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Mistress phone sex

adult phone chat lines

Mistress phone sex was supposed to put me in the dominant role with these young hot military studs, but somehow they turned out not to be sissies at all! They tricked me and double-teamed me and fucked my mouth to the poppers romance techno that they were obsessed with. With the constant steady beat loud in my ears and my swollen pussy lips throbbing, I allowed it to happen and take me to a place of delicious bliss.

mistress phone sex

 It was my first time as a civilian on a military base and I certainly did not expect to be railed by two young officers working with my corporate accounting firm. I had heard about the sexual escapades on military bases, but I did not believe all of the hype from my uniform buddies. Now I am a believer! As for my sissy training, I guess this was an epic fail, C’est la vie.

Humiliated by Jackie

sissy humiliation training

Not all sissies love being humiliated at first. It’s an acquired taste for some. But by the time I’m done with your sissy humiliation training, you will love it and your little clitty will get SO excited when I’m telling you what a dumb slut you are. And when I tell you how the likes of you would never be good enough to fuck me and you should just go ahead and commit to the sissy life? Well, that will just send you over the edge and you will be my little sissy slave forever. There are worse things to be, don’t you think?

You know, like the ugly man you have always been. You probably should never have even called yourself a man. It’s not like you were ever able to make a woman happy between the sheets. But you know who you CAN make happy? Me by sucking every single cock I put in front of you. And by taking every cock in your pussy that I command you to. You’re going to be a very well fucked sissy, but don’t you worry. The humiliation is always going to be there and you’ll love every fucking minute of it.


Femboy Training Emergency

femboy training   I am at my limit with macho men and their toxic masculinity. I have a solution for all of you guys who think you’re the universe’s gift to women. It’s called femboy training. Maybe no one has ever challenged you when you made crude comments about their bodies before. I am here to fix that right now. The first thing I’ll do to your chauvinistic ass is put a pink sparkly butt plug in it. I use lube mixed with body glitter for an extra femme experience. Is it makeup? Is it a unicorn’s jizz? Who knows. First, the plug.

  Oh, is it a bit uncomfortable having something constantly reminding you that you are a sexual creature with vulnerable fuck holes? You are. Everything I do will be about breaking you down and making you my walking doll. You’ll be waxed, pierced, styled and dressed to MY preferences. I do like my girls scantily clad, a lot of the time. The other times I might want to go overboard with pink ruffles and ankle socks, pink Mary Janes, and pigtails. It’s all about what I want, get it? Are you sure you’re ready to face me for feminization and domination?


Sissy Maid Training Mistress

sissy maid training

I have been getting a lot of calls lately for sissy maid training. There are job openings everywhere for personal maids for rich old men and sissies are perfect for the job. Do you want to be a maid who is also a fuck toy who gets to suck cock and get fucked all the time? That’s what you will get when you call me. I’ll show you exactly how to get that. With the proper training, you will be able to get a job as a maid in no time. 

Just imagine that you’re in a room dusting and you feel your boss come up behind you and grab your ass. You might be a might be a little shocked at first, but you would get over it as he was pushing you down onto your knees. Would you be eager, or would nervousness take over and cause you to become shy? It doesn’t matter because either way, that cock is going down your throat whether you like it or not. If you’re ready for some of the best training you could ever receive to become a sissy maid, slip into your favorite pair of panties and call me. I will turn you into the best little cock sucking maid around. 

Mistress Jackie Will Own You

mistress phone sex

If you’re here looking for Mistress phone sex, you’re in exactly the right place. Yes, I love sissies, but I also adore talking to and controlling other men, too. If you’re weak, then you’re automatically going to be so much fun for me. I’m into pretty much any kind of domination at times, but I do lean more toward the sensual side of things. But don’t worry – if you need something hardcore like cock and ball torture, I’ll see what I can do to work that into our call.

Humiliation, tease and denial, ruined orgasms…those are just a few of the things that I can and will do with you and to you. Oh, and I do love it when rich old losers spoil me. I’ve drained bank accounts many times before. Well, they drained it for me. I shouldn’t ever have to ask for anything. So, if you’re up for being dominated by the perfect Mistress, then look no further, loser. I hope you’re ready to be owned in every way possible, because that’s what will happen to you. As soon as you hear my voice, you’re going to be addicted to me forever and ever.


Femboy Trainer Jackie

femboy training

If you’re in dire need of femboy training, then I am just the Mistress for you. I love nothing more than helping boys just like you transform into the most gorgeous femboy slut you’ve ever seen in your life. Sure, you can be a sissy and just kind of do it haphazardly, but that’s not what you really want, is it? You want to be the very best version of yourself and if you stick with me, that’s exactly what you’ll be. Everyone will be in awe of your beauty and transformation, and that’s when you’re going to start getting cock.

So, until your training to be a femboy is complete, you don’t need to worry about dick. You will get it in due time, but that time is not right now. We’ll be talking about how to turn you into the prettiest sissy in your town. Hair appointments, waxing appointments (this one is super important), manicures and pedicures, lingerie, and shoe shopping – all of that and then some is in your future. Are you ready to be fully feminized by a woman who knows exactly what she’s doing? Then book a session now for your Cinderella moment!

Maid Training Mistress

sissy maid training

You probably already know this, but one of the things I love most is when I get to do sissy maid training with a new caller. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love all of my longtime sissy maids. But everyone loves the feeling of something new and I’m no different. Helping a new sissy maid pick out a cute uniform, sexy heels, hair, makeup… that’s just one of the most fun things to do. I love the excitement that brand new sissies have. And so many just love taking care people, so being a maid works very well for them.

Do you want to go with the classic French maid uniform? Or would you like to try some different looks to see what looks best for you? You definitely need the cute little feather duster so you can just prance around in your heels like a dainty little lady. But we all know that you’re going to be used like a nasty slut. You might try to play it off like you don’t like it, but we all know that you do. I hope you’re ready for the very best sissy maid training around!


Submit to Your Dominatrix

phone dominatrix

When you call me up and tell me that you’re looking for the perfect phone dominatrix, you’d better really be ready to submit to me. I’m not going to like it when you call me and start trying to “top from the bottom”. You don’t get to tell me what to do. I am the one who has every single bit of the control and if you don’t like it, then you can call an inexperienced dominatrix who is cool with that. But trust me. When you give up control of your mind, body, soul, and wallet to me, good things happen.

You’ll find that when you make me happy, you’re going to have more orgasms. I probably won’t listen to you have them, but I’ll permit you to jerk off when you hang up the phone. I don’t ever want you to tell me about how good it was when you were able to cum and think about me. I know how good it is. I know my worth and I know that I’m so far beyond better than anything you’d ever deserve. So, when you’re ready to listen and obey, come find me.


Sissy Panties for a Cock Sucker

sissy panties

If you really want to be feminized, I’d suggest that you put your sissy panties on and come play with me. You’re not going to get very far if all you do is sit there and think about what it would be like. Get all dressed up and really give it a shot. You might just find that one phone call with me will motivate you to change your life. By the time you hang up, you’re going to be ready to go out and pain the town pink. But first, you have to get your wardrobe in order, sissy!

What color do you look best in? If you don’t know, just pick black. Everyone looks good in black – even brand-new sissies who are a little rough around the edges. We’ll pick out the perfect makeup, hair, and the sexiest pair of shoes ever. By the time I’m finished with your sissy transformation, you’re going to look hot as fuck. So, what are you waiting for? It’s finally your time to shine and I know that you’re going to look SO amazing. And once you get the look down, there are other things to learn. 

Best Sissy Trainer Session

best sissy trainer

If you’re in need of some feminization, you’re in the right place. So many of my callers tell me that I’m the best sissy trainer they’ve ever talked to. A lot of women try to train you to become the kind of sissy they want you to be instead of what you want to be. That’s not my style at all. This transformation is all about who you want to become. If you just want to wear panties and lipstick while you jerk off, that’s totally okay. Maybe that’s all you need and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But I will say that if you desire being feminized from head to toe and in every aspect of your life, I am the woman you need. I’ll help you with anything and everything. And don’t be afraid to ask me questions about being a woman if you need to. There’s so much to learn. Hell, I think every woman has her own questions about being a woman, so don’t feel bad if you don’t know everything. That’s what I’m here for! So get on that phone and give me a call so we can make your sissy dreams come true.