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Humiliation Phone Sex Master

humiliation phone sex

There are a lot of reasons that you could be calling me for humiliation phone sex, but I’m pretty sure then it’s because you have a tiny micro penis. No woman in her right mind would want anything to do with you, so the best thing to do with people like you is turn you into a sissy. Or at the very least, you should be turned into a pegging slut. Have you ever had a strap on cock buried balls deep in your ass hole? You will if you call me. But I don’t think we should call your ass hole anymore. That whole will be referred to you from now on as your pussy. 

Please don’t try to fight me on this or tell me that you could fuck me with your tiny dick. I just don’t wanna hear it. I’m a size queen and I know for a fact that the useless piece of meat between my legs would do nothing for me. Well, unless you count all of the laughter that I will get from it. Laughter is the best medicine, but I need more than that in the bedroom. Are you ready to bend over and get that pussy plowed? Don’t keep me waiting. 

Sissy Panties For a Sissy Bitch

sissy panties

If you’re mad that I’m making you get down on your knees and suck cock, you’re just gonna have to put on your big girl sissy panties and fucking deal with it. It’s part of being a woman and I don’t care if you “don’t feel like it”. You’ll get down on your knees and suck it or else. I didn’t share all of my expertise with you just for you to say no to sucking dick. As a sissy slut, you don’t get to say no. I will grab the back of your head and hold you there if I have to. 

And when he’s done with that, he will bend you over and fuck your ass if that’s what he wants to do. He was slam his cock balls deep inside you and make you scream for more. Hey, you signed up to be a sissy whore and that’s what you’re going to be from now on. Maybe I will even wear a strap on cock and we can pound you from both ends. I do it anytime he wants it, so you need to learn to do it as well. Are you ready to submit and be a good little whore? Put on your most girlie panties and give me a call right now for some sissy adventures.


Best Sissy Trainer For Dress Up

best sissy trainer

I take a lot of pride in being told that I’m the best sissy trainer someone has ever had. I truly love transforming sissies into their true form, so when someone appreciates the work I do, it makes me happy. I love to pay attention to detail and I think that makes them feel like I really care – and I do! When a sissy learns to do her own makeup or dress herself in an outfit that matches without my help, I feel like a proud mother. And when a sissy finally is able to walk in a pair of stilettos without wobbling and falling down, that’s like one of the best things ever.

It takes a lot of perseverance to become a perfect feminized slut but if you stick with me, I will take you all the way there. You won’t look like a man dressed as a woman. You’ll totally be able to fool people. I can’t wait for you to see how beautiful you can look with just a little bit of sissy training from me. So when you’re ready to get started with the feminization process, pick up the phone and give me a call. You won’t be sorry.


Sissy Girl Training With Jackie

sissy girl training

You’ve been doing your sissy girl training for a little bit now and I think you are just about ready to graduate from my sissy training academy. You prepared your body and shaved, manicured, and dolled up that face. You have been wearing your lingerie and dressing up in skirts and heels. You’re quite good at walking in those stilettos now and I’m very proud of you. And yes, you’ve been doing such a good job at sucking my strap-on dick and getting fucked by it. But there are just a few things left you need to do before you’re a graduate. You need to suck and get fucked by a real cock. 

You have nothing to be nervous about. I know you’re going to be a really great cock sucking bitch. I’ve seen what you can do to a strap-on and that doesn’t taste nearly as good as a real one. It doesn’t throb in your mouth and it certainly doesn’t leak pre-cum when it gets really excited. Are you ready for your final exam? When you feel like you can pass with flying colors, I will be ready and waiting to get you ready for your graduation day.

Sissy Maid Training Sessions

sissy maid training

Hello to all of your feminized cutie pies! You have been calling me for sissy maid training for a while now and I think it’s time for you to go out and find your first job. It’ll be so much fun and I’ll help you through the process. I’ll go with you on your interviews and let the gentlemen know that you’re a first-class sissy maid. If one of them offers to hire you and he’s not the right fit for you, I will tell you to turn him down. We only want guys who are going to treat you like a lady while you clean and a whore at night.

I cannot wait to be there while you tell these potential employers about all of your night-time skills. Maybe you’ll even give them a sample of what you can do. I’ve taught you to be a perfect cock sucking sissy slut, so they will be in for a treat every single day if we pick them. I wonder if your cheeks will turn red when you’re telling them what you can do with your mouth and your sissy cunt? I guess we’ll find out soon enough, my dirty little girlie slut.

Best Sissy Trainer for the Job!

best sissy trainer

I don’t have the reputation of being the best sissy trainer around for no reason. I can take an ugly beast of a man and turn him into the most gorgeous sissy. Sure, it takes dedication and some patience, but if other so-called sissy trainers have given up on you or weren’t very nice or didn’t take the time to work with you, then fuck them. They clearly aren’t worth anything as sissy Goddesses. That’s why you need a woman like me to help you out. I am firm but loving and you might even say I’m a little bit motherly. 

That doesn’t mean I’m gonna be afraid to be tough other you when you need it, though. And I’m not going to shy away from teaching you more then just how to dress up like a woman. You gotta walk the walk, talk the talk, oh and you also need to learn how to suck and be fucked, baby girl.  I can turn you into the biggest slut in your town. I can and I will. I’m ready to give you all of the training you’re ever going to need. Just grab your panties and your dildo and give me a call.

Fierce Phone Dominatrix

phone dominatrix

Sometimes a sissy needs a phone dominatrix like me to keep her in her place. I mean, they do get a little sassy sometimes, just like all women do, but there are times when it’s not the good kind. Like just recently I had a sissy try to tell me that she could take a 10-inch black cock in her virgin pussy after only ever having had a finger in it before. Oh, what a sweet summer child. I informed her that if she tried to take on that BBC without training her pussy a little bit first, she was in for a really rude awakening.

But I told her not to worry about it because I was going to help her out. I have a bunch of different vibrators and dildos in varying sizes and I started with the smallest one and then worked her up to the biggest one that was just shy of the size of the first real cock that she’d be enjoying. It was my strap-on and I fucked her to get her ready for what was to come. Do you want to hear more about it? All you have to do is give me a call and I’ll tell you everything.

Phone Dominatrix to Own that Sissy Ass

phone dominatrix

Get down on your knees, peasant. You don’t deserve the be on the same level as a phone dominatrix like me. I’m a perfect Goddess and you are the scum of the earth. I am better than you in every single way possible and by the time I’m done with you, you’ll know it. I won’t put up with anything from you that I don’t want, so don’t ever make the mistake of that you’ll be in charge of something. I mean, how could you be with a tiny little dick like that?! You’re a weak loser and that’s what you’re always going to be.

When’s the last time you tried to fuck a woman with that pathetic little thing? I know there are always women who will give you a pity fuck, but you probably can’t even get your dick inside her, huh? I don’t see how you even could. You should be the one taking the dick. I know some guys who would be more than happy to show you what a real man can do with a real dick. If you’re ready to admit that you’re a loser and that you don’t deserve to ever put your dick inside another woman, call me.

Hot BBC Sissy Trainer For Hire

BBC sissy trainer

I get it – you turned yourself into a sissy from head to toe, so you think you have everything completely covered. But I’m here to tell you that you’re not quite right about that. Maybe you’ve even had cock in your mouth and sissy cunt, but you know what? You haven’t had big black cock yet but you will. You have to get ready for them, though. It’s not just something you can jump headfirst into. Their cocks are way too big for that. You need to be eased into it and that’s what I’m here to help you with.

You’ll need to order a BIG black dildo online to have on hand (or in your pussy) while we’re talking. Oh, you’re gonna need some pretty heavy-duty lube, too.  I have to warn you – it’s probably going to hurt at first. It might not feel good at all the first time you fuck yourself with that big black dildo. But you’ll get used to it and then after that, nothing else will do. You’ll be craving big black cock so badly that you’ll do anything to get it. I’ll help you out with that too. Just get your toy and give me a call!

Sissy Maid Training For a Cock Sucker

sissy maid training

Hey there, sissy slut. You’ve mastered being feminine, but now it’s time for your sissy maid training. I’m planning on starting a cleaning service and you’ll be one of my sissies that goes out to clean the houses of hot older men who love dominating weak little sluts like you.  We’re going to get you custom made maid outfits with short little skirts and of course, no panties. Well, maybe a little thong, but it has to be something that’s easy to slide over to the side. You know, for when our client wants to bend you over and fuck you.

Maybe he will fuck you while you do the dishes. I think that would be super fun! You’ll feel so used up and while you might think that’s a bad feeling, you’ll soon find out that it’ll make you feel fulfilled in ways that you never even thought possible. I bet you’ll be so excited that you’ll even cum and make a mess. And when it drips down onto the floor, you’ll get down there and clean it up with your tongue. But fair warning – when your ass is up in the air, you might find that cock back in it again!