Adult phone chat lines

Adult phone chat lines

Adult phone chat lines are some serious, sexy business. Our clients always know exactly what they want and I make sure they get it. I have always loved a confident man. Don’t get me wrong though, I love being a phone dominatrix. I’m a very sexy woman and I always get my way! My way with femboys and sissies.

                I want you down on your pathetic knees so you can bow down before me and worship me like the queen I am. When you make me happy, I will turn around and please you in return. When you are down, I’ll unbutton your pants and take out your dick. I’ll grope it a few times and rub on it and then start sucking.

                I get on a sex swing, fully naked with my pussy hanging out. You come to me, put your hands on the swing, and lean in towards me and start fucking me. I want you to fuck me nice and hard baby! My lead leans back and my legs spread wider as my pussy swallows your cock, balls deep.

                I turn around in the swing so I’m lying on my belly. I grab the swing and brace myself, getting ready for a hard and fast pounding. I feel that dick go in my asshole slowly. I bite my lip to keep myself from screaming.

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