licked and sucked on it, until it was nice and wet. Then I smacked his ass and bent him over. I pulled his panties down and pushed his new butt plug into his tight ass. Then I smacked him again, just because I could. After pulling his panties back up the doorbell rang. I smiled and told him to go answer. I had another present waiting for him. You are going to love what happened next, can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Sissy girl training for the holidays

I had so much fun this morning! I woke up bright and early to open gifts with my sissy sluts. Before we could open anything and have any fun, they had to do their lessons for the day. Sissy girl training doesn’t take a break, just because it’s Christmas! I dressed the three of them up in the cutest, silky red panties and bras. I had them prance around and show me how pretty they looked in those sexy slut panties. I made them line up in front of the tree and get on their knees as I let my big bull stud friend in. He was dressed like Santa for the special occasion and had a nice big, fat candy cane for my sissy sluts to suck on! I helped guide his big cock into their little mouths. They sucked him and teased his fat dick until he was about to explode. I grabbed his massive fuck rod and stroked him while he shot hot cum all over my tits for my little whores to lick up. We had so much fun that I almost forgot about the naughty gifts they had waiting under the tree…

Femboy Training My Gimp

I have a good slave that I keep as a Gimp in my closet during his sessions. He will watch as I take a lot of BBC and other cock. He is kept with his clit in a cock cage and not allowed to touch it. I keep his arms locked in a leather arm sleeve and a gimp cover of his head. He has holes for the eyes, nose and the mouth. A ball gagged in his mouth is sufficient when I keep him locked up. He gets to watch all these big cock pound me while he slobbers all over his red ball. His twinkie gets hard but not very big because he doesn’t have a dick. Well last night was her moment of shame and fame. I turned my gimp into a good Sissy with femboy training. It was an successful session with a pair of pretty panties, a buttplug and her first cock to suck with her face painted like a whore.

Femboy training

Merry Christmas From The Sissy Cuck Kingdom

Best Sissy Trainer

Merry Christmas from the sissy cuck kingdom. I, Queen Presley, have come to collect you and bring you into the castle for your forced sissy training. I don’t care that you don’t want to go. You’ll learn to love it in time, I promise. I know you secretly crave to be forced into a little chastity cage, covered by girly bitch panties and a skirt. My girls are taught to be whores, but with an elegant grace. I produce high class GFE sissy sluts, fit for royal ownership. Come on now, let’s get you all shaved up and caged up. Your poor little cock will weep and drip for the first few months, but the sooner you realize that’s not a manhood, but a little clit, the better off you’ll be. Your wife called me. She said her cuck slut needed some sissification and feminization. I’m here to make you mine.

I want to make you into my perfect little fuck slut. I can guide you in elegance, and whorish behavior. You’ll be the best little cock sucker in your class, I promise. You’ll be swallowing thick, long cocks, and I’ll be masturbating my perfect, tight pussy while I watch your oral fuck hole get slammed. I love the look on your face as you get throat. So why are you waiting? Strip down, and put on your collar,

The Best Sissy Trainer for Christmas

best sissy trainerGive your self the best sissy trainer for Christmas. I am not saying it is me. All the sissy trainers on this site are a cut above the rest. We all have different specialties, approaches and experiences with sissies. I tend to be a sweet and nurturing sissy trainer because my experience with sissies comes from my twin boys. That does not mean I cannot be a badass because before I became a sissy trainer, I was a professional dominatrix. I have years of experience with cock and ball torture, edge play, pegging and sounding. Sometimes, I must be a phone dominatrix to my sissies because they are disobedient and in need of punishment. Take Chrissy for example. She disobeyed direct orders not to masturbate. She took her clitty cage off without permission and jacked off all day. She confessed but with no remorse. She got sassy trying to tell me I am not a real sissy trainer because I cannot really do anything on the phone. Now, sissy trainer and a sissy must agree on how the relationship will go and what is expected from both parties. I told Chrissy if she did not provide photos with a time stamp on them to show me she was adhering to my punishment, I would get her blackballed from doing sissy phone sex. I also told her I would expose her on the Internet. That is right sissies, I will blackmail you when you leave me no choice. I prefer to be a sweet sissy trainer, but I will react as a bad ass bitch when a sissy is unruly. I made Chrissy hurt her clitty and her balls for me. She had to slap her clitty and her balls, even slam them in a book. Thirty minutes of abusing her clitty and balls, and I made her record a video, so I knew she was doing it. She is singing a better tune now as my sissy. Understand that I want to be a nice sissy trainer, but I will be a bad ass dominatrix if your actions warrant it.

BIG black cock

phone domination

You want to call for phone domination? Well here you go you white male beta loser. You will never be as superior as the big, black cock. You will never even hope to be as hard, as large or to be as desired as they are. The best you can hope for is to live in a town where women do not find out about how amazing the black beasts are. There will never be a feeling like that first hard, black prick splitting her open and filling her pussy completely.  He will cum so hard in her cunt that it is still leaking out hours later, running down her leg. Instead of BLM I think it should be changed to BCM. There will be plenty of support for that movement. Black women, white women, Latinas all out there supporting the superior black cocks and men. We all worship at the altar of the black manliness. I hope that you will continue to champion the cause and make more donations so we can continue to receive all the benefits of big, black cocks on a daily basis. Anyone want to make a donation into my tight, wet, white pussy?